High Bounce Rate? Your internal links are DUMB! Here is the Ultimate FIX!

As bloggers, one of the things that call more of our attention is the bounce rate. This is the measurement of how many visitors land on your blog and close the page within a specific period without clicking a link to another page on the same blog.

NB: It’s amazing how this little tweak I want to share here can drastically reduce your bounce rate so I suggest you read thoroughly and take action

If 300 visitors visited your blog yesterday (coming in from different sources – search engine, social media, paid ads, newsletters, etc) and landed on any page/post on your blog …

If 197 of the 300 visitors did not click any link on your blog! (That is, they landed on a post and closed the window without clicking on any related post or any link on your blog).

That means your bounce rate for yesterday was:

bounce rate

This isn’t good!

You need to bring this to a figure below 50 to improve SEO.

High bounce rate means something is wrong with your blog. It does not keep its visitors and that’s not good for SEO. Well, maybe you have just one blog post. However, if you have many articles and the rate is still very high, then a couple of things have to be done.

bounce rate high

Here are some crazy reasons why your bounce rate is high;

  • You don’t write in good language
  • You have long and poorly constructed sentences
  • Your blog is very slow
  • You have shouting components on your blog
  • Too many ads
  • Your Post titles are misleading
  • Poor introduction
  • Poor internal linking strategy
  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Poor article formatting
  • Unprofessional theme
  • Poor writing style
  • Etc

I have read beautiful posts on how to reduce your bounce rate. Recently, my friend of NoToPoverty did a publication on this. You can check his post out here.

Here are a couple more articles on how to reduce bounce rate;

  1. 7 Killer Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog Dramatically by Tinyblogger
  2. How to Reduce Bounce Rate | 10 Sure Fire Tips to Do it Better by Rahul Kuntala
  3. How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Raise Interaction on Your Website  by Sherice Jacob
  4. 6 Effective Ways to Lower Bounce Rate and Keep Visitors Browsing  by Daniel Sharkov
  5. Bounce Rate: Are You Happy With Yours? by Tim Bonner
  6. Reduce your site’s bounce rate with SimpleReach Slide by Nwosu Mavtrevor
  7. How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website and Blog by 50% by Efoghor Joseph

These are all beautiful posts I recommend you check them out. However, I want to dwell more on one of the strategies shared by all of these articles.  This is what we most probably do on every post we publish but I think we are merely scratching the surface.

Most of your visitors don’t care about your related posts or any linked article. They simply don’t just see those links. Most often, they just read over them. You know why?

Because your internal links are dumb!

high bounce rate

The most performing way to reduce bounce rate is to link to other articles on the same blog.  While we have plugins to display related articles below our blog posts (and some times on the side bars), linking from within the article is a more effective way to get the readers to click through to other posts. But most of us are doing this the less effective way – the links are dull and sleepy!


How to make your internal links more attractive to lower bounce rate.

1 – Keyword linking: This is simply linking a keyword to an article on your blog. To be quite frank, this is less effective. It has less power to cause the reader to click. More of your readers are blind to this kind of internal link. They are reading your post and suddenly there is a link. Most of us will just read over the link and continue reading. That link is not a strong call to action.

2 – Descriptive linking: This is where you call the readers attention to the link and cause him to click. You get his mind to what is linked. You provide a short description to the linked content.  You pick his interest and throw it over to the other page by telling him “click here” This works better.

How do you do it?

Ok let’s see an example!

Just click here to see how this attractive call to action works. You will be amazed how simple it is.

In this other post which I highly recommend, I shared 5 actionable tips how to keep your readers highly engaged. Adrienne Smith read the post and here below is an extract of her comment;

bounce rate lowering

Be sure to read the article here. Keep your readers more engaged and lower your bounce rate

3 – Using stronger calls to action: There is another way to use a stronger call to action to literally oblige the readers to click. Look at what I just did above. Adrienne is a pro blogger and an icon for many. She loved that article and left a very attractive comment. Now, this is serving as a strong call to action for me.

If you are linking to a post that was very popular, you may want to mention the number of comments, visits or social shares. This will psychologically create an impact on the reader and his next option will be to want to click and see this very popular article.

