Increasing Web Traffic Via Quantifiable SEO Techniques!

ROI is Return On Investment, and it’s used to reference practices by which organizations quantify spending on outreach programs, usually of the marketing variety.

When it comes to web traffic, what is sought is an increase. The more web traffic a site can boast, the more profitable it becomes–generally.

Whether you are new to SEO or you are a seasoned marketer, there are exceptions to any rule; just consider the Obamacare website. For five billion dollars, the US government handed its citizens an irredeemable lemon, all ROI being negative for customers and provider.

The lesson here, is: while marketing to increase ROI is integral, such marketing must not advertise beyond its means. Generally, the best way to build the proper expectations without superseding reality is through SEO techniques.

Increasing Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. What you’re looking to do is bring customers to you directly without awkwardly forcing their hand. By using SEO techniques, this can be done, and in a way that can be statistically enumerated.

One simple way to illustrate this is through the SEO practice of keyword optimization. Keywords are those which are most likely to be searched in regard to a topic, or services. If you’re going to the library, you might look up “books” or “fiction” in Google.

Watch this: How Meta Description affects your SEO

A cogent marketeer providing services for a book-selling agency like Barnes & Noble might write an article which uses those words regularly for the specific purpose of drawing clientele. If written correctly, when a potential customer searches the keywords, the marketeer’s website pops up in the search results.

With search engines, the pages displaying search results are called SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. The idea with SEO is to get your page, your product, or your services on the first SERP in any engine.

Increasing Web Traffic

Properly Optimizing Content

When you’re looking to increase web traffic through content optimization via SEO, you should be careful not to “go overboard”, as the expression goes. You can’t keyword stuff.

Keyword stuffing refers to a process of faulty logic that seeks to optimize SERP results by putting as many keywords as possible into every sentence. This does the exact opposite of its intention. Keyword-stuffed content is nigh-unreadable, and discourages users from a search engine which continuously produces such “useless” content. Ergo, it’s to the search engine’s benefit to curtail such practices.

There are too many people writing too many things to do that directly, so the main means is through a software program (often called a ‘bot’) which parses through keyword-dense content and uses an algorithm to determine whether stuffing has occurred. Sometimes it has not, and there’s just a ubiquity of similar terms in the writing because it’s a technical article.

Bots don’t know the difference, they’ll spike anything they’ve been programmed to spike. The best solution, then, is to find balance; but this isn’t something new users are going to get right out of the gate.

One of the better solutions is to find an organization whose specialty it is to optimize content. This SEO company Chicago has been doing as much for years, and has a platform that statistically quantifies marketing endeavors to ensure ROI is profitable, and content is effective.

Increasing Web Traffic

Increasing Web Traffic with Evergreen Content

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your content remains usable and desirable to potential clients is to make the information within useful. Put statistics, obscure facts, interesting anecdotes, comical parables and fact sheets demonstrating cost-benefit analyses for the products in question.

By combining SEO with regularly useful content, you’re much more likely to compound your web traffic, and so have positively-trending ROI which increases on itself over time.

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  2. Exactly, traffic depends on SEO. Many websites get online every day, but everyone doesn’t make it to success. SEO is the key to promoting a website. Thanks for sharing your insights, Wendy.

  3. The visitor has lots of options so if he could not found anything different into your website he or she will move to another blog or website sharply. you can increase the interest of peoples by a greater offer as well as eye-catching layout

  4. good article. I think social marketing have surpassed everything in today’s SEO. But, backlinks are still beneficial. Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful article admin! Thank you for putting all this information in a logical manner for most people to follow why SEO is important as part of the marketing strategy for sites to rank. Appreciate your thoughts here. Thanks for this post. I was told that because. i m a seo specilest and regular work seo. Good content.
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  5. Hey Wendy,

    This was a great post to introduce people to SEO. A lot of people don’t realize how sophisticated and accurate are the search results from Google. They crawl websites now and better understand it like a real person.
    Keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore because they can detect it in your content. Similarly, meta tags were once really big before Google was about to crawl your site without them.

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    Thanks for this detailed article for increasing web traffic. You described this topic very well and I’m agree with all your points. thanks again for this awesome stuff.

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    Yeah Agreed with your points. SEO is the best ways to improve the traffic. There are thousands of website made a single but only SEO optimized sites are rank good on search engines.

  13. Some really good tips there to increase the traffic of a website. After all the more people you get to land on your page, the more will be the conversions. That has been the most fundamental laws of making money onthe internet.
    Great Post Wendy (Y)

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    I read your nice blog post until last, Thank you.
    Content is the king in SEO. We should write great contents to come up top in google.
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  16. Exactly, traffic depends on SEO. Thousands of websites are made everyday but every one doesn’t make it to success. Search engine optimisation is the key to promoting a website. Thanks for sharing your insights Wendy 🙂

  17. This is a simple article to give somehow an overview of how SEO works. It is very true that many people try to overstuff their keywords unless (like you said) it’s a technical article. Google has made a lot of technicalities with these so as to avoid abusers who just want to rank their page. Best is still giving the best contents people need which are related to what nature of business you are trying to promote. There are tons of SEO practices and techniques to do. We also work on these, so I guess I’m coming from a professional standpoint. Winks!

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