Dangers of not having a Backup & Recovery Solution! [infographic]

Here is an infographic from SingleHop, a cloud computing company, showing that while the cost of not using a backup service could seriously damage your company, many business owners are not taking deliberate measures to protect themselves by moving their data to cloud hosting.

Only a shocking 50% of enterprises backup their employees computers!  When downtime happens, which it most assuredly will, there are a whole variety of negative effects that can take place.  On average, sites have 13 instances of downtime each year.

This can come from operational error, natural disasters or even human error. The amount of money that can be lost from any one of these issues is staggering.  In a single incident $341,000 of mission critical data can be lost.  This includes sensitive company and customer information.

It is hard to make money when you are bleeding profits trying to recover data during downtime,that is why the focus on protection from downtime and data loss is so important.

Downtime is when a company is the most vulnerable.  Not only are they losing profits but also their reliability and reputation to both employees or customers is tarnished.  If you want to focus your efforts on making money online, you need to build trust.

Online interaction is still a new field,so the way individuals interact with one another is still slightly untested.  When a website experiences downtime, that is not reassuring to those interacting with it.  Would you give money to the owner of a site that you saw was down the day before?  No!  You would probably stay far away.

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Dangers of not having a backup and recovery solution


Not having backups to protect your site leads to loss of business opportunities, revenue and a degraded reputation.  With a weak online presence, you are not instilling confidence in your partners but rather, driving them away.

Over three quarters of IT leaders are planning on changing their protection plans in the next two years.  Be one of those thought leaders and protect your online presence!  Not only will you embody the characteristics your customers want but you will continue to make money in the meantime!

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25 thoughts on “Dangers of not having a Backup & Recovery Solution! [infographic]”

  1. Hi, Enstine Muki

    At first I would like to say that this post is really nice…

    We all know that data is a vital asset to a company and there are a lot of things that can go wrong and require a company to need services for disaster recovery.

    I believe that one must be aware of various types of disaster areas and it’s preparedness to consider. It’s not possible to plan for and foresee absolutely every potential disaster out there but there are several areas you should consider that would cover you for a broad range of scenarios. data recovery plans enable you to minimize risk.

    At minimum, two areas of consideration should be:


    I thank you again for sharing this valuable technical information.

  2. Very informative Report and data loss rate is so high.

    Still many Company (both newbie to medium even established) & individual don’t have any idea & knowledge about data security that’s why report shown us 50% enterprises stored data to employees PC.
    I think it’s not 50% it’s more in some situation.

    having few concept about Cloud backup system also the main reason.

  3. Great Info Enstine,
    The truth is I never do it. I started to do once my site was crashed; I followed it religiously for few days and then again started to take it lightly. Taking regular back i slot important and I am certainly trying my best to do it on a regular basis.
    Thanks for the share.

  4. I don’t know, I’m in the data recovery business and we prefer that people don’t back up. After all they can always come to us and for a few hundred dollars they can buy their data back. : )

    I just feel bad for the ones we can’t recover. Years of family photos and Quickbooks file down the toilet.

      • Not usually. Hard to find the time. I’ve actually tried to hire guest bloggers for my website, but haven’t found any qualified bloggers. I suppose the occasional guest post could have some good SEO benefits if the site allows a few contextual links.

          • I’ll have to check it out. Though given what a small niche data recovery is, it’s unlikely I’d find a qualified blogger there. And I can’t afford to have sub-par articles posted on my site. That’s why I’ve been asking on the data recovery forums. I guess I’ll just have to keep doing it myself, or hire someone (train them) and then have them blog for me.

  5. This is my first time on your blog Enstine, i really love the way you write your articles and I’ve read some of your blogposts, i must say you are really Good and thanks for sharing this great article, God bless!

  6. Taking regular backup’s should be the top priority for most bloggers.

    I’ve first hand experience of not taking the backups and it leads to too much stress and consumes a lot of money and time to get your data back. Great share Enstine.

  7. Hello Sir Muki, you have said well in this article..just like Madam Joy Healey, I’ve been having a downtime on my blog for the past two weeks which made me switch from host to host until I finally got the right one..what I really need now is back-up and this article says it all.

    Thanks for the great article Sir Muki.

