5 Roundup Posts Types for Incredible flow of traffic !

Want more blog traffic? start doing roundup posts!

The reason is that more than 50% of the bloggers you mention will share and link back to your article. That will drive more referral and social media traffic and of course, you also get SEO benefits from the backlinks

Last week, I published this post on 2 hot blog post ideas to drive traffic and network with more bloggers. I mentioned Roundup Posts as an incredible post idea that drives traffic and brings you closer to more bloggers.

Some of my readers got to me and asked for tips to craft roundup post. As a matter of fact, I think this the easiest blog post to write. Not only is this easy to write, it also has great value for your readers. 

Roundup posts help your readers discover more awesome bloggers and of course bring them closer to more sources of epic content.

There is more to that:

Beside the traffic roundup post drives to your blog, it helps build more relationships while strengthening current friendships.

5 types of Roundup Posts

roundup posts trafficNow, there are principally 5 types of roundup posts you should think about;

  1. Roundup of different Bloggers: Here, you lay emphasis on bloggers. Here is quick sample by Ryan
  2. Roundup of different blogs: Here you lay emphasis on blogs.  Here is a quick sample by Erik
  3. Roundup of different blog posts: Here you focus on different articles on different blogs. Here is a quick sample by Don
  4. Roundup of different contributions: Here you run short interviews of different experts and compile their contributions in one single post. Here a quick example
  5. Roundup of different Resources: Here you focus on tools or platforms. Checkout this sample by Abid

While you can’t mix them up, they all go together.

Here is the point:

If you are compiling a list of wonderful blogs to follow, you probably will be mentioning the bloggers behind the different blogs and some of their articles to check out.

Same thing applies if you are listing bloggers in your niche. You are certainly going to mention their blogs and some of their articles.

Having known these different roundup types, it should be quite easy to pick up some and develop into full-blown blog posts.

Roundup posts –  How to start!

If you are starting with roundup posts for your first time, you have to start with blogs or bloggers you are familiar with.

roundup posts

The reason is that you probably already have some materials about them. It therefore will be fairly easy to put these together and come up with a roundup post.

Compiling a list of other blogs!

This is by far the easiest roundup post you can create. It’s also the idea that generates the most in terms of traffic and backlinks.

All you have to do is get to your list of frequently visited blogs and tell your readers about it. Do a brief presentation of each blog; the topics discussed, the frequency of publication, popularity and of course, the blogger behind it, etc. Use screenshots to make the post attractive.

Once the post is published, get to the blog owners and let them know you included their blogs on your list.

Compiling a list of blog posts!

The more active you blog-hop, the more you discover valuable blog posts around the blogosphere. From time to time, compile a list of exceptional articles you discovered during a certain period.

While the writers of those articles will be excited to read and share your list, your readers will appreciate you sharing with them some more great material.

Just like the roundup post of a list of blogs, this idea too can be very effective in generating traffic and backlinks to your blog.

Contributions from experts!

This roundup post type may require more time to come up with. First, you will need to come up with a list of bloggers or experts in something. Then send them an interview question or simply request their opinion on a certain point.

Generally, it takes quite long for some to respond. Some may just ignore you (for several reasons) or openly tell you they are not interested.

It’s often difficult to get very popular bloggers to answer you especially if you are no way near them. If your blog is not professional set (maybe some poor theme), you will often have it difficult for successful and professional bloggers to associate with you.

So make sure you get a professional WordPress theme to begin with. Here is my recommendation! 

One other way I recommend you try out to come up with expert contribution is MyBlogU. It’s a free platform where you can post interview questions and experts will share their points. All you need is copy and paste already-formatted HTML version of the answers. Be sure to check out my review of MyBlogU.

Roundup posts of tools or resources!

While you may not expect any great traffic from this post type, it’s a great way to bring something useful to your audience. It’s also a post type that generates income so don’t take it lightly.

I’m thinking of a list of Online SEO tools or a roundup post listing 5 or more blog promotion platforms. The ideas are unlimited.

To monetize this post type, link to the listed tools on your affiliate links. In some cases, some tools authors will be ready to pay a certain amount to be placed on top of the list.

That’s it!

I just wanted to generally discuss and share tips on creating roundup posts. I hope this has helped you so please share the post on social media and link to  it where appropriate.

