Dangers of not having a Backup & Recovery Solution! [infographic]

Here is an infographic from SingleHop, a cloud computing company, showing that while the cost of not using a backup service could seriously damage your company, many business owners are not taking deliberate measures to protect themselves by moving their data to cloud hosting.

Only a shocking 50% of enterprises backup their employees computers!  When downtime happens, which it most assuredly will, there are a whole variety of negative effects that can take place.  On average, sites have 13 instances of downtime each year.

This can come from operational error, natural disasters or even human error. The amount of money that can be lost from any one of these issues is staggering.  In a single incident $341,000 of mission critical data can be lost.  This includes sensitive company and customer information.

It is hard to make money when you are bleeding profits trying to recover data during downtime,that is why the focus on protection from downtime and data loss is so important.

Downtime is when a company is the most vulnerable.  Not only are they losing profits but also their reliability and reputation to both employees or customers is tarnished.  If you want to focus your efforts on making money online, you need to build trust.

Online interaction is still a new field,so the way individuals interact with one another is still slightly untested.  When a website experiences downtime, that is not reassuring to those interacting with it.  Would you give money to the owner of a site that you saw was down the day before?  No!  You would probably stay far away.

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Dangers of not having a backup and recovery solution


Not having backups to protect your site leads to loss of business opportunities, revenue and a degraded reputation.  With a weak online presence, you are not instilling confidence in your partners but rather, driving them away.

Over three quarters of IT leaders are planning on changing their protection plans in the next two years.  Be one of those thought leaders and protect your online presence!  Not only will you embody the characteristics your customers want but you will continue to make money in the meantime!

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