Blog Engage – 5 Reasons to join for massive traffic!

Blog Engage is a top blogging community. Blogging communities are simply platforms where bloggers meet and share their posts, network and help each other grow. There are many of such communities popping up these days but I think Blog Engage has succeeded to distinguish itself from the crowed.

I have been on Blog Engage since end of 2012 (that was when I started blogging) and it’s by far the most recommended of all blogging communities. Hang on as I prove my case ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blog Engage

Blogging Communities – Why is Blog Engage their master?

1 – > Blog Engage is not free

While FREE is good, PAID is better. That’s just it! When you spend money on something, you attache more value to it. That’s one of the reasons Blog Engage will never lose its value. Everyone on it pays to be there. Everyone therefore attaches huge value to the investment made. Over 2000 paying members cannot be wrong. Blog Engage is where to meet bloggers with a spending capacity and habit. Free is good but I love to associate with people who spend real money. Traffic from Blog Engage is like traffic from buyers list.

2 – > Blog Enage is clean

If there is something we want as bloggers, it’s belonging to a spam-free blog community. Not only is BlogEngage spam-free, it’s a blog community with top, savvy bloggers. That’s one of the very strong points of this platform. It seems to have a way of filtering its members.ย  Most of the top bloggers I deal with that have helped me earn 1000s of dollars online have come from this platform.

3 – > Blog Engage helps its members make money

This is the only community out of so many well known blog communities that is directly paying its members through its affiliate system. You can promote Blog Engage and make recurring earnings. All you need is join the Affiliate System for free.ย  You also instantly get $10.00 for joining. Click here to join the Blog Engage Affiliate Program.

4 -> Blog Engage is Video syndication

blog communities

This is a step ahead of most blog communities we have today. The Blog Engage system automatically syndicates, embeds and distributes your Youtube videos to the community, Facebook and Twitter. This helps increase your video views, subscribers and comments.

5 – > The Back-office

What makes the value of any platform is not how powerful the script is.ย  No matter how much you put in to acquire materials – servers, office equipments, etc, if you don’t have the right minds at the back-office, the whole thing becomes a waste.

Brian Belfitt, the creator of this platform is someone you can count on. I don’t know how this guy manages it but he is always there to go one-on-one with each and every member of his community. My personal encounter with him has been a huge lift. Not only does Brian help promote my blog, he made sure I was well settled in his community.

— > Check out Blog Engage blog community here < —

Are you a Blog Engage user ?

If you are a member on this platform, what has been your experiences? What makes it different from other blogging communities?

Share your points in the comment box below

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Enstine Muki, Money making blogger, author of Blog Promotion Network and BlogExpose and MyCommentAuthors Wordpress Traffic and Engagement free Plugin

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  1. I think that is not such a good community there are many other communities that are more popular than this blogengage
    gaurav Vashisht recently posted…201- best seo tips and tricks in 2016 To Boost TrafficMy Profile

  2. Hi, Muki You doing a good job on this post..keep it up man
    Agisoft PhotoScan Crack recently posted…Agisoft PhotoScan Crack + Keygen DownloadMy Profile

  3. Hi Enstine I just signed up as an affiliate with BlogEngage based on your recommendation. Is it a 2 tiered program? Your review of BlogEngage was great so I am interested in signing up for the Business Plan is there a money back guarantee?

    FYI I would like to use BlogEngage to find affiliates and bloggers who would like to join and promote the new product launch of our RetargetRazor Pro software:

    If possible I would also like to use BlogEngage to find affiliates and Bloggers who will promote my new freemium eBook, โ€œEssential VIRAL MARKETING Tips & Strategies For 2016 And Beyond!โ€, which can be downloaded freely from:

    Regards, Ron
    Ron recently posted…Get FREE ACCESS For A Limited Time Only!My Profile

    • Hey Ron,
      Good to know you signed up to the Affiliate program and planning to buy the Business Plan.

      Yes it’s a community where you can get affiliates to promote your program. What I recommend at the moment is you buy the business plan and let’s talk to Brian, the owner. He’s a cool guy and good friend. I’m sure he’ll find a way to spread the news about your business on the platform. This will surely recruit the affiliates you want for your promotion.

      Do let me know when you move on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I am wondering of joining Blog Engage. But it seems it’s not a very active website, Estine. An it doesn’t seem like a lot of people are interested in it in the first place. Having around 3000 members after 3 years is not much and I am not sure how many of them are active.

    Are you still part of the site?
    Anh Nguyen recently posted…Can You Build a Profitable Blog? (45 Statistics to Answer your Question)My Profile

  5. Time Education says:

    Cool, Very nice decision to encourage the readership. Now its time to earn some huge count pointsโ€ฆ.

  6. I am not a blogengage user but I’m hoping to join as a premium member as soon as I become a bit free. I have heard some of the amazing things that happen there.
    Sandra H. recently posted…Top 10 Most Visited Websites in The World Right NowMy Profile

  7. hi muki, i loved what you just said regarding the engagement of bloggers community. i never taught community like blogengage is good that’s why i disassociate myself from them, this post simply refers to me, i hardly findout means or opportunity to associate myself with other bloggers. i have learn several guides from some but find it hard to work towards it because i didn’t follow my mind but what others say.

  8. Hi Enstine,
    I agree, BlogEngage is a great community for bloggers and internet marketers to drive traffic to their blogs.
    I recently won a 2nd place on Guest Blogging contest at BlogEngage blog. Also agree with you; Brian is very supportive!
    thanks for sharing!
    Adithya Shetty recently posted…How to Effectively Prepare Your Blog or Website to Be SoldMy Profile

  9. HI Enstine,

    I am currently not a member of BlogEngage but after reading so many reviews about it (including yours :). ) I feel now its time to join it.

