8 Best Side Hustles For Women To Generate Extra Cash

Life is hard, and making money is harder, especially as women. Not only do we have to constantly juggle the demands of womanhood and society, but also our bank accounts.

So, here are listed a few ways you can pool in some extra cash without working too hard.

1 – Interning

Interning is one of the best possible ideas for young students. People who have just graduated from school or college-goers rarely have much experience in the professional world.

Interning for companies working within the purview of their niche of interest or academic field can not only help to bolster their resumes but also help them earn some much-needed pocket money.

Moreover, it can help pave their career path by giving them a hands-on working experience, which can be put to use well after they graduate.

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2 – Teaching Jobs

If you are the kind of person who strives for autonomy in their professional life and finds it suffocating to work under a superior, you should definitely give tutoring a try. It does not require any qualifications of age or degree. You just have to know the subjects you are teaching in-depth and have plenty of patience to deal with unruly students.

It is an excellent way of earning money while staying well within your comfort zone because you have the utmost liberty to handpick your working hours and also your clients/students without being answerable to anyone.

3 – Babysitting

Babysitting might not seem like the ideal option when pitted against some of the other occupations on the list, but it is a sure-fire way to earn some easy money. Similar to tutoring in the way that both require tenderness and patience, it is slightly more accessible as there is not the pressing need to have academic expertise in order to babysit.

You just need to be attentive to the wants of the child and empathetic in your response. It is perfect for women with hectic lives who cannot work daily and are looking to make some liquid cash.

4 – Freelancing

If you have an artistic flair in you, it must be difficult to concern yourself with mundane issues like money and money-making. It might seem wrong to be mercenary about your art, but if you choose ever to share it, people would be willing to buy.

It can be selling customized portraits, singing or DJing at gigs, writing content, or even making tattoos. If you’re inherently passionate about something, consider getting a blog or a site dedicated to monetizing your art and helping you generate money. To create your own membership site, always trust professionals because they know the way the market works and how to reach the target audience better.

5 – Affiliate Marketing

If you have a nice online presence and huge internet clout, affiliate marketing is the job for you. Similar to PR work, it involves receiving a commission for promoting and selling units of items of the company you are affiliated with.

It is quick money and without too many rigid working hours or restrictions, which makes it perfect for the millennials raised on the internet.

6 – Surveying

A lot of people do not actually believe that you can make money off the internet just by taking surveys because it seems “too easy.” That is false information because, yes, it is easy, but you still can make money in either of the two ways.

Firstly, you can join a company creating surveys as a survey-maker, or you can be the surveyor yourself and scourge the internet for paid survey fill-ups. Apparently, companies really value client opinion and are even willing to shell out good money for them.

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7 – Catering Business

Even though it might seem patriarchal to suggest a catering service as a career option for women, we should face the fact that most women have been taught to cook, clean, and organize from a young age. So, if patriarchy exists, why not take advantage of it and monetize your skills?

If you hold a knack for cooking and, more importantly, derive pleasure from feeding people, you should consider hiring a few experienced cooks and setting up a local catering service. That way, the cooking is out of the way, and you only need to guide and direct your employees. It is good money, and who knows, it might even turn into a full-time local business one day?

8 – Rent out your room

If you are a property owner, you are in luck. You can just hire a broker to set you up with potential tenants. You only need to pay a small brokerage, and then you are allowed just to sit back and earn money.

However, you must only lend out your property that you have invested a hefty amount in people you know and trust to ensure that there is no harm to your property or reputation.


There are lot more money making opportunities out there for women. Drop a comment and let me know which of these is working for you.

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