My True Story ~ The worst blogging advice I ever got!

worst advice


Before I got into blogging 2 years ago, I had a couple of friends online. I was running EasyRetweet.com and doing quite well (as a newbie) I had completely no idea what this blogging thing was all about. My initial idea behind the EasyRetweet.com tool was not for bloggers. But somehow, I soon found out it could be a wonderful tool for bloggers.

So I added a couple of functions to help bloggers gain more exposure on social media. That’s how I came to meet some really cool bloggers. I’ll be telling you details on my 2nd anniversary, just some hours from now

But one trusted friend gave me a piece of advice and I’m happy I never listened to her. I rejected her words and lunched into a dark unknown world. Today, I’m so excited I completely ignored her. What was the advice? Are you interested to know? 

worst adviceDon’t get into blogging. It’s hard!

What an advice! What a way to kill the enthusiasm of a young energetic young man. What an advice from a dull end! Blogging is hard! What’s easy?

This lady was (and is still) a blogger. I respected her so much. My contact with many more bloggers injected a lot of interest in me. I was loving the interaction on BlogEngage, Basiblogtips, WeblogBetter and a couple of others. It was so exciting to be meeting and sharing with so many new people online. And one day, I said eeeh! I like this activity. I’ll blog.

Boooommmm!It’s hard! Don’t try”, said someone.

Show me something that’s easy and I’ll show you something that will soon come to its end. I believe the harder something is, the bigger its reward if you push it through. (I know there are exception to every rule)

Blogging is hard I admit but it’s not harder. There is absolutely no reason to discouraging someone from such an exciting activity.

I can imagine the amount of money I generate from this activity. To think that I was talked away from it gives me an ugly feeling.

| Blogging is hard, it’s exciting and rewarding – do it!

Don’t listen to negative advice!

The world is made up of people with a terrible twisted mindset. You are surrounded by folks that live in fear. They want to contaminate you. They want you to be like them. But you are different. You are bold. You are strong. You can face the challenges. You are harder than those things that are hard.

See the positive side of things. If it gets too easy, it may be weak. If it gets too difficult, it may be strong. And who wants weak results? If you are like me, you want the strong end.

Pay no attention to anyone that wants you broke. Don’t even be their friends if they try to pull you down with them. Such folks are dangerous. They are also jealous and can be the reason for your failure. Think of that guy who never said something positive. He never said anything to boost your faith in something. All he sees is failure. He is disappointment himself so my advice – keep away from him. If you can’t change him, he will change you.

If you hang out with a rich guy, you benefit from his riches – his nice car, his beautiful house, his delicious food, etc

If you hang out with a poor guy, you benefit fro his poverty too.

But don’t get me wrong! I didn’t say you should shun the poor because they don’t have. Keep away from anyone that tries to talk you off the path of success.

Did you ever get any negative advice before ever starting to blog? Has someone advised you to quit? Let me hear from you


Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Haider Ali

Its about the belief in your self.When i start blogging in 2013 and still i am continuing like a Hard worker.By having all day interaction with PC peoples have considered me lol.But I know once i get sufficient knowledge of blogging from blogs like this (Enstine Muki). Then I will be able to earn as much as one loves too.
By the way thanks for sharing your wonderful story and that really enhanced my confidence have already bookmark this site for further reading.


Great article Enstine.. Who knew it could lead to this… Really thankful you didn’t accept her advice>>>

Jackson Nwachukwu

When I look back to 2010 when I actually came online as an expert author with EzineArticles, I have many regrets because I was talked into believing that blogging has no direct use then. The folk who introduced me to article marketing was a writer and blogger but did not encourage me that much to start blogging then. Rather, I was busy writing and marketing articles for EzineArticles just to attain higher levels as an author.

Funny enough, I received huge comments on those articles, but little did I know that having a blog as my landing page would have been the best thing that would happened to me.

Starting up blogging as a local Tech blog in my country made me understand the dividends of blogging. I later redefined my path and went into entrepreneurship and core blogging.

I love blogging so much and I have it as a dream which was why after all these years of going round, I still have something to show off. The days I got published on ProBloggers Darren Rowse, Ms Illean Smith, John Chow, Kiesha Easley, and Jane Sheeba’s blogs sparked up the more the blogging passion in me.

I will say – keep to your dream and never allow anybody to talk you out of your way…

Thanks Enstine for this timely post. I really enjoyed it!

Andrew M. Warner

Hey Enstine,

Great post.

Ironically, the worst advice I’ve ever received was that blogging was easy. That you just blog about things you like and then publish it and then that’s it.


Blogging is far from easy. It’s bloody difficult.

As far as someone saying I should quit, no I haven’t received something like that. But I did have people laugh at me when I said I was getting into blogging. These type of people (the ones that give bad advice and are pessimistic) and the ones I try to stay away from.

