SEMrush – 8 ways it helps your website monetization and income growth!

SEMrush is a huge online business tool. It’s not just about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as many believe.

It’s far beyond helping you drive natural traffic. It has all of what many top SEO tools in the market offer. On top of these, you have everything to conduct proper market research and boost your social media campaigns.

In one of my SEMrush posts, we looked at the platform as a bundle of 20 tools to effortlessly manage your Content Marketing with SEMrush.

But we know there are countless number of ways folks monetize their websites.

In this post, I will be giving you 8 tips to use SEMrush to either start a fresh money making online business or add more income to your current online activities.

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8 foolproof ways SEMrush will help grow your website income.

I’m going to break this into two sections to help your understanding.

If you are already running an online business (from selling items on shops to creating content on blogs), this is really going to be helpful.

If you are into content marketing, you are fully covered. For more on dealing with toxic backlinks, check that link.

Let’s start with Paid Advertising with SEMrush

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A – SEMrush for Paid Advertising (PPC/CPC and Display Ads)

Using SEMrush for paid Advertising will help reduce advertising cost, drive more targeted traffic, generate more sales and make more money. [/page_section]

PPC stands for Pay Per Click while CPC is for Cost Per Click.

These are actually saying the same thing from the advertiser’s point of view. It’s simply about driving traffic by spending on clicks generated by search engines.

The reason this is considered paid search is because your ads only show up after a search is performed  with the target keyword. If the searcher now clicks your ads, you are billed per click.

Don’t get confused with Cost Per Thousand (CPM). It’s almost the same thing with the difference that the advertiser is billed per 1,000 advertisement impressions.

In CPM, weather your ads get clicked or not, once they have been displayed 1,000 times, you get billed. Now, do not ask me which is better because we ain’t talking about that in this post.

Of course we will also be looking at Display Ads on Google Display Network.

Here are different ways SEMrush helps you with paid advertising:

1 – Advertising Research

Paid advertisement is a dangerous traffic generating model. It’s also one of the most effective ways to drive targeted paid traffic, But I recommend you do not get into it until you’ve tried out SEMrush. The reasons are:

  • You may spend too much for few clicks
  • You may spend money for just no clicks
  • Your ads may never get seen.
  • You maybe putting a fight against big guns
  • Etc

The biggest CPC challenge is competition. And the best way forward is analyzing their strength and making use of their weaknesses. There is not better tool than SEMrush.

semrush advertising research

SEMrush is the tool you need to exploit your competitors’ ad strategies. Once you’re able to spot their strong and weak points, you’ll be able to position and improve your campaigns.

Simply sign up and go to Domain Analytics -> Advertising Research

Inputting your competitor’s domain into SEMrush will pull up their ad copies from top search engines like Google and Bing.

Here are top 9 reasons to use SEMrush for paid search:

  1. The tool helps you monitor your rivals’ PPC activities, their ad spends and most profitable ad copy
  2. SEMrush allows you to analyze your competitors’ AdWords and Bing Ads usage trends
  3. With the tool, you can view examples of your competitors’ live ads
  4. It helps you discover desktop and mobile keywords your competitors are bidding on
  5. SEMrush will help you discover your rivals’ top performing paid keywords
  6. It will help you see what emotional triggers your competitors are using in their ad copy
  7. With the analysis and the data provided, you will learn your competitors’ advertising habits throughout the year
  8. It helps you discover your main paid search competitors are
  9. It helps you with keywords and ad texts for over 100 countries, and in more than 20 languages

From every indication, if you are already running an online business driving paid traffic, SEMrush comes handy to help you beat your competitors and driving more traffic to generate more sales.

2 – CPC Map

semrush CPC map

This is one of the most useful SEMrush features for CPC advertisers. It helps you locate the most appropriate area in different regions to advertiser your business.

By reducing your advertising budget and getting more clicks, you end up making more money. That’s exactly what the CPC Map tool in SEMrush helps you do.

If you are an advertisers running an e-commerce shop or selling some product online, you get visitors from everywhere. But how do you know the area that will be the easiest to target?

CPC Map allows you analyze your industry across different regions and compare average CPC and search volume of keywords you target. This tool provides a way to compare the costs of advertising on Google Ads across different states or regions of a country.

Let’s look at a simple example of a Cryptocurrency expert who has written a book on the subject and is willing to promote using CPC. CPC Map is going to help him get the best from his campaigns.

He has both United States of America and Canada in mind. Where does he advertise for maximum profit?

cpc compare

CPC Map will help him take the guesswork out of planning his advertising campaign by giving him data on the differences in costs and demand for advertising in different regions of the same country or different countries completely.

By looking at the keyword “Cryptocurrency“, you’ll see the average CPC is $1.71 in United states against $0.44 in Canada.

Let’s take another example in two states of the United States!

Keyword: Online Banking

semrush keyword prediction

The keyword has an average CPC of $4.14 and an average monthly search volume of 675 in Texas. The same keyword in Califonia has an average CPC of $3.54 and average monthly search of 1,070.

This suggests a higher demand for Online Banking services in Califonia, and the cost per click too is lower. Going by this, advertising in Califonia could be a better choice.

For details on how to make maximum use of CPC Map, check out this documentation

3 – Display Advertising

display advertisingThis is paid ad model that allows you to show your ads on websites, apps or social media through banners or other ad formats made of text, images, flash, video, and audio. Once your ads show up on these sites, you are charged per click or thousand impressions.

