Blog promotion ~ How to get promoted by top bloggers!

Blog promotion is a tough war! Every blogger struggles to get his or her blog promoted to the maximum. One of the things we want is to be promoted by other bloggers. If they speak to their friends and followers about us, we gain credibility from them. But here is the question;

How do you get promoted by top bloggers? I want to share with you a little secret!

This is something that works! I have experienced it and it’s one of the big reasons my blog is moving ahead.

If you want top bloggers to promote you, just do this little thing. But before I get to the meat of it, let me touch a bit on some vital points.

Top bloggers are the bloggers that are already succeeding. They are on their way upward. I’m not saying they have arrived though. They are those that have some success story to tell. Etc!

Generally, when you are of a certain class in society, there are things you don’t feel to do. One of these things is to mingle yourself so much with people of a lower class. I’m not saying you shun them. You just simply don’t want to identify with them to a certain extent.

It’s not your fault. That’s how life is. For the most part, your reasoning and activities won’t just match so you tend to always find yourself attracted to people of your same class and even those above you.

If you want a clean and well dressed guy to hang out with you, you must not dress up in rags. You have to wear something decent that will cause him to accept your company.

That’s same in blogging. The more you grow up, the more you are attracted to bloggers who measure with you or have something you admire.

Before you start attracting top bloggers, do this first!

Top bloggers won’t identify with you because you do the one thing I want to discuss in this post. Before you start calling for their attention, there are a couple of things I want to recommend you do first;

1 – Have a pro looking blog!

This is inevitable. Once top, the satisfaction to identify with mediocrity disappears. You can’t blame these top bloggers for sometimes not responding to you. It’s because you have not upgraded.

Your blog is so poor. You have some horrible free theme with Adsense allover and animations dancing at every corner.Your logo is even the horrible type. Your blog is noΒ wayΒ near attraction.

– > My recommendation

Invest in professional themes. Hire a professional to get your blog setup and give it a professional look. Get your domain name and self-host your blog.

Β 2 – Create a unique identity!

Some folks want to be like others. That cannot work. As far as you don’t try to develop your unique potentials, you can never stand out and make it. If you want to be like someone, you’ll get lost in that person’s identity, why? because that people is certainly doing something better than you.

If you buy a theme that almost everyone is using, give it your unique touch.

3 – Show top quality!

If top bloggers have to promote you, that means they will share your articles on their social medial timelines, link to you from their blogs, mention you in live events, send your link to their list, etc

Believe me or not, they won’t do this if you don’t have good quality around you. There is no way you can get them to promote under rated, low quality blog post.

So basically, for this little trick to work, you have to make your blog attractive by publishing the kind of content they will like to promote.

With everything in place, let me roll out the method. Shockingly, it’s not new. It’s been around for long but so many bloggers are under using it.

My friend Don Purdum mentioned it in this post he published yesterday? Don’s blog is a wonderful bank of helpful posts that will certainly help you get more customers. If you haven’t known him, checkout this post I wrote about him

Here we go…

blog promotion

Blog promotion -> Link to them!

That’s it! It’s as simple as that.

Read their blog and link to related articles on their blogs. That’s so powerful. We are looking for some magic method under the moon when simple things to do are just before us.

When you have a good looking blog and have quality on it, each time you link to a top blogger’s article, more than 50% of them will tweet your article and share it on Facebook, etc. Isn’t that a good source of traffic?

Make it even sweeter

I think this is where the core of this method is. Don’t just link in passing. Make one or two sentences highlighting the content linked to. Mention their names on your article. That’s very important.

It creates a sense of friendship. It shows you know that blogger more personally.

After linking to them, Share the post on social media and mention or tag them. Mention them on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Shoot them a friendly mail. Mention that their post was so helpful so you decided to link to it from your recent post as a recommendation to your readers.

As I mention above, about 50% of them will just go ahead and tweet and share your article. Don’t expect everyone you link to, to share your post.