Don’t write like a robot

The problem most of us have is that we write like machines. We completely silence the conversational edge of content writing. If your writing doesn’t give space for the reader to react, you are lacking something.

Useful Tips! See your reader before you. It’s like he’s on the other side of your desk and you both are having a chat. That will make your writing more interactive. It will cause your readers to want to comment, share, click here and there. It’s like you are dishing out instructions that must be obeyed with interest.

Let me hear from you …

Any specific tips to reduce bounce rate? Share your thoughts in the comment box

79 thoughts on “High Bounce Rate? Your internal links are DUMB! Here is the Ultimate FIX!”

  1. That’s an awesome guide Enstine Muki and it will help me alt because my blog has huge bounce rate. One thing I am missing on my site is the proper linking and placement.

  2. That’s an awesome guide for bounce rate its realy helpful for my blog because my blog faces many bonus rate i have try many techniques to decrease the bounce rate but its not work. and finaly i will try to improve my internal linking strategy. thanks once again

  3. Internal linking really works. This January, my bounce rate went up to 67% and from there on I began working on internal links and now I am so proud to tell my bounce rate is 10%.

  4. Hello Enstine Sir,
    Again Helpful Info. i come through the google to this post, and as always you rock.. thank you for sharing now i will do better inbound linking.

    thank you again.

  5. Bounce rates will be dissimilar for each website, but there are circumstances where you will have an unusually high bounce rate. If you have a blog or website that lists all of your posts or articles on your first page, your bounce rate will be inexplicably high as users enter, read new posts, and leave.

  6. Hi Enstine Muki Sir

    It’s really a fact, Nowadays many bloggers are getting high bounce rates on their blog which is really a head ache for them.
    Due to high bounce rate, they aren’t able to generate sales. I am also one of them.

    Since last 4 months, I have been noticing that my blog is getting high bounce rate and my visitors are leaving my site so frequently.
    They aren’t engaged with my content.

    So to solve this issue, I was doing research on it and searching for some best ways which I can implement to reduce bounce of my blog.
    While doing research, I have learn’t below points which can help to reduce bounce rate of the blog.

    1. Fresh & Helpful Content

    During the research, I was noticing few blog content and I found a big difference in them.
    I have seen two blogs and one of them writing content just to sell their product and to drive traffic. The writer of that blog just writing articles based on keywords and their articles aren’t enough informative.

    On that blog, I only seen content which aren’t helpful to me.
    On the other side, the second blog is filled with awesome content.

    Articles on the second blog is completely eye catchy and even after reading their titles, I wasn’t able to resist myself from reading those articles. I read almost 4-5 articles there and they all are hub of helpful information.

    Difference which I noticed in between these two blogs is, 1st blog is only writing for sales and traffic But 2nd blog is writing just to help their readers.

    2nd blog was focusing on creating high quality content which can solve issue, which can create results.

    The writer of 2nd blog was giving brilliant solutions and writing in-depth articles.
    He was focusing on readership and building relationship with their readers.

    This was the big difference in these 2 blogs. & I learnt that content should be of such kind which can create results and solve issues. 😀

    2. Updating Old Articles

    2nd thing which I learnt is, Updating old articles.
    I have learnt If we will not update old articles with fresh information then there would be high chances, the reader will surely leave our blog because they might not be getting what they really want.

    So updating articles with fresh information would be a technique to hold them and engage them on our blog. Right? 😀

    3. Content Readability

    I myself never read those articles which have so long and thick paragraphs. I have seen some websites which writes so long and thick paragraphs which scare readers to read them.
    I also scare when I see such long paragraphs and I don’t read them.
    I always love to read short and clean paragraphs.

    So we should must improve our content readability so that readers can find it interesting and helpful. 😀

    There are also some other points like improving blog design etc etc But I can’t mention all of them in a single comment. 😀

    Your article is really helpful to me and I learned so many points from you.
    Thanks Enstine Muki sir for sharing such a great piece of content with us.
    Happy Blogging 😉

  7. Don’t write like a robot, this is really a good point. Although this post very essential for new bloggers like me.

  8. That’s an awesome guide Enstine Muki and it will help me alt because my blog has huge bounce rate. One thing I am missing on my site is the proper linking and placement.

