I fired my BOSS to blog full time!

I fired him! Yeah!

Well, that guy was not really my boss. However, he took a greater portion of my offline time.Β We all called him BOSS.

He didn’t fully employ me though! I simply had a software maintenance contract with his company. It turned out to be more work than foresaw. A few things transpired and I decided to send a termination note.

Why did I fire him?

  • I love blogging
  • I love my online community
  • I love my freedom
  • I can scale and make more money online
  • Activities with his company were taking more time for little pay
  • I have a hotter deal – more about this soon
  • Etc

fire my boss

So what next ?

  • More blogging
  • More money online
  • More time to create apps
  • Etc

Watch out!

We all love this ‘freedom’ thing and the money we can make. The laptop (or dot com) lifestyle can be very interesting especially if you cracked the code.

You can move at will, buy the car you want, have fun Β here and there…

One thing you don’t need to forget is old age!

Old age!

Yes! It will one day happen!

You are going to get old. You won’t be able to sit behind the computer to do those things you do now. No pension. No retirement benefits, etc

So what do you do?

  • Marry and have kids that will take care of you in your old age
  • Educate your kids with the money you make now
  • Invest in projects – buy shares in banks, build houses and acquire lands, etc
  • Do things that will generate recurring income for you when you grow old.

Over to you…

Are you your own boss?

Please drop a comment and let us know what you think!

84 thoughts on “I fired my BOSS to blog full time!”

  1. Enstine

    I just loved reading your articles.The best thing which I really like about your articles is, you covers each and every thing in your articles which makes your article more helpful.I have seen people love to read those articles more which are easy to understand and can help a lot. And you always write such kind of articles.
    Thanks for sharing this informative article and keep doing the good work.

  2. Enstine,

    Your post title would trigger anybody to click through it. Since everybody wants the liberty to do the job of their own. There should be no BOSS behind us all the time to keep stressing us. And, I loved your ideas insisting those bloggers plan for their future when they grow old and stop working. Interesting article!

  3. Hello,
    Very nice and positive post. I wish you much enthusiasm in what you do now. I would like to do the same as you but my blog has just been created and I have problems with writing texts. πŸ™‚ However, remember that hard work always pays off and investing in yourself is the best we can do πŸ™‚

  4. Super inspiration here brother! Fellow boss firer too πŸ˜‰ Freedom beats everything. Freedom beats fear. Freedom and fun and service to humanity beats thinking only of yourself, and your immediate family. Gotta focus on something bigger than yourself, to live a life of fun and freedom through blogging.

  5. I will join you soon, Enstine.

    Living the dot com life is rewarding. I’ve have figured that out.

    Like you mentioned, man must invest big time to safeguard his future – Essential.

    Getting ready to fire my boss, too.


  6. Love this, Well indeed those who are working online or working as blogger they are stand-alone or they don’t work for any one or under any boss. SO its a good advantage and work like a boss.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Woah, you actually have a very active blog. I find that there are a lot of articles that I have not read yet. I love your passion on this. πŸ˜‰

    Interesting and unique article, indeed!

    Yes, I was a boss for myself. I never become subordinate anyone. Since I knew what would happen if I worked for someone else. That’s not my style. πŸ˜›

    Just like you, I also like the freedom of my time. I do not want someone else to manage my time..hehe πŸ˜€

    There is one interesting fact; when I decided to become a blogger, then when I got paid for a few dollars, at that time I was a foreign exchange hero, because I am bringing foreign currency into my own country. I am quite proud of that title (although no one has to admit that πŸ˜† )

    Thanks for sharing, Enstine.
    Have a great beginning of this week! πŸ˜‰


    • Hey Nanda,
      Good to see you here bro and thanks for engaging. You know my readers are the very source of my passion. I was really encouraged to take this decision and stand tall.

      Thanks for sharing your own experience. I know there are brighter days ahead so let’s keep giving

  8. It is really nice being a boss of our own. One thing we should remember, it needs work hard and much more self discipline as no one supervises us. If you have these 2 things, hard work type and self-discipline, you can read your target and will enjoy your golden ages.