For those who share, respond to them. If they tweet, mention them in a thank you tweet back. If they share on Facebook or Google Plus, comment on it and be positive.

Very important!

The top bloggers you mention on your posts and expect an action in return should be bloggers in your niche, and not those very big guys. Some extremely top bloggers may not react. Target bloggers you see around.


I see so many newbie bloggers do this wrong thing. Each time they publish a post, they will share on Facebook, tagging the friends unnecessarily. That’s a quick way to quit their list. I hate it! If the article does not directly concern someone, DON’T TAG that person.

I don’t visit and engage on your posts simply because you tag me. For the most part, I simply get annoyed and un-friend you

NB: I’m not talking about how to connect with top bloggers. I’m talking about how to get them to promote you. You can connect with them and they don’t promote you. But if they promote you, it’s a sign of connection.

If you want to know more about connecting with other bloggers, Adrienne Smith wrote an article in 2011 and this has points that still apply today. Check out her article here. She shared 5 points in that post and I’d like you to pay attention to them.

Bottom line

Don’t be selfish in your blog posts. If you link to others, they will not only link back to you but help promote your posts.

Go ahead now and link to this post from your blog. That’s to let me know you understood the message.

I’ll also like to hear from Β you in the comment box below.

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  1. Building up a good blog is all we want. Initially we don’t look after our blog and forget to monetize it as well. However, we all should start monetizing our blog and all the contents that we publish on it. Apart from this, blog promotion is the best way to get more unique traffic on our blog. The way you’ve explained the whole thing is helpful. Thanks for sharing it with us. Appreciated it a lot!

  2. Fabulous insights as always Enstine!

    It’s kind like the old saying, to be a really good conversationalist, you have to be a darn good listener!

    And so it goes on and offline. Before you can receive you’ve got to give and give and give so more.

    And over time, those seeds of generosity, will most definitely pay off! In more ways than one! And for years and years to come! Excellent real world (long term) bank account filling advice!

  3. hi enstine Muki…thanks for such wonderful piece of article about How to get promoted by
    top bloggers!

  4. Very well written post, and did not really think about the topic like that. Then, again I am fairly new to to the blogging community, and still really getting everything setup on my blog.
    I spent the last couple weeks just doing tweaks….

    I have linked to others with their posts this can be effective, and thank you for sharing your content.

  5. Am always happy when ever i read any of your post and i also learn new thing, i will try this blog promotion strategies,
    i love this post Mr Enstine Muki, More of this Sir

  6. Hi muki,

    everytime you post some great and cool ideas which stands out in an extrodinary way.Keep giving ideas like this.Thank you for these ideas.

  7. I agree with you , Though I am not a top and successful blogger but I hate when bloggers especially new bloggers for no reasons .
    You have shared very good tips and suggestions .

    I think blog commenting is also a good way to do so , Am I right ? Sir

  8. Hey Enstine,

    This is great workmanlike and sound article on blogging and it provides a top tip I’m certainly going to use in future! Linking to other bloggers (top bloggers!) is an excellent strategy and as long as it’s done congruently within the context of their niche, it has to be a great way to engage with them and your target audience.

    My best,


  9. Hi Don Pundun/Enstine,

    Thanks for the positive and encouraging feedback; can you kindly recommend a good website designer for this purpose.

    I will be mostly glad for your recommendation.



    • Hi John,

      I would love to chat with you. Please feel free to jump over to my site at and leave me a message on the contact page of how I can get a hold of you.

      Thank you Enstine for recommending me. I would never promote myself like that on someone else’s site or social profiles, so you doing that for me was special!

  10. Hi Enstine,

    You’re certainly right bro!! By just linking to other bloggers you can’t influence them to share your articles. Instead write valuable content and then link them out, now they’re more likely to share your content.

    I also like your idea to inform them about your article and link back via social networking sites.

