$38,550/m ~ Clone these hidden Traffic & Income techniques!

Few months back, I wrote a post on this blog sharing with you 9 different ways to transform your blog to a real income generator. You may want to read the post here.

As a matter of fact, if you want to make real money from your blog, you need to pick some ideas on that blog post and work hard on them. Some of them will turn your blog into a recurring money making machine.

Others will earn for you once and then continue to produce for your advertisers’ benefits. So I encourage you take that post more seriously and of course, you will see results.

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Today, I want to share with you something rather exceptional. If you want to make real money online, pay attention to this post. It’s a hot secret used by one top blogger and it generates for him 1000s of dollars a month. It’s what I call a life-changing technique.

This post is meant to show you a method that works. The only reason why most of us fail is that we don’t practice the things that work.  We keep buying some crappy ebooks from here and there that only make money by selling themselves.

We skip over the methods that can change our lives and look for some shinny, unrealistic click-to-make-money bullshit methods. Here below is a mind-blowing simple, reasonable method that makes money.

You just have to follow what Pat is doing, do the exact same thing on your blog. Then see the results.

How Pat Flynn makes the most of his money – A life-changing technique!

pat flynn podcast

Pat Flynn is one very success blogger and affiliate marketer who shares his monthly income on his blog to encourage most of us trying to earn online.

While studying Pat’s income report for the past couple of months, I found something incredible. It’s some awesome blog post idea. Though Pat’s secret here is not a blog post, he uses an unbelievable technique to fuel this method and make thousands of sales and affiliate commissions every month.

It’s a crushingly beautiful idea and any one publishing income report posts can jump on it right this moment and shoot his income through the roof.

Did you know by publishing his income reports, Pat makes more money?

That’s something many bloggers don’t understand. They keep asking to know why bloggers should tell the whole world how much they earn online.

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But hey!

I want to show you in this post how Pat Flynn makes more money by telling the whole world how much he makes a month.

Pat is not stupid!

Look at the Topbar on his blog. How much space Pat takes just to show you how much money he makes a month. This shows you he has interesting reasons why he drives traffic to his income report blog posts.

pat flynn

FYI, in the Internet Marketing and make money blogging niches, income report posts are amongst the most read blog posts on any blog that does income reports. The simple reason is that people are interested in knowing that you really make money.

They want to learn from someone who is doing it. So if you do income report post, this certainly should keep you hooked to your screen as you read this post.

So how do I do it like Pat?

1 – Do a tutorial blog post!

Well, Pat’s is not a blog post. It’s a video on Youtube that generates the most of his earnings. His simple tutorial on how to create a blog in less than 4 minutes with Bluehost is the biggest income earner every month.

pat flynn income report

Take a closer look at Pat’s income reports. You will find out that the Bluehost tutorial is the item with the biggest figure. Does that say something?

I think that’s incredible information. You too can do it. Just do tutorials on your blog. Show your readers how something is done and they will buy from you. Is that a profitable blog post idea?

2 – Monetize your income report posts!

That’s the technique Pat is using with a huge dose of success. He shows you how he makes his money by telling you the products that generate his income, linking to them through his affiliate link.

This thing simply works! There is no other hidden magic bullet.  Everyone wants to know how Pat makes money. He then tries to sell to them by showing them how he makes it. So if you go to his income report page, he tries to sell to you.

His Youtube video is linked to Bluehost on his affiliate link. That’s how he makes more sales every month and earn those jaw-breaking commissions.

Look at the Affiliate Marketing section of his income report posts. Each time I visit his income report, I inevitably click some of those affiliate links. I’m sure I’m not the only one doing that. Many have clicked and bought, driving commissions into his wallet.

So how do I do it Enstine?


Do tutorials of any hot products in your niche. Show your readers  in step-by-step blog posts or videos how to use them. Link to these products on your affiliate links.

Once you make the first sale, add them to your income report post. That will drive more traffic to the products, generating more sales. This will work to put commissions to your account my dear friend.

Don’t go looking for it far. It’s just within your reach.