I’ll also appreciate a comment from you. Let me know if I left out something 😉


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  1. Hi Enstine,
    I am here today via Ryan’s page, where I found the link of this page underneath his latest post. Oh my. i really missed this before writing my round up post. How nice it would have been if I read before that. The points you mentioned if followed how much time i would have saved, for me it took a lot of time to create my latest post. Anyways. thank you so much for this valuable information.
    I am book marking this for my further read.
    Have a nice day

  2. Great article Enstine.

    Round up posts work like a charm as even one person you’re targeting (if he’s influencer) can bring you a flood of traffic and shares.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    I like the idea of roundup posts. They can be short and very interesting. What I like about them is they quickly grab the reader’s attention. They also help in getting extra traffic. If you’re promoting articles from other blogs then you quick catch their attention as well.

    Thanks for sharing tips on roundup posts.

  4. This is totally on the point! Mr. Muki, thanks for this great article… This is the sickness of numerous writer or bloggers out there… Don’t be satisfied on just writing the facts, you must create unique ways to present it on your blog so readers will be intrigue to read it.

  5. well, its another great article I saw on your site Enstine. Actually the idea of roundup posts is amazing. As like other bloggers, I also want to increase traffic to my blog and it seems that this idea will really work for me.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome idea.

  6. Well personally I’m a fan of roundup posts of different resources or may be different articles in the blogs. By reading this roundup posts we can easily catch the missed posts.


  7. Hi Enstine!

    I’m a big fan of roundup posts. None of us are an expert on everything and readers appreciate it when you give them the best stuff available. Having a list of great blogs / resources available on one spot is a very convenient way to provide that for them.

    Not to mention it’s great at connecting with other bloggers too. It brings us together, you know? Of course, those bloggers also share the roundup post with their followers bringing some of their audience too you, which is another great way to bring some quick new traffic.

    – James

  8. This great and useful roundup roundup posts Thank you for sharing! After all, who wants to get much traffic? I tried a few more progressive, but you made me rethink a number of options

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for this informative post. I didn’t have much idea about round up posts. Your examples will help me to do more round up posts for my blogs. Thanks again for this wonderful post.

  10. Hey Enstine,

    From reading different blogs, I find that there are many benefits of doing roundup posts. Since I read between 40 and 50 blogs a week (yes I find time to sneak this in on my busy schedule) I might as well start doing a roundup of these blogs. Adrienne Smith was smart to do this.

    Besides that, it’s a great way to connect even more with these bloggers as well as expose your audience to them. It’s another way to build a great reputation besides getting more traffic. Round ups is definitely a smart way to grow your blog and business. I plan on doing my first one by end of May/June. We’ll see how it goes!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!

  11. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing this great and helpful roundup of roundup posts! After all, who doesn’t wants to get massive traffic? I was thinking forward to try few of them, but you made me rethink into several other options.


  12. very informative article.
    I will do roundups again. But probably on a monthly basis.
    You have presented a 5 different examples here. This will be more helpful for all.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Organizing a Round-up post like the one above is still on my list . . Hopefully, you’ll get featured on my next Round-up post.

    BTW, This is a very thoughtful articles

  14. Enstine..! This is another awesome tips as you usually you did it here..!

    Well, roundup post is create ways to interact with other bloggers in the area of business. I have read a lot of roundup post from other bloggers, and I found that it was really interesting to me.

    Actually, I never did any roundup post on my blog but I plan to do it because I believe that roundup is really useful idea to grow blogging network and community.

    Honestly, I think about this almost 2 weeks but I don’t where to get with those.

    Thanks for sharing..! That above was really useful tips for me..! 🙂

    • Hi Kimsea,
      Thanks for being part of this post 😉
      Quite frankly, you get a lot of buzz around roundup post. The post I created earlier this year went crazy and still draws attention today. I’m encourage you give this a try and you’ll surely be excited over the results.

      Thanks for adding your voice. Do have a wonderful week

  15. Hey Enstine sir, what an incredible post , enjoyed while reading it.But to understand this
    we must have to these 5 types of roundups. If we can make relationship with our fellow
    bloggers in the blogosphere that will also help us to achieve success. Now I will also keep
    these 5 roundup types in mind…
    Mohammad Naved recently published Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

  16. I didn’t posted any kind of roundup posts on my blogs yet but sooner or later I’m planning to do one. BTW roundup posts thing is really nice to get more audience like some people are not reading each of the posts, from roundup posts they have opportunity to cover up they’ve missed.


