What Bloggers Must Know about Web Hosting: 9 Ways to Stay Out of Troubles

I simply can’t stress enough how important it is to host your blog with a good web host. What makes a good web host?

The key is a host that provides fast loading time and an impeccable uptime record.

Keep in mind that uptime is absolutely essential, as you need your readers to be able to access the content on your blog 24/7. After all, if potential customers go to visit your blog only to find that it is down, they could very well take their readership (and their business) elsewhere.

In addition, speed is becoming increasingly important in terms of SEO. Google has been using site speed as a critical ranking factor since 2010. A faster blog host means a faster blog, which translates into higher Google rankings.

A faster site also improves conversion rates. Close to half of all consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less. Slower page load times mean higher page abandonment rates, lower rates of purchase on ecommerce sites.

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The bottom line? A good, fast web host is key to the overall success of your blog.

1. Opt for a Hosting Provider with a Long Trial Period

As a general rule of thumb, the longer the trial period, the more confidence I have in the quality of service.

Several of the very best hosting providers I have tried offer the longest, full-money-back trial periods, including InMotion Hosting (90-day money-back trail), HostGator (45-day money-back trial), and SiteGround (45-day money-back trial).

Some hosting companies also provide an anytime money-back guarantee, such as BlueHost, which is a good sign. This means that you can cancel your account and ask for a refund anytime.

2. Register Your Primary Domain with a Different Party 

Just because your web host gives out free domains doesn’t mean that you should use a free domain as your primary domain.

I normally opt to use the free domain for my secondary sites, which I use for host testing or SEO experiments. There are several notable advantages to registering your primary domain with a different party. Mainly, it is much easier to switch hosts when you register your domain with a different party. If you have already registered with your hosting company, your best bet is to transfer the domain out to a third-party registrar. 

3. Be Careful with Your Payment Method

When choosing a payment method, exercise caution. There are three popular payment options: PayPal, credit card, and debit card, each with its own merits.

  • Credit Cards: In general, you will want to be wary when using credit cards. About 10 years ago, I had to cancel my credit card because a hosting company refused to stop charging. Generally, the security of payment via credit card will depend on your specific credit card company/bank. Some banks offer extra protection to sensitive info, while others don’t. Check your bank’s consumer and data protection policies before you hand over your credit card number to a web host.
  • Debit Cards: It is easier to avoid fraudulent charges from a web hosting service with a debit card than with a credit card. If something bad happens, just withdraw the money from your debit account, and the service won’t have a way to charge you.
  • PayPal: PayPal tends to be a great option, as it offers built-in features to protect buyers from fraud and theft, and you will never need to directly reveal your credit card or debit card information to the hosting company.

4. Avoid Blacklisted IP

Web Hosting

If you are planning to host email with your web host, it is important to make sure that your server is not using a blacklisted IP.

How can you do this? The easiest way is to check Spam Haus Block List before signing up.

5. Compare Features and Prices with Other Hosting Companies 

You need to ask yourself two questions when comparing features and prices between hosting companies:

  1. Are there better options compared to the shortlisted web host?
  2. Is the web host too expensive or too cheap?

Remember, if you see a deal that looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I am not saying that all cheap web hosts are bad. In fact, I wrote a long cheap web hosting guide previously and talked about how you should deal with common problems in cheap hosting deals (and take advantage of them!).

However, bear in mind that in reality, we always get what we pay for. If you’re only paying $0.99 per month for your host, you are most likely going to end up in a rushed server and second grade technical support.

When comparing features and prices between hosting companies, always avoid companies that are charging a higher price unless there is a valid reason. For example, DreamHost charges $20 per month for Managed WordPress Hosting services, but it provides in-house technical WordPress support (which is awesome). InMotion Hosting charges slightly more ($2 per month extra), but its web host is ultra-fast and reliable.