  8. Hey Enstine,

    Great stats and infograph. I can relate to this! The only backup I have is from my host company, but you have to keep in mind that their servers can also crash as well. So I started using a backup plugin that backs up my blog every week because you never know what could happen and these stats can show for what you can lose!

    Thanks for sharing and sorry for what happened to your friend Joy

  9. Awesome infographic!

    So wait… are you trying to tell me that there are some blogs/businesses that don’t have a backup/recovery plan in place?! REALLY??

  10. Hi Enstine

    This is a timely information as I have seen so many people lose data as a result of not backing up their data. The metrics shown in this infograph proves his expensive losing a data can become which could easily have been avoided by just doing a simple thing.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week.

  11. Hello Enstin, Thanks for discuss on this serious topic. Really this is so much important to do backup any data. I am using WordPress and honestly i don’t have good enough idea with Server management or Hosting management. that’s why i hire a Good Server management expert and he always do these things and i never this kind of problem 🙂 But, it’s really hard for newbie to pay anything it was also hard for me, And somehow i manage the money and now i have some income source so i can pay and also one more thing, I am also learning this server management. This is really important for any Internet Marketer and Blogger.

  12. This is a sad news but I think if someone is using wordpress as their website, then it is their responsibility to take regular backup of the data they have uploaded on the site. Or they can appoint someone who will take care about the daily backup as I was doing in one MNC to protect the financial company’s data.

    People who don’t care about this critical point or ignore this, sometime suffer.

  13. Hello Enstine Bro,
    The article you provided is most important for bloggers like me. As, many times we stuck in situations where we have to lost our data, but we can recover that loss if we have backup. Many times I had recovered my blog due to backup. This post is quite beneficial for those who never keeps backup ready.

  14. Hi Enstine, Great update here buh the post is not complete as I think you suppose to add how to backup and restore wp blogs in there, thats my aim for opening the post.

  15. I agreed backup is most critical part for any unforeseen consequences. Since many a times we have come across these type of critical cases. After so many efforts we build up our business or blog and anything happened then we cannot completely rely on hosting agent they may not that efficient but at the end all we have to suffer.

  16. Backup is damn important. Few days ago My site was down and the web host told that If I didn’t had any backup I would have lost all the data. Which included all my posts, pages, images , comments etc.
    Luckily I had backup.
    Now I backup weekly to ensure my data is safe.
    Wonderful infographic buddy.

  17. Hi Enstine,

    Well this one could have been meant for me – as I’m currently stressed beyond measure trying to recover a site that was hacked over the weekend and just disappeared.

    I have a cloud backup for my PC data, but it’s a WordPress backup that’s giving me grief.

    I THOUGHT I had two backups in place – one on Dropbox and the other using a paid service on Hostgator. However, both of these are proving difficult to access for a non-technical person like me.

    I had two sites just removed from Hostgator, and the only one I have managed to get back up, despite all the other “clever” solutions, was the one I had backed up manually.

    So bottom line – test your restore procedure and don’t assume it will be easy 🙂

    Back to my struggle….


    • Here again!

      I got a reply from Hostgator showing me how to access my paid backup so I’ve just requested a restore.

      However it is telling me I may need to restore databases separately? From where? LOL
      Rhetorical question (which I have directed to the backup support people).

      I’m not overly optimistic because my account has been hacked badly and a load of stuff put in there that took me over the quota of my backup account.

      At worst I have a manual backup I can upload, so for all the clever solutions it seems as if the manual backups may be the ones that get me out of this current crisis.


      • It’s becoming terrifying that this is taking this much time for a simple backup. That paid backup service is really questionable – It shouldn’t have taken these number of hours.

        Please, if there is anything I can do to help, don’t fail to shoot me a mail

      • Hi

        I’ve no idea what Hostgator have been backing up to be honest. I had wrongly assumed they were backing up my site and could restore it for me fast if it went down. Silly me 🙂

        Luckily I had a full ftp backup on my own PC which I restored…… and have just had an email from Hostgator saying they restored my HACKED site on top of the site I had just pieced together again. Sob, sob…. I guess they thought they were helping.

        What is annoying me is that they keep saying my WP sites were out of date and that’s why they got hacked. They weren’t out of date and my even older sites on other providers have not been hacked. This is the second time this year I have lost a load of sites on Hostgator.

        Anyway, I’ll pop over and read your post, thanks – looks like just what I need 🙂


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