How To Double Your Traffic This EoM! Guaranteed!!!

It’s end of month of February and for WordPress bloggers like me, it’s time to shoot your traffic through the roof and boost engagement with MyCommentAuthors.

Everyone that visited and commented on your blog this month will be excited to hear you say “Thank You” and is there any better way to say it other than MyCommentAuthors?

Many bloggers have seen this plugin very useful. What it does is simply generate for you a list of those who have been active on your blog during a certain period. Well, version 1.3 has something a little more. I’ll talk to you about it in a moment!

Though I have written about this plugin in this post, let me quickly outline some of its functions here;

  • Generate a list of all commentators on your blog during a certain month.
  • Make this list available in html so you can copy and paste in your blog post or newletter.
  • Add pagination if the generated list gets too long for a single page.
  • Add/Remove Nofollow to/from commentators where were most active (option can be disabled).
  • Generate list with/without gravatar.
  • Send friendly “Thank You” message to list of commentators from your WordPress Admin.
  • Keep you in copy if that’s what you want.

double my trafic

How can this plugin boost traffic?

Every first week of the new month, create an activity report post, showcasing your active commentators of the previous month. Not only is this a traffic boost. It’s also a steady and ever-exciting post idea.

This plugin comes in helpful in 2 steps;

  1. Generate the list of all commentators of the previous month (in html) so you can just go ahead and paste the generated html code in the activity report post (paste in Text Mode). This will automatically create a beautiful list
  2. After the post is published, go back to the plugin dashboard, under the html generated code, click “Mail This List“. Copy the url of the report post you just published, paste in the mail and send. Your commentators on the list will be alerted and watch as they rush back to your blog.

NB Before you send the mail

Be sure to do these 3 things so you don’t get embarrassed by one or two things. On the plugin’s Basic Settings panel (right sidebar), be sure to adjust the following values;

  1. Mailing limit per hour: On most shared hosting servers, there is an hourly limit on how many mails each domain can send out per hour. Any more mails after this limit is reached will simply be ignored. Find out your limit from your host and adjust here accordingly. Default is 450.
  2. Email From: Some hosts don’t allow you to send mails from emails that don’t exist on your domain. I therefore recommend not using yahoo, gmail, etc in this field. For the most part, your mails will not be delivered. Use an email that exists on your domain (info@yourdomain.com, contact@yourdomain.com, etc).
  3. Name From: This option only helps you personalize the mail even more. I recommend you enter your real names here.
  4. Gravatar Option: Not required. These are options to adjust the gravatar background and border colors to match your entire theme outlook.

Since this plugin went live about 2 weeks ago, 2 bloggers are using it to run a commenting contest on their blogs. These are:

  • Jackson Nwachukwu: Win $130 on JackPreneur’s Top Commentator Contest
  • Adesoji Adegbulu: Win $70 on #MMONigeria’s Top Commentator Contest

I also have had words from 2 awesome bloggers who have written and are recommending it to their readers. These are;

Nb: Let me know if you mention this plugin on your blog. I’ll be glad to link to it and share it on social media

MyCommentAuthors 1.3

It’s Lisa Buben again! She suggested I add a widget for the frontpage. Remember in version 1.2, I added the Dashboard widget. What it does is show the blog owner the top 3 comment authors since the history of your blog. So Lisa thought it will be good to also have them shown on the blog’s sidebar. So I added this option.

Upgrade to (or grab version 1.3). Go to Appearance -> Widgets

double traffic

All you have to do here is enter the title and the number of commentators you want displayed on the widget. It’s as simple as that.

Sponsor this plugin and get more exponsor

If you want to sponsor this plugin and get your blog or product exposed to a bigger audience, you can contact me.


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To install this plugin, it’s easy

Go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New.

Type MyCommentAuthors in the search box to continue

Another more laborious option is to download it from WordPress here

That’s it!

Put it to use every end of month and see how you get results.

Have you installed it? Any more ideas? Please leave an answer in the comment box below

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

Siraj Wahid

Hey Enstine,

Already heard about this plugin but never found enough time to activate it on my blog, I’ve been getting your thank you emails and no doubt it’s a great method to get your regular commenters back to your blog.

Good luck with the plugin, i hope i’ll activate the plugin this week.


    Enstine Muki

    He Siraj,
    It will be great to see you use this plugin.

    I will be waiting for a Thank You mail from you too 😉


    Hi Enstine, I am really enjoying reading your blog post from recent to previous one like this. I am planning to put this on my new blog because I am going to use WP now rather than Blogger. Hope sooner I can do this.

      Enstine Muki

      Hey Chris,
      Wordpress has a huge room to expand. It will be good to have you on it 😉
      Thanks for being a loyal reader.

      do have a wonderful weekend


        Nah… No need for thanks sir. I am being loyal because I really admire bloggers who put a lot of info in their content like what you did.

