Should You Get out of Debt by Trying Making Money Online?

I just read this post on the Warrior Forum:

Living in Debt $1000

I have seen this story thousands of times during my 10 years online. Someone falls into debt. Or someone loses all of their money.

In a desperate effort, these people turn to the internet to help them erase debts or to make money for eating or for putting a roof over their heads.

So….should you get out of debt by trying to make money online?


I added many exclamation points and wrote in CAPS LOCK to drill the point home: the absolutely worst idea possible is to see making money online as a potential solution to your money problems.

If you fear losing money or fear running out of money you will continue to lose money or run out of money until you feel calm, confident, detached and chill around money, to the point where you feel in harmony with money, having a loving, chill relationship with it.

The guy above is making the biggest mistake of his life if he tries to make money online while fearing going deeper into debt; he will do stupid, money-repelling things online because his fear of losing money will dominate his mind, his actions and his results.

If you fear losing money you will lose money. Matters not if you try to make money. At least business-wise, your fear of loss dictates loss. Happens again and again, as I’ve seen this story play out.

What Should You Do?

If you feel desperate about getting out of debt spend the next week landing a job. I do not care if you scrub toilets or bag groceries or sell hot dogs from a cart; money is money. Humble yourself, get paid for a job, pay off your debt, and hop online from a calm, detached, patient energy, the perfect energy for doing smart things with the right vibe for the next 1-2 years so you lay the foundation for building a full time income through your gig.

The Exception

If you feel totally chill/relaxed/not worried about your debt, feel free to hop online to begin a business based on sound fundamentals, from a patient space. You can succeed if you’re online to follow your passion, to have fun, and to patiently allow money to flow to you over the next few years.

But for everybody else who fears losing money or going deeper into debt, predominantly, you are completely delusional if you believe that you’ll make money quickly when you’re terrified to lose money.

The Online Business Delusion

Starting an online business is easy. Whip out a credit card, invest, start.

Or perhaps you try to go the route of starting a business online sans spending a cent.

Since it seems easy to start a business online most folks believe making money online is equally easy, being bat crap delusional about making big bucks in days, weeks or months, because their fears aka horror of losing money goads them to feel it’s easy to make money online.

Fear turns the rational, sane person into an irrational, insane, deluded person who believes it’s easy to make money online and no skills are needed to prosper online.

But the truth stings these fools over weeks, months or years of struggle.

The Truth

Making money online is a skill that takes years of your life to develop.

I only began making money regularly when I spent 6-7 days every week learning, creating and connecting for many years of my life.

You will be in the same boat.

The internet is not your ATM, for your own personal use, to pay off of your debt.

Get a job, any job.

Pay off debts.

Begin an online business with a generous, patient, persistent, detached attitude.


If you want to make money online with integrity buy my eBook:

How to Make Money Online without Selling Your Soul: 7 Tips

9 thoughts on “Should You Get out of Debt by Trying Making Money Online?”

  1. Great article, and I so much agree with you. You cannot pay off debt while trying to make money. One must have a source of income to be able to pay off debt.Then, and only then can you hup into the online marketing world. But if you’re into Dept and trying to make money online, you end up way deep into Dept.

  2. What incredible exhortation. I detest how individuals make it sound so natural to profit online when those of us who are attempting to be moral simply realize that it is difficult by any means. In the event that it were simple, everybody would do it.

    The opposition is unpleasant. My online business is low maintenance, close by an exceptionally gainful disconnected business – so it’s a preoccupation from that. Maybe one day it’ll overwhelm the disconnected business, or maybe not. Yet, I positively wouldn’t imagine it could pay off anybody’s obligations.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    What a perfect article as I have found myself in the same situation but as time goes I discover the essence of building an online business.

    You cannot get pregnant and give birth to a baby the same month, you’ve got to wait till the 9th month along with the extra care and overall body changes pregnant requires.

    If you approach online business from this perspective, your business will sure explode.

  4. Hi Ryan and Enstine,

    What great advice. I hate how people make it sound so easy to make money online when those of us who are trying to be ethical just know that it’s not easy at all. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

    The competition is dreadful. My online business is part-time, alongside a very profitable offline business – so it’s a diversion from that. Perhaps one day it’ll overtake the offline business, or perhaps not. But I certainly wouldn’t pretend it could pay off anyone’s debts.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  5. Max (The guy lamenting) is not even skilled at anything 😉

    From his point of know-how, it’s hard to make money online. It’s even harder if you want to do it quick.

    Lots of Make money online quick schemes out there only end up draining you.

    It demands SKILLS and TIME. Without these two, you will become more broke.

    Time to build a marketplace. Time to connect with others. Time to establish. Etc

    • Hey Enstine, I agree, making money online is very difficult. As someone that has been doing this for a very long time, I find it more difficult as it gets more easier for everyone. Not only that, ad space is getting more flooded, and so many people are competing for traffic. Great post!

      • Hi Dave,
        The real problem here is competition that’s getting tougher and tougher. A quick way could be to go for the less competitive niches. With some thorough search, one will be able to uncover them.

        Thanks for engaging on Ryan’s post today Dave

  6. Hi Ryan,

    Great article, and I so much agree with you. You cannot pay off debt while trying to make money. One must have a source of income to be able to pay off debt.

    Then, and only then can you hup into the online marketing world. But if you’re into Dept and trying to make money online, you end up way deep into Dept.

    Thanks for the insight Ryan, and thanks to you Enstine for publishing.

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