6 ways to get your blog massively promoted by other bloggers!

Do you want other bloggers to massively and happily promote your articles?

I know you are not alone in your niche. Won’t it be thrilling to be able to get other bloggers to promote your blog posts and drive you insane traffic.

I have said a million times that bloggers are not Islands and that’s freshly true. We do not stand alone. We succeed as a team of folks that need help from each other.

But how do you get other bloggers in your niche to often share and promote your own content, driving you mad traffic and sales?

1 – Create and maintain good relationships with them.

It’s easy to create relationships. At the same time, it’s a hard nut to maintain healthy relationships. But we need these sound connections to experience another level of growth.

I have been blogging for over 5 years and have come across thousands of different bloggers. However, I can’t tell you I’m connected with everyone of them.

I do my best to keep a good relationship with most (if not all) of those I’m in connection with. I don’t just want to feel like I know this or that guy. I want to be actively in touch. So from time to time, I do social media posts like this:

get shares from blogging friends

I respect them and make sure I don’t hurt their feelings in comments even when they make mistakes. If I find something wrong, I go to them in private and we iron things out in privacy.

I remember a guy I respected so much and read his blog more than frequently. He was often here too. At one point, he disagreed with something I shared (which is perfectly fine).

But what went horrible and unacceptable was that he took to insulting me. I felt I was connected with the wrong person.  If someone can’t respect you (even on your blog), it’s a wrong connection.

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2 – Write shareable content

Being in good terms with folks won’t cause them to share your nonsense. You must publish share-worthy content. Friends won’t share out of pity or mere love.

While a good relationship keeps us together, it is not any reason to mess around with poor quality content.

Do thorough research on whatever topic you want to write about. If you expect your friends to share and link to your posts, think out of the box and bundle value in your articles.

3 – Allow them guest-post on your blog

A lot is being said about guest blogging and we know it’s a strong growth strategy. Many bloggers guest post for the sake of SEO backlinks. But a stronger reason should be to connect with other bloggers.

By using guest posting to build relationships, you gain more than just the link juice. If you want to learn more about the subject, I encourage you check out Adam Connell‘s no-fail guide to Guest Blogging Strategy.

I get tons of guest blogging requests sent straight to my email everyday.

But the truth is I give preference to my blogging pals. While this gives them some amount of exposure on my blog, it helps me get some promotion from them as well.

guest bloggers on my blog

In the past, I have submitted guest articles on many different blogs and each time my article is published, I promote the hell out of it.

I do not only share on social media. I send to my list, link to them from other guest articles (hence giving them some backlinks and SEO boost), etc.

Some of my random guest posts: 

Each time you accept guest posts from blogging friends (not from some anonymous SEO firms), you give your blog a massive opportunity to get promoted.

4 – Link out to them.

Don’t be a selfish blogger. It doesn’t cost you anything to link out to a good blog posts on another blog.

We receive by giving out

Linking out adds value to your posts and helps your readers find out more. Outbound links also have an SEO impact on your blog. So don’t hold back the links.

When you link out to a blogger’s posts, chances are that he’s going to know without you even reaching out. Many content marketing and SEO tools have the feature to signal should there be a new backlink gained or lost.

But if you want to create a friendly impact, I encourage you reach out to the linked blogger (By mail or social media mention) to announce the link.

5 – Share their contents

If you want to be promoted by others, start by promoting them.  Don’t fill your social media profiles with just your content.

I know you find interesting and shareable stuffs online. But share more of your blogging friends’ contents. Let them know you are promoting them. Social media makes it easy to tag and mention people in your posts.

Be selfless in giving your friends exposure. As you give out, so shall you receive. Don’t share once and wait till you get a feedback from them. Keep sharing and someday soon, you’ll get someone sharing in return.

6 – Promote their products/Services selflessly

Have you noticed that many bloggers are authors?

My friend Ryan Biddulph is author of a wonderful blogging book. Get your copy here. Jan Verhoeff has this e-course teaching you to make money from your writing.

Lorraine Reguly can help your writing, editing and blogging. check out her services here.

One of the things I highly recommend is you get a coach and it’s not hard to find one. Donna and David Merrill are here.

Do you want to Learn to Tweet Better ? There is no where else to go. Lisa Sicard has her ebook I highly recommend here.

Demetria Zinga has this Beginners Blogging Academy I highly recommend. Do you want to profit through Pinterest? You should meet Amber Temerity.

Do you need someone to do your SEO? Hire my friend Nikola Roza. Do you want a Freelance Writer for Hire? My buddy Christopher Jan Benitez is quick to deliver.

I know many more bloggers who have paid services/products. If you know some too, help them promote. Don’t expect any reward. I know most of them have remunerating systems. Sometimes, forget about your affiliate links and just promote without expectations. They will help promote you as well.

A common mistake to avoid

Severally, I have had emails from newbie bloggers who think they have written a killer post.

Most of them would tell me:

Enstine, kindly check out my latest post and let me know what you think, Please help share and I will appreciate a link too blah blah blah

In as much as I’d like to promote everyone that creates great and related piece of content, it’s good to let me discover it.

If I find content that’s awesome, I may link to it or promote without minding what’s in for me. But if you reach out to me, I won’t be wrong to find out what’s in for me.

What I’m saying is before you reach out to a fellow blogger asking for some favor, make sure you’ve added something for him as incentive. It’s easier this way to get a positive response.

Wrapping up

Just follow these simple tips and you’ll soon find out your content is being promoted here and there by other bloggers.

Save on Pinterest for later:

Do you want a massive blog promotion? Do you want to increase your referral and SEO traffic? You need to get other bloggers to happily promote you. Here are 6 ways to cause other bloggers to hugely promote you #blogpromotion #blogtraffic #webtraffic
Do you want a massive blog promotion? Do you want to increase your referral and SEO traffic? You need to get other bloggers to happily promote you. Here are 6 ways to cause other bloggers to hugely promote you #blogpromotion #blogtraffic #webtraffic

Do you want a massive blog promotion? Do you want to increase your referral and SEO traffic? You need to get other bloggers to happily promote you. Here are 6 ways to cause other bloggers to hugely promote you #blogpromotion #blogtraffic #webtraffic

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