Swaraj Nandedkar

Hello Enstine,

Good to know that this plugin can fetch traffic and engagement too. The accessebility of this plugin is high.

I will migrate from Blogger to WordPress, and install this plugin soon. Thanks for this plugin. 🙂

Have a Nice Day!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,

    Unfortunately, there is no version for blogger. So I’ll be glad to welcome you to the WordPress community 😉

Swapnadip Chakraborty

Hello Enstine,

I have already installed it on my blog. Yesterday I got an update. Waiting for only four days to use it.

All The Best. And God Bless You.


    Enstine Muki

    Wow! I’m so excited about that 😉
    I hope to be on your list when you get it live

    Good luck bro


Very great and useful plugin there Enstine. Sure am exited am back to blogging and this plugin can help boost my traffic which is all i just need right now..

Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro, this will surely help bring back your readers
    My new platform will even help you the more. Stay tuned

Rahul Kashyap

hello Enstine,

it seem MyCommentAuthors plugin is a best plugin for getting traffic but i am confused about this plugin i have tech blog related to mobile niche so can i use this plugin on my blog and also tell me how can use this plugin. and all the best

Rahul Kashyap


    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    Do you get comments on your blog?
    I think I have explained in this post how to use it. If you get comments, then you can use it to interact with comment authors 😉

Victor Noah

I’m really in luv with the plugin. You definitely deserved more than a complement. Thanks bro Enstine for sharing and stay bless.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Victor,
    I’ll send my bank account details for some money this evening 😉

    How about that?


Hi Enstine, glad to see you updated the latest version with this new feature 🙂 It does look cool and I really like it. Can go back a year but can it be like the one in dashboard for all time? I didn’t see that option but I could have missed it. Thank you Enstine. I can’t wait to the first thank you email next week with the new month!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Lisa,
    It’s exactly like the one on dashboard. By default, it counts back to the very first comment on your blog 😉

Kaloyan Banev

It does make sense, tried that actually, but with different plugin, actually on completely different CMS. Though on latest changes on my layout I’ve removed this widget. Probably I will turn it back.

    Enstine Muki

    ok I see. I think this is the first of its kind on wp. Let me know your experience with it

Ravi Chahar

Hi Enstine,

Glad to know that you have a new version of this plugin.

The widgets you have added are really great to show. I liked the option to limit e-mails.
Gravatar option is also effective to use. There are many people who don’t use any image as their Gravatar. Their comments shouldn’t be approved.

This plugins can increase traffic to the blog. People like to get mentioned and see their name at famous blog they comment.

Lisa has written an informative post regarding this plugin.

Great to know more about it.

Hope you have a good day.:)


David Pheng

WOW! Thank for sharing this useful tips.
I need to try it out and see the result by myself.
You rock man

Jeff Sollee

Hey Enstine,

I absolutely love this plug in! It is such a great idea to shoot a “thank you” to all of your readers for leaving comments! I definitely see how well it works and how it has changed the engagement to my own blog.

I also love the fact that it is getting updated with some of these new and amazing features! It is so easy to use for someone like me who isn’t mega tech savvy. Thank you as well for explaining the new functions and exactly how to use them. I believe with the use of your plugin we can all have a better blogging experience!

Still incredibly fired up about what is coming in the very near future 😉 Thanks for everything Enstine! If you ever need any help, I’m always around!

All the best,
Jeff Sollee


Thank you for this very much informative article about “MyCommentAuthors”. I didn’t know about it. And also thank you for describing “How to use it, install it etc.?”

Jackson Nwachukwu

Enstine, your commitment to updating this plugin with awesome features is what makes it one of its kind in WP.

I can recall vivdily when you first launched it, today it’s turning into an eye catchy plugin.

There is nothing awesome than letting your amiable readers know how well you value comments they left on your blog. I will say nothing but thumbs up for such a professional blogging intiative!

The v1.3 coming with a sidebar widget is great, atleast it’s another great way to show off your most dedicated commenters.

Cheers bro!

sherman smith

Hey Enstine,

Oohh, so that’s what the name of the plugin is. I seen a couple of emails you sent to me with a list of other bloggers, and i was wondering what plugin you were using for this! Now I know and now it’s time to implement. I sure appreciated you sending me the email of how many times i commented and I’m sure that others will too! Thanks for sharing!

Abhishek Goel

Looks to be a really great plugin for WordPress blogs. A nice way to reward your commentators as well as boost your site traffic at the same time. Thanks a lot for coming up with this plugin, I have downloaded it and will start using on all my WordPress sites 🙂

Darragh McCurragh

Hi Enstine, as always, actionable information. The only chagrin I have, without trying to be a spoil-sport: this thank-you email is not based on a double-opt-in unless at the same time that particular commenter has already subscribed to your blog (comments) somehow and during this process passed through a double opt-in process. Since the Canadians have now even topped the (US) CANSPAM act, I would certainly not go overboard with it. I would suggest, if the comment thus recognized is really a worthwhile one chances are the commenter might appreciate such recognition. But others might also be fishing for “litigation fodder”. I don’t know, time will tell.

mrunmay phanse

This is an awesome plugin for bloggers like us to get more traffic thanks for the recommendation and update version

Corina Ramos

Hello Enstine,

Thank you once again for developing such a great plugin! It was so easy to configure and add to my sidebar!