  9. Nice decision from you because you get more money from your online businesses.
    I’ll fire my boss too one day i’ll start get more money from my blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I hear you, Enstine! I fired my boss last fall, too. I replaced my income by freelancing online, except now I can travel, take days off, and heck, I can work extra when I want to make more!

    You’re a talented guy, and it’s pretty clear you’re not afraid to work hard. So I think you made a good decision. πŸ™‚

    • Wow! I can feel you buddy! The freedom is what makes it interesting πŸ˜‰

      I know there is more for you ahead looking at what you are doing.

      Good luck buddy

  11. Enstine,really you have got enough and cogent reasons to take the action.I can see that being free,having your own time,doing it your own time and the same time making cool buck is far better than a nine-hour-daily job in another man’s company.
    I found this write-up challenging and at the same influential.More of it.Thank you.

    • Hi Isabel,
      Good to have you here and thanks for the comment
      Oh yes just keep working hard and, add some smartness πŸ˜‰

      Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

  12. Well… I’ve been self employed for 14 years and never considered anyone my “boss” per se, so I’m good with it all. lol The thing about working for yourself is realizing that money ebbs and flows. Sometimes I get to live the life of a rich man; other times I’m treading water, waiting to get that next contract. But it’s all about me instead of “the man”; I can live with that.

    Good luck on your journey; I wish you the best!

    • Hey Mitch,
      Good to see you here and thanks for sharing your experience.

      Yeah, there are those downs when you are doing things on your own. However, when you are up, you save for the rainy days.

      Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend ahead buddy πŸ˜‰

  13. I must confess this is the most thought provoking post i have read in weeks. Short but very inspiring. Thanks Enstine for this great post.I have been blogging for a while now and i will soon fire my boss too (laughs) .

  14. I enjoy my day job and it pays well.

    I do run my own humor blog/news site at night and in my spare time, so I guess I kind of get the best of both worlds.

    • Good to hear your story Rob and thanks for sharing it.
      Some few people like you have the luck to be having a good job and a good boss.

      I’ll be glad to see you again around man

  15. Hi Enstine

    The joy of freedom and firing your Boss is so cool and talking about old age, you are right. You remind me about the quote that says “Time waits for no man” .

    Thanks for sharing

  16. I have my schedule to fire my boss. No body like to stuck on the same track. No body like to work under management of others. Everybody like to be his own manager.

    I will wait until the right time. For me, I am attending my blogging job like a office. Because one day it will become my future.

    Thank for the inspiration Enstine

    • Great!
      Take your blogging more seriously. It’s going to be your real income earner. Yes, take it gradually until the right time.

      thanks for showing up here bro

  17. Hey Enstine,

    Sounds like you were ready to make that move so congratulations. Even if you weren’t his full-time employee he did pay you a salary for the work you did which of course is usually never enough.

    As you know I made that move years ago and have never looked back. It’s just something I would hope everyone who wants to will achieve someday. Nothing is ever promised, even our investments so we need to just work toward doing something we enjoy so that it never seems like work to us.

    I’m really happy for you and what you have going. I’m sure whatever you’re working on will be a winner. You just seem to know how to do a lot of the right stuff.

    Have a great week Enstine.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      So excited you are around today despite the having to deal with the comments pouring on your blog πŸ˜‰

      Oh yes you did that years back and that has given you time to build a solid business. Now, you enjoy its fruits.

      I think it’s not an easy step to take. That’s why so many are still thinking of it. There are a lot of things to consider before this mighty step. However, once you are into it, you just have to move on and be smarter πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for being part of this conversation today. You too have a wonderful week and look forward to your next article on Monday

  18. Hey Enstine,

    Ahh the taste of freedom. Congratulation on your new freedom Enstine. You are definitely the inspiration for all of us and I too would definitely like to follow in your footsteps. We don’t live forever so why not enjoy the majority of our lives the best way we can! We all have so many options now that we have no excuse not to take advantage of them now!

    Thanks for the sharing! Have a great rest of the week!

    • Hahah! We have no excuse and that’s right! The Internet has opened more doors. It’s a matter of overcoming fear and taking a decision to move on.