    Does it helps in getting traffic or does it helps in getting engaged into different activites ??

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iftekhar Ahmed recently posted…Complete Guide To Make Money With Event Based Niche BlogsMy Profile

  10. Hi Enstine !
    I agree that blogengage is a great community to get baclinks and referral traffic . But as backlinks are not very important these days , once should join blogengae for the only purpose of getting traffic .

    Pramod recently posted…Best Free Hosting Providers for WordPress WebsitesMy Profile

  11. Renaud Gagne

    I am not YET a member of blogengage but I am now considering it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel like we have much to learn from each other.

    to the top,

  12. Hello Enstine,

    While this is in itself a great entry, I must disagree with you that PAID IS BETTER. As bloggers, we are not just ‘players’ with words but very active enterpreneurs that should be extremely dollar smart.

    Now, my idea of dollar smart is that if I can get something for free (and it serves the same or even better purposes than the premium), then that cancels out the need for dishing out dollars!

    There is Blokube. Then again, there is Bizsugar and recently, Kingged. If you know your way around these three, you may never need to consider Blogengage!

    This is certainly not your opinion, I know…but this is what I feel.


    • Hey Terungwa,
      What is the difference between a buyers list and a list of people who downloaded a free product?

      You definitely agree with me that traffic from the buyers list is likely to convert more than traffic from the freebie list. That’s the point. You know as online entrepreneurs, it’s not just about traffic. It’s about the conversion point.

      There is really no way you can match traffic from paid subscribers with traffic from free subscribers except you are missing a point. Don’t get me wrong. I do use the other free platforms and do recommend them but we cannot roll out the fact that paid is better
      Enstine Muki recently posted…Guest Posting on ~ Traffic and Growth ReportsMy Profile

    • Hi Terungwa, you make some awesome points! First I will be the only one here who admits, Blokube is dead and has been for months! I’m not sure where or what Devish is doing but he’s let the ball drop and sadly it has a lot of spam all the time.

      The value of Blog Engage and it’s members is to much to “Never consider” if it was done, that blogger would either #1. Not Care or #2. Be very amateur. Blog Engage is the best online blog community and if you are a blogger online today, you should be using it 100% without question.
      bbrian017 recently posted…Community Member Spotlight with Ivan WidjayaMy Profile

  13. Hey Enstine,
    Again you come up with an awesome article. I think the most important thing that you need to become a successful blogger is to find a community which is spam free and where you can freely share your views also. blogging means sharing and sharing is caring.
    I think Blogengage is a unique concept and is very much successful one.

    Rohit recently posted…How Inspiration can lead you to the steps of Success??My Profile

  14. That is a Nice review about BlogEngage, I heard somebody told me a lot about the benefit of that but I never tried that. Okies..! I would learn more about Blog Engage. Anyway, thanks for sharing the nice articles
    Kimsea recently posted…The Useful Tips For Newbie To Start A Home Base BusinessMy Profile

  15. Riya Khurana

    BlogEnage is one of great community which always ready to cheers Blogger…
    Love to read your post..
    it is really interesting….
    good work…:)

  16. Hey Enstine,

    To be honest, Blog Engage hasn’t worked for me like Bizsugar or Kingged yet. I’ve been able to generate good amount of traffic from both Bizsugar and Kingged. As far as Blog Engage is concerned, i agree with you. It’s the only community with less spam just because it’s paid.

    When it comes to money making with blog engage then i can’t disagree with you any more. Most of my fellow bloggers are promoting blog engage including you which means it’s surely helping people to generate money, i have also placed an affiliate banner of blog engage, i hope it would work for me.

    Siraj Wahid recently posted…[Giveaway] 2 Creative Logo designs by MashinMedia worth $98My Profile

    • Hi Siraj,
      Thanks for the comment and being honest
      BizSugar and of course kingged are great platforms to drive traffic. I have even written about kingged but the question is how much time do you spend on each? If you spend more time on one, expect more traffic from it.

      The next point is what’s the quality of the traffic? What’s the spending power of your visitors? Obviously, visitors from a paid platform, generally are more able to spend than those from a free platform. That can not be disputed. Traffic from BlogEngage is like traffic from a buyers list.

      Do have a wonderful weekend bro and hope to see you around agin
      Enstine Muki recently posted…Guest Posting on ~ Traffic and Growth ReportsMy Profile

    • Hi Siraj Wahid, I understand what you mean, perhaps bizsugar has worked because they pay users to comment on their site! So it may feel it’s more active but it’s really not. I think Enstine is right, if you spend your time at bizsugar , then it will work for you, it all depends where you spend y your time. I hope to see you being more active on Blog Engage,

      The affiliate program is a great opportunity for bloggers especially when they have a crowd or audience that doesn’t know much about us yet, that equals sales for sure.
      bbrian017 recently posted…The Wrong Places To WriteMy Profile

  17. I’ve not a member of BE, but I know a lot of bloggers get benefits from it and it is one of the place filled with Geeks and their highly engaged nature.

    Instead of spending thousands of sources that spam than good, BlogEngage gives better ROI what we spend our time and money.

    Thanking you for the insight.
    Naveen recently posted…How I earn $$ by Video Marketing [With Earning Proof]My Profile

  18. I. C. Daniel

    I’m not a member yet, I first heard about BlogEngage due to their contest, because is a blogging community and I don’t have a blog I could not join the contest because there was some rules, however the manager, Brian told me I could if I really want even without.

    I agree with you Enstine, paid is better than free, not only you receive quality but also support in named terms and conditions accepted during purchase of membership, services or eBooks.

    See you next time Enstine, kind regards from I. C. Daniel