4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook offers small business owners a powerful marketing platform.

From personalized, intimate messaging to larger scale groups, entrepreneurs can:

  • share value
  • build strong bonds
  • increase profits

through Facebook.

Avoid making the “post and run” error common to most small business owners on the social media site. Nobody simply posts an update that becomes a viral business builder.

As with any social network the value you see reflects the value you offer on Facebook.

Being social, engaging and helpful grows your small business venture persistently over the long haul.

Be patient. Social media business expands as your friends and followers steadily know, like and trust you.

See Facebook as a two way street, not a broadcasting platform, to grow a thriving business through the social media site.

Follow these Facebook marketing tips to build a successful small business.

1: Solve Customer Issues through Free Content


  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • text updates

through Facebook.

Build your marketing campaign on a rock solid foundation of valuable content.

Give followers and friends helpful, targeted content to use for their benefit. Solve pressing issues that your customers want you to address.

Top marketers grow business on Facebook not by persistently pitching people via squeeze pages or business sites but by leading in with content breadcrumbs, coaxing potential customers to follow their feed.

Sharing free, helpful content makes you valuable in the eyes of your prospects.

Help people for free on Facebook to attract potential customers who see value in what you have to offer.

2: Create a Helpful Group

Create and run a helpful Facebook Group related to your niche.

Establish your authority by:

  • posting helpful updates
  • asking probing questions
  • sharing helpful answers

Prospective customers see generous group admins in an authoritative light. No better way to establish your expertise than by running a tight-knit, valuable community via a Facebook Group related to your small business niche.

Create an environment focused on sharing, valuable content. Refrain from sharing links to business or squeeze pages. If people enjoy your content they happily click through to your business site via your profile.

3: Promote Other Small Business Entrepreneurs

Promote other small business entrepreneurs from your niche who provide content that benefits your audience.

Does this seem counter intuitive?

Leave your competitive-minded, scarcity-based, limiting business beliefs behind. Worrying about competition does not serve you well with Facebook marketing.

“Generosity” is your Facebook marketing buzzword.

Share helpful content from other small business owners to:

  • build beneficial, prospering partnerships with successful entrepreneurs in your niche
  • provide your audience with helpful content offered from a different perspective
  • inspire established small business owners to endorse you and promote you

Build friendships with influential entrepreneurs in your niche by sharing their content on your wall or business Page. Observe how Facebook buddies from your niche market you, endorse you and support you, expanding your reach and growing your business through this social media platform.

4: Promote Business Websites Sparingly

Does this idea seem counter intuitive to you?

Most small business owners wrongly believe that posting business or squeeze pages on Facebook is smart marketing. But the majority of entrepreneurs quickly see their business or squeeze pages being ignored because unless you follow the prior 3 steps diligently few if any people grow to know, like and trust you enough to click on your business website.

Factor in Facebook’s declining organic reach and push for publishers to use paid advertising to see that rarely posting business sites is the way to go for maximum business growth.

Build one to one bonds through persistent engagement. Share valuable free content. Make friends on the network.

Loyal friends, fans and prospective customers happy with your free help freely click your business website link via your  profile.

Smart Facebook marketing is attraction marketing. Small business owners sans big budgets or huge staff need to build genuine, powerful one to one friendships on the platform. Each friend becomes a brand advocate and promotes your blog posts, videos and business for you through various online channels, marketing your gig and growing your business.

Place a heavy emphasis on service. Follow up with the infrequent link to your business or squeeze page as a teaser.

Detaching heavily from small business outcomes on Facebook makes you highly attractive to people who want your business products and services. If you want to expand on that, you should think in video direction, and check youtube vanced.

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