I know you know some very useful programs/products in your niche. It may take you days to come up with a thorough tutorial but that will pay off very soon.

NB: Don’t forget . . . People love income report blog posts. They are hot 😉

Let me hear what you think in the comment box below

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hidden traffic and income technique

54 thoughts on “$38,550/m ~ Clone these hidden Traffic & Income techniques!”

  1. Interesting post Enstine.

    I’ve been studying pats website for a while and I have to hand it to him.

    He does know how to get the job done.

  2. So, that is the main reason of sharing and posting income reports. But many bloggers usually not share their income, I don’t why. Anyway maybe I will publish my income reports one day. Thank you @Enstine for sharing great tips and article.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    I am following his income report from six months or so, most of his income comes from BlueHost, they have given him special landing page for his users when I checked that video it looks very simple and made 5 years back and still it is earning money for him.

    Income reports will persuade people to become the fans then ultimately buyer, he knows how to convert people by proven techniques, thanks for sharing the information, see you soon.

  4. Patt is definitely a big inspiration for all us. I know that these income reports can attract a hell lot of traffic, I personally love to read such reports on other blogs and often find myself buying products recommended in such a report. This is a great tactic to increase revenue. Thanks anyways for sharing this post, Enstine 🙂

  5. hellp enstine,
    this technique is really cool. pat flynn is great blogger. he is master in art of making money online. ususally, bloggers ans other newbies get motivated and fascinated by pat’s income reports. this helps him to make more money from income reports.
    thanks for sharing this wonderful insights.
    have a nice day ahead!

  6. Hello Enstine,
    I really like the way you craft your articles starting from the title to the contents.
    You’ve said all along an insight from how Pat makes he’s money, that just a simple yet ignored techniques that we all can try.
    Thanks for sharing, I’ll make out time for that. This is the busiest time of the year for me.

  7. Hey Enstine,
    What A Amazing guide you have shared!! He is having awesome technique to earn dollars in thousands. And it looks simple also just write about products and then write about your earnings. So simple!
    Thanks for the ultimate guide.

  8. Blogging is a source to generate money easily online. Just the blogger needs to keep on practice on things that work really in making money. Affiliate marketing is one best technique that many guys skip without knowing what it returns really.

  9. Hello Estine Muki, you show another side you been the boss in the game.. Have trying to unlocking the secret Pat Fln, used to make that huge of money with Bluehost but i couldn’t figure it out, but you just show me in simple post here.

    Am getting to know the benefit of income report on major post around web space, sometimes i think is to show off but you nailed the comprehensive guide here..

  10. Hey Enstine,
    As Pat has placed the income reports link at the top, the first action by visitor who lands on his website is to check out the full income reports (as this is what about people mostly interested) And I’m sure this only gave Pat a reason why not put the affiliate link in front of the earning so that viewer can just take action right from there. For example, if the visitor is from Blogging niche, he’ll surely click the Pat’s affiliate link thinking Pat’s in earning so much at least i can earn 1/3 of it from this affiliate product. So, just by seeing that 5 0r 6 number in front of affiliate product people clicks on his affiliate link to know the product or to sign-up for it and this works like a charm for him.

    So, we need to first understand the human behavior, human mentality, and put yourself at that position if i lands on this page what action i will take. If you got it in right way, you’ve done your more than half work.

    Thanks for looking deeply to Pat’s income reports and sharing your insights with us Enstine. Keep doing the wonderful work 🙂

    Govind Choudhary

  11. Great post Enstine, yes Pats income reports are a testament of his online success with his blog and online businesses, and you’re absolutely right, people are interested in learning how to make more money and when they visit his blog homepage, the net income displayed acts as a hook for them.

    It’s also his proof, telling people hey I’m making money from blogging and doing business online and this is my proof. People are driven by proof and cleverly enough, Pat knows how to monetize his income reports accordingly.

    I do also remember Pat saying in one of his podcast shows though that most of his income came from his well crafted resource page.

    Great eye-opening post Enstine, keep up the amazing work with your blog buddy.