      It’s often not easy. The early days after taking such a move may be harsh but consistency, hard work and smartness will drive one through.

      Thanks for sharing this post on social media bro

  19. Hi Enstine,

    The title of this post got me! Having been one who has never bothered to work for anybody, I must say that there is nothing one can give that I’ll be comfortable trading my freedom. Nothing. In my estimation, you did what was right…if I were in your shoes, I would have done same.

    About the retirement stuff, you have rock solid advice here. However, aside building tangible investments offline, it is worthy of note to mention that online ‘assets’ such as Kindle eBooks would never go out of fashion…imagine having 10,000 books in the system…that would certainly be pension enough in it’s respect πŸ™‚

    BTW, one of your articles made my June NTP blog hop – congratulations!

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hey man,
      So excited to see you here and yes, I was far home when I got your alert about the mention on your blog. I’ll surely be there in a couple of minutes.

      Meanwhile, in 2007, I broke off working full time for someone else. I had partial jobs here and there but this took a huge part of my time. I thought I was really wasting so I took the final decision to hold everything in my hands πŸ˜‰

      Well, in the next few years, technology will grow and one doesn’t know what will face the Kindle ebook writers.

      In any business or investment, there is a risk though and only the bearers succeed to grab the reward πŸ˜‰

      Hope you are having a wonderful week buddy. Thanks for sharing this post on social media

  20. Hi Enstine,

    I am so glad I am on here.

    I am a new blogger and I am looking forward to firing my boss. I want freedom. Although I am employed by an awesome company, it’s still more awesome to be your own boss, right?

    I look forward to being like you – free, awesome, successful

    Thank you for this thought-provoking post and I look forward also to more lessons
    from you.


    • Hi Luna,
      So excited to see you here and thanks for the comment

      Oh yeah it’s great to work for a company that keeps to the terms of engagement and has an attractive social policy. However, as you mentioned, it’s better to be your boss. The issue is, when you work for someone, you make that person richer and better than you in so many ways. While not put in that energy to build your own empire?

      Hope you are having an exciting week Luna

  21. Interesting read here – I love how your entire working life seems based around the concept of freedom.

    As a university student myself, I am currently debating whether or not to even get a boss in the first place!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Mathias,
      It looks like you are soon going to figure out the right path. If you can get set up as early as possible, that will really be awesome πŸ˜‰

      If you work for a boss, you make him ever richer than you so I think being your own boss is a better choice πŸ˜‰

      thanks man for being part of this conversation. Do have a wonderful week

  22. Dear Enstine, I am facing one problem of not getting information on my posted comments on your posts whereas I often post my comments but did not get the follow up notification on my email id.

    Can you do something for this because sometimes I put serious queries on your posted content.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

    • Hi Verman,
      I just noticed Askimet has been messing me up. Some of my valuable comments were being caught as spam and most your were victims.

      I’ll be taking care of that as from now.

      Thanks for signaling bro

  23. Like you fired your boss but in my case i am an student so i don’t have boss but i have my studies. I don’t want to study i just want to blog. I love blogging.

  24. Hi Sir Enstine Muki,

    I strongly believe that you just nailed a very high concentrated point by you firing your boss. Because I also see myself in that state in the sense that my boss stress me all the time over a little monthly salary with is not up to even a quarter earning I make from google adsense monthly.

    The question still rings on ma head that why am I still that office, here are my reasons;

    Free Internet
    Exposure to more people
    Get to explain to people why they should school abroad

    But I strongly believe that very soon, I will be out like a humming bird.

    Thank you Sir Enstine Muki for giving me the opportunity to pour out what have been bordering my mind for months.

    Thank You

    • Hi bro,
      One of the things I got from that office too was free Internet. However, it later on was not free. First, it took me over 1 hour drive to the office. The fuel and the time and other issues swallowed up the free Internet which lately has become like snail mail.

      In any case, being your boss is always the best so I’m waiting for your own similar bog post πŸ˜‰

  25. There has never been a better feeling than having to work at your own time, spend moments with your family, invest in your future and enjoy the things you love to do the most without being constrained with time. That’s the dream of every Entrepreneur.

