Never Follow Blogging Advice from these 3 People

Before you become a successful blogger you need to learn how to blog.

Learning how to blog seems confusing at first because a torrent of blogging advice seems to knock on your cyber door daily. Google, Facebook, Twitter and various online forums provide you with ample blogging advice but is it good advice? Or is it bad blogging advice?

I struggled mightily for many years because I followed bad blogging advice from bad bloggers. My fault. But you do not need to make the same mistake. A few distinct types of bloggers set off red flags when you notice these individuals.

Beware. Avoid their blogging advice at all cost. In one case, it will get real personal. But you need to stop listening to these folks in order to become a successful blogger.

Never follow blogging advice from these three types of people. You need to weed out the duds in order to follow top blogger’s advice and to position yourself to become a successful blogger.

1: Negative Nellie Struggling Bloggers

Would you ask for advice from an overweight person if you needed to lose weight? Or would you ask for advice from a physically fit person or doctor if you needed to lose weight? Stop following blogging advice from negative bloggers who struggle like heck. Negative bloggers who struggle have no idea how to succeed but can teach you how to fail. Do you want to know how to fail or how to succeed?

Follow only established pro blogger advice from successful bloggers. Ignore struggling bloggers. Ignore negative bloggers. Ignore failing bloggers. Follow the best to get the best blogging advice and to become the best blogger.

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2: Bloggers Who Make Big Promises and Sell You the World But Never Follow Up with Useful Free Content

Some bloggers promise you the world. Said bloggers sell you a massive dream. But this crowd never follows up with useful free content that proves they know what they are talking about. Demand credibility from bloggers or stop following bloggers. Never trust someone who does not offer free, valuable content to prove their credibility. Bloggers who make big promises but deliver free value rarely cannot be trusted because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Any reputable blogger worth following teaches you for free before teaching you for pay. Sure we all sell ebooks and courses and audiobooks and coaching but credible bloggers offer free content to gain your trust.

Trust their generous vibe and ignore bloggers who try to squeeze something out of you because something is wrong are they are afraid to help you for free through their content.

3: Your Own Inexperienced Newbie or Struggling Blogger Advice

I cannot capture how many struggling or new bloggers told me they followed advice from their wife who never ever blogged before following my 10 years of professional blogging advice. This is a sign of a new or failing blogger who has no idea what they’re doing yet you trust your own new, inexperienced, failing blogger advice. Makes no sense to me. Why trust your inexperienced self when a 10-year blogging pro offers advice? I know what I’m talking about because I have blogged for 20,000 plus hours. Trust me. Trust those 20,000 hours of experience. Trust my experience. I have forgotten more than you will ever know about blogging. Believe in me and stop following your own failing, inexperienced blogging device.

Be humble and hungry to align with successful bloggers who offer proven advice. Arrogant bloggers become failing bloggers fast but humble, open bloggers tend to reach the top of their respective niches.

11 thoughts on “Never Follow Blogging Advice from these 3 People”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Taking advice from newbies (especially those who write how to earn $10K a month although who never actually made that money) is both funny and frustrating.

    If you’re just starting out as a new blogger, you should focus on writing something that is authentic. Write some well researched content. Or simply write product reviews or share tips that you know and follow. But NEVER give wrong advice or fake advice.

    It’s going to hurt you in the long run.

    I would also never read and listen to the advice of people who don’t walk the walk. For instance, if you say “write every day”, I might listen to you if you’re already writing 500 words or more every single day.

    If not, I’m NOT going to listen to your advice. Plain and simple.

    Thanks for the great post, Ryan. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Good to see you here on Enstine’s space with a wonderful post.
    Yes I fully agree with you, there are some ambitious bloggers out there to cheat you with their cheap and bogus promises!
    Never believe or accept their deals. Once you trap into their net it’s gone forever.
    This is indeed a great alert to the blogging community.
    Thanks Ryan and Enstine.
    Have a great week 😘

  3. You always knew how to use your headline to bait people which I believe has been definitely driving traffic to your site.

    I could remember the post you wrote sometimes ago on tops fake female Blogger or something related. I really love your Blogging sense of humour.

  4. Hi Ryan and Enstine.

    I have to follow that positive energy all the time. If there is a blogger with negative vibes, I just can’t get myself to engage.
    I like to follow those who have been blogging for a time and always give good value…Like you Ryan! You always practice what you preach. I see you all the time on not only your blog but others. Most of all Love your Facebook Lives whereby you give further value to us.


  5. Hello Ryan,

    Completely agreed with your points, we should always try to follow positive person who have healthy advice.

    Good bloggers have characteristics to teach people with their innovative ideas and this lead to convert a healthy relationship.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your genuine experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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