How to make extra money from home ~ Question Answered!

I have a classmate who relocated to Belgium some few years back. This guy works in a local baker’s shop and earns just enough to pay his bills.  Last week, I got a mail from him asking if I have materials to help him make extra money from home.

Everyone is almost unsatisfied with the current state of things. There is always need for some additional income. Some people even go as far as having 2 jobs – one in the day and one in the night. I wonder if such people have a life of their own.

Most people want that when they get home from their 9-to-5 job site, they should be able to do some little odd jobs that will fetch them extra money. Well, that depends how many hours you have left in your hands.

Some stay-at-home mums want to earn more money while they stay at home. That’s absolutely reasonable given the huge possibilities of earning extra money just with an Internet connection. While most of us are looking for easy ways to make money or simply how to make more money, I want to mention here that there is really nothing that comes easy.

How to make extra money from home!

make extra money from home

I believe everyone with an Internet connection can make extra money from home! I know the scams and horrible stories surrounding the Internet. This however does not mean you can’t still make your way through it. There are huge possibilities online but hidden in caution and studies.  The Internet is a major source of extra money for many, including me. As a matter of fact, there are 4 major ways to make extra money from home with the help of the Internet. I want us to see these ways and which you can start with as soon as you are set;

1 – Start doing what you already are skilled at

The best and quick way to start making extra income from home is to start doing what you already know and be paid for. There are many platforms online where you can offer your services and be paid anything from $5. For a quick start, look at the services offered on Fiverr, SEOClerks, and a couple of related platforms.

If there is something you do offline skillfully, there is already a huge market for you online. Apart from offering such services online, why not create a product and sell for profit?

For my friend working in a bakery, I encouraged him to come up with some pastry recipes and he will be doing well selling them online. That was a bright idea and he’s working on that.

I don’t know your area or sector of activity but I can tell you with a big dose of confidence that you can make extra money at home  working on the Internet doing just what you already do offline.

You can find translation jobs, typing, surveys, teaching jobs, Writing, editing, and proofreading newspaper and magazine articles, virtual administrative assistant, etc. People are willing to pay you huge money for these services.

Some more platforms to offer your services and be paid; Elance, Freelancer, Guru, Odesk, ifreelance, etc

how to make more money

2 – Learn something new

There is also the possibility to learn a new skill and start making extra money with it.

The fun is a lot can be learned online these days for free and at your pace. You don’t have to completely abandon your day job here. There are hundreds of minor skills you can acquire that can fetch you money.

If for instance you are the graphics designer of your company, why not learn some logo design skills and be paid to create logos online?

Think deep and do some research. There is possibly something you can learn within your industry that can add more value to your life.

3 – Use Google helpouts

This is an excellent service by Google permitting you to teach others something using video and be paid. It’s absolutely amazing how you can teach someone how to fix his garage door and be paid. You can teach basically anything and make money.

I wrote about Google HelpOuts on this post.

4 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is by far the easiest way to start marking money online or extra money from home without heavy investments

You promote someone’s product and earn a commission. If well done, you can be earning $100+ per day in the next few weeks.

Take for instance…

If a product costs $97 and pays 50% in commissions, all you need is do your promotion to sell 2 or 3 copies per day. Now, I don’t want to insult your intelligence by continuing the calculations.

How do you start Affiliate Marketing? 

This online method to make extra money from home can also be so confusing and discouraging. If you don’t get the right products to promote or you don’t get the right promotion strategies, you’ll end up not helping yourself. That’s why I highly recommend investing in this supper excellent affiliate marketing course which teaches everything you need to know to make money as an Affiliate Marketer. As a matter of fact, this course starts with free lessons to introduce you to the model.

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing to make extra money at home, I highly advice you concentrate on one course. Avoid signing up to anything that promises Gold and Silver. You will only end up in a pool of confusion and discouragement. Affilorama is a great start point. It has 100+ video lessons full of insider tips for making money as an affiliate.

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You can make extra money from home with the Internet. There are really huge opportunities out there.  Use some of the tips I have shared here and starting making extra money. With the Internet, you don’t have to fully rely on your day job. Anywhere worldwide, you can make money online.

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