SendinBlue vs MailChimp ~ Top Email Marketing Platforms!

In today’s SendinBlue vs MailChimp post, we are looking at two interesting email marketing platforms you can use to boost your online business. We also shall be laying more emphasis on how SendinBlue beats out MailChimp on a couple of points.

I know most of us use MailChimp because of the free 2000 contact offer but as your business grows, you’ll begin gnashing your teeth. They charge a whooping $50 per month for 5000 email sent while SendinBlue is keeping that as low as $7.47. This is surely a solution that caters for growing small businesses.

As you read futher, you are going to discover more features in SendinBlue that make it a perfect tool for your email marketing campaigns

SendinBlue vs MailChimp

I know price is not everything that counts so let’s look at some more reasons why you should jump on SendinBlue, the most recommended alternates to MailChimp.

SendinBlue vs MailChimp: Internet Marketing & Affiliate links in mails

If you are an Internet Marketer,affiliate marketer or network marketer, then mailchimp may not be for you. They may get your account frozen and contacts lost.

I read from their blog that they don’t kick against accounts that insert affiliate links in their mails. However practically, a lot of affiliates have gone through tough times with them. They should be having a filtering system that gets over-strict with links in outgoing mails.

I’m one in favor of measures to insure inbox delivery but if yours triggers a negative feedback, it should be reviewed.

Free Plan

While MailChimp has this option with 2000 contact limit and no autoresponder facility, SendinBlue makes a little difference with 9000 free mails per month (300 daily limit), and autoresponder facilities.

Autoresponders are essential in Email marketing. Beside the once off campaigns, you should be able to schedule mails that are triggered to subscribers following a certain group of conditions or actions. If you are using MailChimp free, you agree with me that this is not a possibility. You will certainly need to check out SendinBlue, the new alternative.

SMS campaigns

The world is really shifting to the mobile perspective. SendinBlue is conscious of this and therefore has taken steps to jump ahead of its competitors given you the possibility to send text messages to subscribers’ mobile phones to hundreds of destinations and mobile carriers all around the world

What’s more exciting are the features of the SMS tool. You are able to customize the sender ID, know the status of sent SMSs, send long messages over 160 characters, etc. Building the SMS facility into their system makes SendinBlue a perfect alternative to MailChimp.

Whitelabel Solution

SendinBlue gives everyone the possibility of starting their own business with the reseller packages. I have come across a couple of Autoresponders but non has extended to this level in the industry.

With the SendinBlue reseller plans, you have logo & URLs Personalization. You choose your prices and make it a complete business. You have all the facilities of a professional Email Marketing platform, including internalization.

Plugin WordPress

This is one very attractive tool with SendinBlue that solves a critical issue with all shared hosting servers. As a matter of fact, your host is placing a limit on the number of mails your domain can send out per hour.  This is for technical reasons and I perfectly understand their action.

SendinBlue will connect your WordPress blog to their robust SMTP server, enabling you to send unlimited mails from your blog.

I have published a plugin that helps you send a customized Thank You mail to your commentators. The problem I had with this has been this server limit.

While, this Sendinblue plugin is a quick solution, in the upcoming version of MyCommentAuthors, users should be able to connect to their SendinBlue SMTP account and send unlimited number of mails to their commentators (Spamming not allowed)

Why is SendinBlue the perfect MailChimp Alternative?

Mailchimp is a great email marketing tool I have to admit. But there is always something better in the industry.

SendinBlue has over 95% of mailchimp features. In addition, you have extra features and tools that can take your marketing exercise to a whole new level. Why limit yourself on platform A when you can get more on platform B?

SendinBlue is a complete Email Marketing Platform

SendinBlue vs MailChimp

I went through the list of SendinBlue features and can confirm the availability of excellent and professional features required in a complete email marketing software. Here are some of the features you’ll find;

  • Autoresponders
  • Webform wizards
  • Tracking and Statistics
  • Geolocation of openers and clickers
  • Professional HTML themes with an HTML Editor
  • Drag&Drop images
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Segmentation of Contacts
  • Dedicated IP
  • Etc

Still want to see how SendinBlue is the new MailChimp alternative? Click here for more

Are you building a list? Are you using MailChimp? Please share your experiences with me in the comment box below.

Don’t forget to give SendinBlue a try. Create your free account. No risk, no credit card required. Cancel your subscription at any time.

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