  12. Hi

    Enstine Muki

    What a wonderful explanation. i read every word of your post it was amazing reading this post. Yes it is possible with content marketing to earn more money 🙂

  13. Hello Enstine,

    I was wondered why top bloggers share their income reports. Now I got the secret behind that.

    From past few days, I was looking at Harsh’s income reports and got to know that he is making decent money only from recommending products/tools. This is really a smart tactic to generate more and more sales consistently.

    Do you think that a average blogger who makes less than $1K should post income reports on his blog?? Will it work the same for him too?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  14. Hi Enstine,
    Nice post. Pat is undoubtedly a smart marketer. He don’t miss a single chance of adding affiliate links in his blog posts whether it is a review post, tutorial, case study or income report. He has gained enough authority in his niche and that’s the main reason people love to buy his recommended products.

  15. Hello Enstine,

    Wonderful topic indeed! I am also a big fan of Pat Flynn and always loves to read his income reports. Even, I read other’s income reports too.

    Most of the people love to read the income reports. I will also start posting my income reports from next year and hope people would love to read it.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us. Have a nice weekend!

  16. Hey Enstine,

    As you mentioned about Pat he made so much money only from Tutorial blog posts and ya it is right even i have wrote some How to tutorial blog post which is working great and ya it helps me make more money out of it.

    Thanks for sharing

  17. Hey bro

    I just spot a typo error in my comment above, below is what I intend to type.

    “People must be told the reality, you “can’t” expect to build a blog today and six months time start making such figures as marketers like Pat and John Chow are doing at the moments.”

  18. Hi Enstine,

    Publishing income report on monthly basis is something that many people will see in different perspectives….it might not go down too well even among the top authority bloggers. There are many reason for and against this practice.

    For instance, Pat, now published his monthly income which makes many of us just want to scream, but there is this dark side or behind the scene of all that goes into making these amazing figures that all that reads his monthly income are not opportune to see or feel.

    Behind all these figures are years, months, weeks and days of hard of labour, trials, errors, time, resources, energy……finding what works and what is not. People must be told the reality, you can expect to build a blog today and six months time start making such figures as marketers like Pat and John Chow are doing at the moments.

    We need to consider the size of their email list subscribers before anything else and how responsive this list are to their offer, that’s one secret anyone who intend to dabble into affiliate marketing and be the next Pat or John should work very hard to achieve.

    Is not all about the offer, many factors leads to the success of profitable affiliate products marketing.

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope many who reads this will learn a lot from it.

    • Hey Shamsudeen,
      You are right. These guys have gone through ages before getting to this point. In addition, in their days, competition was not as tough as today.

      However, I’m not in this post talking about the path taken. What’s important is the strategy Pat is using. In any case, anyone ready this post, if he continues to tarry, after some years will also have the chance of hitting some big figures – but you must know how to go about it 😉

      Thanks for the comment bro and yes, readers will learn something from here 😉

  19. Hi Enstine,
    there is no doubt people love to read income’s reports.
    They inspire to do the same, and they show actually where the money come from.

    I’ve been a fan of Pat since some years already.
    Thanks for the share, my friend.

    Have a great week!

    • Hey Erik,

      You said right one must post income report if he/she is successful in making money as it inspire others to come in blogging for making money and making living out of it.

      Thanks for commenting

  20. Hi Enstine,

    Nice observations my dear friend. Income reports help to earn more.

    Pat is a smart person, he does all the work and list down the products that help him. Didn’t conclude a tutorial would do so much wonders.

    Take care.

  21. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing this. I got to agree A LOT with you especially with the affiliate part. In most cases, we don’t make money through just reviews. Instead, we could make serious money thanks to tutorials (which is awesome) and most importantly, tutorial proves that we are legit.

    You know how many who actually write a tutorial without actually having the product right? 🙂

    Great, great stuffs man!

    • Hey Reinald,
      What’s up bro?
      I think this is the way forward – writing tutorial posts and monetizing them the right way. I think that can really make some good money 😉
      You just have to start by doing for the programs you already are using. I think it’s easier that way.