  9. Thankyou sir for this beautiful post….. My hyperlinking is very bad and this post made me realize of this thing, thus optimizing my blog in terms of keyword linking…..

  10. Enstine,

    You gave me reason to to create internal links in my blog post. Though, I don;t have enough blog posts on the blog, but will try to make better internal linking.

    Your write up is just awesome to be followed.

  11. Hi Enstine,

    I think, bounce rate can be lowered by create length and quality article. Quality articles is a must, but the length of the article is a choice. When creating a longer article, then internal links access can be made more effective. Well, correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Enstine.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. hi sir
    thanks for such an useful information. but please give me some tips to how to bring initial traffic for a new blog ?

  13. Enstine!

    You have shared some incredibly helpful tips in this post! Thank you! Now, I understand a much more effective way of leading my reader to click on a link and therefore lower my overall bounce rate.

    Without a doubt, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But thanks to your extremely helpful internal linking strategy, that should no longer be a problem!

    I’ve seen your helpful comments all over the place, but I initially saw them on my coach, mentor and friend, Adrienne Smith’s excellent blog! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    I’ll definitely be studying your methods more closely going forward! Plus, start sharing your proven methods as well!

    • Hi Mark,
      Good to see you here this Sunday and thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad you came over and engaged. It’s always good to meet new friends. I’m sure better blogging days lie ahead.

      Adrienne is a very helpful person. I’m a loyal reader of her blog. She’s one of mine too. We share beautiful things in the blogging world.

      I’ll be on your blog too more for more engagement

      Have a wonderful weekend

  14. Hii Enstine Muki sir,

    I would say this article is just perfect for me because my blog is also suffering from high Bounce Rate. After reading the above mentioned crazy reasons, i think my internal linking strategy is very Poor and that’s why my blog Bounce Rate is high.

    I am also happy to know the tricks of checking bounce rate for yesterday. Now I am going to make my internal links more attractive by using these three tactics – Keyword linking, Descriptive linking, Using stronger calls to action (specially telling to click here). Thank you so much Sir for this awesome post 🙂

  15. Hi Enstine!
    Really precious post to decreasing any blog bounce rate and yes if we success to write deep information about any topic and also properly add some related posts link then it will help a lot to decreasing our blog rank but your guidance is also helpful, keep it up this good work.

  16. Hi, Enstine

    Nice to see this amazing tip here i have read mostly all top result whcih i got in search result by searching reduce bounce rate ,. And then read your post . I am agree and learnt lof of more things about Bounce Rate ..
    Thanks to Share 🙂

  17. I read many post about bounce rate today but think your post is better and easily understand-able in compare to others. As a blogger or webmaster you have to keep your bounce rate as low as possible. Bounce rat is really important because it’s shows people is take interest in your site or not.

  18. Hey Enstine,
    This is really amazing post and thanks for linking to my blog from the post.
    Bounce rate is one of the most important part of the blog and not always will you be able to achieve a proper rate. With great content on your site, the bounce rate will reduce dramatically.
    Thanks again for the mention!

  19. Hi Enstine,

    First off I love the headline : )

    I don’t focus on bounce rate to much. I should pay more attention to it of course.

    I know unique visitors and page views are important to us bloggers but if you have a high bounce rate but are still converting those visitors into sales, subscriptions etc then your site is doing its job.

    Great post Enstine! Take Care

  20. Hello Enstine Muki Sir,

    Internal linking is surely a great way to reduce bounce rate and it also increase blog page views. Better for readers’ engagement and blog’s ranking as well.

    I liked your clarification between keyword rich linking and descriptive linking. Awesome examples 😀

    Thanks for sharing such useful tips.

  21. Hello Enstine
    Great post. Bounce rate can tell the quality of once blog. initially my bounce rate was about 80% but later it reduced to 40% in my last blog. I really implement the your tips to reduce bounce rate for my new blog, which currently have more than 70%.

  22. Hey Enstine,

    Ok I thought you were talk about me for a minute since my bounce rate was 66% LOL.. it goes between 64% to 68% and I’m always looking for ways to lower them especially.

    I can understand why people tend to read over the internal links on posts. I tend to do this myself because the author really didn’t give me a good reason to go to that post. I figure I would get just enough value from the current one I’m reading.

