How to Handle a Bad Review online!


A few moments ago, I scanned an audio book review. Simply peep the featured image for this post.

An individual going by the handle of “pat” posted a 1 star review. I immediately realized that:

  • pat is unhappy
  • pat being unhappy guarantees that he feels bad
  • when you feel bad, you cannot see the truth
  • when you feel bad, you complain
  • when you feel bad, you leave a bad review because in your mind, even though the author or eBook or audio book triggers YOUR fear and pain, your ego blames the author or the eBook or audio book, for the fear, versus owning your fear and pain

I simply decided to write a post about getting bad reviews to help you seamlessly coast through these experiences, to accelerate your blogging success. A bad review is an unhappy person with fear-pain in their being, triggered by your offering, who blames you and your offering for their bad feelings.

I have compassion for pat. Maybe he had a bad moment, bad day or bad life. Perhaps his pet parakeet died. I have no idea. But I never get involved with bad reviews because a bad review is a scared, pained critic who cannot see clearly, because you never see the truth clearly being burdened by fear and pain.

Ponder the last time you felt depressed, upset, angry or terrified. Did you think clearly? Nope. Did you see the truth? Heck no. Did you complain? Unless you have a powerful mind, yeah, you probably complained about stuff, and people, and products and services.

First off, after receiving a bad review, HONESTLY assess how you feel. Do you fear scared, angry or embarrassed? Sit with these emotions because the reviewer showed you how to TRULY feel about the product or service.

Feel, clear the fear and then, feel better, enabling you to see clearly. If you feel calm, poised and serene, you can stop reading this post. You’re done. You have confidence and clarity in self and in your blogging offerings. Awesome job. Well done. You are a rare blogging bird, you gem, you.

So….coming back to this bad review, “pat” said I babbled about myself and the meanderings were distracting him from the facts. But again, being negative and pained clouds you from seeing the Truth. The Truth is, I wrote these chapters (for audio book listening):

filled with simple, practical usable tips, a pro blogger who tells the truth, blogs with integrity, circles the globe and has been featured on some of the world’s most famous websites. Plus, I wrote one valuable, helpful eBook over a 24 hour stretch 90 days in a row. More than any blogger on earth, I know how to write and publish an eBook in 24 hours.

Who tells the truth? The blogger who generously served people for 15,000 hours, lives his dream, inspires people to live their dream, and who has the backing of Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Virgin and Market Watch? Or the nameless, faceless guy whose credibility only goes as far as a negative, faceless review under the name of “pat”?

Never allow a negative review to sap your confidence or to make you doubt yourself. You are wonderful.

Tell the truth, hone your writing skills through persistence practice, and build a tribe of loving, loyal people.

Feel anything negative reviews trigger, then get super busy befriending like-minded bloggers and building a community of these folks around you. Go to where you are loved, not criticized, to see the truth, to get more positive reviews and to generate more sales. Profit by giving your attention and energy to fans, not haters. Fans help you make money online. Haters just prove how afraid and pained THEY are, which has nothing to do with you, your generosity a

nd your skills. Be sure to keep blogging like a machine to polish skills, to gain confidence and to establish clarity in all you do. This helps you clearly see the truth; you are a skilled blogger helping people with useful service, and haters are lying, their fears triggered by your generosity, skills and service.


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