  11. Enstine, some great advice here. I had someone tag me yesterday on Twitter about their new post, annoyed me a little. But on Facebook it’s a bigger annoyance. If they mentioned you in their post it’s okay if they let you know along with the tag otherwise it is considerred more of a selfish act.
    I’m trying to link more now to others as I’m not relying soley on Google for traffic and making some links no follow along the way as well Enstine.
    I think building relationships is the key to most of it.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day there.

    • I agree so much with your last phrase Lisa – building relationship is key and if we promote others 80/20, it will be easy to build the relationships.

      Thank you for making it up to this blog today. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  12. It’s good advice Enstine, but not really targeted at the total newbie. Most just cannot afford to have a professional site design at first, so they do the best they can with a free theme, maybe tarted up a little.

    Whilst that will not get them noticed, friended or commented on by ‘Top Blogger’s’ it will let them have an idea of whether or not they enjoy blogging without having to spend a fortune.

    As for adsense, I don’t think I have visited one blog which doesn’t have it. Though I may remove a couple from my site now. πŸ˜‰

    I never tag anyone on any of my posts and I rarely tweet them. Could be one reason why I have little interaction, but I prefer NOT to pester people and be ‘in their face’.

    • Hey Catherine,
      Thanks for commenting on every point I raised in this post.

      I think if you give a shout out to someone on your article, it will be good thing to call that person’s attention to it. I’m always honored to be mentioned in an article and I do my best to react accordingly.

      I remember when I set up my first blog in 2012, that was in August, I started with Prose, Genesis Child theme and do you know Ileane of left the first comment? As new and empty as it was, it succeeded in getting the attention of Ileane. I think newbies can start off on a great footing.

      What do you think?

  13. Hi Enstine,

    Like you, like Adrienne, those people who are brand new on my facebook and tagged me whenever they have a new post also gets under my skin and I become very irritated about this. It’s like a salesman shoving his product into my throat.

    In fact, I just unfriended someone because of this, I forgot his name and it’s prolly good I don’t remember his name and do not mention him here, right? Because this person doesn’t engage or correspond with me and yet had the nerve to private message me with his new post. *rolls eyes* and even those who engaged with me, I don’t think this is appropriate either.

    For one, my facebook is mainly majority 90% is personal. Some of the personal things I post on facebook I don’t even post on Google+. Second of all, these people have NO RIGHT to tag you with every single NEW post they have. This is highly irritating. Sometimes I don’t even read the damn post. I just let it go. And I haven’t tell very many either.

    But I am highly irritated. This makes me want to unfriend some people on my FList. And yet, some people are STILL doing this to me. Tag me with every freakin’ brand new post. IF I want to read the new post, I will just go direct to their website and/or subscribe to their Email list. But please DO NOT tag me.

    Anyway…THIS is the one that highly unravel my nerves. The cluttery websites doesn’t bother me as much specially if they are newbies. But the taggers are the ones that really gets on my nerve. Anyway, I’ve said enough.

    I hope you have a great Wednesday!


    • Phew!
      I can feel you in this comment Angela! You really are in my shoe. I can see it pinching you too.

      In any case, I have not seen many respected bloggers doing this one irritating thing. I guess most newbies are still to learn.

      I’ll be back on your blog soon to respond to your last comment. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  14. Many newbies do this blunder mistake by many newbies as they constantly tag many people which indeed annoy them and think the person who tag is a spammer. Thanks a lot for this wonderful guide/

  15. Hey Enstine,

    Good post here man.

    You’re right about the whole have a pro looking blog. I was such a BIG user of the free themes in WP and I didn’t realize that not having a professional looking blog was hurting me. Since the world is going more and more towards mobile, a professional looking blog that can work on tablets, etc. is necessary.

    Creating a unique identity is so important. There are so many people out there trying to be like Pat or trying to be like Adrienne, or like Don or like Kevin or like yourself … but they don’t realize that you all have your own unique voice. That’s why it works for you. They have to find their own voice.

    Yep, linking to bloggers is one of the best ways. You know in the past, I wrote some pretty decent posts and I mentioned some bloggers but didn’t link to them in my posts? This is a mistake that I, as well as many other bloggers make and it’s important to address this.

