Hostgator coupons ~ Evergreen Hostgator Vouchers!

Hostgator coupons  – save up to 25% on hosting: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS and Windows Hosting with evergreen discount code!

Hostgator Coupon 2015: hostevergreen

There are hundreds of Hostgator coupons out there that will soon expire. Some have expired so you won’t get any discount using them.

Here of course is an evergreen Hostgator discount code you can use at any time and be sure to save up to 25% on your hosting purchases

Go straight to HostGator Now and apply this code!

I remember my first local Webhosting Business I started in 2008 with HostGator and it’s been an exciting ride till date.  I started with a reseller package and as business grew, I soon ran out of space. There was therefore the need to upgrade so I pushed it up and acquired a dedicated server for my business.

Webhosting business is an exciting niche though with a lot of challenges especially dealing with customer account renewal. In countries like ours where automatic billing is high end luxury, it becomes even more of a breakage on the way.

However, personally I think the hardest nut to break is locating a reliable service provider – from reseller accounts through VPS to dedicated servers and I think Hostgator has proven to be up to the tasks.

Now a couple of things keep me going with Hostgator. These include;

  1. Excellent support service through live chat, emails and phone calls.
  2. Excellent server configurations – speed, tools,etc
  3. Frequent promotions and price cuts – New Hostgator coupon codes resulting in big savings.
  4. Recent cPanel Control Panel.
  5. One-click WordPress, Joomla, etc installation.
  6. Etc.

Hostgator Coupons – 25% Off

hostgator coupons

Hostgator has a wide range of products in the webhosting industry from the most basic one-website hosting to the most robust dedicated servers in the industry.

The discount code I mentioned above will help you save up to 50% on any of these hosting services;

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Windows Hosting

Note however that this only applies to new accounts. Renewals and domain name registration are not part of the package 😉

How do you apply Hostgator coupons?

This hostgator coupon cuts 25% off your hosting bills with Hostgator. The first thing you’ll have to do is Go to Hostgator by clicking here!

Then locate the product you want (shared hosting, reseller, dedicated or VPS hosting). Make sure you select the billing cycle – usually 12 months.

hostgator couponsThen click the Sign Up Now button (or Get started for reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting).

You will make sure you fill the form to create a billing account with Hostgator. This is not actually you web hosting account (which you only get after completing the purchase).

The Hostgator billing account is where your invoices are located. If you have more than one product (including domain names) with Hostgator, the Billing Account puts all of your transactions in one place.

After filling the form to create your membership account with Hostgator, move down to the coupon section on the page.

NB: For Shared Hosting!

Before you get to the coupon section, there are a couple of things you have to note on this order page. Specifically, section 4, additional serviceshostgator valentine day's coupon

These additional services are pre-selected and of course that adds to your bill. However, you are free to un-check if you are not quite comfortable with them.

My personal opinion though is you keep these extra services just for what they are. SiteLock is highly recommended so I call your attention to it.

Fast-forward to section  – 5 Enter a Coupon Code!

Hostgator has a defaut coupon code SNAPPY which gives you 20% OFF. Remove that coupon from the Coupon Code field and enter the 25% OFF coupon hostevergreen

Then click “Validate” button to apply the code.

hostgator mardi gras coupon

Use the Hostgator Discounts on any order page on Hostgator. It however does not apply to domain names.

NB: This is an evergreen discount codes among thousands of hostgator coupons. Like I mentioned above, you can use it anytime!

Share hostgator coupons with friends

If your friend or family member is about purchasing a hosting service, one of the things you can do to help is recommend an excellent hosting service. Hostgator, as a matter of fact is a premium host so you won’t hesitate to recommend to your friends.

Help your friend save up to 25% Send them Hostgator Vouchers and you would have been of great help.

Other hostgator coupons!

I thought I should through in some other evergreen hostgator coupons. Note that these are not Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon codes. Apply these codes and get up to 25% off your purchases:

  • CUT25HOST15

Special hostgator coupons

These are some more coupon vouchers to help you save up to $9.94


Please note that at the moment of writing, there is no Hostgator Domain Coupon available. Hostgator is mainly a web host but it also resells domains for a registrar.