    I like the tip you had up here where you leave a link to a different post within your blog and give a summary of what it was about. You also recommended and you mentioned an influential blogger like Adrienne read and like the post. Now just reading this really impressed me and gave me a reason to go to that previous blog post.

    Thanks for sharing this great tip. You have a fantastic weekend!

    • Hey Sherman,
      what a great weekend to have you around bro!
      I’m glad you liked this tip and are ready to put it to practice. I’m sure this will be positive on your blog.

      Do have a wonderful weekend as you have fun

  23. Last time I checked, my bounce rate is just around 60%.

    I don’t interlink much (frankly, I don’t have enough posts to interlink). I only have 1 or 2 posts in each category, so not much interlinking.

    But, I am certainly investing more into it (I do agree with you..From a reader’s viewpoint, I rarely click the links on the blog posts).

    Some people are able to do it (sometimes, they have really good headlines…or in other cases, they have a description of sorts, like you mentioned).

    Including the ‘comment preview’ is a awesome idea 😀 Got to try that 😉

    Plus, I think I can get some more ideas from this…go beyond the comment previews. Need to think about!

    Thank you for sharing these tips, Enstine! Appreciate it 🙂

    • Hey Jeevan,
      Good to see you around bro and thanks for the comment
      I can understand your blog is new but picking up quick 😉 and with few articles, it can be difficult or almost impossible to interlink to relevant articles (which may not exist). In any case, I know you are soon going to pump up articles on your blog, in different categories so linking to them internally will be possible 😉

      Yes I’m sure trying the comment preview and of course with some other strategies will work.

      I hope you are having a great weekend man

  24. Yes Enstine,

    Bounce rate plays vital role for counting visitors time and with having an internal links inside the blog will be good with the plugins, user will have two options to go for further posts.

  25. I just read about bounce rate yesterday but was not quite certain what it is. After reading your post, I have come to understand it. I will practice what you said and thanks for the enlightenment.

  26. Hi thanks for your article. You write really clearly and to the point articles.

    You mentioned that a high bounce rate is not good for SOE. What does this mean? I’m still learning about all this stuff. All I want to do is write about my niece but if nobody can find my articles on the net then I have a huge problem 🙁

    The WordPress dashboard thing says I have something like 87% bounce rate. I now know that that ‘s really bad.

    • Hi Angel,
      One of the factors Google considers to rank a site is whether or not visitors engage on it and bounce rate is a signal that tells the search engine if people actually use the site. High bounce rate probably means people come to the site and leave almost instantly because they didn’t find anything useful. With that negative information, Search engines may push your site down the SERP.

      Do you have a plugin that shows your bounce rate in the dashboard? Google Analytics often gives more authentic stats

  27. Sometimes bounce rate also depends upon the kind of niche you have. Blogging niche generally have lower bounce rate as compared to tech niche..
    Great points by you though to control the rate..

  28. Hi Enstine,

    I had gone through ome post over bounce rate but your piece is amazing. Easy to understand and apparant. I did not ever think of bounce rate ever but for sure from now I am going to abide you.

    Thanks for making me awake.

    Keep sharing your catchlines and do have a hreat day ahead.

  29. Hi Enstine,

    I’m really interested with your post title because that’s my problem. But I especially like the way you structure your post. You start with strong title, introduction, “sidebar”, references and concise-actionable tips. The presentation not only makes me want to read the whole post but also browse other comments of interest.

    What I see here is you actually do what you write. So by learning from you I believe I can lower my site’s bounce rate to under 50%. Thank you.


    • Hey Paul,
      Thanks for the encouraging comment. I’m far from perfection though 😉 I hope however to do better
      It will be a great please to always have you around

      Do have a wonderful week and hope to see you here again soon

  30. Hey Enstine,

    Lot’s of great tips on how to reduce bounce rate man. I knew in a basic sense what bounce rate meant, but was unaware of how it was specifically calculated. Great stuff though, looks like I got some work to do on my upcoming and previous posts if I wish to reduce mine below 50%…

    Hope you’re doing well bro


    • I’m doing great bro. As a matter of fact, I just became dad of 2 😉 My wife just was delivered of a baby boy 😉 Thanks for asking

      BTW, in your next post, be more descriptive with your links for more clicks. I’m sure that will be quite positive.

