RSS Post Importer – The Ultimate Rss Aggregator Plugin for WordPress

Are you using RSS Post Importer for great content from around the net?

One of the main problems we have as bloggers is being able to publish great content and keep our readers excited. Blogging is about content creation and what makes the difference between 2 bloggers is the quality of their posts.

While most of us do the brainstorming and creating the content ourselves, turning to an autoblogging or autoposting plugin like RSS Post Importer seems to be the comfortable option.

While being a blogger is super amazing and exciting, some days you just feel like everything is frozen around and you are in dyeing need of some assistance. You just failed keeping to your posting time table because you are stuck or simply busy building relationships on social media, putting together your newsletter and sourcing images or taking care of some other more pressing things.

The truth is you are busy in many ways offline or online but this should not nail your blog to the ground. There are many solutions to help you provide content to your readers without adding to your stress levels – calling in guest bloggers, hiring a ghost writer, etc and each of these solutions is packaged with its own bad odors.

NB: Here is an exciting guest post on Carol Amato’s blog by Sue Anne on 6 Effective Ideas for Creating Amazing Blog Content! I recommend you check that one out.

RSS Post Importer – Content Syndication plugin!

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Another option for you is to add content syndication to the back end of your blog. This allows you to import content from other blogs or websites in your niche with far less of a time commitment than writing your own posts or scheduling guest bloggers and ghost writers.

I have been looking at Rss Post Importer on one of my blogs in the past few weeks and thought I should tell you something about this plugin.

If you are a blog owner looking for a complete solution for managing full text rss and atom feeds, then the Rss Post Importer may be  the best you can get. With unique abilities like managing, filtering, and merging content from posts, it makes your life easier as a blog owner.

Blogs have to be updated regularly to attract readership and bring in new customers to your site. Maintaining a blog  yourself can be a hassle as any blog owners know. Now a plugin such as the Rss Post Importer fills in the need to find quality content for your blog and publish automatically. It not only publishes the truncated feeds, but also supports Full Text Rss Feeds. You will be amazed at the flexibility and speed with which this plugin can update your blog.

RSS Post Importer

The plugin (RSS Post Importer) is able to, automatically import feeds, import the full text content of rss feeds and display the complete content of the articles. You can chose to only display the titles  or show the complete posts.  Users can also set the number of posts or the number of posts per category in the feed. You can also customize the author to which each set of imported content is assigned. The plugin has the ability to prevent your content for appearing in search results too. With a simple template to format the imported content, the plugin provides a complete solution to blog owners.

Although most features in the plugin are free, You can extend its capabilities further by subscribing to its premium features. Premium features enable plugin  features like;

  • Full text rss feeds,
  • Automated featured images,
  • Keyword filters,
  • RegEx filters,
  • Curation based on the number of words.
  • Etc.

The ability to fetch complete feeds from truncated feeds and multiple category selection while importing a post is also included in premium features.

This plugin presents a customizable solution for autoblogging or autoposting and an absolute essential for new WordPress blog owners looking to rapidly increase the content on their blogs and generate traffic.

Fully packed with features, the plugin is also easy to install and comes with helpful usage and installation videos. The Rss Post Importer beats its competitors through its unique features and added functionality. It not only saves the time blogging, but helps search for premium content for your blog.

What do you think about autoblogging? Are you going to try this rss importer on one of your blogs? Let me hear you out in the comment box below

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