Got Keywords in Blog Comments? Convert them to Affiliate links!

If your blog is active and interactive, you are going to frequently find money keywords in blog comments. That means you have a massive opportunity to make more affiliate sales or drive more traffic to some internal pages on your blog.

I’m a blogger who makes money from blogging. I know every section on my blog can be used to ethically generate income. The comment section is not left out.

Once you are getting comments from your readers, you can actually reply to these comments, directing them to a resource on your blog or to an affiliate product. This can be done without manually inputting links in the comment.

In this post, I want to discuss with you a simple way to turn keywords in blog comments to hyperlinks. You will be able to preset the keywords and URLs to link to from the comment section of your blog within your dashboard.

How to convert keywords in blog comments to hyper links

The beauty of WordPress CMS is its flexibility. While some plugins allow scanning of the whole page and converting predefined keywords to links, we are able to apply this just to the comment section.

Most of the plugins you use to turn words to links on your pages exert a massive amount of weight on your blog. This means you compromise site speed in an effort to monetize your blogging.

In some other cases, your blog becomes messy and less appealing with you losing control over it. It’s absolutely crazy how some bloggers get obsessed with the idea to make money blogging. They completely blow it out, keeping potential clients away.

Use Thrive Comments

Thrive comments is my highly recommended commenting plugin if you want to do successful blog commenting, get more engagement and income from your blog.

This plugin takes blog commenting to a whole new level. One of the most exciting features is the inbuilt spam filter. Since installing it, spam count on my blog has drastically dropped. Initially, I didn’t know what was responsible for this epic reduction in spam comments until I read about it:

keywords in blog comments

But how do you turn keywords in comments to links?

The first thing is to grab a copy of this wonderful blog commenting plugin.

[thrive_split_button left_color=”blue” right_color=”orange” left_text=”Thrive Comments!” right_text=”Click here to visit plugin site!” left_link=”” right_link=””]

Install and activate the plugin. You should be given the license key after purchase.

keywords in blog comments

Go to Thrive Dashboard -> Thrive Comments

This will bring you to plugin dashboard. Locate the Advanced Settings section.

link keywords in commentsJust click the Add New button to add to the list. What you will be doing is creating a group of keywords that will be linked to a specific URL.

NB: This only works on moderators’ comments (As per current version of plugin). It allows you to consciously direct comment authors to resources off or on site.

Here is what it looks like to add a keyword group:

link keywords to internal resource

You can easily link to an existing article on your site. Enter as many keywords are possible. In the Link URL field, you can simply search for a blog post on your blog that will automatically be linked to from within comments.

Linking keywords to affiliate urls

link keywords to affiliate resource

There are two link properties you must pay attention to:

  1. Open link in new tab: This is important if you don’t want to completely drive your readers from your current page. Once they click the link, the page will be opened in new tab or window.
  2. No-follow link:  For the sake of SEO, affiliate links in comments should be set to No-follow. That means search engines should not follow the links. But for internal resources, I recommend not checking this option.

Does this plugin have a negative impact on my blog?

This plugin is beautifully designed with site speed optimization at the focus. It brings to your WordPress comments all the most addictive elements of social media and community forums, creating an irresistible channel for your audience to interact with your blog.

Most of the content keyword linking plugins will not function without you losing some reasonable amount of speed.

But here is what Thrive comment does to convert keywords in blog comments while not having a negative impact on site speed:

link in comments peed

Option 1: Comments will only be loaded when visitor scrolls to the end of the blog post. This means your website will load completely without loading the comments until the reader scrolls to the comment area.

Option 2: If you have a long list of comments, they won’t be all loaded at once. You will need the readers click action to load more comments as he/she reads through.

Option 3: Avatar images are external resources that have considerable impact on site speed. This plugin allows to differ the loading of avatars on comments until when the comment comment enters viewport.


What do you think about converting keywords in blog comments to hyperlinks? Let me know in the comment box if this is something you’d like implemented on your blog.

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