Reponsive wordpress news theme – X Theme 2.0 released!

X theme 2.0 has been released and it’s a must-have reponsive wordpress news theme for news papers and magazine sites.

In my first review of X theme, I pointed out great features that have been built in this leader WordPress template. It is the most complete theme ever with tons of options.

As a matter of fact, you can do literally anything with X WordPress Theme. A few things that makes it powerful are the technical support, the training videos in the member area, different customization possibility, etc. If you did not have the opportunity to read my first review, check it out here.

X theme 2.0, the master WordPress News Theme.

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For those of you running news and or Magazine sites, this is the responsive WordPress theme that was designed with you in mind.

2 main features have been added in this upgrade – Ethos, the fourth stack and the much requested mega menus. Let’s look at these features in some details.

1 – The fourth Stack, Ethos

wordpress magazine themeIn the previous vision of X theme, there are 3 stacks to choose from. These are Integrity, Renew  and Icon . Check out this review for details on these stacks.

Ethos is focus on newspaper and magazine sites. As a matter of fact, this world is all about news and information, so a design has to be able to both present the content in a compelling way while not overshadowing, or worse yet, competing with it.

This stack is a content-driven, information oriented design that works great for websites where news is the central focus. There are many exciting and beautiful features that are unique to it only.

Here are some key features to help you create stunning, engaging, and fully responsive magazine and news sites;

a – Featured Carousel.

Magazine sites are all about the news, and the creative Carousel feature will allow you to feature important posts right off the bat.  This is customizable based on the size of your visitor’s screen so you have many choices on how to display content on different devices.

b – Real-Time Filterable Categories.

This feature allows visitors to instantly filter content by categories without reloading the page. This creates a more fulfilling user experience.

c – Big, Skinny, & Standard Image Options

Ethos takes the blog index to another level by providing three options for displaying posts:

  1. Big Feature
  2. Skinny Feature
  3. Standard.

Both Big and Skinny Feature will present your images in a compelling, modern and full screen manner that is sure to attract more clicks.

d – Alternate Index Titles

With Ethos, you can create alternate index titles allowing you to pose a question on the index with a different title on the actual post. This makes room for flexibility and gives different ways to present compelling copies.

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2 – Megamenus

Another big feature released in X theme 2.0 (wordpress news theme) is megamenus. This is following a huge request from users of X theme. Megamenus work across all Stacks and each one features their own unique set of styling.

Megamenus are a great feature to take advantage of if you’ve got a lot of content that you need to manage within your navigation system that could easily get overwhelming with traditional drop-downs.

Each megamenu consists of three navigation levels;

wordpress news theme

  1. Top level menu item (the link that will appear in your navigation bar)
  2. First level sub items (which are still linkable and will form the “titles” for each section within your megamenu)
  3. Second level sub items beneath that (which will serve as the “links” for that section of the megamenu).


X theme 2.0 has one more stack added to the 3. This new stack called Ethos is purely for news and magazine sites. It also comes with a new set of shortcuts.

Megamenus feature has been added and it’s available to be used with all the stacks.

The developers have made countless performance enhancements, theme improvements, updates, and bug fixes with this release.

X theme 2.0 is a perfect responsive wordpress news theme.

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What’s your opinion about this WordPress Magazine theme? Have you practically experienced it? Let’s hear you out in the comment box.

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