      Hope you too are having a wonderful week 😉

  31. Since my traffic goes up and down dramatically I figured google put me in the penalty box. Could be the internal links? I like the sound of that better than penalty.

    Looking good.

  32. Hey Enstine,

    Great job with this one and as you know I have a love/hate relationship with Google. Although I totally get that they’re mostly about SEO because they are a search engine, I think that the way they calculate the bounce rate is a crock. They are totally ignoring how much time someone is staying on your post, they’re just looking at whether or not they click on other links.

    I have 50% of my visitors are returning and the other 50% or new. Granted we all would love for them to stay on our blogs all day long, find great information, comment on it and share the heck out of it too. Who has that kind of time these days to read someone’s blog for hours? For my returning visitors they’ve read my older posts and they know what content I’ve linked to. I don’t blame them for not checking it out again.

    That’s why I loved what Tim Bonner shared and I’ve mentioned it in a few posts on this subject because I think it’s a waste of time trying to explain to people how they can get it down when I personally don’t think it’s fair.

    If we continue to share great content, keep our readers engaged like you mention in your posts above that I tweeted about and they share it with their friends then I think we’ve definitely done what we set out to do. Thank you for mentioning me by the way, I appreciate that.

    I appreciate you sharing this Enstine because a lot of people worry about this and rightly so. Great resources too. Enjoy your day now.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      You just raised my awareness to a great point. Returning visitors may already have known the linked content and therefore we hold nothing against them for not clicking. They may be responsible for the 50% bounce rate – that makes some sense 😉

      Thanks for the beautiful comments and for sharing on social media. Always appreciated!
      Do have a wonderful rest of the week

  33. Thanks for the mention Enstine!

    I’ll be honest with you, my bounce rate’s generally between 70 and 75% (although significantly lower on Alexa).

    I asked Chris Brogan what his was and it was similar!

    I’ve not worried too much about it because it isn’t a search engine ranking factor as far as I’m aware.

    I know that I do need to lower it though and I like the descriptive linking idea a lot. I also need to use stronger calls to action.

    In general I use keyword linking as you describe above in #1.

    • Hey Tim,
      I think my readers will like your articles. It’s real meat 😉

      Many bloggers have noticed an improvement in ranking with change in bounce rate. If Google records this stat, I think they use it to measure the level of usefulness of a blog. High rate could mean lack of engagement. Remember the bounce occurs when the visitor closes the page within a specific amount of time. The more time they spend on the page, the lower the rate too.

      However, Google is mixing us up. If we concerntrate on real engaging and useful content, these signals will all fall in place 😉

      Thanks for making time to stop by and do have a wonderful week over there

  34. Awesome and powerful post EM you make some valid points!
    A few weeks ago I wrote on the subject of Email newsletters which ended up being a tutorial on them!

    I found that it was turning into a very long blog post of more than 3000 words so I decided to split it into a 2 parter the second being published on the second day!

    What I did is put ‘Click HERE for Part Two’ at the end of the part one blog post and at the beginning of part two is put ‘Click HERE for Part One of this tutorial post otherwise this second part wont make any sense’.

    That’s one thing I like to do though is to split long posts into two halves and link them to each other!

    Another thing a lot of bloggers to is put links throughout their posts when they should put them at the end! I like to read a post then move on as for me that makes a lot of sense! putting a link in the middle of a blog post is like saying to me ‘I got a lot more to say but can you read this first’.

    anyway there my tips buddy! What you think?
    – PD

    • Hey Phil,
      That’s a powerful tip you just share here. That’s another great way to reduce bounce rate if your article is quite lengthy! I never thought of that but it really should do the job 😉

      Thanks for sharing man and welcome back 😉

  35. Hi Enstine,

    Informative post indeed, something that all of us can benefit from 🙂

    Some time ago I did read a post about installing a code to reduce your bounce rate. Also, once my bounce rate reduced to about 1 or 2 percent, and later I read that such is the case when you paste your Google Analytics code twice. When I checked, it really was pasted twice by mistake!

    Anyways, I totally agree that we do two types of internal linking – one for the search engines and the other for our human visitors. The links that you really want your visitors to click should be represented by anchor texts like “click here” etc, or simply mentioned in full with a prefix “read here” etc.