    Well, I have fired my boss Sir and working on hiring and working for myself πŸ™‚

    Meanwhile, it’s like you are the mirror I stare at every morning. Your posts are just exactly focused on things I’ve been pondering and working on. You’re a blessing to the blogging world.

    • Hey Ivan,
      These are sweets words bro so thanks for pouring them out on me πŸ˜‰
      It’s really exciting to think that you can do your things your way and generate enough income while not being under any ‘stupid’ orders that are meant to make someone richer than you πŸ˜‰

      So how is the week going?

  26. Hi Enstine

    Glad you have fired your BOSS – even though, if I read correctly, it wasn’t your boss in the conventional sense πŸ™‚

    I have been my own boss for many years and manage to have more work than I can get through. In fact I recently fired a client because, although he paid me well and “by the hour”, the work was just causing me so much stress I felt “enough was enough”. NO regrets on that one!

    My big mistake was imagining, when younger, that I would never want to retire, so I didn’t make provision for a decent pension. (Oh and one pension provider went bust and took a good chunk of my money too.)

    Now I am at the theoretical UK retirement age, and although I can’t see me ever totally retiring, I would like to take a few more holidays. But if I stop working, the income stops as my paltry pension provision doesn’t fund the lifestyle I enjoy when I work. So I keep working, although I would now like more free time for family and “down-time”.

    As a matter of fact I have found a new project that’s looking likely to solve my problems and just am putting some “seed time” into that.

    If I may share a few words of caution to Dipti, I invested in shares and lost a lot of money! So did my son and his wife. I hope his experiences will be better, but I suggest he never invests more money than he could afford to walk away from with just an “Ouch, I wish I hadn’t done that”.

    Although (and because) I know you’re much younger than I am, I’m pleased to see you raising the thought of preparing for old age.


    • Wow that’s a rich comment Joy. Sharing your experience and that of your son makes it quite exciting.

      Hahaha! People get fired everyday. Absolutely, no need to keep someone who causes stress (boss or worker). Keep him off!

      I’m excited about your new project and hope it works really well for you so you don’t rely on the cents from pension provision. Those of us who are younger have the opportunity to make things right.

      Thanks again for sharing this experience on this post. Do have a wonderful new week ahead

  27. Hi Enstine,
    Just sometime back i posted a comment on one of the pages here and i expressed the problem i am facing in getting the notification from your page!
    Woo Hoo There comes this post just immediately after closing the page and checking the mail! That is really wonderful! That means my subscription is intact with your page!
    Nice to be here again!
    Wonderful to be your own Boss!
    Yes, then you need not fire anyone LOL πŸ™‚
    Very interesting things are coming up!
    Thanks for sharing this
    Keep moving!
    All Good wishes
    ~ Phil of Philipscom

    • Oh yeah good to know everything is in place πŸ˜‰

      Hahaha! I kicked him away and may not kick a ‘boss’ any time in the future.
      It’s great to be your boss but old age is surely coming

      Thanks for taking time to be part of this post again

  28. Hi Enstine,

    I fired my boss decades ago. I just couldn’t work for someone. Before the internet, I had a few businesses and one that is still going. When the internet came to my life, I seen it as a great opportunity to be self employed.

    I won’t be “taken care of” in my Old Age, but can set up different things in my life just in case I can’t work anymore. I don’t know what “retirement” would be like lol. I will work until I can’t. Only because I love it!


    • Hahaha! If retirement means “to stop working”, then that may not apply in your case. If you build your business empire, you may keep giving till the end

      However, during old age, you may not be as valiant and excited as you are now. So there is need to save and invest for those “rainy days”

      Great contribution dear friend and thanks for being part of the community

  29. Hi Muki,

    Really your article title dragged me here. The story of how you fired your boss is awesome.


  30. Hi Enstine,

    You are right about old age. Its something many of us forget as we hustle while young. While the laptop lifestyle is fun, it comes with a price: No pension nor gratuity. So we have to make provision for our old age ourselves.

    Currently, I am doing that in my own way. And you are right, to ensure that our old age is not a pain, we should educate our kids to the best of our abilities, we should invest in properties and stock, instead of just buying flashy cars and going on exotic vacations so we can brag about such things on social media.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Pray all goes well.

