$1,080 in two days from one business!

The past two days have been awesome online, especially with SwissCoin MLM.

While my ebook for bloggers got a couple more sales, this blog generated some more commissions from Affiliate products I promote here. Two of the sales were generated by my tools page. I wrote more about this page here.

It’s becoming more exciting to live the dotcom life style where your laptop becomes your office and you have no boss to limit your success by restricting you to specific tasks. I fired my boss.

Note that this is not an income report post. I have not been able to track my earnings lately. For the past few months, I have focused more on cryptocurrency, studying bitcoin and talking about SwissCoin where I earn daily commissions from its hybrid compensation plan. 

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SwissCoin Blockchain Announced ~ The Explorer!

swisscoin blockchain

The SwissCoin Blockchain has been announced and this is going to be the very first blog post in which I’m going to talk about it. It’s not intended to be any detailed article though. Just a short (sort of an announcement) kind of post 😉

If you haven’t created a free SwissCoin account, go do it here right now. Then be sure to purchase a training package (From €25 to €50,000) in order to get tokens for mining of coins.

I have also written a couple of blog posts about SwissCoin. I recommend you check them out for a better understanding if you are new to it:

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SwissCoin Questions and Answers to help you make real money!

swisscoin frequently asked questions

I have been doing SwissCoin for the past five months and so far, it’s been great. While mining coins and getting set for public trading, the network marketing aspect and the commissions make the business a blessing all together.

So far, I have had a series of questions from beginners, most of them coming over and over again. So in collaboration with uplines, I’m publishing here a list of Questions and Answers to help your understanding of the business.

If there are some more unanswered questions, please post them in the comment section.

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SwissCoin KYC (Know Your Customer) Explained ~ Wind Off Criminals!

SwissCoin KYC, a.k.a. Know your customer is simply a process of identifying and verifying SwissCoin investors. This is meant to prevent SwissCoin from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities.

SwissCoin is the people’s currency. It’s the currency of transparency. At the same time, it’s not going to be a channel to sponsor illicit activities.

Everyone can join SwissCoin for free but from the date of November 14th 2016, users who have not completely and successfully gone through the SwissCoin KYC verification process will not be able to make any further transactions.

If you are a BitCoin user, you know it’s possible to send and receive bitcoins without giving any personally identifying information as BitCoin addresses are not tied to the identity of users.

Anyone can create a new and completely random address at any time, without the need to submit any personal information to anyone. This is why Bitcoin is often referred to as an anonymous currency. But SwissCoin is not anonymous.

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SwissCoin Interview with Adèle van Aswegen, South Africa

This is the first SwissCoin Interview here on my blog and I’m glad Adèle van Aswegen from South Africa has agreed to answer a few questions about the people’s currency.

I signed up to SwissCoin on the 12th of June, 2016. That’s about 5 months today. As I write this post, I have made over €15,745 in bonuses. My career level is BLUE DIAMOND and my network has over 4000 members, thanks to my active team members and very supportive uplines.

SwissCoin is both Cryptocurrency and Multi Level Marketing. Profit from mining and trading coins is a thing of the feature. But the MLM compensation plan is already generating commissions for many as we speak.

That means you sign up people under you, they buy educational packages and you earn commissions. The marketing plan is like none else – no autoship, no weak legs, pays daily commissions, no over taking, etc.

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$3,513 a day with SwissCoin MLM ~ Join the revolution!


SwissCoin is cryptocurrency. But the SwissCoin MLM marketing strategy adopted is generating daily earnings for everyone promoting it. SwissCoin pays daily and their compensation plan is hybrid and phenomenal.

No dead legs, no autoship and you start earning direct bonuses even without having paid any activation fee.That means if you signup today for free, you stand the chance of making your first 100 euro in a mater of hours or days.

Some folks think Swisscoin is scam. They said the same things about Bitcoin. While they sit back and say what they think, we are making the money and going ahead.

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