5 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Blogging is a hugely popular thing to do, but the reasons why people start blogs (and why they continue to blog) are not always the same.

You can start a blog on pretty much any topic from keeping a diary about your activities or opinions on current affairs to specific pieces on films, fashion or travel.

Whether it’s merely for personal enjoyment, you’re hoping to get others to read and benefit from your articles, or you’re trying to promote a business, a blog can be the ideal project.

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Here are five great reasons to start a blog and how it could enhance your life or business.

1 – You Get a Fantastic New Hobby

It’s easy to get started and, once you do, blogging can be an addictive pastime. The most complicated part is getting the blog website set up, and the design finalized, but even this can be quickly taken care of with today’s online blog platforms which are almost ready-made.

Blogging will be interesting and varied and can also encourage you to get out and do more, so you always have fresh content for your blog.

2 – You Can Improve Your Life

Blogging can improve your communication skills and put you in touch with a wide range of new people. By choosing a topic or a ‘voice’ for your blog, you are choosing who it is that you want to present to the world which can be a great way to affirm your identity.

There’s no better feeling than seeing your blog readers increase and getting positive comments on your work which can, in turn, have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

Additionally, when writing your blog, you need to hone your spelling and grammar skills, but you also need to be able to inform, entertain and possibly persuade readers through your writing.

These transferable skills will put you in a good position when it comes to applying for jobs or improving your business. You may even develop relationships with your readers if you interact with them via the comments sections on your blog which could lead to employment opportunities, or a few new friends!

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3 – You Can Help Other People

A blog is a great way to communicate your knowledge or experience in a subject, and many people turn to trusted blogs for guidance.

By choosing a blog topic you have some expertise or real-life experience in, you can offer genuine help to others in need. If you take a vacation, tell people which hotels, restaurants or tourist attractions you enjoyed the most.

If you are a parent, share your challenges and solutions with others. If you’re writing a business blog, you can share your expertise in your field and help customers or other businesses to make the right choices.

4 – You Can Earn Money

There are several ways that you can earn money from a blog. For example, if you mention certain products or companies that you would recommend and include an affiliate link to their website in your blog, you could earn a commission every time one of your readers clicks it and makes a purchase.

If you establish a following of people who are interested in a specific topic, you can also sell adverts on your blog which appropriate companies may pay you for.

The amount you can earn varies greatly, but some people do manage to make a living from their blog.

Be prepared for the fact that it’s unlikely that you’ll see a regular, significant income straight away. It can take time to build up a following and an audience, and it’s the size of your audience (how many people visit your blog) which makes you attractive to businesses who want to advertise.

You should try and have as many streams of income as you can so you’re not reliant on only one. If making money is the primary motivation behind your blog, i.e., you’re trying to increase your income to repay debts or build some savings, you may be able to make quicker progress with a short-term loan.

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5 – You Can Promote Yourself or Your Business

Businesses which include blogs on their website enjoy some great benefits. For example, 90% of companies who blog daily will acquire at least one new customer via their blog. In addition, companies with blogs get 97% more inbound links leading to more traffic.

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You can blog about your company’s current activities, events or new products, or just share advice related to running a business in general. Your blog is an opportunity to establish yourself as an influencer or an expert in a subject.

Many bloggers have found new employment opportunities or projects as a direct result of someone seeing their blog.

20 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start a Blog Today”

  1. Blogging is indeed becoming more and more popular everyday. And these 5 lists here are really of great help to why start blogging now. And with blogging you can generate revenue from your blog with hard work and commitment. Great share Enstine! Keep posting!!!

  2. This is so right! Creating a personal blog is a must to document our journeys and ideas throughout the process. I have worked on various websites before that generally deals with helping people in buying the right products. When I read your article, I got inspired to create my blog and share my journey with other people through it.

    Thanks, Estine!

  3. Good article, you just said it all. Blogging shouldn’t be about money but out of passion.I see my website as my diary where i update events. Kudos man!.. love your website.

  4. Hi Enstine,
    I work on websites and stuff as a profession but I never thought about starting my own blog. After reading these points. I am very much eager to start my own personal blog, I believe it will not only make me spend my free time and will also be a memory for a long time. Like I would be able to recall the things and moments I will share on my blog. So excited for this new journey !

  5. Great article.

    Unlike most articles on starting a blog, this article is detailed, step-by-step and most important of all, easy to follow for beginners.

    Keep up the great work!


  6. Hey Enstine.

    Awesome post. When my friend gifted me my blog I was so excited and still am. It has changed my life and gave me a purpose and a sense of responsibility.

    Money is secondary but if you are what you love you don’t worry about that.


  7. Hi Enstine,

    #3 and #5 are my favorites. Of course, I’d like the money-part of blogging, but it comes later on.

    I’m fascinated by blogging because when I google a problem, I often find a solution in someone’s blog post. Not only does it help me, but it also motivates me to solve others’ problems.

    The best part is that money does come when you keep moving forward.

    I liked this blog post because it was precise and to-do-point. Plus, the reasons were real.

    Great job.

  8. The best reason for me is that I get to do what I love, and I get paid for doing it. It’s almost like someone is paying me to have fun in my life:)

    And I also have no boss but myself.
    Too bad I’m the strictest of bosses…

  9. Hi Enstine,
    Besides all the benefits you’ve shared in this post, I would like to share some other unusual benefits which I’ve got due to blogging.

    The first one is, blogging made me early riser. As I focused on blogging actively, I need more time to write books, blog posts, blog promotion, and other blogging tasks. So I decided to get up early to get some more time in a day. And I have been able to do that. It becomes my habit now.

    The second one is, now I became more productive than ever. I now track my time effectively. And it helped me to become more productive.

    The third one is, blogging helped me become health conscious. I now exercise regularly to remain active and accomplish more.

    All these things happen due to blogging.

    However, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Hello Enstine,

    There are many reasons to start your own blog and you have mentioned some great points here. Blogging definitely gives you a new life and help you live a digital nomad life. The best part of blogging is that you are able to connect with many people worldwide and engage with them. Thanks for sharing these awesome reasons.

    • Hi Kumar,
      So good to see you here and thanks for the comment bro.
      Blogging has connected us right? That’s sweet part of it.

      We get to know many more wonderful people worldwide.

      Thanks for your input man

  11. #1 is that perfect energy-intent to begin a blog with Enstine. Folks add so much tension to blogging by making it SERIOUS from day 1. But if you invest in a domain and hosting and blog from a casual, fun space, for the joy of blogging, all types of delicious doors open for you. Excellent post my friend.

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