7 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Blog Right Now!

I’m delighted to be on Enstine Sir’s blog to share my blogging experiences and suggestions on how to improve your blog right now.

So, you’ve reached here to get some ways to make a better blog, Am I right? I appreciate your interest in reading my post and the enthusiasm in facing the challenges of blogging. I would say that Blogging is an admirable journey that should move forward in a consistent manner.

If you’re a blogger who are updating your blog with reliable blog posts and satisfied with its search engine performance, then you deserve a pat on the back. It means that you’ve done something well and my best regards to tackle the future blogging intricacies.

You might ask me “How is your blog performing?” and my reply would be “Yes, its’ not bad!”. But I felt that I’ve missed some imperative stuff that should be improved. Because, my blog traffic remains the same for long (neither traffic drop nor improvement) and Alexa rank got a bit worse. I know this is a sad thing, but I’ve learnt a lot from these adverse blog results.

I’ve sent a detailed mail to my mentor (Atish Ranjan) and got some suggestions to improve my blog. Then I read the awesome posts contributed as guest post by the innovative bloggers (Kulwant Nagi and Anil Agarwal) to improve my blog ranking.
Finally, I’ve made some progressive changes to my blog and hoping for the good results. If you would like to have a well-performing blog, you may read my suggestions below on “how to improve your blog” to blog like pro.

Best ways to make your blog better today

Understanding the ways to improve your blog is simple but implementing the methods matter a lot which would let you to make profits with your blog. Here are my 7 sure-fire ways to start enhancing your blog today.

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1. Change your blog theme

If the design of your blog is responsive and thus optimized for mobile devices, you don’t need to do any changes in it. But if you have an unreceptive blog design, you need to act right now to modify it. Some responsive WordPress themes have excellent design to offer better clarity for the readers and no matter the platform on which it is viewed.

I would say that it is a serious blog pointer to be worked on. My previous premium theme was not reactive for small devices like Tablet/iPad and Android/iPhone and hence I’ve moved to a good responsive blog design. Ankit Kumar from Bloggertipstricks has helped to change my theme and you may have its fresh look here. So, if you wanna improve your blog’s readability, get a quick to respond blog theme.

2. Increase the post frequency

How often you update your blog? Once in a week? Yes? You need to change this attitude right now. Increasing the post frequency per week is the easiest way to improve your blog. But avoid publishing some inappropriate content 5 times a week for the sake of posting. Just set a goal to publish 2 posts week and check your blog performance. Then gradually increase the post publishing activity from 2 to 3 and therefore you’ll certainly be improving your blog.

I know the difficulty of creating in-depth good quality content and so I’m suggesting you to follow an easy blogging schedule. If you intended to follow a strict plan for blogging, your value of the content might diminish which would urge your visitors to run away to other blog. So, slowly increase your post program and be sure to keep up its quality remain high.

3. Take care of links and SEO

I think that its’ not essential to explain the importance of building quality backlinks. If you wanna achieve better search engine rankings, you have to create valuable backlinks that will send good amount traffic to your blog. No matter if the links are dofollow or nofollow but make them to look natural.

Avoid creating links by leaving pointless comments and contributing sloppy guest posts. It won’t work to progress your blog and wouldn’t allow you to get your blog’s name out on other blogs. Besides, do internal linking with matching anchor text, carefully watch broken links and crawl errors in Google Webmaster tools. If you start to execute all these activities along with on-page SEO, your blog will grow steadily.

Link out some good resources at every blog post was the very first counsel from my mentor to improve my blog and since then I’ve followed it. In addition, I don’t know what Black Hat SEO is and never use the wrong SEO techniques till now. I’m watchful while creating backlinks for my blog.

4. Alter blog content style

Interesting blog content would not only increase the curiosity of the visitors but also let them appear on your blog regularly. Your primary goal should be to concentrate in creating the unique content by sharing your creative thoughts, ideas and opinions in every blog post. However, do not write boring information again and again; instead you may add some exciting Infographs or videos related to the information you’re writing. Moreover, do not forget to add eye-catching pictures in your blog posts to provoke your readers’ attention and to drive traffic from Pinterest.

Previously, I used to write just what I know but now I’ve realized my mistake. I do keyword research and collect trendy news related to the targeted keyword to write down the comprehensive blog posts. Also, I’m familiar with the importance of having compelling images at every blog post and accordingly I’ve started to edit the images that match to the content. As a result, my blog traffic from Pinterest has improved a lot.

5. Remove useless ingredients

When visitors land on your blog, they should feel comfortable in grabbing the information what they need and should not be distracted in any way. Hence, if you want your readers to come back to your blog and to enhance their user experience, it is good to remove the unwanted stuffs from your blog. This is the great lesson that I’ve learnt from Adam Connell, blogger who inspires me a lot. You check his post “Useless elements to you need to remove from your blog” to improve your blog by removing the unwanted elements.

In the past, I had some useless badges and blog directories link at the sidebar of my blog. After reading this meaningful post, I’ve removed them. I have been pondering on the idea of moving some elements like Alexa widget and social profiles to the footer area.

6. Make interactive community

If you want to seriously boost the achievement of your blog, do concentrate to turn your blog into an interactive community medium. Encourage your readers to share their valuable opinions about your blog content and interact with them through comment section. Make use of blogging communities and social media to network with other bloggers that would expose your blog to new audience.

I accept that you receive targeted traffic from search engines. But to make your blog look more natural and stay safe with Google Penguin algorithm, integrate your blog with social sites and get connected to a group of people who support your blog.

If you wish to stay on your own, you’ll not be able to reach the blogging success. If you know me, you may notice my active presence at several social networks.

7. Ask suggestions and carry on with confidence

I’m sure that this idea will work. Yes! Never hesitate to ask suggestions to your friends (not newbies) and influential bloggers to improve your blog. I do agree that making big changes to your blog is a great thing but you’ll get good results if you take correct decision. Move your blog to next level with great confidence and be glad with your changing choices. Concentrate on implementing one strategy at a time to advance your blog.

As I stated early, I do ask suggestions from great bloggers to make my blog better. I’m not a person with great confidence level! Yes, sometimes I feel unhappy with my blog performance. But I take advices from experienced bloggers to do an enriched blogging. I strongly wanna insist that you might get confuse with the guidance of too many persons and thus seek limited blogging instructions.

My bottom lines

As there exist a huge competition between millions of blogs, creating a successful blog that attract the readers is really an art. Great blogs can’t build overnight; it depends on your smart activities. All of these ideas are meant to make your blog better right now.

What tactics have you used to increase your blog’s page rank? Have you consider any other ways to improve your blog? Look forward to hear your insights in the comment section.

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