Definitely sharing this! Hope you’re having a great week!

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Corina,
    Thanks for stepping over here and leaving a comment
    Yes, it’s beautiful on your blog and thanks for using it.

    Just create a thank you post this month end and send a mail to your commentators. They’ll surely love it 😉


Hello enstine,
Nice to see another great plugin. I will surely give it a try

Larry Frank

Wow! Cool one for the new month anyway. This can’t be used on blogs hosted in the blogger blogging platform, this is so sad to hear. But all the same it’s a wonderful one. I recieved a message from madam Herleena using this awesome plugin and i was happy that you could help others to make blogging easy.
Thanks Enstine Muki.

Divyansh Peswani

Enstine bro, after this post, you just forced me to say

‘YOU ARE THE BEST’. I have not experienced such awesome articles even at BasicBlogtips.com. Everything written with pure simplicity and concluding awesomeness inside it. Hats off to your man!!!


    Enstine Muki

    Wow! thanks for such a positive comment bro.
    you are a wonderful reader and I’ll soon get you on my blog here 😉

      Divyansh Peswani

      Ohh, Thanks a ton for that Enstine bro! You rock!!!


Hey Enstine Bro

I have not tried this plugin yet which something new method to drive traffic how long you have been using this bro ?


Hi Muki, traffic generation is the pursuit of every blogger, therefore, any tutorial on this subject is a must read, thanks for sharing.

online business coach

Hi Enstine, thanks for this awesome tips. I will definitely try the plugin on my blog


Hey Enstine,
The plugin you shown over there is really cool. Will be waiting forward to use it in my new blog launching soon. 🙂
Thank you.

Brittany Bullen


What a smart idea, I was wondering how you did that! It’s a fantastic way to make commentators feel appreciated and I had no idea it was so easy! I’ll definitely have to look into it more when I can find a minute, because I can definitely see how it could be great for one’s blog traffic.

You’re so smart. =)


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Brittany,
    Thanks for showing up on this post 😉
    I’ll be glad to see you run this on your blog. BTW, I was on your blog a few minutes ago but I was unable to rely to the reply you left on my comment. Looks like you have to adjust your comment settings to allow for more conversation 😉

      Brittany Bullen

      Oh really? I didn’t realize I didn’t have that option, how lame! How would I fix that and still keep my WP commenting system? Is there a plugin for that?

        Enstine Muki

        Hi Brittany,
        You just have to go to your blog Admin -> Settings -> Discussion

        Under Other comment settings, locate the option Enable threaded (nested) comments and set the depth to something like 5 or 6

        That should open up your comments for more replies, discussions and engagement.

        Please let me know how it goes

          Brittany Bullen


          I checked and I already had it set as you described. Not sure what the problem is!

Benson Wright

Thanks Estine for sharing this.
Actually I didn’t know about it until I read this post which means your post has been beneficial to someone. Am also sure am not the only one who didn’t know about this.
The reason I like to visit blogs like yours is to learn of the latest trends in blogging world so that I know what is relevant and what’s not. However I always take such recommendations with a pinch of salt because I have noticed there are many suggestions about various plug-ins especially with wordpress and surely you cant use all of them because not all of them are really necessary.
However I have to say if it’s something that will help me increase traffic I am always for the idea especially for a new blog.
And by the way have you blogged using blogger(google)? How does it compare with wordpress? I would love you to write a post about this.

Areesha Noor

Hello Enstine Muki,
I never heard about this Plugin, I know about only comment Luv Plugin.
I read entire post and found great feature. It’s really Interesting Plugin.
and it’s a great idea to appreciate Visitor through Monthly report.
Any way Thanks Enstine Muki for sharing your hard work with us.


Hi enstine,

I got to know about Mycomment author plugin. Its a great plugin. I want to organize a giveaway and blog commenting contest on my blog and I want to use this plugin. I need your help in this.


What a great idea for a plugin Enstine.
I agree, it provides a really unique way of encouraging bloggers to return to a site.
Will check it out, thanks.

Muhammad jamshaid

Thanks for sharing this great and informative article.
I did not know about comment Authors before reading this post.
It is very interesting and great plugin.
It is a very great idea.
I appreciate your work and great sharing for us.
Thanks once again.


Hi Enstine bro!

Yes, whenever we think how comment can boost traffic! This plugin is very useful for getting back all commentators again on your blog. It seems very easy to install and works greatly.

I just downloaded it on my PC!

Anyway, thanks again for letting us know about this great plugin.

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