8 top skills to develop the Right Writing Habits for bloggers

A blogger is a modern term for a storyteller.

It may all start with a few sentences that you post online, but to make your audience grow and become a successful author you need to work harder and develop yourself as a writer.

Whether you are writing a book or a blog, it is of great importance to make quality content. It will take time, for sure. Prepare for constant writing and frequent rewriting, figuring out the new ways of entertainment and experimenting.

In case you have no clue what it is better to start with, I have the right writing habits you need to develop and master. They are effective for those, who want to turn their blogging hobby into a business that brings money.

  1. Set goals.
  2. Write down any idea.
  3. Develop an easy-to-follow outline.
  4. Start with a story.
  5. Keep your spelling and grammar clean.
  6. Read A LOT.
  7. Make it easy and funny.
  8. Communicate.

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So, let’s start developing and cultivating your writing skills together to bring your blog to the top list. Are you ready? A highly qualified team of advanced writers shares 8 writing skills you should improve to be a professional blogger.

Skill 1

It is no good to write without any goals to be achieved. Why not set a bar but make it rather low this time? The very moment you reach it, you may set another one and higher this time.

What will it be for you? Two or three pages a week, a page a day? Regardless of any distractions, you need to learn to stay a bit longer during the night time, get up earlier the next morning just to achieve the set goal. Remember that even though you start moving slowly, you are still moving.

Skill 2

As the goals are set, start writing down any ideas that come to your mind. As figuring out what to write about next time, pay full attention to ideas written in your pad.

Many successful bloggers admit that they feel as idea machines: any word or a combination of ones, a phrase from a joke or newspaper headline may be an idea for your blog. The only way to become a blogger is to start developing ideas into something more profound than a Facebook post.

Skill 3

So, you’ve got a few ideas to be covered. Now it is vital to develop your own outline that is easy to read. This step can’t be called optional. It is obligatory. After the ideas are chosen, arrange them into a list from 1 to 10 to create an outline.

Eventually, it will let you know what to start writing about. The plan must have the heading, a few important points to create the body of your post, and the ending.

Skill 4

Professional bloggers often suggest starting with a story once the above-mentioned skills are mastered. What is storytelling in the modern world? It is a way to convey own thoughts and experience, share the process as well as the results in a way that is engrossing and memorable.

Mind that not only words but also sounds and quality images — anything and everything will do. Start with a story that answers some burning and specific questions. The moment you lead your audience from point A to B, you possess all the qualities of a good blogger.

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Skill 5

No matter how successful your blogging idea is, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are the main stopping points for the audience. No one wants or needs to read the content that isn’t smooth.

Mistake-free texts usually establish trust. Before you actually start blogging, it is better to read textbooks and learn the commonest mistakes and ways to avoid them. As soon as you start writing as a professional, your content will get much richer and your audience will grow.

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Skill 6

While others read what you’re sharing, you have to read other great authors. We’re saying not only about the writers in this very blogging industry, but also books and magazines that will show you how to do a successful blog.

The words of great writers are the most powerful. It doesn’t mean you are to plagiarize what they say. You need to develop your own writing character following their example.

Skill 7

If they wanted to read something too serious and big, they would rather buy a newspaper. Even though you post 750 words a day, make them sound and feel fun. Writing this way may sometimes be harder than writing about politics or economics.

The most engaging content is the one that tells about romance, science fiction, and mysteries. But these three are just examples; you can always choose the genre you are great at.

My friend Moss Clement writes on 7 unique ways to make your content more engaging. You may want to take a look.

Skill 8

Be available to your audience. Give the readers a chance to leave messages that you can eventually reply. It is perhaps the easiest way for you to build a community of readers that are really devoted.

Besides, reading messages from your audience makes it worthwhile as they often become a source of new ideas. Be the author that they want to read and chat with.

Today the Internet is large enough. This is why it is unbelievably tough to promote even the greatest idea online. To increase your audience, develop the platform and get profit you have to work in various directions and the improvement of writing skills is one of them.

Mind all the above-mentioned tips, develop your writing skills and count on them to become a really successful blogger.

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