    Your examples are right spot on for stronger calls to action for your internal linking, and they should be used in every post. I’d say never go by your Alexa bounce rates, they are way different than your Google Analytics bounce rate stats. I wonder why they vary so much though!

    Thanks for highlighting this small change in presentation of internal links that may lead to big SEO and traffic changes for the site. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,

      Good to see you here despite your tight schedule 😉

      I remember you mentioned to me in the past that pasting Google Analytics twice does the maggic. That’s blackhat right? And the reason I didn’t try is because I want to get real stats for my blog 😉 I don’t want manipulating stats

      I had a plugin in the past that would analyze links on my blog and generate detailed reports on the different links and their clicks. I noticed that ‘Click here’ had the highest number of clicks. I got that plugin on emfastincome and right as we speak, I can’t even remember the name. I think it was quite useful 😉

      I’ll stick to this little change for a while and monitor the change on my brate

      Yes, the Alexa and Google Analytics stats are never same. I give more faith to Google and that’s what I consider more 😉

      BTW, you’ve got another hot article right there on your blog. Highly recommended from my end 😉

  36. Being a new blogger, I was not aware of these issues! Thanks to you now I know how to improve my links.

  37. Hi Enstine, glad you had me check mine, mine went down from the 60’s to 50’s now since I added CDN and my site is faster. SPEED is another important factor for bounce rates. No one likes to visit a slow website or blog.
    Internal linking is key, I always add one to every post I publish – it makes the website flow better too.

    • Hey Lisa,
      It’s great to know yours is facing downward. That’s something good to maintain – getting it as low as possible. I’m currently applying what I shared here and hope it will lower my own big time too

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful week

  38. No matter how well you write if you don’t give people reasons to visit your other posts they may never see it. Linking with your other pages will help put it in the faces of people in your new posts.

    These are all awesome articles that suggests links to reduce bounce rate on one’s site. I have managed to reduce the bounce rate of my site greatly and this has indeed improved my search engine ranking.

  39. Hi Enstine,

    A wonderful post. Bounce rates do matter. Lately, I have been researching for a series of posts and came to know that bounce rates are a strong Google search engine ranking signal.

    For my own blog, esmeenetwork.com, the bounce rate as per Alexa.com and Google Analytics, is between 35% and 40%.

    My best tip is to write content that readers find informative and sprinkle it with strategically placed internal & external links.

    • 35% is quite good Chitraparna
      That means more of your visitors click around. Av time on site too should be more. However, if you can still reduce this, it will still be as good 😉

      Thanks for commenting despite your busy schedule studying online 😉

  40. Enstine, this is another professionally written article. For me, you’ve just added a new dimension to improving engagement and lowering bounce rate. We have been so used to the conventional “Must read”, “Click here”, etc stuff that we have failed to exploit other avenues to improving our writing pattern and then make our readers click on those internal links.

    I will definitely practise some of these tips and see how they further lower the bounce rate of my blog. Thanks for the mention; I really appreciate the recognition given to my post on lowering bounce rate.

    If we combine the tips in these write-ups and implement them on our blogs, our bounce rate would definitely reduce drastically. Thanks once again for this great piece. Do have a lovely weekend ahead.

    • This will surely have a positive effect bro. Put that to use and let’s see the result 😉

      Thanks for your visit and engagement again today and do have a wonderful rest of the week

  41. Only pros really care about bounce rate in my opinion, those fly by night bloggers won’t stress too much with bounce rate because they think is insignificantly aspect.

    Wrong!!! Is an important aspect and affect your rankings in SERPs. My recommendation apply all tips recommended by my buddy Enstine, also visit articles recommended by him to make sure bounce rate is not a problem anymore. See you next time bro’!

    • This is funny “fly by night bloggers” and makes me laugh.
      Yes, BR is a ranking factor and should be held with importance

      Thanks for your contribution bro

  42. This is the article which i ever liked. My bounce rate is also high it is 39.56 which is high. I will follow the tips you have provided above let’s see what happens..

  43. great article written, my bounce rate is 70 according to alexa i will try my best and use your tricks for better results. Will share my results after a few days 🙂

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