$38,550/m ~ Clone these hidden Traffic & Income techniques!

Few months back, I wrote a post on this blog sharing with you 9 different ways to transform your blog to a real income generator. You may want to read the post here.

As a matter of fact, if you want to make real money from your blog, you need to pick some ideas on that blog post and work hard on them. Some of them will turn your blog into a recurring money making machine.

Others will earn for you once and then continue to produce for your advertisers’ benefits. So I encourage you take that post more seriously and of course, you will see results.

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Today, I want to share with you something rather exceptional. If you want to make real money online, pay attention to this post. It’s a hot secret used by one top blogger and it generates for him 1000s of dollars a month. It’s what I call a life-changing technique.

This post is meant to show you a method that works. The only reason why most of us fail is that we don’t practice the things that work.  We keep buying some crappy ebooks from here and there that only make money by selling themselves.

We skip over the methods that can change our lives and look for some shinny, unrealistic click-to-make-money bullshit methods. Here below is a mind-blowing simple, reasonable method that makes money.

You just have to follow what Pat is doing, do the exact same thing on your blog. Then see the results.

How Pat Flynn makes the most of his money – A life-changing technique!

pat flynn podcast

Pat Flynn is one very success blogger and affiliate marketer who shares his monthly income on his blog to encourage most of us trying to earn online.

While studying Pat’s income report for the past couple of months, I found something incredible. It’s some awesome blog post idea. Though Pat’s secret here is not a blog post, he uses an unbelievable technique to fuel this method and make thousands of sales and affiliate commissions every month.

It’s a crushingly beautiful idea and any one publishing income report posts can jump on it right this moment and shoot his income through the roof.

Did you know by publishing his income reports, Pat makes more money?

That’s something many bloggers don’t understand. They keep asking to know why bloggers should tell the whole world how much they earn online.

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But hey!

I want to show you in this post how Pat Flynn makes more money by telling the whole world how much he makes a month.

Pat is not stupid!

Look at the Topbar on his blog. How much space Pat takes just to show you how much money he makes a month. This shows you he has interesting reasons why he drives traffic to his income report blog posts.

pat flynn

FYI, in the Internet Marketing and make money blogging niches, income report posts are amongst the most read blog posts on any blog that does income reports. The simple reason is that people are interested in knowing that you really make money.

They want to learn from someone who is doing it. So if you do income report post, this certainly should keep you hooked to your screen as you read this post.

So how do I do it like Pat?

1 – Do a tutorial blog post!

Well, Pat’s is not a blog post. It’s a video on Youtube that generates the most of his earnings. His simple tutorial on how to create a blog in less than 4 minutes with Bluehost is the biggest income earner every month.

pat flynn income report

Take a closer look at Pat’s income reports. You will find out that the Bluehost tutorial is the item with the biggest figure. Does that say something?

I think that’s incredible information. You too can do it. Just do tutorials on your blog. Show your readers how something is done and they will buy from you. Is that a profitable blog post idea?

2 – Monetize your income report posts!

That’s the technique Pat is using with a huge dose of success. He shows you how he makes his money by telling you the products that generate his income, linking to them through his affiliate link.

This thing simply works! There is no other hidden magic bullet.  Everyone wants to know how Pat makes money. He then tries to sell to them by showing them how he makes it. So if you go to his income report page, he tries to sell to you.

His Youtube video is linked to Bluehost on his affiliate link. That’s how he makes more sales every month and earn those jaw-breaking commissions.

Look at the Affiliate Marketing section of his income report posts. Each time I visit his income report, I inevitably click some of those affiliate links. I’m sure I’m not the only one doing that. Many have clicked and bought, driving commissions into his wallet.

So how do I do it Enstine?


Do tutorials of any hot products in your niche. Show your readers  in step-by-step blog posts or videos how to use them. Link to these products on your affiliate links.

Once you make the first sale, add them to your income report post. That will drive more traffic to the products, generating more sales. This will work to put commissions to your account my dear friend.

Don’t go looking for it far. It’s just within your reach.

I know you know some very useful programs/products in your niche. It may take you days to come up with a thorough tutorial but that will pay off very soon.

NB: Don’t forget . . . People love income report blog posts. They are hot 😉

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