    Like you said, β€œIt creates a sense of friendship. It shows you know that blogger more personally.” Building relationships and engaging is what it’s all about and linking to other bloggers can really go a long way towards helping you achieve that.

    Great post here Enstine. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be sharing this shortly.

    Have a great week.

    – Andrew

    • Hey Andrew,
      Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience.
      Boy, my day has been so heavy – running from one angle to the other. I featured Mi today but have not been able to hang around enough to promote his post.

      Did you check it out?

      Thanks for making such a detailed comment based on your past mistakes. Do you know if you are not learning, you will not know you are making mistakes? The only way yo recognize a mistake is by knowing the right thing.

      Hope to see you around again

  16. Hi Enstine,

    That’s one great article Enstine!! You explained it thoroughly how to get the big guys to promote our blogs.

    Indeed, the first and foremost is the look of your blog. It has to look professional and attractive with valuable content as well. For a professional blogger to promote your stuff, it has to be as professional as it can get or they will not risk their reputation and promote unprofessional stuff.

    Really enjoyed reading it!! Thanks Enstine for sharing and for mentioning Don and Adrienne. Adrienne, I already know but it is time to get to know Don, as I heard about him but never visited his blog.

    Have yourself a great day!!!

    Be Blessed,


    • I’m feeling great to have had you around today Neamat and thanks for the comment

      Yes, Don is a very interesting guy to connect with. You’re are surely going to find out from the quality of posts he has on his blog.

      I’ll surely be around yours again for more engagement.

      Do have a wonderful week

    • Hi Neamat,

      I would love to get to know you and your work better. I checked out your blog and love what you’re doing around leadership. It’s a desperately needed subject. See you over there soon!

      As always Enstine, I appreciate the kind words!

      ~ Don

  17. Wonderful post Enstine,

    Connection with Pro Blogger is a tough course but it’s not impossible, create a blog like a brand, write (quality) articles which attract visitors to comment and share your posts, as said by Enstine link related articles to your blog post you are sending them good amount of traffic they attract toward you, It’s the process which make both you friends…

    Great Post for newcomers in field of blogging…

    ~ Virendar

    • Hey Virendar,
      Thanks for commenting and making a point here.
      The more we link out to other bloggers from targeted content, the more we are sure to grow in relationship

      Hope to see you around again bro

  18. Hi Enstine,

    I have gone through your article. I can say what a beautiful article you have written. It is really an informative post. I am a novice in this field. So, I have doubt how can I promote my blog with the help of renowned blogger like you. Thanks to you for clearing my doubt. I will surely follow your all step to achieve success here.


    • Hey Swpnadip,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m sure there are articles here to help you promote your blog. Just hang on and we shall be sharing more awesome stuffs

      Do have a wonderful week

  19. Another great Post Enstine.

    Use of Professional theme, self hosted blog with a well designed logo really matters.

    I personally liked your idea of linking to a relevant article on other blogs and sharing a high quality article. It’s a good way to build better relation with other bloggers as well.

    I agree with your point where you said–don’t tag me. Normally, this kind of steps are taken by new bloggers. They tag you thinking that you will share their post or comment. As you said, this practice should be avoided.

    Thanks for compiling great article again. Shared this article on facebook, google plus, twitter and linkedin.

    Have a great day Enstine!


    • Wow! thanks for such a comment Ravi and for sharing this article on social media. I’m s o excited about it. Just stepping over to your blog for more engagement

      Hope to see you around again and soon πŸ˜‰

  20. Hey Enstine,

    I had to laugh because one of the points you made about what bloggers shouldn’t do is have ads all over their sites. Not that you do but when I pulled up this post the image at the top is an Adsense ad of laundry detergent. For those that aren’t familiar with you I’m sure they would be scratching their heads wondering if they’re on the wrong post or not. Laundry detergent really? I think you need to have a discussion with Google. LOL!!!