6. Back up Your Blog Regularly 

Always back up your site regularly, just in case something bad happens. Plenty of free plugins and cheap web services can do this easily and efficiently if you are working on WordPress.

And, if you want to back up from cPanel, a simple cron can do the job automatically (these free scripts were created quite long time ago — please use on your own risk). You can get free scripts here and here. 

7. Use Strong Passwords and Change Them on a Regular Basis 

Always use strong passwords to mitigate the risk of a hack.

You will also want to change your password on a regular basis just in case it is ever stolen by someone working at the hosting company. While the risk of this occurring is minimal, it is better to be safe than sorry. Security experts recommend changing passwords at least once every few months or so.

8. Track Your Web Host Uptime 

Don’t 100% believe what companies say when it comes to uptime. Sometimes companies are inclined to advertise an overly optimistic uptime rate. Therefore, it is a wise idea to track your web host’s uptime yourself.

This can easily be done using free tools like Uptime Robot, Pingdom, and WHSR Uptime Monitor.

Web Hosting

9. Always Keep Your Options Open 

If something isn’t going well with your host, don’t be afraid to switch services. It is not too difficult to switch your web host, and if done right, it doesn’t affect your Google ranking.

All in all, it is crucial to host your blog with a reliable, fast web hosting service.

Doing so will improve user experience, ensure users’ continued access to your blog, and boost your SEO rankings. All of that translates into better visibility and more readers for you.

Wrapping Up

Have you ever had an experience with a bad web host? Or do you have a great web host you want to recommend? Let us know!

Share your web hosting experiences, tips, and tricks with me in the comments section below.


Hello Jerry,

This is very informative post. Here I learnt lots of useful tips those you mentioned above are very helpful. I am professionally a blogger and I was researching to know more about my web hosting. Keep posting.

Love this article..

SY Abuzar

Hi Jerry,

Nowdays, it is very easy to install WordPress with any kind of control panel because they are now supporting for an auto install script. Just fill all needed information and press install, all is done in a few simple steps.


Hi Jerry,
Informative post indeed! I appreciate you highlighted some good points in your article to protect a business from bad web hosting companies. You have just covered a good topic. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Muhammad Tabish

Hey Jerry
This is fantastic Article, List For Web Hosting Thanks for sharing the setup process. This is going to be quite useful. Can you please share information about the services provided by Blue Host. Are they provide satisfactory services?
have a Nice Day ahead,


Hi Jerry, This is very informative article. Here i learn lots of useful tips those you mentioned above are very helpful. I am a blogger and was researching to know more about my web hosting. Thanks for sharing with us.
Love article… 🙂

sarah nikol

Hey Enstine,
I read this article, and It ‘s nice to think of web hosting, Your nine tips are great tips, I like you all article, Thank you so much for gain my knowledge, I am very thankful to Google that redirects me to your website page.Thanks a lot for sharing such a great article with online.
With Regards.

roshan soni

This is a very informative article, which shows that Web Hosting is so much important to all the websites. Thanks for sharing this nice and informative post.

Merry Rose

Hello Jerry,

A complete guide on Web Hosting.

I liked it.

Thanks for this

Mansoor Bhanpurawala

Yes, web hosting matters because all of your hard work depend upon the good hosting you choose for your company.

iliass azri

Web Host Uptime and Speed are the best metrics i focused on


Yes web hosting matters because all of your hard work depend upon the good hosting you choose for your company..

Roshan Soni

You have written on no. 6 ” Back up Your Blog Regularly”, it means there are some drawback in using WordPress for create Responsive E-commerce Websites.

Can Yazgan

Great article. We something think web hosting is a commodity such as registrar service. In reality it is not because as the article mentions, speed is a ranking factor. Plus, visitors will leave before visiting your site if the page does not load. With video and image content increasing every day, bandwidth and memory size of a server will be very important to keep up with the growing needs of a website.


Thanks for your great post Jerry. I think for selecting a hosting company, we should also check there security and customer care support.