    • Hey Christy,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment 😉
      I’m sure you’ll be posting a roundup post on your blog any of these days. I’ll be glad to read it 😉

      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting

  17. Howdy enstine,

    This is a staggering post. I have considered composition a round up post after I saw your last post about post thought, I figure now is the perfect time to think of a sensible rundown.

    • Perfect, Rahul!
      I’ll be excited to checkout your post. You know the results are great so go ahead and craft out when.
      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend buddy

  18. Hi Enstine,
    great suggestions!

    I find expert roundup the “trend” of the moment, in the blogosphere.
    In my About page, I’m keeping track of all the interviews and roundups I participated to, and the list is becoming really long!

    Thanks for mentioning me and my post about
    “8 Must-Read Blogs to Get Inspiration From”.
    It has received a pretty good number of social signals (almost 300),
    and many comments.

    Keep rocking, my friend!
    Have an awesome Thursday!

    • Oh yeah Erik I think that’s a pretty good idea to put them down on your about me page. That helps sell your brand quick, given that the “about me” page is one of the must-read pages on personal blogs.

      Thanks for making it again here buddy. do have a wonderful weekend

  19. Hey Enstine,

    Awesome post indeed! I have done some round-up posts before and planning for some more ahead. Round-up post are helpful to boost your traffic.

    And you have presented a 5 different examples here. This will be more helpful for all.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Have a great day ahead!

    • Thanks for the comment Nisha!
      That’s right! If you need to boost traffic, do some roundup post. You just need to do any of these 5 types and the result will surely be as expected.

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  20. Hello Muki, Thanks for your good post. Really amazing. To be honest i never heard about Roundup. And thanks for also listing the others post linked up. I checked Ekir that’s really amazing. Going to check others. Thanks for your valuable post.

    Happy Blogging

    • Thank you Ton 😉
      Good to hear you got something new and yes, Erik’s post is a great roundup. Check out others and you’ll surely get something great.

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend bro 😉

  21. Hello

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this wonderful article and what it portends for bloggers especially the idea of reaching out, connecting and socializing as it were which is what life is all about any way.

    Though trying to wrap my head around so many things to do right now, but I sure would work on this “round up posts” and get cracking with it.

    You are surely doing a very wonderful work here



    • Hey Jerry,
      You know life is full of activities and we get ourselves wrapped up in one or more things. All you have to do is bring up a scale of preference and start from the most important.

      You are surely going to get to the finish line.

      Thanks for your contribution bro

  22. It’s a good idea to get more traffic for blog/websites. I was thinking like this for many days ago but not sure hot to start first but today i got here some tips which i think i will get help. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    • Hey Romjan,
      Now you have an idea where to start right?
      All you have to do now is choose which roundup post type to do, then go ahead and take action.

      I’ll be excited to check it out 😉

  23. Hi enstine,

    This is an incredible post. I have thought about writing a round up post after I saw your last post about post idea, I guess now is the right time to come up with a reasonable list.

    Thanks enstine, round up post seems to be must have resource on blog

    • Hey buddy,
      That’s exciting to hear. When is the post coming up? I’ll like to check it out.
      You know the results are great so go give it a try 😉

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  24. Well personally I’m a great fan of roundup posts and I’ve been reading roundup posts in all of my favorite blogs. One of my favorite blog also includes firepolemarketing.com which is a fantastic blog. I visit it rarely and they cover all the topics in one roundup post.


  25. Hi Enstine,

    I do have to do some more roundups. Whenever I did one, there was so much traffic to my blog because the people that I chose were great bloggers with wonderful followers. They all shouted out that they were on my blog to their followers and boom….lots of new visitors and connections.

    Roundups always work when getting more juice to your blog and you my friend are master at this!


    • Oh yes now it comes to me that you did some roundup earlier this year
      The results speak for themselves and I hope you come up with more from time to time

      Thanks for making it to this post Donna

  26. Hey Enstine,

    Great post. I think I decided that I may just do roundups again. Because as you said in the post you’re referring to, they’re a great way to get some traffic. And can help you build relationships too.

    Yep. The decision is made. I’ll do them again. But probably on a monthly basis.

    Thanks for these 5 types here.

    – Andrew

    • Yeah doing that monthly will be a great strategy. You’ll have enough material to come up with a meaty post.

      I’ll be excited to see it on your blog

      BTW, congrats on getting on BBT with an awesome post

  27. A round up post about round up posts, love it! Brilliant 🙂

    This is a great strategy that I really need to implement on my blog. Time to come up with a great idea for a round up post.

