4 Tips to Not Waste Time Online (How to become more productive)

Time is one of your most precious online business resources.

Unfortunately, most online entrepreneurs squander their time like it is unlimited resource. Most online failure roots itself in wasting your time on tasks that do not matter.

Some folks give their attention and energy to business-building tasks but waste too much time on a specific task. I just wrote and self-published my 124th ebook in about 8 hours, spanning over 2 days. I know entrepreneurs who spend weeks or even months writing their ebook before publishing it. This is insane to me. It’s a simple ebook.

Time wasting occurs in many forms.

Let’s follow these four tips to not waste time online so you can accelerate your success.

1 – Follow Your Passion Not Profits

Follow Your Passion versus online profits. All time-wasting activity roots itself in fear. Chasing money is one of the chief causes of fear based business building. Follow Your Passion. Make the work the reward.

You never waste time when you have a genuine love for what you do because you will be patient, persistent, generous and trusting in all that you do online. Perfect recipe for using your time effectively.

2 – Invest Money in Resources

I wrote an eBook to help you not waste time online:

How to NOT Waste Time Online

Buy it for a trusted resource on how to not waste time online. Invest money in the knowledge, experience and wisdom of online entrepreneurs with 5, 10 or 15 years more of experience than you. Do not be foolish. Do not wing it.

Do not trust your own new or struggling advice because as a newbie or struggling entrepreneur, your advice is not working. Even if you are highly successful, all successes invest money in coaching, ebooks or products from other successful entrepreneurs who can see their blind spots.

Invest money in resources to save your time. Resources show you how you can streamline your online business. Pay up to play up.

3 – Surround Yourself with Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers rarely if ever waste time because they cannot afford to waste time. Surround yourself with these folks. Learn from them. Absorb their purposeful energy. Successful bloggers influence you. On the contrary, surrounding yourself with failing bloggers only teaches you how to waste time.

Do not fall into their failing habits. Be with success to learn how to use time effectively and efficiently. I only hang out with successful bloggers so I only pick up time-saving tips from these folks. I cannot afford to do otherwise.

Be on purpose and save time by hanging out with folks who are on purpose and who do not waste time online.

4 – Leverage

Learn the art of leveraging. Make a big impact with every action you take every day. Think about reaching a maximum number of people with each of your individual actions.

Whether you’re connecting one-to-one or reaching a large group of people through guest posting, always think about leveraging to not waste time online. I became more discerning with my guest posting strategy recently because I need to leverage as my scale expands.

I have hundreds of things to do every day so I need to make each action count. This means guest posting on top blogs and other blogs where I am seeing a stronger return on my investment. I love being generous but at a certain point, as you become more successful and busier, you need to leverage the stuffing out of your presence online.

This means carefully observing where you’re making the greatest impact to help the most people and to grow your business swiftly.

Get on purpose.

Never stray off course.

Use your time online effectively to accelerate your success.

12 thoughts on “4 Tips to Not Waste Time Online (How to become more productive)”

  1. Great Read, After a very long time. I can really relate to point #1 and #4. To me, leverage is when you follow your passion. THE END.
    We shouldn’t be following the crowd for life’s sake… it DOES tell you what works in general but when you diverge from it a bit, you may find yourself some competition worth fighting while you hold your passion(#1) when others don’t.

    All we have is Time and Life. Why not to make some flowers out of it. Living in the era of techs. Every day I see new applications to manage life and projects…never ending..

    I know I can’t backlink in this space, But I would like to say. Optimize your life: take leverage of the technologies you hold. Use Productivity Apps like ProofHub, Freedom, and let the power of your passion to inspire you for the next direction.

    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Hello Ryan and Enstine,

    This generation is particularly in trouble because jobs are scarce and many of us will be stuck doing jobs we hate just because we need money.

    It’s easy to confuse a hobby or interest for a profound passion that will result in career or business fulfillment.

    Being forced to do work is one of the most draining experiences but when it comes to your passion for that, it become very simple.

    You have said correct we should invest money in resources in order to generate more and more money. Successful people have positive vibes and it changes whole scenario.

    Eventually, thanks for adding interesting facts for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  3. Thanks for sharing. Number 3 is so obvious and yet I’ve basically ignored it. Definitely trying to engage more with other blogs and take in as much information as I can. It’s really easy to get locked into your own world and ignore what’s working for others. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Enstine and Ryan, oh yes I can surely relate to this! I find having that to do list next to me really helps today.
    Ryan has helped me to get moving on my updated eBook coming out soon! It really is a matter of sorting through the priorties and not waiting for everything to be perfect before hitting pubilsh – almost perfect is okay. Sometimes, we are too hard on ourselves and never publish a post or eBook ever.
    Another way I leverage is to outsource and hire help like I’m doing with my eBook for an editor. That way I can stay on track and on the course thanks to Ryan:)
    I hope you both have a great day!

  5. Ryan & Enstine,

    With the abundant resources and experts available, not making use of those – itself a kind of time-wasting.

    Learning from the masters can save us huge time instead of searching, analyzing and grab things from scratch.

    Ryan, your time-saving tips are wonderful. These are the most crucial terms like time-saving, time-wasting, time-management, etc. Thanks for helping us!

  6. Hi Ryan and Enstine,

    The second point is so important. Before I wised up I wasted hours – probably even weeks and days – learning to set up a blog from zero knowledge. And guess what, that’s supposed to be a one-off job you never need to do again.

    Wish I had save time and stress by investing in some expert help right at the beginning.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  7. Time is one of our most precious commodities. We need to make every moment count, even in business.
    Great post with some great tips on how we can make the most of our time.

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