MyBlogU Review ~ Create Epic Content and Drive Targeted Traffic!

MyBlogU Review – Platform for epic, high quality and sharable content, connecting you with savvy bloggers, building backlinks to improve your SEO, driving traffic and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

One of the most exceptional tools for content production and promotion is MyBlogU. To say the least, Anne Smarty got a beautiful idea which she built into a solid blogging tool.

I’m excited you are reading this post because you are going to discover a platform that will literally help improve your blogging experience for the rest of your blogging days.

One of the reasons behind the success of most top bloggers is that they use the right tools and you cannot be wrong on MyBlogU when it comes to generating consumable content that will course others to happily share and promote.

In this review, I want us to see how MyBlogU can help you in the following areas;

  • Link building and SEO
  • Epic content creation
  • Targeted traffic
  • Social media exposure
  • Building your authority

myblogu review


MyBlogU Review – Generate free high-quality and sharable content!

MyBlogU has three main features and we shall be looking at these. I don’t want you to focus on these features. Rather, let’s see how useful they are and how you can use these features to build your brand and get cited. Let’s begin with the Interview Feature!

1 – “Group Interview” Feature!

This is my most exciting feature on this platform. With the interview facility, you can:

  • Request others’ opinions on the topic you are working on;
  • Contribute your own experience / take / case study to others’ requests

Watch video!

Here is the deal…

You may have an idea for an expert round up post but you are stuck because you don’t know where to meet these experts. Sometimes, you read some top quality posts on popular topics and you are wondering how the bloggers got to these experts. You may even need some quick quotes for your upcoming article to make it look more trustworthy and professional.

MyBlogU will make this an easy task. Simply post your questions and experts will submit their answers. Go through the answers and hit the button to generate a ready-made html version of all the answers to build a top quality post.

Now, because you quote these experts on your blog, they will be excited to share your article and this inevitably generates more exposure and traffic.

How does the Interview feature help your backlinks and SEO?


Others post their questions and you come in to contribute your own experience. If your contribution is approved, your quote will be published on their site with an editorial link back to your site.

The more active you are in contributing ideas, the more links and citations you get.

Here is the group interview feature in action

I posted an interview question on the platform and here are the answers from members. Note that this question was posted to demonstrate the power of this platform and to give space for existing members to share with you their experiences on the platform.

The interview question and answers:

Q. How in your opinion does MyBlogU benefit bloggers?

A. Phil Turner (The 5 Currencies Guy)

MyBlogU allows people to learn and to pass on their knowledge. passing on what you know is just as important as acquiring new information.

MyBlogU makes it easy to help others. whether you believe in serendipity or just being nice doesn’t matter. Your reputation grows when you help people.

MyBlogU grows your contact list and encourages interactions with other bloggers.

MyBlogU contacts have given me paid contracts . . .

Invest Time, Pass on your Knowledge, Build your Reputation, Grow your Contact List – Some Contacts give you paying jobs . . .

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

MyBlogU helps build relationships.  If a blog post is written cooperatively between seven or eight bloggers, they each have a vested interest in the post’s success.  They usually all share to their social media accounts and support each other.  Already I have met a number of new people through this platform, and when I go to a #MyBlogU or #VCBuzz chat I have seen people that I have worked with in MyBlogU.  Those relationships make a blogger stronger.

A. (Ego bait works well)

I love it on two levels:

MBU compiles expert opinions and by doing so condenses a huge amount of information into one article. Interview answers have to be succinct and to the point, which means that if you get ten experts you have a variety of information in a very small space.

Secondly, for those publishing answers MBU really adds a lot of value to a website and the community nature allows people to come together for the benefit of the whole. For owners willing to create interviews and publish answers it means the results are often greater than the sum of its parts.

A. Steve Counsell (Mr)

Producing blogging ideas that are fresh and interesting is a tough challenge unless you ahve some help. and What MyBlogU does for many people is to provide a platform that can help inspire you to write more about the subjects you know about. Keeping the fire inside you fueld is by far the tallest hurdle to overcome when you’re faced with a looming blog publication deadline and a blank screen.

Asking for help on MyBlogU always provides me to the much needed supply of ideas for blogs and things that I never seem to think of until they’re suggested.

Also helping out other on the platform is a great inspiration. The questions and interviews sections are excellent at prompting ideas. I have produced a few blogs on related items having answered questions of completed an interview.

It is an excellent way to cpollaborate too.

A. mattbgates (Web Developer)

I signed up for MyBlogU right from the beginning of its creation, but I did not end up using it for many more months. I think it was more that I was still highly invested in MyBlogGuest and doing my own thing, so I had no need to use MyBlogU or even attempt to figure out what it was used for.  Little did I know all the potential opporutnity it had waiting for me.