Thank you Jerry. #2 was a biggie. I always make sure to keep my hosting and my domain name separate. You are right I feel safer choosing a host for my WordPress site if they have a long trial period. My thinking is if you are really that good of a host then you won’t mind a long trial period.

Tauseef Alam

Hi Jerry,

Really some great tips for buying web hosting. I myself is a victim of fraudulent charges by a web hosting company, that is why I prefer to use debit card to buy web hosting service.

Also a long term trial is also a good option to judge quality of web hosting service.

I am a regular reader of your blog WHSR, but good to see you here.

Nicole Pary

Hey Enstine,

All points are important, and worked as the key factor for Web-hoster, one of the big issues is the security of any websites.
After some Web Hosting websites are supports not so well and take more charge.
Thanks for shared tips of Web Hosting, and nice article one again!
Nicole Pary

Christina Lynn

Hey Enstine,
Registering your primary domain with a different registrar is indeed a clever idea. I have seen hosting companies ask for the unreasonable price for leaving a domain which you get from them as free with your hosting plan.

I normally register my domain with Godaddy and host my sites with other web hosting companies. Keeping all of your domains at one place also make it easy to manage.

Also I always track my web host uptime using tools like pingdom. You can not just trust any host thinking they will provide you the uptime what they mentioned in their plan.

I appreciate you highlighted some good points in your article to protect a business from bad web hosting companies.

Christina Lynn


which one you suggest for newbie blogger as like me?


I am a blogger and was researching to know more about my web hosting. Thanks for sharing. 🙂



What about user reviews? The company may have a good reputation but in reality cause its users nothing but trouble. I prefer to read genuine reviews before choosing a web host.


Hi Jerry,
Really very nice post, web hosting plays a vital role for any blog. Right now I am using Digital Ocean for my blogs. I’ve checked this host I think it is good host. Please correct me If I am wrong.
Thanks for sharing this 🙂


In my experience, it is worth it to pay extra for hosting. Many hosts will be able to tell you server specs for certain tiers of hosting. And if those techs cannot tell you specific details, that may be a reflection of their technical support capabilities. Ultimately it depends on how important that website is to you, and how critical it would be if it went offline during your peak hours for 45 minutes. If you would panic and possibly lose thousands of dollars, then you need to be spending hundreds on your hosting, not $3.99/month.


Hey Jerry, Really a cool blog I learn lots and lots of information about domain names and hosting. It is very useful for maintaining a domain niche bloggers like me. To Know More about Domain names https://www.goskygo.com/blog

Manish Raaval

Hi Jerry,y

Great tips related to web hosting. Web hosting is the backbone of the site and you rightly said its very important to choose a good web-host.

I agree that Inmotion and SiteGround are good hosting providers.

Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    Jerry Low

    Indeed they are…. so far 😉

    Thanks for your comment.

Siddharth Sharma

Hy Jerry,
Nice to see you on Enstie’s blog and here you have shared an awesome blog post with us. Really mind blowing to know about Hosting and many more new knowledge about hosting to start a website or blog.

Thanks 🙂


hi muki, nice tips dude… it will realyy help .. i am using Digital Ocean for my niche sites and i did not face any problems till now for last 5 months…. Digital ocean is really good hosting provider… thanks for writing this post…


Hi Muki this is really a good topic to discuss. I am always confused in every year when its renewal time. Still i did not have find any good web hosting every web hosting has pros and cons no one is perfect acc to my experience. some provide low bandwidth and some make fake promises their up time is very worst and transferring a domain is also an issue BlueHost charge if we want to migrate to bluehost. Still i am search of a good web host.


Hey Enstine,I have been personally using Hostgator for a year now and pretty much wondered some of the things you mentioned. Still, they are a good provider. Never had a problem.Yes i also check up time by Uptime Robot. It is very essential to check it regularly.What a great post here and it does gives me some great ideas of what questions to ask myself and what to look for if I were to ever change hosts.Thanks Enstine for this great and wonderful intro about this wonderful personality and his page.. 🙂 🙂


This is really true facts that one must follow or have to face some worst consequences.

