4 Lessons from Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers leave you a proven blueprint to follow.

Study the pros to cut your learning curve by years.

It is that simple but your blogging journey becomes uncomfortable at times. Obstacles pop up. Traffic or profit droughts may dampen your spirit.

In moments like these you need to double down on modeling successful bloggers to resist the temptation to engage in failing blogging strategies.

Embrace these 4 lessons from established pro bloggers.

1: Follow Your Passion

Follow your passion to become a successful blogger.

This is perhaps the ultimate lesson for any bloggers who aspire to become successful.

Look at a blogger like Julie Syl Kalungi.

She is incredibly passionate about what she does online, from blogging, to creating live broadcasts, to offering valuable products and services.

Julie vibes love and fun; this energy makes her infectious.

She has expanded her reach far and wide over the years by being a bright light in her blogging niche.

Study positive bloggers like Julie. See how their fantastic vibe shines through all that they do, from creating to connecting to engaging.

Blog with love. Blog your passion. Set the foundation for a successful blogging campaign.

Following your passion also detaches you largely from outcomes, helping you cultivate the success-promoting qualities of patience and persistence.

2: Build Your Email List

Build your email list.

The money is not in the list itself.

But list building is a convenient tool for both bloggers and readers that can facilitate the flow of money between both parties.

Successful bloggers generally advise that you build an email list because this tactic yields traffic and profits on demand. One click of the “publish” button sends your latest post to your subscribers quickly and easily. Readers open your email, click links, visit blogs and buy your products.

Use a pop up form to capture subscribers or simply post a sidebar opt in form to grow your list.

3: No Worries if You Don’t Make Money for a Year

I heard 4 top bloggers speak at a marketing conference recently.

Each 7 figure blogger mentioned how they did not make a penny through blogging for their first 8 to 12 months online. Some of these pros published 3 posts daily.

Successful bloggers never panic when they don’t make money for months or even a year. These future pros lay the foundation for a rocking blog without getting shaken out by any temporary appearance of shortage.

Have posture. Follow proven blogging tips. Create helpful content. Connect with top bloggers from your niche by promoting them and commenting effectively on their blogs.

Pay no mind to non-existent profits. Build a successful blog. The money will arrive.

4: Listen to Your Readers (But Follow Your Path)

Listen to your reader’s problems.

Build blog posts and videos around these issues.

Serving readers is the simplest way to build a successful blog.

But there’s a rub; to stand out from the crowd, follow your path. Add a little twist that differentiates you from other bloggers in your niche.

Successful bloggers write in their authentic voice and build world renowned, personalized brands to arrest your attention.

Consider Donna Merrill.

She writes in powerful, clear, simple fashion. Obviously, she tackles topics her audience asks her to cover.

But Donna does a fabulous job adding her blogging voice and energy to her blog and brand.

Listen up. Serve your readers.

But at the end of the day, be you.

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Your Turn

What lessons have you learned from successful bloggers?

What tips can you add to this list?

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