    I have seen so many people succeed with these, time to take action!

    Thanks for the helpful guide on getting one started.


    • Hey Chris,
      Yes it’s time to take action man. My roundup post earlier this year was a boom so you won’t regret trying it.

      I’ll be excited to see what you’ll share 😉

  28. Hi Enstine,

    Wow! It’s been a while I placed a comment here. I definitely miss doing that.

    After reading a lot about round up posts. I finally tried it last month.

    I compiled a list of inspirational blogs in Nigeria and linked to them.

    Not only did I get comments. I got 21 different blogs sharing and talking about my post.

    It works. I’m working on another presently.


  29. Hello Enstine,

    I am actually loving the idea of roundup posts! And yeah, that’s the best way to give and get exposure by the fellow bloggers, tools, platforms, and the list doesn’t stop depending on how you are going to roll with roundup posts.

    I was thinking of having it tested myself sometime sooner. Was in thinking process though. 🙂

    Your posts gives me enormous reasons to actually fire it up real soon! 🙂

    ~ Adeel Sami

    • Now I see you jumping out of thoughts to action. Good one there sir
      I’ll be excited to check it out 😉

      Thanks for being part of the conversation buddy

  30. Good Morning Time Enstine, I have been thinking about doing a roundup since my last visit here and now I know what I need to do Right?

    I am 15 days into my 45 day Blitz and need to keep focused on this but I am going to start putting together my list of bloggers that I am familiar with like you have mentioned above.

    I am happy I stopped by this morning, Great share my friend, Have an Amazing Day.. Chery :))

    • Hey Chery,
      Good morning to you (though it’s evening here right now 😉 )
      Thanks for the comment. Yes I’ll be so excited to check out your roundup post.

      What’s the 45 day Blitz about? Don’t worry to share if it’s something you should keep secret.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your voice to the conversation. Have a very beautiful rest of the week

      • Me Again Enstine, A Secret OH No!! It is a Recruiting Blitz! The Last Blitz in Jan I took 2nd Place personally sponsoring 22 people!! I am Shooting for 30 this time!! Almost half way there…. Fun Fun!!

        Thanks for asking my friend!! Enjoy the rest of your week as well… Chery :))

  31. Hi Enstine, thanks for your incredible article. And I completely agree with you on the effectiveness of Roundup posts. A few months back I did a roundup post on resources, specially payment portals in Nigeria. That post is one of my most shared posts to date. And I didn’t even promote it (didn’t even send an email to developers of these payment portals). But this post was shared on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

    Looking through the types of roundup posts you listed, I can see that the post was “A Roundup of Different Resources”. I have plans to repeat Roundup Posts in my blog soon, this time focusing on Blogs and Bloggers.

    Thanks Enstine. Keep up the good work.

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing the beautiful experience
      I’m sure this time again, there is going to be a massive explosion 😉

      Always good to have you here Chioma. I hope you are having a wonderful week there in Nigeria

      • Always good to visit your blog Enstine. In fact I think I am now addicted to your blog 😀 . And about the massive explosion, can barely wait. I think that will be fun.

        And yes I am having a wonderful week in Nigeria. Thanks Enstine.

  32. Hi Enstine,

    When I first started my blog last summer roundups were one of the best ways I found to connect and resonate with influential bloggers. It gave them a reason to learn more about me and how I make a difference in the world. Many of them will take at least a moment to check out my blog or another page like the podcast, videos or even the About page.

    To be honest though, while I get some of the most comments on this type of blog it’s about the opportunity to build a relationship with some new people. Over time I find out who the real engagers are from those who are not; or those who are interested in getting to know me from those who are not.

    It sure makes it fun and interesting!!!

    Plus, I get to share with my audience some posts that they might consider reading.

    Here is what’s really interesting; did you know that I still get traffic from Google from those roundups I did last summer? They seem to have some serious staying power as well and some people have discovered me just through this one type of article that they never would have otherwise.

    I find that to be so cool!

    Great idea for an article Enstine and very practical as well!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,
      Good to see you around buddy and thanks for taking the time to chip in 😉

      The beauty with round up posts is that some fellows you mention will stick to you for the rest of the days. That’s the relationship aspect which of course is the biggest gain.

      Properly done, the traffic keeps coming in even from SEO. I’m excited that’s your own case.

      The good thing is that your rewind weekends are back so we are sure to meet some new faces 😉

      thanks for bring part of the journey buddy

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