Satbir Patial

I never happened to use any hosting service because I use Blogger Platform, free and 99.9% uptime. 🙂 But we do not have any control over it and blogger can delete our blogs anytime without any prior notice. I fear it a lot.
Mostly people are using Hostgator I guess.
Thanks for sharing these points we should know before choosing any web-hosting provider.

Chirag Dodiya

Pretty awesome list of thing to look out for. I have been personally using Hostgator for a year now and pretty much wondered some of the things you mentioned. Still, they are a good provider. Never had a problem.

Thanks for sharing though, will definitely lookout for this before purchasing from anyone.

Dharmesh Khatri

This is really true facts that one must follow or have to face some worst consequences.
I have experience of it.

Joy Healey

Hi Jerry and Enstine,

As ever – a post full of info I wish I’d known about a few months ago!

I’ve just got through a bad experience with two hosting companies – and they weren’t my only two. There were more. Then I followed one of Enstine’s recommendations and I’m happily settled at last.

Just got my first Pingdom report since moving to the new company and it’s WAY improved!

Interesting post and I’m glad to have learned these pointers now.


Avinash Patel

The only payment method i like is Online banking (EFT) instant verification and you need not to expose your confidential details to anyone. As far as know this payment option is only with Godaddy at the moment. BTW I am not promoting Godaddy infact i am looking for alternatives 🙂


Interesting post Enstine.

I always specifically look for customer support before choosing the web host. One more thing I look for is how much space, and bandwidth is being offered.
Additionally security is one of my prime concerns too.

Thanks for sharing


About site speed critical factor to rank, I would suggest to use web hosting that provide CDN at their server. Some of my blog use this type web hosting and it will automatically use cdn and my blog, load quickly than before.

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Jerry,

Good to see you here on the “money blogger blog” Enstine, I enjoy reading this article because it gives me the added confident I need to believe my recent decision to move my personal blog to another host is just on the right path.

Two weeks ago, I moved my main blog to another hosting company and for now, it seems to be one of the positive decinsion I made last months.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Enstine blog community.

Ryan Biddulph

I noted a night/day difference Enstine by changing from a big name hoster to a smaller one. The big name loaded servers to make things cheaper…bad move! My site went down or was slow as hell for months, years ago.

I pay 4 times what I used to pay for hosting, with my new host. My site is up virtually all the time and it’s quick. Pay up. It’s worth it.

Thanks dude, good points!


Linda Schrier

Hi Enstine and Jerry,

Domain names and Hosting are very important topics and should be taken seriously.

I recently had my blog revamped and boy am I glad I did. I did what you said to do this time and that is to have separate companies for the domain name and hosting.

I wasn’t backing up my blog and I didn’t know to do this. Somebody told me how important that was so now it is backed up once a week. I’m glad you shared that with us.

I like what you shared about payment methods. I had an autoresponder company take out of my account for a years time, a payment for about $279.00 without telling me. I never gave them permission. I was very upset to say the least.

Thank you for sharing all of this powerful message on various topics. I appreciate the blog post and it has been very helpful.

You both have an awesome week,


    Jerry Low

    Hey Linda,

    The payment method is something many would overlook because we assume every business on the Internet will honour the term “no service, no payment”. But we both knew it’s not true. I had a very bad experience when I first got started (which is more than 10 years ago) where a hosting company kept charging me after I have cancelled my account for months – the incident is part of the reasons why I started the site WebHostingSecretRevealed.

    Thanks for your comment!


Hi Jerry,
Yes i also check up time by Uptime Robot. It is very essential to check it regularly.
Really i was not aware about some important point you mentioned in this article. It is worth to read such kind of helpful post.
Thanks for sharing great article with us Jerry! Keep it up.
Have a nice day!