    Okay, moving on. Sorry but I had to mention that.

    Now one thing I will say is that I do hang with the “lower class” if you want to call them that. I totally get what you were trying to say and we’ve been preached to so many times to hang around those that you want to be like and of course that would be the more successful people. But my heart goes out to the newbie who has the horrible looking blog although you’re right again. It’s not in my best interest to continue to be connected with them indefinitely but I can’t help but want to help them all. It does give me a headache though when I land on some of those blogs. Yikes!

    I know that so many people are afraid to link out to others because they are now fearful of Google. Google’s point though is that “if” what you’re writing about is relevant to the site you’re linking to then it’s perfectly okay as long as their blog falls into the category of what Google deems okay. So you linking to my post here about what I shared is relevant and my blog falls under Google’s guidelines. That’s a win/win for us both so people need to get a clear picture of that. They are hurting themselves by not doing that.

    By the way, those people who tag me on Facebook just to tell me they have a new post really gets under my skin. I write them and let them know that is not okay unless I’m mentioned in the post. You are right, that’s a great way to put a very bad taste in our mouths and make us not want to associate with them. If they learn their lesson great but if not then they have done it to themselves.

    Great share Enstine and I know this will help everyone so keep up the great work. Thanks for linking to me by the way, it’s always greatly appreciated and you know I’ll share it so it does work. πŸ˜‰


    • Hey Adrienne,
      I see you are gradually dealing with the load of work piled since last Thursday.

      Well, maybe Google thought you’ve got a few things to clean up but that’s really not targeted to this post. They missed the target this time.

      In any case, I didn’t mention ads are bad though. What gets on the readers’ toe is when the site gets crowded with ads, especially the animated gifs and flash.

      You see, the point here is that newbies should do their best to have a good looking blog. the only thing that may make their blogs differ from those of top bloggers is the amount of information available. But if they are not giving enough attention to the esthetics, they may succeed to have those top bloggers. However, it will be difficult to have the top bloggers share their posts or recommend them.

      You made the point quite clear about fearing to link out. If you are within the topic, linking to other blog posts should not be problematic from Google’s point of view. That’s the more reason I prefer descriptive linking to keyword linking.

      I know you may be having so much work right now so I end this comment here πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for making it an appointment despite have a well charged file to treat.

      Waiting for your next publication πŸ˜‰

      • Hey Enstine,

        Yeah, I worked until 11:00 pm last night and I’m not even half way through. This morning I have a client call and this afternoon I have to take my Mom to an appointment so it will be yet another late night for me.

        I guess they did think I may need some cleaning done. Little did they know I did that yesterday. LOL!!! I thought they were suppose to match the ads to your content but boy did they ever screw up. I really hate it when I’m hit with some sick horrible looking infection and it’s staring me in the face until I can read past it.

        Oh I know, it wasn’t about them being bad but just a horrible looking theme plus tons of ads is not a very great combination.

        I think at times it’s not just the way the theme looks overall but you’re right, they definitely need a good looking one or we’ll all pass them by.

        Thank you Enstine and you have a wonderful day okay!


  21. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for including me in your article. The art of reciprocity has been lost in the “me” cultures of today. I want… I need… Give me….

    It truly doesn’t work that way at all. It’s about giving. In the offline world I do a lot of networking. I try hard to connect my networking team with quality referrals. When I give it always comes back. Over time if I don’t give you know what happens? Yep, they don’t give either.

    It’s no different online. If you’re going to succeed you have to figure out who and how you are going to connect with the them and give them value.

    Last month I started a Saturday Rewind article where I feature bloggers who helped me or impressed me during the week. Would you believe out of no where the number of people asking me to feature them?

    To your point, their websites are terrible; and for others it’s clear they have not even given real thought to their articles. I mean come on, it was 350 words and you want me to introduce you to my audience that I’m working my rear end off to build? Not happening.

    Nonetheless, connecting with influential bloggers is the way to go. I was trying some other things the last few months that were working but not necessarily bringing me my target audience. That’s all about to change. I started two weeks ago and it’s impressive the results so far.