Great post again, Enstine.

Really enjoyed it.

– Andrew

Benson Wright

In life there are nay sayers in almost everything. This is especially in the world of business and/or blogging. Personally I have asked for advice in investments from friends and surprisingly even those I those were close friends whom I seek moral support and expected to encourage me. Until I came across advice from experts who have a proven track record and they say you should not expect to fail when starting something and in case things don’t work out try again and again using different tactics until you find the right way of doing it. Even Edison tried 1000 times before is light bulb invention worked.
Bottom line is if you have a passion for something don’t let the nay sayers deter you from achieving your dreams.

mvenkat K

oh! it is good advice Enstine sir, because now many bloggers suffer to get money, because spam clicks are not include, Google strictly implemented the rule, and I saw one of famous blogger from USA his monthly earnings are 8000$ but his Google Adsense earnings are 4.09$ for July month, so your advice is correct, but in some cases it is false. ok thank you sir.


really blogging is so hard.making unique artical and getting visitor is not easy thing.it’s take so much time.so money blogging take time.thanks for your story.

Soumyakanti Ray

Set your own goal and give your best in Blogging, you will get success. Critics will be always there but you need to focus on your goal.

Nanda Rahmanius

Hi Enstine,

Woaah! I really like this article very much 😀
You know, I often get negative advices from the people around me. I think, you know how it feels, I want to keep moving forward but they want me to stop. It was annoying!

Yes, like your suggestion. I usually stay away from people who are going to bring me down with their pessimistic nature. If I want to succeed, I must be strong and must get along with strong people, right? 🙂

Thanks for share this, Enstine.
Honestly, I am glad you wrote about this 🙂

Blogging is hard. But, usually in the hard thing, there is a diamond.
Because not everyone can do it! 🙂


    Enstine Muki

    Wow! I love the phrase “…in the hard thing, there is a diamond”
    That’s why we must not go in for the things that are easy or weak. Work hard to earn big 😉

    Happy weekend


For getting success in blogging, first is to never listen to critics, set a goal and keep focus on only that goal, forget what other people say.
We have to take every work in an easy manner. If we say that it is difficult in future someday it will also become impossible. So never listen to critics.


Hey Enstine,

Man, I’m so glad I never got that kind of advice or no telling if I would have moved forward with this or not. I was one really confused person coming into the online world but I’m still glad I did. I’m curious how well your friend is doing with her blog that gave you such bad advice!

You are right about one thing for sure. Everything is hard but that just makes us appreciate it that much more having learned what we needed to know and seen the results. But I think that blogging has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my own life. Who knew I would be working at home doing what I’m doing at my age! I’m even shocked at myself, still.

Many more of the lessons I’ve personally learned have been to listen to what people have to say about what you need to do in order to have success. Take that into account and then you do what you feel is best for you moving forward because had I listened to everything I was told I would not be where I am today. I heard them, I learned from them but I did it my way. That’s the important lesson here.

Thanks for sharing this horrible advice with us and we are all glad you ignored it. I’m excited that you’re coming up on two years so I guess I’ll have some congratulating to do very soon. So talk to you then Enstine.


    Enstine Muki

    Truth is, the adviser in question is doing well on her blog. It’s an attraction today and I don’t know how she feels now. Maybe she has forgotten she told me not to dare 😉

    However, I thank her for giving me this post idea 😉

    Yes, We have to learn to filter out the dust and take home what’s helpful. There is no way one can assimilate everything that’s told him so picking the best spots is important.

    I just published the 2 yr anniversary post. Thanks for helping me this far.

    I hope you are set for a wonderful weekend ahead Adrienne

Joy Healey

Hi Enstine,

Thank goodness you didn’t listen!

My family and friends haven’t got a CLUE what I do sitting all hours on the computer LOL and none of them can really understand why I don’t just carry on with my main business and let all this drop. I think only my younger son really understands what drives me to continue – without actually knowing what I’m up to.

Blogging to me has been quite a challenge – and still is. You think you’ve got it sorted and something breaks again. Never a dull moment. But who wants to be dull?

I started blogging because I was told it was EASY – which is probably the worst advice I ever got. But then “they” told me all manner of things were easy and they weren’t. It just happened to be that blogging I really enjoy – except the “when it falls apart” bits!!

Will look forward to your two year anniversary.

Thanks for an inspirational post. Joy

    Enstine Muki

    Hahaha! They told you it’s easy and that’s the worst advice. They told me it’s hard and that’s another worst advice. hmmm! What’s the balance?

