Why Top Bloggers Are Like Super Heroes!

I love a good Marvel movie.

DC movies reel me in too.

Comic book movies and TV shows tell inspired tales. Someone faces some terrible adversity but grows into something infinitely powerful through their trials and tribulations.

Humanity tends to love comic super heroes because we want the unlimited power of these god-like creatures.

Some top bloggers walk a similar path to comic book super heroes.

I may not fly around in an iron suit or fight vigilantes by night, but I can honestly say that being an influential blogger took me on a super hero type journey.

Top Bloggers Face the Biggest Adversity to Tap into the Greatest Powers

I faced deep, dark adversity a few times in my life.

Trials mold us. Tribulations shape us.

Top bloggers allow obstacles to strip away fears, to purge pain and to make them more powerful than they ever dreamed they’d be.

My darkest nights made me who I am today. Instead of turning around and quitting I moved forward into uncharted territory after facing my deepest fears.

Allow resistance to mold you. Do not give in to fear. Never cower to obstacles. Know all top bloggers faced the most difficult obstacles to strip away fears that plague most bloggers.

Every blogging super power I developed rooted itself in huge adversity. I wrote 126 eBooks after a difficult stretch in my life. I became a live video broadcasting machine after hitting a rough spot.

No blogger needs to face adversity to develop super powers but most slam into harsh resistance before putting in sufficient energy and focus to become incredibly skilled in some discipline.

Top Bloggers Develop Specific Super Powers through Practice

I have been called the King of Guest Posting and the King of Blog Commenting.

I also wrote and self-published 126 eBooks.


I practiced writing and connecting to be seen as authorities through each technique.

Super heroes put in serious time and energy to hone their skills. Bruce Banner learned how to calm down to avoid turning into the Hulk every time he felt angry. Tony Stark spent countless hours designing his iron suits. Bat Man trained like a beast to fight crime. Magneto practiced to find the powerful sweet spot between serenity and rage.

I spent 30,000 plus hours blogging over 10 years. My superpower: practice. I out practice most bloggers to develop powers most bloggers marvel at – see what I did? – but in truth, if you just practice, you become incredibly skilled at certain techniques.

Top Bloggers Tap into Teamwork to Succeed

Every super hero needs either a sidekick or team to succeed.

Thor tried going solo but figured out the only way to win is by getting help from others.

The Avengers had to work together to defeat all threats.

Batman had Robin.

The Justice League defeated all foes through the power of teamwork.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Do you notice I am writing this guest post on Enstine’s blog? Teamwork wins again. I expand my presence by writing this post for his audience. Enstine drives passive traffic through my guest post.

Teamwork makes the dream work in an awesome way.

Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers on your blog. Promote bloggers through social media.

Make friends.

Build your blogging team.

Succeed the super hero way; through teamwork.

15 thoughts on “Why Top Bloggers Are Like Super Heroes!”

  1. You are right. Mostly people take the famous blogger as super hero who are earning online. Some people remain failed in earning online due to lake of information. So they think that the successful bloggers are super heros.

  2. I surely agree with you Ryan, I believe teamwork is the key to success. And when you are working as a team, you get to know many new things to learn, teach and experience. It is always fun to work as a team.

  3. Hi,

    I surely agree with you Ryan, I believe teamwork is the key to success. And when you are working as a team, you get to know many new things to learn, teach and experience. It is always fun to work as a team.

    Thank you.

  4. Ryan, I always love your analogies. I have to try to write some like that – love it! You keep the topics from getting BORING! I can’t believe how many hours you spent, all writing or together with promoting? You really got me thinking with this one. Thanks Enstine for having Ryan giving us more tips on blogging here. I hope you both have a great day!

  5. Hi Ryan,

    I was blogging/doing things solo in the past, then my blog progress was moving like a snail. I learned this lesson the hard way.

    A blogger can’t do it alone, it can never work out.

    Thanks for the lesson, good read.

  6. I agree that team work is the key to success. I’ve learned so much from other bloggers and got a lot of support from them as well.

  7. I love how you compare blogging success with something out of a superhero comic book.

    Blogging success seams to many to be a work of magic, or a gift from the above. And unavailable to regular mortals. But,
    like you said Ryan, it all comes down to practice.

    Incredible skill comes with daily practice and commitment.

  8. Blogging in my own language and believe is what making to have hope that there is future for the youths in my country which are not relying on the Government Jobs.

    When your blog is getting real traffic and showing up in Google Search Pages, and all your family and friends start calling you that we saw you on internet, then, that is when you will understand vwhat blogging is all about.

    One thing the Super Blogger need to be telling the Newbies like is to focus, be passionate about blogging and stop thinking about the money but seeing themselves as a Super Person that is solving and Teaching people globally something.

    Blogging is life and the only way to eradicate poverty in the world if people are using it perfectly.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of content.

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