    Enstine, I value you and in a short time count you as a friend. We’ve never met and in fact live in different countries. But, the power of the internet is that it connects us no matter where we are at if our motives, philosophies, and vision fit will together.

    Thanks again for mentioning me. It’s special!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,
      It’s been a busy day for me – moving from one office to the other and finally setting up one new wp blog. I finished with with a second post on it and thought I should stop at that for the moment and interact with my readers here.

      I’m not surprised people are asking you to feature them. They care about what they want and not about what you want.

      Some started asking me to feature them too on my weekly featured blogger post. I had to shout at the top of my voice “Let me do the selection” It’s about my blog and I know who to recommend to my readers.

      However if someone absolutely wants to be featured without receiving a mail from me, it’s going to cost one of his legs;)

      See Don, I don’t even comment on a site that’s terrible not to mention tweeting it to my list. It’s awful how people still stick to horrible freebies when premium has moved from EXPENSIVE to CHEAP. Some folks just forget that it takes money to attract money and for the most part, you don’t need to break the bank for a start.

      Oh yes Don, just a few weeks are making me think it’s be centuries. The reason is I find real value hanging around you so I must stick around you long enough to tap from it. With the Internet, distance is not a barrier. I hope we soon move to skype calls as soon as my bandwidth is stable.

      Internet is almost still a luxury here πŸ˜‰ What a shame !

      Thanks for the engagement here and on social media Don. I’m seeing a lot on your blog I have to reveal to my readers.

      Better days are ahead!

      • Hi Enstine,

        I would love to chat on Skype! Let’s plan it. Message me on FB and let’s schedule it. I’m out of town today so it will be hard getting me but I’ll be available tomorrow.

        Regarding your comment, I love it when you state: “it takes money to attract money.” I learned this lesson the hard way.

        Figure out where people are spending money and get involved there. The majority of them will value what you offer and they are suspicious of “free.” They are right to think the value of it cannot really help them!

        Great point!
        ~ Don

  22. Hi Enstine,

    Indeed this is a great privilege to be here again at your page.

    Yet another informative piece from your page Ann shared here at kingged.
    I am so glad to say that I could draw some great lessons from this post.
    Of course these are some of the basic lessons a newbie wants to learn and to practice to get on to the forefront of blogging, yes a blogger get promoted by a pro blogger he or she is almost passed the test!
    and I am sure that blogger will get noticed by that pro bloggers friends and visitors. The only thing is that at the same time the blogger should keep up the standard or quality of their contents.

    And of course a good relationship with pro bloggers is the stepping stone to success in blogging. you brought out the pros and cons of that in this post.

    Yes, for this one need to have quality contents in their pages, unless and until that is not cop with the pro bloggers, you may be left behind by them.

    Hey, Enstine, you did a great effort to bring this point in this post to the newbies.

    I am sure the readers/bloggers will strive to achieve that level to get into that position.

    Thanks Ann for sharing this informative piece here at kingged.

    Keep going
    Best Regards
    Hey your Bottom line speaks volume. I would like to quote it here again! β€œDon’t be selfish in your blog posts. If you link to others, they will not only link back to you but help promote your posts.”

    Thats it!!
    Thanks Enstine ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    ~ Phil
    PS: Hey Enstine, I found this informative post at and i kingged it and posted this comment there.
    Thanks again for your valuable information
    Keep writing

    • Hey Philip,
      What an excitement to find you around today and thanks for the engaging comment
      I’m glad anne shared this for me on Kingged while I was away busy with setting up another wp blog.

      Thanks for the vote and engagement bro

      You are a very exciting community member πŸ˜‰

  23. Hi Enstine Muki,

    I am so glad again to submit yet another wonderful post of yours at this wonderful place called Kingged.

    Indeed this is a timely one to many newbies here in this blogging world.

    What a great post it is!