As you have done with this very question, you put out questions, you seek help in projects, and you get like-minded people who are interested to contribute, usually for free.  What is the benefit of it being free and why should I help you out when I’m not getting paid to do so? You could say it is karma, or the fact that I don’t mind answering a few questions, or taking a few minutes out of my time to help you figure out something.

I started out just answering questions.  Then I thought about doing something I had wanted to do for a long time, but had an issue getting it started. On my website, a website dedicated to understanding careers, jobs, and the workplace, specifically humans in the workplace — why they love or hate their jobs, I wanted to do more personal interviews, really get to know someone and ask them direct questions. Previously, I had gotten confessions, articles, infographics, and even ebooks from many different sources, but interviews are different, and brought me to a whole new level.  It was not that I lacked the people who wanted to do the interviews.

It was more about it being a very time-consuming. I’d have to come up with questions, write a pre-introduction article, ensure the interview made sense, make sure the questions were answered clearly, and then get the actual interview into a post that I could publish on the Internet. The whole process is not back-breaking, but it can be tedious.  By finding and asking the questions, all a generic set of questions, that really get down to the nitty gritty of: “What do you do for a living and how did you get to where you are today?” — is basically what I wanted to know.

Since coming to MyBlogU and posing my interview questions, I have received about 5 to 6 very detailed and very good interviews that I have used for my website. Not only has this given me material to publish, but my website traffic has increased considering that MyBlogU is linked to ViralBuzz, Ann Smarty tends to genuinely care about every single person who signs up for her website. I don’t think she knows me personally, though we have spoken on several occasions, though she does seem to have this amazing memory – or some tool that helps her identify who needs what and where based on the user’s past engagement.

For example, my website keywords are basically: business, education, careers. I tend to get email suggestions oriented towards these types of articles, whether I answer them, or get answers to them.

Ann has done wonders for my website and is sometimes misunderstood in the Google and blogger community. She is doing exactly what every blogger should be doing and helping everyone in the process. We all want exposure. We all want traffic. We all need some help sometimes with projects we are working on.  Where can we go for that? The only place I can think of, before I learned about MBG and MBU, was soliciting on Craigslist, where I’d get just a few days before someone would flag my post, and it would be taken down.

Ann gives us the platform to make everything we need happen.

MyBlogU is perfect for everyone.

A. Gary Dek

If you’re building and growing your blog, MyBlogU offers a simple, easy-to-use exchange for bloggers to work together and create great content. Bloggers looking for industry insights and expert opinions get access to influencers, and experts have a platform to answer relevant questions without the hassle of back and forth emails. In the end, when the post is published, the blogger has reaped the benefits of having content created on their behalf and the MyBlogU system facilitates the social sharing of the post by notifiying bloggers who have been cited. On the other hand, participating experts earn online exposure and a branded link back to their site. Overall, MyBlogU is a win-win for everyone in the platform’s community.

In less than 48 hours, I had exciting contributions from expert members. All I need was hit a button to generate the nicely formatted html code of these answers and paste here.

Thank you Phil Turner, David Leonhardt,, Steve Counsell, mattbgates and Gary Dek for taking the time to provide answers to my question 😉

NB: Published interviews will be feed to VCB which is further more gives you more social exposure and traffic

2 – “Brainstorm” Feature!

This feature is more flexible. You can throw an idea and let the members speak for you. It’s a perfect feature to overcome writer’s block. You can blow out in any angle and generate high quality blog post with contributions from other experts.

The “brainstorm” feature can help you dig deep and get some uncommon knowledge on any topic. In the image below, this member is making proper use of it to create a top notch blog post on content promotion ideas that are little known.

myblogu review

Do you want to write on the best SEO or Social Media tools? This maybe a difficult task but you can ask MyblogU members to share their tools and how these tools help them in different operations.

Of course, you can help others brainstorm and get cited or linked to for helpful.

Here is a quick video

3 – The “Media Gallery” Feature!

If you are lover of infographics and videos, you’ll find this section very useful. Here, you can share infographics, videos and eBooks with other community members.

If you’ve got awesome infographics and want more exposure, just upload here. On the other hand, you’ll be able to find excellent infographics content for your blog.

You can produce something really useful in video, inforgraphics or ebook format and before you know it, it’s being published all over and that generates a lot of exposure and traffic.

What’s interesting here is when you find something exciting and want to publish on your blog, you can actually request unique description from the author. This makes sure you stand out from the others who might have published the same media content.

MyBlogU also has a growing forum where you meet members who are engaged in helping others generate unique content for their blogs.

I’m excited to be part of this community. So sign up here and let us collaborate and develop awesome content for our blogs.

Also let me hear in the comment box below what you think about MyBlogU


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