5 ways to market yourself online! { Infographic}

If you are a professional without a solid online presence, you are certainly hurting your business. The Internet today has opened many doors for expansion. Professionals can easily reach out to more businesses by using very simple and effective online marketing strategies.

In this post, we discuss five powerful ways to market yourself online and move your business to a whole new level.

I have designed this simple infographic so you can easily understand the steps and start your online marketing plans today.

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how to makert yourself online

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Here is a summary of this infographics

1) Create your professional blog

A blog is the quickest way to get the word out and reach a larger audience. It’s different from your business website where pages go for months or years un-updated.

Adding to this, creating a professional blog does not require any huge investment. All you need are;

With less than $200, you can set up a professional business blog that helps your business grow worldwide.

2) Get specific

If you want to succeed tremendously, you have to be specific. Identify your business and your clients. Be very specific and be as detailed as possible. Don’t be jack of all and master of non.

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Customers today  need excellence in any service and the only way to deliver it is focus. The more you focus on a specific business, the more you developer your skills to resolve issues. That’s what makes you a professional isn’t it?

3) Be active on social media

You need to create connections and build new relationships. Social media is the platform for networking and meeting new people.

You will have to join major social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

These are free platforms. You can however use the paid advertising features for faster growth.

4) Offer free services

This is one of the ways to quickly establish yourself in your business especially if you are new. There are tons of ways to serve for free and get noticed. Be part of any course to help the needy.

Donate online to organizations. This is specifically powerful in that most of these organizations will link back to you and tell their world about you.

5) Don’t wait! Move out

Once you have your blog setup and you are already publishing articles, truth is, people will find you. Some will come over from social media. However, don’t sit and wait.

You have to move out and pitch yourself. There are tons of tools and platforms out there where you can meet and connect with people that may need your services.

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