    It’s how you take it – hard or easy. It depends on a lot of factor so everyone has the chance to try. I think the worst thing is to try to discourage someone. Let them try for themselves

    Thanks for the contribution dear friend. I hope you are ready for this weekend

Don Purdum

Hi Enstine,

For nearly 18 months I was surrounded by the most negative people I ever met in my life. I’m by nature and optimistic person but it really dragged me down.

If it had not been for my training as a Chaplain in the US Army and my experience as a business owner it might have done me in.

You are so right, we can become like the people we are around the most. That’s why it’s so important to be careful of who you put around you.

Part of the struggle many people have is they don’t know themselves, their “programs” that their parents gave them, how negative circumstances change their thinking and wordview, and why they think the way they do.

Being positive and optimistic is a choice. I’m very careful of my self talk and the stories I tell myself. It’s amazing what we can convince ourselves of that is simply not true.

This was a great post Enstine. I’m so happy that you chose to ignore that terrible advice and pursue your dreams and goals!!!!!

You deserve all the good things coming your way my friend!!!!!!!

~ Don

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Don,
    Wow! It was good you got to know soon enough the caliber of people surrounding you. 18 months is time to pull one down completely but I think you were smart 😉

    “As a man thinks, so he is”

    That’s important not to allow any external force influence out thinking direction. Cultivate a positive mindset and say NO to any negative suggestions.

    Thanks for the highly valuable addition to this post. I hope you are set for a wonderful weekend ahead


Nice inspirational story.

There are many people who come to give free advice to us, its up to us to what we want and what we reject. So instead of blaming to other we should focus on our work try to learn good thing even from bad peoples.

I believe to show positive attitude to every situation all time and it help me a lot.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Have a great day ahead! 🙂

>SK Lohar
Shivkumar recently posted…How to Recover Data Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?My Profile

    Enstine Muki

    So good to see you here bro and thanks for the positive addition to this post. That’s the spirit I like and try to encourage in people. Let’s filter everything we hear and take home what’s good

    Do have a wonderful day and hope to see you around again so soon
    Enstine Muki recently posted…9 reasons I will Never visit your blog again!My Profile

Carol Amato

Hi Enstine,

What a title – had to check it out, oh my!

Isn’t that great that you find out that your original intent was not the only thing to be used…How awesome is that!

Wow, I’ve heard that bad advice too, and am also glad I ignored it like you! I am realistic with folks and tell them it takes time and hard work but never completely discourage someone from starting if they have a passion to do so.

What’s easy? Haha yeah, you got that right! Nothing is easy today, that’s for sure.

I think there is some truth to what you say about there being bigger rewards for things that are harder to accomplish…

I am repelling negativity as I type this, as sometimes I find myself in a negative atmosphere, for which I have a remedy. My mind is fixed on my purpose and plan, and the only thing to do is more forward and execute! And enjoy, of course. 🙂

Definitely good advice to keep away from anyone with negative advice!

I appreciate your article and reminder to stay away from the doom and gloom type of messages some people are giving because we must follow our dream and do what we enjoy with the passion we have inside us.

Thanks for the thought-inspiring post, Enstine, and I will be sharing right now.

Talk soon,
– Carol

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Carol,
    I’m feeling very excited you are here again 😉 and thanks for adding so much to this post in this comment!

    Oh yes! So happy to hear you didn’t listen to them too. They are everywhere – families, friends, colleagues, etc. Some do it consciously. Some don’t even know they are bad. Whether they know it or not, it’s not our business. We just should keep away from them.

    Great contribution and thanks for being a huge part of this blog
    Enstine Muki recently posted…9 reasons I will Never visit your blog again!My Profile


Hi Enstine Muki,

What you said in the post it’s true. For my experience eariler I had connected with the negative people and said about the blogging. They discourage me and said about not to earn money through online whatever work you are doing currently concentrate on that things(part-time blogger) this are all scam.


Kevin Duncan

Hi Enstine,

Congrats on being so close to your 2nd anniversary! That’s awesome.

Very inspirational post you’ve written here, my friend. I like it. And yes, that advice you were given was an especially… uninspiring piece of advice, to say the least.

As you said (and as I’ve written a time or two), blogging IS hard, but so is anything in this world worth doing.

I think the worst advice I was given was from a blogger who told me not to bother with Twitter, because it was a fad and wouldn’t last. Unfortunately, I listened, and got into Twitter way later than I should have (considering I started blogging years before Twitter came into existence).

Great stuff, Enstine. Per usual.
Kevin Duncan recently posted…Be Memorable: Why I wrote an 8,000-word blog post (and why you should do something just as crazy)My Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Oh sorry to hear you got hit by one of these negative tongues but I’m sure it’s not late. You are picking up Kevin especially with the type of killer and attractive contents you provide. who will resist them?

