How to be a successful blogger in 2014

What does it mean to be a successful blogger in the first place?

I want to attempt an answer to this question first before giving some vital tips I know will help you achieve success.

Many bloggers for different reasons. Success in blogging is simply meeting your purpose in blogging. Now ask yourself ” why did I set up my blog?”

  • To generate income ?
  • To promote my business ?
  • Just to have fun ?
  • To expand my knowledge in a certain topic?
  • Etc

You setup a blog to make money online for instance. Are you meeting this purpose? How much can you generate consistently?

By the way, how long have you been blogging?

Some of us have been blogging just for a few months. Others have been blogging for years. Whatever the case, the top question remains – How successful are you?

successful blogger

How to know you are already failing.

Remember the excitement when you decided to set up a blog. It was like you found the most precious stone on earth. You were filled with an immeasurable dose of enthusiasm. You knew you just found that thing to help you achieve your gold.

Remember when you published your first article and got your first comment from a well known blogger. You were even more excited weren’t you? You could write even more than 2 articles per day. You would get up very early to read other blogs, comment them and publish more articles on your own blog.

But something is wrong now …

The interest and excitement you had at the beginning is dying out. You now go for days without even bothering to respond to comments on your blog. You feel lazy to write and publish contents as usual. You are looking for other things to do.

This means you are moving towards failure my friend and you’ve got to do something about it

You are not alone though

This is a common stage in lives of many bloggers. Sue Neal wrote a very clever post about this issue giving some tips to help you bounce back.  Check out her post – Beware Blogging Land Mines. At one moment, one of my friends, Theodore Nwangene got lazy in blogging too.  In addition, Yeremi Akpan went for approximately 50 days without publishing an article on his blog. Here is his story.

So you see that failure has been threatening the lives of many in this blogging activity.

Bounce back

I recommend you read Sue’s article I mentioned above for tips to get the ball rolling. One other article I can point you to is Darren’s 7 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out. Here also is Lisa’s piece on how to get over blog burnout.

Be a successful blogger in 2014

To help you succeed in 2014, I encourage you enlarge your blogging community through networking with more and more blogging friends in your niche. One of the very important things your friends will do to keep you moving is post content on your blog while you are feeling broke. Your friends can also help with post ideas from here and there.

Getting shares, likes and tweets from friends during moments of burnout is a big gift from them to keep some traffic coming in. One of the things that will help you big time to achieve the required success are friends. While search engins are failing, friends will normally not disappoint you except you don’t join the ends correctly

It’s becoming faily easy to make friends online as a blogger these days. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Make sure your blog is pro
  • Publish attractive contents
  • Link to others from your targeted contents
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Respond to comments on your blog
  • Comment their posts on social media
  • Make out time to chat with them on Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Guest post on their blogs
  • Give them the opportunity to post on your blog
  • Vote and comment articles on community sites – BlogEngage, klinkk, Kingged, BloKube,Bizsugar,BlogDash, etc
  • Share, like, tweet and Google+  friends’ articles
  • Interview them
  • Help them resolve is
  • Feature them on your blog
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Etc

Make it a point to add more friends to your portfolio this coming year. Also be a good friend to others who approach you. The more of these friends you get this year, the more you move closer to your success.

Let’s talk

Now tell me in the comment box below – what are your plans to making it in the year 2014? Have you already laid down a strategy?

24 thoughts on “How to be a successful blogger in 2014”

  1. Thanks Enstine for your useful tip, I will definitely follow your steps to become a successful blogger as i never lose the hope, I always fought for it. Once again thanks for such an inspiring tips.

  2. posting interesting and also practical articles or blog posts and also doing all of them head out viral will surely help to make an impression with our own blogs and get you become popular. Your own ideas are actually informative.

  3. A very inspirational post Enstine,
    Seriously speaking, blogging is never an easy task as most people claims, it also has its own ups and downs just like every other business out there but, once you are passionate about it and you have the proper motivation to keep you going then, you will indeed break all the barriers and keep going. 

    Sometime, you will feel less motivation but, you must know that you’re not alone on such feelings, it’s very natural and what you should do at such point is to find a way to motivate yourself, only you have the power to do that for yourself.

    Thanks a lot for the mention my friend, I’m sorry for being here late. I just saw it now so, I appreciate.

    Thanks once again and, happy new year. 

  4. Well I’ve scheduled several plan do to in 2014 and I think it would be great to execute them. First I need to launch few blogs and then work on it.


  5. Hye Muki! reading your post really triggering my adrenaline rushing all over my vital organs haha! I’ve experienced all those moments of blogging situation as you’ve mentioned.. Your opinions are just BRILLIANT and give me an extra idea bout’ how I will always boost my confidence upon my posts and Blog.. since I’m newbie in this blogging world haha… hopefully you would check out my blog some other time pal! nice post I must say!

  6. Fantastic advice for all bloggers…
    Publishing attractive and useful articles and making them go viral will sure help a blog to go popular with great audience. Thanks for informative post.

  7. Hey Enstine,

    Another fabulous, hilarious, fantastic and intrinsic post from your end again, bossest!

    You have mentioned well in this article the best ways to be successful not only in 2014 but all through your journey as a blogger.

    You recommended great articles by great and deserving folks which I’m surely gonna be drawing knowledge and inspiration from.

    Here are some of the things I believe I needed seriously to put in place come next year:

    * Get a laptop and a connection – this has seriously impeded the rate of my success this 3months I started my blog.

