Microweber revolutionizes Drag & Drop for CMS and Website Building!

Those of you who are following the world of CMS and website builders may have noticed that Microweber, the turnkey opensource website builder that I wrote about some time ago, has been keeping quiet for a while. Well, guys – we have news, there has been a good reason for that.

Drag & Drop at its best

The guys at one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use CMSs out there (A system that changes the way you publish on the web) have been real busy improving the Drag & Drop feature and overhauling the admin design to give an even better experience to users.

They did something really cool and revolutionary in the latest Microweber 1.0.10 – with the improvements they implemented users can now Drag & Drop layouts in Live Edit mode – all elements of every layout are displayed in Live Edit mode directly on the screen. Check out the video below to see how it works.

The Drag and Drop feature is part of the Live Edit functionality, which also features an original, tailor-made real time text writing and editing function (WYSWYG editor). It serves as an alternative to the Admin panel while managing content and lets the user work on the site interface itself. Does it get any more straightforward than that?

Microweber’s new touch

New design

And that’s not all – Microweber’s team is working hard on the final stage of a complete admin panel overhaul to make it even more intuitive and smooth to use. Plans are to go live with it as soon as end-April.

Based on user feedback and suggestions, the developers and designers at Microweber have made some structural changes in the software, rearranging the sections to improve logic and usability.

One of the cool new things in the shop section, for example, is that the shipping, payments, taxes, and other useful options have been moved out of the settings menu. To give users even easier access to their e-shop management tools, these are now displayed as key categories directly in the left panel on the screen, eliminating the need to go to settings every time you wish to do something with them.

The settings menu now features modules, templates, website, log-in register, email notifications, licenses, upgrades and languages.


Microweber’s mobile-ready solution is on its way to allow users to manage their online shops, blogs or websites on the go. No matter where you are, and what you’re doing, your online space will be in the palm of your hand, so you are always on top of what is going on there. Microweber are also planning on launching a mobile app in the near future to make things even easier.

New statistics 

Microweber CMS & Website Builder’s dashboard will now feature a statistics functionality allowing users to trace how their website, online shop or blog performs in real time. This is a great tool you can use on its own or in combination with other analytics packages, such as Google Analytics, for example.

Let me know if you’ve had any experience with this CMS. Give it a try here