    Thanks for your presence here today and for taking a step further to drop a comment. Do have a wonderful weekend ahead
    Enstine Muki recently posted…9 reasons I will Never visit your blog again!My Profile

MSI Sakib

Hey Muki,
Very inspiring for me. In the beginning I also thought same as your friend. But I was wrong. You this article remind me an awesome quote of Nelson Mandela-
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

MSI Sakib

Nitin Singh

Hey Enstine Sir,
My School mates, teachers and friends also say to me that don’t get into blogging, you can never get anything and can’t achieve anything in life. Well, i don’t think so and yeah I can say that if i started earning at this tender age then i can be a famous and good earner later. I also consider not to listen to them and carry on, these people are just demotivators. I don’t know why the hell they are doing this, for jealousy, they really mean it or anything else, i don’t know but we should not listen to them.
Thanks for sharing
Nitin Singh

Harleena Singh

Hi Enstine,

That was surely an inspirational post, especially for the new bloggers and those who have a tough time blogging 🙂

I don’t really blame the person who gave you the advice because perhaps she was going through a rough phase herself, so how she saw blogging is how she explained it to you, and I come across many such bloggers too. But I always tell them that anything you try or do with commitment and dedication will be tough, why only blogging. But if you are really determined to make something of it, you WILL be successful.

That’s just the case with you my friend! You are just soaring and reaching greater heights each day, and here is wishing you ALL the very best and every success on your 2nd anniversary, as you mentioned. (Doesn’t seem like your second year at all!)

Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Harleena,
    Good to see you here today
    You know the friend who advised me off blogging is doing well (from what I see). However, that things are hard for you doesn’t mean everyone else will face tough times too. Why not give people a chance to try things out themselves? We don’t have the same level of energy 😉

    Am I looking older than 2 years 😉 ?
    Well, looks like I’m a bit ahead of many who started same period with me. My strength however has been my awesome readers, including you. I’ll be publishing that post in a few hours
    Enstine Muki recently posted…9 reasons I will Never visit your blog again!My Profile

Victor Noah

Nice one bro Enstine.. As far as life keeps going, you will always come across negative advices from people around. That’s why it’s always advisable never to listen to all advice, because it can mislead and derail you from what you’re supposed to achieve. And meanwhile, Blogging isn’t exceptional. Anyways, thanks for sharing and do have a nice weeks ahead.. 😀

Sarmista Aun

Hi Enstine,
Blogging is really an inexpensive platform which we can utilize to share our knowledge with others. I would suggest everyone that before stepping into this field make sure you have passion for blogging. Nowadays youngsters are entering into this field in order to earn money but they often fail to succeed because of lack of knowledge and guidance.

Gautam Sehgal

Hello Enstine, I loved the way you described, Well actually I have a positive experience to share. In 2009 i started working with TVS-E Servicetec, met Rahul Singh Rathore there, who comes from a small village but a part time blogger. He suggested me to start a blog, and i started Tech-next on blogger. It soon ended up in a year, but i was always motivated by him. Further i shared tips about blogging with others and encouraged many to start blog, i am happy that many of them are making good money with their blogs. Finally my blog https://technoratan.in completed a year on 12th Aug, and i am happy with its slow but steady growth. I can say that, whosoever asked me anything about this world he’s started blogging.
Just love and proud to be a blogger.

    Enstine Muki

    Oh wow! thanks for sharing your beautiful positive story. I’m glad you met the right people with positive thinking in the beginning. That’s part of the reasons you are strong and motivated.

    Thanks again for sharing and motivating everyone here bro. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead

Bishal Biswas

Blogging, might be really frustrating when someone is not able to achieve for what they’ve thought of.

And perhaps, the best way to get demotivated is listening to those old myth saying of people “Blogging is hard”, it isn’t. It’s just our concept on how we would take it as.

Set a goal, give your best to it, you’d achieve success – that’s it.

Thanks Enstine Muki, for such valuable article. Have a great weekend ahead.
– Bishal Biswas

    Enstine Muki

    I agree with you Bishal – set a goal and press towards it

    Thanks for making it a date today. Do have a great weekend ahead as well
    Enstine Muki recently posted…9 reasons I will Never visit your blog again!My Profile

    Suprabhat Mondal

    Hey Enstine

    Even i had received this tips by some bloggers, that don’t get into blogging it is tough but anyhow i had made them feel that they are wrong and i am right.
    I had created my blog on March and now its alexa is under 50k which is not at all bad i guess.

    Sayyed Shahbaz Ali

    I agree with you Bishal, Blogging did became frustating for me as i was blogging for more than a year now and haven’t made a single penny from it, then i left blogging for a while and what i found out was that money was not my reason of happiness but people appreciating my work and finding that one of my article is ranking on Google, that made me really happy. 🙂

    Now i’m up with my new goals which totally excludes making money out of it.

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