    * Up my writing skill – be SEO techie and stuffs related to writing

    * Get my books on Amazon and free give some out on my blog and social networks.

    * Comment on as money blog as I can get, leaving only thoughtful and my valuable comments.

    * Publish many different guest articles on many different blogs, some of which would be yours, Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Sue Neal, Don Caprio and the likes…..x

    * Relate with several more bloggers than I’ve Done thus far.

    This are few of my plans for next year and I hope I achieve them!

    Thanks for sharing with us this great piece, Enstine!

    Compliments of the season! Wish you an overflowing 2014!


  8. Very good tips revealed here, Enstine. It’s true that it’s never too late for any blogger to make an impact in 2014, regardless of how lazy he or she has been.

    As for me, it’s as simple as recommending anyone to actually DO what he or she already know they should be doing. That’s one big problem facing most of us – not taking action on what we know we should be doing!

  9. Hey Enstine,

    Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

    I think you hit the nail on the head here, making friends online with other bloggers is one of the best things to do. Not only do you get to make some great connections with some pretty cool people but you can also learn loads from them and support each other in your online endeavours!

    Best wishes to you for 2014!



  10. Hi Enstine, it looks like I may have more communities to join after reading your tips. Thanks for sharing these with us. I also plan on pumping up my guest posts for 2014 as long as life doesn’t get in the way. My mom has been sick past month or so and I’ve had to be offline more than usual. Congrats by the way on your wedding – saw the beautiful pics on Facebook!
    Here is to a great and successful 2014 to you!

  11. Publishing attractive and useful articles and making them go viral will surely make an effect on our blogs and get us become popular. Your tips are really informative.


  12. Hii.. Enstine

    First of all ‘Happy New Year 2014’in advance.
    sorry for late comment because i was little busy in My blog. And today just saw this amazing post here.

    Hmmm Very Informative also.

    thanks to share 🙂

  13. Hi Enstine,as always this is another awasome post,which is full of inspiration energy tonic,when i feel lazyness i visit my fevourite blogs and get inspiration(offcourse your blog is also in my fvrt blog list),thanks for sharing these tips with us…

  14. Hello,

    Wonderful post! I believe in order to become a successful blogger one should have a great action plan along with consistency and persistence. So combining all these things with hard work would surely achieve the target in blogging.


  15. Hello Enstine Sir,
    Thank for sharing this and other’s helpful articles.
    Sorry for late comment but, I got busy with Susan Neal, Yeremi and Theoder’s articles.
    Actually, I am very lazy to post my article, perhaps because of my study. Hope, I will be bang with more articles on my blog after 16th Jan, My exam.

    Best wishes to you for 2014. Marry Christmas

    • Hey Gaurav,
      You are not late bro and thanks for taking the time to checkout those articles
      Good luck to you in your exams. Waiting to read more from you after your exams

      Have a wonderful holidays

  16. Enstine, I have changed my focus and I am working on reinventing myself. I already comment enough.

    I plan to get more consistent with my writing. I am making more blogging friends.

    I am reaching out to a whole new demographic. I changed my focus to blogging.

    I feel like the money will be there.

    • Hey Michael,
      Go for that which meets your objectives bro
      Yes, I have seen almost every where commenting and I hope you reaped the benefits 😉

      I surely will do my best to offer any assistance you need from me in the next year.

      do have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for commenting

  17. Fantastic advice for all bloggers, Enstine – and thanks very much for mentioning my article, I appreciate that.

    I really do think you’ve given some invaluable tips here, because it’s so important for people starting out blogging to realise that it IS going to get hard at times, and I love the way you’ve emphasised the need to develop your blogging network. My blogging friends have been the biggest help to me when I’ve been struggling.

    My plans for 2014 involve a focus on getting some fiction books published on Kindle – I’m really keen to develop my fiction writing, and feel I need to prioritise this, which means my blog will have to take a bit of a back seat. However, I do intend to keep it going and aim to share anything I learn about the Kindle publishing process in some of my future posts.

    Thanks for an excellent post, Enstine – one all newbie bloggers should read 🙂

    • Hey Sue,
      I’m excited to see you around and thanks for your contribution 😉
      You are an excellent writer and I have no doubt you will do well with your kindle projects in 2014. We are solidly behind you and will offer you every assistance you need 😉

      Do have a wonderful and merry Christmas break

  18. Another great article Enstine!

    I particularly like your last list of tips you include. And as far as for 2014, I still have quite a bit of work to do as far as goal-setting and planning. I probably better get to work on that 🙂

    Hope you’re doing fantastic and enjoy your Christmas man!

  19. Hey Enstine,

    This is an awesome post pal.

    I have felt down as a blogger some days. Starting a blog post and failing to complete it. Also forgetting about comments let on my blog at times.

    Sometimes its because I am busy with other personal stuff in my life, but try to find time for my blog.

    In order to become a successful blogger then one must dedicate lots of time to his/her blog. Interacting with others is also a great way to do it.

    In 2014 I am going to put down that ‘lazy blogger’ attitude and do more so that I can be called a ‘pro blogger’ as well.

    Great post and all the best for 2014 bro.

    • Hey bro,
      Good to see you 😉
      Truth is that it’s really hard to always be on top of motivation. There are often times we feel down but the difference is when we decide to bounce back.

      You are already a pro blogger. I wish you more success in 2014

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