      Thanks bro and do have a wonderful week ahead

  22. Hey Enstine,

    Inquiring minds always want to know! Yes we see people brag about how much money you can make and how much money they’re making. But the real question is can you prove it. Is the proof in the pudding? Well according to Pat Flynn it obviously is and the more he shows his reports as you mentioned, the more motivated his visitors become. With this motivation they’re always eager to click on his affiliate links to purchase from him.

    Another great share my friend!

    • You’ve got the point my brother. He gets more clicks on his affiliate links by showing these reports
      Some bloggers surely fake their figures because no one is there to verify. They shall however one day be caught in their own net 😉

      thanks for stopping by bro and do have a wonderful week

  23. Sure Enstine Muki, I like your style the way you are communicate and i also like your words ” the more I write, the more I learn ” now on words i’ll do my best and write more and more.

    Thanks for always motivating us.

  24. Hi! Enstine Muki,

    I am very silent reader of your blog, Most of the time i read all your post but never comment on your blog because my English is not good as yours. But today i read this post really i like so much the way you have describe each and every things and you have notice each and every things about the PAT blog. I am also reading his earning post on his blog but i never notice this things or never checked how he earn. But you have describe each and every things nicely. Keep writing and Inspiring us to do blogging.

    Thanks a lot. I’ll try this things sure and inform you also what happen.

    Pulkit Trivedi

    • Wow! So good to know you bro and thanks for being one of my loyal readers. So glad you have decided to chip in today.
      Bro you know, it’s by writing that we learn to write. I’m not from England. I’m from Africa and English is not my first language. I’m just learning. I discovered that the more I write, the more I learn 😉

      Thanks really for breaking the silence and let us talk in this post. Please let’s keep talking. We will help each other learn 😉

  25. Hi Enstine,
    Yet another I… Report.
    Wonderful people showing their reports to the public! 🙂
    Congrats to Pat Flynn and all other top players in this tribe! 🙂
    This area of presentation of their personal reports is really worth noting!
    Wonderful to know about their performance and the aftermath result 🙂
    For people like us.. Miles to go… 🙂
    Sure one day we too can reach LOL
    Thanks Enstine for the note.
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Phil

      • Hi Enstine,
        Seeing today again this link a the pages of fb I thought that this is another one, But going thru it I found that i read this and also commented on it. but i missed your
        encouraging and thought provoking feedback to my comment,
        Yes, my brother, with a firm determination and hard work we can surely reach or cover those miles!!! Yes, I am ready LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Keep going my dear friend
        Best regards
        Have great and profitable week ahead. 🙂

  26. You said Around 97000 $….????? I hope you are not kidding with me.
    Its a big number. I never thought that doing tutorial can generate so much handsome amount of money.
    Bluehost is recommended by everyone I saw on blog sphere. I have the same niche, I hope it will also work for me 🙂
    Thanks for telling me about Pat, Enstine Sir:)

  27. Enstine,
    I don’t need to say that your post was great. It held my interest and made me think. But most importantly, it sparked some great thoughts and desires. However, I am virtually brand new to the field of blogging and if I could only wrap my brain around it and this quotation: “Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put it into action.” – Napoleon Hill. I think that it’s only natural for a newbie to feel somewhat inadequate as a “Money-making Blogger” but then, I also sense a mental conflict because deep in my heart I know that only I and my own actions will make the difference. So, my question to you is: how does a newbie get over this fear or whatever it is that is holding him back? Is this simply a case of allowing myself to “Get in my own way”

    • Hey Les,
      I’m so excited you are here today with a thought-provoking comment 😉
      Fear is the main thing that’s keeping many away from progress. At the same time, risk is the backbone of discoveries. You need to overcome your fears and move ahead.

      The quote by Napoleon is quite strong. You need to begin at once, whether ready or not…” That suggest you need to break through any barrier including fear and move to action.