Have fun as you enjoy these hostgator coupons

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  1. I have hostgator hosted website and sill facing problem 500 internal server error and my website got real time 10 to 15 visitors and his hosting server doesn’t effort 15 to 20 visitor at a time and he suggest me for upgrade hardware, please suggest me i need VPS account or i need change hosting service.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a great coupon offer of HostGator. HostGator provides very much the good amount of discount on such events. Am getting 7-8K traffic daily and it handle it out very smoothly.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a great coupon offer of HostGator. HostGator provides very much good amount of discount on such events. But Wanna ask you as an affiliate of HostGator like you. I am working on Valentine Day hope to rank. Keep doing the awesome job bro 🙂

  4. I used to be the big fan of Hostgator. I used them for almost 2 year. The easy to use control panel, one click installation was few things I used to love about their. Their support teams were amazing as well. Now they have downgraded the service.

    I finally switch to cloud SSD VPS provider digital ocean and completely happy now. Even though, I had to spend a decent amount of time to do the things my myself, It worth it. It’s fast, easy to use and completely reliable.

  5. thank youThanks for sharing such a great coupon offer of HostGator. HostGator provides very much good amount of discount on such events. But Wanna ask you as an affiliate of HostGator like you. I have seen some affiliate provides 30% discount through their HostGator Coupon Code But I am only able to provide 25% discount. Why?

  6. Hi Enstine
    Thanks for sharing such a great coupon offer of HostGator. HostGator provides very much good amount of discount on such events. But Wanna ask you as an affiliate of HostGator like you. I have seen some affiliate provides 30% discount through their HostGator Coupon Code But I am only able to provide 25% discount. Why?

  7. Hello.. Just wanted to ask if this deal is still valid :/ I don’t know why i am always late for great deals like that :s

  8. Been hearing regarding Hostgator for a really long-standing currently, they appear to be superb at this Hosting Business, i believe I’ll begin with them after I need to Host my Websites on WordPress terribly before long.

  9. thanks muki for this article…
    you have explained thier plans nicely…. it’s really great offer…. thank you dude..
    i missed valentine offer, i will try Mardi Gras offer today..

  10. Thanks a lot Enstine for this coupon code.
    It’s really a great offer.. Thank you once again, keep these type of coupons posted :).

  11. I’m considering to sign up in hostgator. This coupon is such a good offering. But, I’m curious how about the support in hostgator?

    Thanks for offering coupun code.

  12. Even am using hostgator.But sometimes I feel that they are not performing right as I am still facing issues with them sometimes but its OK they are atleast responding back quick. Glad to know that they are providing 50% OFF.Thanks for the share!!

  13. Waw…glad to know you are using hosgator, have once register with them but later on don’t like their service then due to some stuffs but I can now see they have really improved their service.
    @Enstine how has been their service so far?

  14. Hi

    I am big fan of your blog, every time you rocking in blogging. today I also get best offers related to hosting.
    Thanks for sharing discount coupons code because after some day my hosting will be expired.

  15. Been hearing about Hostgator for a Very Long time now, they seem to be very good at this Hosting Business, I think I’ll Start with them when I want to Host my Websites on WordPress very soon.
    Thanks for the Coupon codes Enstine 😉

  16. 50% Off is not a bad deal. There’s just one problem that i have is my Godaddy hosting has 1 month left. Should i go for hostgator now?

    BTW thanks for sharing the coupon!

  17. Looks like we have got some hottest and awesome deals here. I will surely get into it as soon as I will need 😀

  18. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for sharing the coupon with us, we really appreciate your great effort. it’s of great help to many of us.

  19. This is a nice post on hostgator hosting. I myself recommend hostgator for hosting and have a discount coupon for it on my blog.

    Thanks for giving this 50% discount coupon code . It will be of great help for many.

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