NinjaOutreach Review ~ 22,500 Free BroadedNet Credits Gift!

In Today’s NinjaOutreach Review, we are in for another treat from NinjaOutreach. We have had gifts in the past and that’s one of the things that make BroadedNet members awesome. These gifts in the form of credits is your power to attract referral traffic from around the blogosphere.

I have written quite interesting material about broadedNet so check out this post for the details.

David Schneider of NinjaOutreach told me the other day as we were having a private chat that he was interested in buying credits for BroadedNet members. He then went ahead and bought 22,500 to be shared to active members. Here is proof of Dave’s Payment.

NinjaOutreach Review


NinjaOutreach Review ~ What is this tool?

Find Influencers Build Relationships Measure Results.

Before you get your free BroadedNet credits, let me briefly introduce NinjaOutreach to you and the problem this platform helps you solve.

If you are a blogger like me, you surely know already that one factor that’s a corner stone to your success is your community. The bigger your community, the more your success.

Your community is made up of your readers who are subscribed to your different channels and make sure they read your blog unfailingly!

Building a blog community and networking with bloggers in your niche is never an easy task.  There are two problems that are involved when it comes to connecting with like minded bloggers;

  1. Where to locate these bloggers in my niche.
  2. Where to position myself so as to be located by other bloggers.

NinjaOutreach is the platform that’s created to provide the most adequate solutions to these problems. It will help you discover thousands of bloggers, journalists, and business leads in every niche you can think of.

NinjaOutreach will also position you to be easily found by bloggers in your niche, thus making it an awesome community building tool.

ninjaoutreach reviewSearch influencers ranking for your keywords

There are a couple of other things I need to bring to your knowledge about this platform. It does not only positioning you to be located and help you identify others.

It’s a powerful relationship management and business tool with a lot more features;

  • It connects to popular social media and SEO tools, filters through the data provided by the API all on one screen.
  • With an excellent internal mailing system, you can create lists, campaigns to easily reach prospects
  • It will help you find bloggers who write guest posts, product reviews, giveaways and sponsored posts.
  • Etc

– > Find out more about this tool here!

How much is NinjaOutreach?

I know one of the things that are so important now is the price. As far as features and prices are taken into consideration, NinjaOutreach beats its competitors with more features for the lowest prices in the industry.

ninjaoutreach compare

NinjaOutreach Limitations!

This great tool certainly has its limitations.  The most seen at the moment is the fact that it’s a desktop application.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8; Windows 7; Windows Vista.

That may really not be an issue by the way. However, I would love to have the web version as soon as tomorrow 😉

Is NinjaOutreach Worth the investment?

Now, what I’m about to share with you is my personal opinion. I’m a pro member and can practically tell you what I get from this platform and what I expect from its developers.

As a matter of fact, any tool that pulls to my desktop window a list of active and savvy bloggers, giving me the opportunity to connect with them is worth every bit of my time. Given that it helps me in providing solutions to real blogging problems, I’m confident to say it’s something you should try out.

Now, one of the big problems newbies face is how and where to meet bloggers in their niche to build relationships with. You want to be actively commenting on blogs and guest posting for traffic and SEO. You know as well as I do that you won’t by any means achieve exciting results until you target blogs that are in your niche.

Where therefore are those targeted blogs? How do you effectively communicate with their owners? You need a tool that facilitate the whole process and help you reach your target audience with few clicks. I can recommend you try out NinjaOutreach.

What I expect from NinjaOutreach developers

Dave and his team are doing a great job. The software is an amazing tool. As I mentioned above, this tool currently is a desktop app for Windows users only. I’d love as soon as possible to have the web version.

We know the web means we are unlimited. You can login from any location in the world without necessary moving around with your computer. If for any reason you have to format and re-install your system, you really don’t have any problem running web applications thereafter.

You agree with me at this point that this is one of your must-have tools as an active blogger.  You can try it for 14 days free. during this period, you’ll be able to see and value the tool before making a buying decision.

Your Free Credits From NinjaOutreach

As I mentioned above, Dave from NinjaOutreach bought some credits on BroadedNet for you.  I have generated a coupon code that will give you access to 700 free credits. All you have to do is unlock access to the code using the social locker below.

Thanks for sharing. Here is the coupon code: NINOUT

Go to BroadedNet, sign in/up. Click ‘Got coupon code?‘ and enter the code to claim the credits

Dave from NinjaOutreach will be happy to hear from you. Drop a comment below and let’s hear you out.

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