I fired my BOSS to blog full time!

I fired him! Yeah!

Well, that guy was not really my boss. However, he took a greater portion of my offline time. We all called him BOSS.

He didn’t fully employ me though! I simply had a software maintenance contract with his company. It turned out to be more work than foresaw. A few things transpired and I decided to send a termination note.

Why did I fire him?

  • I love blogging
  • I love my online community
  • I love my freedom
  • I can scale and make more money online
  • Activities with his company were taking more time for little pay
  • I have a hotter deal – more about this soon
  • Etc

fire my boss

So what next ?

  • More blogging
  • More money online
  • More time to create apps
  • Etc

Watch out!

We all love this ‘freedom’ thing and the money we can make. The laptop (or dot com) lifestyle can be very interesting especially if you cracked the code.

You can move at will, buy the car you want, have fun  here and there…

One thing you don’t need to forget is old age!

Old age!

Yes! It will one day happen!

You are going to get old. You won’t be able to sit behind the computer to do those things you do now. No pension. No retirement benefits, etc

So what do you do?

  • Marry and have kids that will take care of you in your old age
  • Educate your kids with the money you make now
  • Invest in projects – buy shares in banks, build houses and acquire lands, etc
  • Do things that will generate recurring income for you when you grow old.

Over to you…

Are you your own boss?

Please drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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