      I think whatever thing that’s keeping newbies back is backed by fear. If that negative force is suppressed, I think it will be easy to break off any other chains.

      Your question…

      I was a very bad writer. I was so slow and thought I was never going to make it in blogging. But after reading other blogs, success stories and talking with other successful bloggers, I came to believe I could make it.

      My answer…

      Surround yourself with success. Read success stories, talk to successful people in the business ahead of you. Deny to be broke. Refuse to yield to any negative suggestions, avoid people who only see failure, etc. I believe if you create an environment of success, yo will overcome your fears 😉

      Did that make any sense?

  28. When it comes to writing reports for a blog be it income or general performance, one thing is certain – people always want to read to see how you pulled some stunts. This is very common because such reports (when written genuinely) show how you as a reader can achieve same for your blog.

    Pat Flynn is not a name one will ask twice without getting a feedback on him. He has done so much online that reading his monthly income reports clearly indicates that he is a blogger with dynamic mindset. I hope to learn more from him.

    Enstine that was cool of you sharing this earning formula with us. I guess I have added some cool money making tips to my head 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    Do have a wonderful week ahead bro!

    ~ Jackson

    • Hey Jackson,
      Good to see you here despite your busy program and thanks for the great comment.
      I’m sure tutorial blog posts will add some more money to our earnings. I’d like to see some on your wonderful blog as I keep visiting it daily.

      BTW, hope you are having a great week 😉

  29. Hi Enstine, wow, that sure is some dollars there. It looks almost too easy to be true. The only concern I have is some affiliate programs are not available in my area (or not allowed by state laws…) But there must be other ways to teach via a tutorial and make money. You always get me thinking Enstine, thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Good to see you here dear friend 😉
      Do you mean in your area you can’t take part in some affiliate programs? Well, that’s something I really don’t know about 😉

      However, like you mentioned, there must be other ways. The Internet is quite open 😉

      Hope you are having a wonderful week already Lisa

  30. I haven’t looked at Pat’s report in a while, but the number is impressive. I think for the most part it gives many false hope. He’s been online for a number of years, and used every SEO trick in the book.

    As far as the Bluehost number, it’s amazing how consistent it is month in and month out. I don’t think he’s ever discussed in detail how he obtains that number. I know about that video, but can’t imagine that brings in 30K a month, every month. Something is amiss here, perhaps he does PPC as well.

    • Hey Steven,
      You are very correct but I’ll have to disagree with this giving a false impression. Pat has years under his belt and I don’t think anyone is thinking to bank these figures after 1 or 2 clicks. I think if we start today and follow his methods, we should be near those figures after years of hard work smartness.

      I just want to encourage myself and others to keep working and pushing on. In the next few years, we won’t be far from this 😉

      Now, you know with bluehost, the more sales, the more your earnings per sale. He may be using PPC but the foundation is the video tutorials and that’s what I think we should add to our funnels to step up on our earnings – do those tutorials and drive traffic to them.

      BTW, how has it been Steven? hope all is well with you sir

  31. Freaking awesome, I mean $38,000 a month is not something a joke. Pat flynn you are an amazing inspiration and there are many in the field like you, we just need to be more smart workers, I mean at least more than Google 😉

  32. Hey Enstine,

    There is no doubt that people love reading income reports because everyone wants to make money online and those pages are the ones that get most trafficked on a blog.

    I do publish income report for a part of my online businesses and when i read this article i know exactly how true your write up is.

    I don’t know that am not the only one that have been thinking of this concept. Yesterday i was reading Pat September income reports and i noticed a note he wrote below the report that a portion of his income comes from the blog, then he was encouraging people to buy through his affiliate links.

    Writing detailed How To- tutorials that can feature affiliate products is a great way to monetize a blog and this is one of those things i have been thinking about lately.

    Thank you for updating everyone about this.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

    • Hey bro,
      Yes I have read you past report and I think this will work big time for you. Just link to your reviews on your report posts. While you get more traffic from search engines, the report posts will keep your reviews fresh

      Good luck bro and congrats on taking your blog to a new level

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