Blog promotion ~ How to get promoted by top bloggers!

Blog promotion is a tough war! Every blogger struggles to get his or her blog promoted to the maximum. One of the things we want is to be promoted by other bloggers. If they speak to their friends and followers about us, we gain credibility from them. But here is the question;

How do you get promoted by top bloggers? I want to share with you a little secret!

This is something that works! I have experienced it and it’s one of the big reasons my blog is moving ahead.

If you want top bloggers to promote you, just do this little thing. But before I get to the meat of it, let me touch a bit on some vital points.

Top bloggers are the bloggers that are already succeeding. They are on their way upward. I’m not saying they have arrived though. They are those that have some success story to tell. Etc!

Generally, when you are of a certain class in society, there are things you don’t feel to do. One of these things is to mingle yourself so much with people of a lower class. I’m not saying you shun them. You just simply don’t want to identify with them to a certain extent.

It’s not your fault. That’s how life is. For the most part, your reasoning and activities won’t just match so you tend to always find yourself attracted to people of your same class and even those above you.

If you want a clean and well dressed guy to hang out with you, you must not dress up in rags. You have to wear something decent that will cause him to accept your company.

That’s same in blogging. The more you grow up, the more you are attracted to bloggers who measure with you or have something you admire.

Before you start attracting top bloggers, do this first!

Top bloggers won’t identify with you because you do the one thing I want to discuss in this post. Before you start calling for their attention, there are a couple of things I want to recommend you do first;

1 – Have a pro looking blog!

This is inevitable. Once top, the satisfaction to identify with mediocrity disappears. You can’t blame these top bloggers for sometimes not responding to you. It’s because you have not upgraded.

Your blog is so poor. You have some horrible free theme with Adsense allover and animations dancing at every corner.Your logo is even the horrible type. Your blog is no way near attraction.

– > My recommendation

Invest in professional themes. Hire a professional to get your blog setup and give it a professional look. Get your domain name and self-host your blog.

 2 – Create a unique identity!

Some folks want to be like others. That cannot work. As far as you don’t try to develop your unique potentials, you can never stand out and make it. If you want to be like someone, you’ll get lost in that person’s identity, why? because that people is certainly doing something better than you.

If you buy a theme that almost everyone is using, give it your unique touch.

3 – Show top quality!

If top bloggers have to promote you, that means they will share your articles on their social medial timelines, link to you from their blogs, mention you in live events, send your link to their list, etc

Believe me or not, they won’t do this if you don’t have good quality around you. There is no way you can get them to promote under rated, low quality blog post.

So basically, for this little trick to work, you have to make your blog attractive by publishing the kind of content they will like to promote.

With everything in place, let me roll out the method. Shockingly, it’s not new. It’s been around for long but so many bloggers are under using it.

My friend Don Purdum mentioned it in this post he published yesterday? Don’s blog is a wonderful bank of helpful posts that will certainly help you get more customers. If you haven’t known him, checkout this post I wrote about him

Here we go…

blog promotion

Blog promotion -> Link to them!

That’s it! It’s as simple as that.

Read their blog and link to related articles on their blogs. That’s so powerful. We are looking for some magic method under the moon when simple things to do are just before us.

When you have a good looking blog and have quality on it, each time you link to a top blogger’s article, more than 50% of them will tweet your article and share it on Facebook, etc. Isn’t that a good source of traffic?

Make it even sweeter

I think this is where the core of this method is. Don’t just link in passing. Make one or two sentences highlighting the content linked to. Mention their names on your article. That’s very important.

It creates a sense of friendship. It shows you know that blogger more personally.

After linking to them, Share the post on social media and mention or tag them. Mention them on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Shoot them a friendly mail. Mention that their post was so helpful so you decided to link to it from your recent post as a recommendation to your readers.

As I mention above, about 50% of them will just go ahead and tweet and share your article. Don’t expect everyone you link to, to share your post.

For those who share, respond to them. If they tweet, mention them in a thank you tweet back. If they share on Facebook or Google Plus, comment on it and be positive.

Very important!

The top bloggers you mention on your posts and expect an action in return should be bloggers in your niche, and not those very big guys. Some extremely top bloggers may not react. Target bloggers you see around.


I see so many newbie bloggers do this wrong thing. Each time they publish a post, they will share on Facebook, tagging the friends unnecessarily. That’s a quick way to quit their list. I hate it! If the article does not directly concern someone, DON’T TAG that person.

I don’t visit and engage on your posts simply because you tag me. For the most part, I simply get annoyed and un-friend you

NB: I’m not talking about how to connect with top bloggers. I’m talking about how to get them to promote you. You can connect with them and they don’t promote you. But if they promote you, it’s a sign of connection.

If you want to know more about connecting with other bloggers, Adrienne Smith wrote an article in 2011 and this has points that still apply today. Check out her article here. She shared 5 points in that post and I’d like you to pay attention to them.

Bottom line

Don’t be selfish in your blog posts. If you link to others, they will not only link back to you but help promote your posts.

Go ahead now and link to this post from your blog. That’s to let me know you understood the message.

I’ll also like to hear from  you in the comment box below.

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