Luna Darcy

Hi Enstine and Jerry,

I’m a new blogger and thus, I’m still figuring out things like this. I have my own domain now however I’m not yet self-hosted, so rest assured I’ll keep this in mind once I go self-hosted.

Thanks for the valuable tips!

Have an awesome week to both of you!


Sherman Smith

Hey Enstine and Jerry,

What a great post here and it does gives me some great ideas of what questions to ask myself and what to look for if I were to ever change hosts.

I’ve been with GoDaddy and so far I haven’t had too many serious problems. They have been a great help. The only time I’ve had trouble was when I gotten malware on my blog. So I went ahead and purchased Sucuri Security to take it out.

I am interested in CDNs though to help make my blog more accessible and convenient around the world. Are there any CDNs you suggest?

    Jerry Low

    Hey Sherman, I am using Max CDN at WHSR and it works perfect for us. Enstine might have other recommendations though. I am glad to learn about your positive feedback on GoDaddy’s hosting – never really hosted with GoDaddy but 70% of my domains are registered there. So yeah – good to know.

    Cheers, Jerry Low



Great points about web hosting.

I agree with these points and I have experienced bad hosting where I lost most of my money. I wish I knew this from the very beginning. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Enstine

Thanks for inviting Jerry as he gave me a dose of insight about web hosting. Have a swell week.


Hi Enstine & Jerry,

I liked the post pretty much, and learned a lot about web hosting and webhosts. What new for me in this topic is to host my domain with a third-party. And thats great.



Hi Jerry,

Nice article. I just check my hosting uptime using Uptime Robot and Pingdom. I found my current host is great. Nice up time. And about support I am fully satisfied with the support. They are ON 24 hour and having online chat facilities. And best of all having low rate than other.

Anyway, I read your article. This is worth to share.

Thank You

Moses Chukwu

Thanks Enstine for the beautiful writeup. I’m begining to know some hidden things.

Philip Verghese Ariel

Hi Enstine, and Jerry,
Thanks for this wonderful post by Jerry!
Indeed this is an informative and educative post.
I am not aware or known about most of the thing mentioned about hosting.
Most of my site’s hosting part is handled by one of my online friend and brother.
He is taking care of well about all these things, but now I strongly feel that any blogger or web owner should know about these things,
Recently i had some problem with my webhosters and i have to fully depend on my friend to get back the things settled.
In fact, this post is a timely one to me I am bookmarking it and now on my way to Jerry’s page i already went there via a interlink given in the post. The Name of the page itself tell it all!! That is really amazing!!! Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) 🙂
Indeed Jerry’s pages are filled with lots of such hosting information a web owner should know!!
Thanks Enstine for this great and wonderful intro about this wonderful personality and his page! 
Wish you both a wonderful week ahead 🙂
~ Phil

    Jerry Low

    Hey Phil – I am glad that the post helps you a little and thank you for the good words on WHSR. That’s my sweat and blood for the past 7 years (the site sits at a .com domain at first).

Saminu Eedris

Hello Jerry, I like you man!

I so agree with you on Register one’s Primary Domain with a Different Party, that one really helped me, i always make sure to buy domain from a third party because it helps me move to another web host so easily and YES! the password i think am going to be changing them more often, i always feel my password is secure until i read this post. And thank you soo much for sharing this tips with us, God bless you!


Interesting write up…

I’ll switch my domain registrar in a few days. All the points mentioned in the post are worth getting awared from.
Nice to see another guest post on your blog.

Thanks for sharing

    Jerry Low

    Glad that you like the post – cheers!

      Anil Agarwal

      Web hosting is undoubtedly the important factor that makes or breaks a blog’s success. If you don’t invest money on getting a good host, you’re going pay a lot more in the long run.

      Picking the right host is always a big deal for most beginners, great share mentioned indeed.

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