SEMrush’s Display Adverting module is what you need to stand out and outrun your competitors. It’s what you need to analyze the ad texts and banners your competitors are using so as to come up with more engaging campaigns.

Here are a couple of things you can do with this module:

  1. Find new publishers to enhance your media buying strategy
  2. Analyze the landing pages from your competitor’s campaigns and pull out details to help ameliorate your campaigns.
  3. Analyze Google Display Network campaigns in up to 46 countries
  4. Analyze image ads, text ads, and HTML ads

The tool allows you to copy and adapt your competitor’s best ads to match your specific needs, then export and import them to your Google Adword campaigns.

For details on how to use this module to get better results from your campaigns, check out this document

4 – Ad Builder

If you’ve been into PPC advertising, you’ll agree with me that one of the daunting tasks to deal with is writing copies and headlines for a campaign but SEMrush’s Ad Builder takes a huge junk of the work off your hands.

The simple truth is that there is someone doing better than you in your business. That’s your competitor and a simple way to just clone what works for them will be highly appreciated.

But there are two big problems:

  1. How do you know what’s already working for your competitors
  2. How do you easily copy and paste to make it work for you.

SEMrush comes with a feature (the Ad Builder) that completely does this in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your competitor’s domain and let the tool pull up their campaigns for you.

Step 2: Convert your competitor’s campaigns into templates for further use.

Step 3: Add tweaks and adapt the campaigns according to needs

Step 4: Export your ads and import into Google Adword Account

For details how this works, I recommended you checkout this document

These are 4 different ways SEMrush can help your paid ads spend less, drive more traffic and make money money from your websites.

Let’s look at other ways this tool can help you generate more income online.

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B – SEMrush for Content Marketing and income generating websites

Content marketing is a big money making channel. But it’s also highly competitive and tricky. That’s while a tool like SEMrush isn’t to be taken lightly. 


There are three main areas when it comes to making money with content:

  1. Driving traffic to sell your own products
  2. Driving traffic to promote other products and earn commissions
  3. Driving traffic to sell ad space.

All revolves round driving relevant traffic and monetizing correctly. In section A above, we saw more about driving paid traffic to increase sales. Let’s now look at some areas in SEMrush that help you drive natural traffic and make your website a real income generator.

5 – Site Audit

semrush site auditing

You can’t make money from a site that’s not healthy. Given that the main source of free traffic that makes money is Google search, a website with crawling issues will definitely be relegated on SERPS, thereby reducing its traffic and money making power.

The Site Audit tool is a bundle of SEO suite, providing advanced and user-friendly features to give your site the best health status that accommodates search spiders and boost ranking.

SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool helps in many areas of SEO:

  • Loading speed
  • Crawlability
  • Content issues
  • Meta tags
  • HTTPS security protocols
  • Internal linking
  • JS and CSS errors
  • AMP implementation
  • Etc

The tool helps in detecting technical issues and makes suggestions that help to get rid of problems preventing you from getting more traffic to your website.

For details on how to use the Site Audit Tool, I recommend you read this

6 – On Page SEO Checker

semrush on page seo checker

SEO seems complex but it’s really not. You’ll hear or read about Technical SEO, Mobile SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

While the Site Audit tool mentioned above deals with the Technical and Mobile SEO of your site, the On Page SEO Checker tool handles your site’s On Page SEO.

This is generally more about Content SEO. It’s about your page structures, semantics, content length, keyword stuffing and links.

The way this functions is mind-blowing. You just need to enter your domain name and the tool will analyse the pages and pull out a report with several levels of recommendations based your current ranking and competition.

I recommend you read this document for details on this tool

7 – SEO Writing Assistant

The best source of free traffic that translates to income is Search Engine. Period!

But creating articles that rank on top of SERP is increasingly becoming a problem to deal with. Search engines are changing their algorithms consistently without your consent.

Years back, keyword optimization was the On Page SEO focus. But today, it’s no longer relevant. We hear more of semantic optimization, which I believe will change soon too.

However, with SEMrush’s SEO writing Assistant, if you are a creator keen on writing content with SEO in mind, you’ll going to find a very much welcome assistant. It gives you the ability to  check the SEO potential and originality of a piece of content in real-time.

Available for WordPress and Google Docs users, it stands out the writer’s most flexible SEO content analyzing tool.

There are two major ways this tool can assist you create SEO friendly content:

1 – Help analyze your content as you write on. These are on areas including Overall score, Readability score, Recommended keywords, Target keywords, Tone of voice, Plagiarism, Linking.

2 – Give you winning content ideas based on given keywords: In this scenario, you’ll have to provide the keyword you want to optimize for. Next, the tool will analyze content on the Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your target keywords. Finally, you’ll receive recommendations on how to create SEO-friendly content.

For details on this tool, I’ll recommend you check out this document

8 – Join the SEMrush Affiliate Marketing program

I can’t talk about SEMrush’s money making power without mentioning its affiliate program which is one of the best and most stable in the industry.

The best part is that you are paid up to 40% in recurring commissions. That means once a sale is generated, each time there is a rebill, you get paid your commissions.

A couple of things make the SEMrush affiliate program most-attractive in the industry:

  • 40% recurring commissions
  • Cookie lifespan is 10 years
  • Commissions paid twice a month to Paypal or Wire Transfer.
  • Pre-approved, speedy sign-up process
  • Very low refund rate.
  • Very low cancellation rate

Check the affiliate program here


SEMrush as a matter of fact is a powerful online marketing tool that has all it takes to boost your income. Take the test drive and discover its worth.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below

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