    • You hit the point dear friend πŸ˜‰

      Buying flashy cars, driving from town to town, buy expensive dresses and sometimes high-end house hold materials can quickly be done and the money gone…

      We need to think and invest to take care of old age πŸ˜‰ I’m glad my eyes are open to this now that I’m able to earn.

      Thanks for being part of this post

  31. Firing one boss isn’t that a big deal anymore, esp. when it’s everywhere on the internet. But what struck me the most is the ‘old age’ part. None of the ‘noise makers’ has ever mentioned the aftermath of the ‘working age’. I love those solutions though – train kids and invest – best ways to prepare for the future.

    • Hey bro,
      You are right! We hear people getting their bosses fired here and there but a few of them mention their strategy to take care of old age. That should be some serious area to work on.

      thanks for being part of this post buddy

  32. Well said Enstine,
    As, allotting him full time and afterall, fulfill his all needs is quite unfavourable. Well, I like BlogExpose, as it is a great platform for bloggers who want to earn money from reviews etc. I’m just waiting for the right time to enter such a great community of bloggers.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the article.

    • Hi Nitin,
      Good to hear from you and thanks for the feedback πŸ˜‰
      Will be so excited to have you on BlogExpose and of course, you know when you work for someone full time, you make him richer than you πŸ˜‰

  33. Hello Enstine brother,

    First off, congratulations on firing! I can tell you you have more success over your online businesses and I know that happened for something better, something great for you and us! πŸ™‚

    You are a light to us! Anything and everything coming from your way are so beneficial to us!

    You were giving your time to them so it means they must have had the best of your focus and knowledge getting out of you which for sure would give them enormous benefits.

    Everything happens for the great reasons, the great opportunities the GOD has appointed for us and I am sure he has settled some really awesome opportunities for you in near and far future, amen.

    Rock it, bro! GOD bless!

    ~ Adeel

    • Thanks for these blessed words Adeel!
      Feeling really excited about the decision. Time for more serious things online

      Yes, more beautiful things are ahead for us

      Have a wonderful weekend bro

  34. Hello sir,
    Congrats for you for your thoughts…. I have also my BOSS but regarding to my work I don’t get revenue earning for my Business, I know that if you want than I have make a lot money from my website http://www.ratesdekho.com, this is a online platform for view and compare price list and features of products.

    • Hi buddy,
      Good to hear from you and thanks for sharing your experience.
      You just have to push higher to get to a point where your online business can start taking care of your activities.

      This is not easy but you can soon get there with some little more effort

      Do have a wonderful day man

  35. Hello sir.,
    You’ve made a big decision indeed.., congrats. I don’t have boss yet and you’ve just convinced me to walk in your way….

  36. Hello Enstine,

    I am my own boss. I always love to work with freedom. If i feel that i have no freedom to work here i just quiet. There have some people who pay less but want more more. You did correct decision to fired him. Now you will enjoy your work more.

    Thanks for your brilliant content.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

    • Hey Yasin,
      Good to hear from you and thanks for your contribution πŸ˜‰

      While the freedom and money are good, old age is calling for caution πŸ˜‰

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

    • Hahaha well by the time you get to the working phase of your life, you’ll have to chose between having you as your boss and having someone else to give you orders πŸ˜‰

      Keep in touch

  37. Your articles are always fun to read! Currently I am a student, so you can say I am my own boss. I liked that part where you have mentioned about old age. I think you should invest in shares and have some insurance policies no matter how much you earn or what type of job you do. I call it “emergency money” πŸ™‚

    • Good to hear from you Dipti and thanks for the “emergency money” quote πŸ˜‰
      People need to think about what happens when they won’t be able to sit and type blog posts πŸ˜‰

  38. Nice and informative post Enstine, I don’t think I have any Boss but the part of the post I like most is where you discussed old age. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  39. Hello Sir Muki, so you really fired your BOSS?

    I am still delibrating on mine because there are alot if things i need to take care of before i fire him, i really need my freedom.

    and i don’t see your emails that notify me about your new posts, can you help check that?

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