    No doubt this will be a great guide to the one who is eagerly get into the arena of blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this information to your readers

    Keep writing

    Have a wonderful day.

    Ann P V

    Hey, Enstine, as I said in the comment I shared/submitted your post at and kingged it and posted this comment too. Pl. do have a check
    Keep writing such informative posts for the benefits of your fellow bloggers!
    Best Regards

  24. Hi Enstine,

    I am new on your blog, and I must confess that you hit me on the head with the first point mentioned.

    Being a practicing medical surgeon and new to this blogging terms, I have been a lonely wonderer looking for ways to possibly grow my new blog and make it known to people that will need my services.

    Your first point hit me like a thunderbolt, because I’m just realizing how poor my blog design looks like ( all this while, I thought its okay).

    However, I checked your recommendation, but they don’t have a design that will really fit a medical concept. Please advise.


    • Hi John,
      I want to quickly reply to you in this comment

      Im happy you are here and you too steps to drop a comment.Have you checked genesis collection if there is no theme that fits the medical niche? I also recommend you check on blogEngage for bloggers in your niche. I’m sure you’ll get to find and network with some.

      I’ll be happy to know what happens next πŸ˜‰

    • Hi John,

      I appreciated your post and just wanted to jump in and share that you that a good designer knows and understands how to help build any type of website for an industry. If you go looking, the biggest thing in my mind you should be aware of is how do they listen to and interact with you. Not on design, but on your business.

      For example, we take our clients through five in-depth homework assignments before we ever even get into site design. The homework is based partly on your business for messaging and covers questions like;

      * Five questions: What problems do you “really” solve and what do you want to be known for? Though these are only two questions, this assignment forces you to think about your business so that you know how to communicate through your website and blog.
      * Defining your target audience
      * Creating the profiles of your target audience (we call this psychographics)
      * Understanding your online competition
      * Products and Services model

      Once this is done, then we can take that and create a unique, fresh, and stylish website that communicates to your audience around them instead of around you.

      Hope that makes sense? The point is find a designer who understands you and your business and then can help you create your website. Don’t worry about what their previous genres are…

  25. Hi Muki
    You pointed a bitterest but the biggest reality of our daily life. We always want to move higher and that is why we don’t want to be associated with people a littter lower in status.

    You are right we should not look down upon them but we take it as our right to be associated with people worth following and want to connect with them.

    If someone understands this rule positively he can achieve blogging networking goals quite easily.

    You pointed in this post two awesome bloggers who I ardently follow apart from following you and how much I got promoted from you three guys in a slight span of previous three months I can’t tell this in simple words.

    So a little mention by a pro blogger is quite suffficient to broaden your space in blogosphere.

    It is equally very important for getting noted by successful people you need to show with your attitude and working how much serious you are eager to be successful.

    Your level of comittment is fully reflected from your way of behaving and working.

    If you are not serious no one would take you seriously.

    Last but not the least; we must not irritate others while getting to be friendly with them. Nor be so rude with them while be connecting with them.

    Both are extreme ways. We must not promote somone just for the sake of promotion. Just merit should be the sole criter to promote and be promoted.

    There is no shortcut to expand your relations with others. Simply series of referring someone can be good to be remembered by him but for making him your good friend you need to prove this with your attitude consistently.

    Thanks a lot Muki for sharing such a wonderful post which made me give these comments quite enthusiastically. Surely this is the quality of your post.

    • Yes Mi,
      This comment is so deep that I can’t even reply point by point. I’m just so grateful that you took the time to comment to details.

      I have been working on a creating a new blog since I published this article. I just finished setting it up and publishing 2 fresh articles. A little bit exhausted right now πŸ˜‰

      I’m excited this week as I’ll be working more closely with you πŸ˜‰

  26. Hi Estine,

    Its being a long time. How are you doing.

    I couldnt hold back my comment after reading this piece of article you have just released about blog promotion.

    I am going to be implementing some of these techniques in the new blog i want to start in some months to come as am actually in the planning stage.

    Have a nice day.


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