My True Story ~ The worst blogging advice I ever got!

Before I got into blogging 2 years ago, I had a couple of friends online. I was running and doing quite well (as a newbie) I had completely no idea what this blogging thing was all about. My initial idea behind the tool was not for bloggers. But somehow, I soon found out it could be a wonderful tool for bloggers.

So I added a couple of functions to help bloggers gain more exposure on social media. That’s how I came to meet some really cool bloggers. I’ll be telling you details on my 2nd anniversary, just some hours from now

But one trusted friend gave me a piece of advice and I’m happy I never listened to her. I rejected her words and lunched into a dark unknown world. Today, I’m so excited I completely ignored her. What was the advice? Are you interested to know? 

worst adviceDon’t get into blogging. It’s hard!

What an advice! What a way to kill the enthusiasm of a young energetic young man. What an advice from a dull end! Blogging is hard! What’s easy?

This lady was (and is still) a blogger. I respected her so much. My contact with many more bloggers injected a lot of interest in me. I was loving the interaction on BlogEngage, Basiblogtips, WeblogBetter and a couple of others. It was so exciting to be meeting and sharing with so many new people online. And one day, I said eeeh! I like this activity. I’ll blog.

Boooommmm!It’s hard! Don’t try”, said someone.

Show me something that’s easy and I’ll show you something that will soon come to its end. I believe the harder something is, the bigger its reward if you push it through. (I know there are exception to every rule)

Blogging is hard I admit but it’s not harder. There is absolutely no reason to discouraging someone from such an exciting activity.

I can imagine the amount of money I generate from this activity. To think that I was talked away from it gives me an ugly feeling.

| Blogging is hard, it’s exciting and rewarding – do it!

Don’t listen to negative advice!

The world is made up of people with a terrible twisted mindset. You are surrounded by folks that live in fear. They want to contaminate you. They want you to be like them. But you are different. You are bold. You are strong. You can face the challenges. You are harder than those things that are hard.

See the positive side of things. If it gets too easy, it may be weak. If it gets too difficult, it may be strong. And who wants weak results? If you are like me, you want the strong end.

Pay no attention to anyone that wants you broke. Don’t even be their friends if they try to pull you down with them. Such folks are dangerous. They are also jealous and can be the reason for your failure. Think of that guy who never said something positive. He never said anything to boost your faith in something. All he sees is failure. He is disappointment himself so my advice – keep away from him. If you can’t change him, he will change you.

If you hang out with a rich guy, you benefit from his riches – his nice car, his beautiful house, his delicious food, etc

If you hang out with a poor guy, you benefit fro his poverty too.

But don’t get me wrong! I didn’t say you should shun the poor because they don’t have. Keep away from anyone that tries to talk you off the path of success.

Did you ever get any negative advice before ever starting to blog? Has someone advised you to quit? Let me hear from you

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