How to get your Blog to the Top by Utilizing SEO Gold Coast

The world is turning to the Internet and there are lots of things to do online. One of these things is blogging. Blogging is a business, an income generating activity and a way to express oneself.

When you are blogging, there are chances that you already understand how blogs can help your business. You may want to read more about blogging here. However, do you have an idea on how you can optimize your articles and web content so that they can rank higher on search engines?

For many bloggers, they might make mistakes and don’t take advantage of the marketing opportunities that their blogging sites can provide them.

Studies done by show that although more than 50% of businesses online have blogs, about 65% of them don’t do updates from time to time.

At this age of technology, everyone needs fresh and relevant content that is related to what’s happening around them. When you provide them with the latest valuable articles, you can get full benefits of how blogging can help you.

SEO Tips for a Noticeable Blog

Here are some useful Search Engine Optimization tips to create a blog that will not go unnoticed in this world of information overload

#1. Do Research

Research about relevant and long-tail keywords can make a difference when it comes to optimization.  While this is a hard task for new comings in the blogging and SEO activities, SEO firms and digital marketing agencies like Gold Coast SEO WTS and many others offer result-driven SEO packages that will keep your online business going.

If you are not sure about the keywords that you should use, you can get started by getting experts to help you identify relevant keywords that pertain to your topic and that’s one of the services I offer here

If you are writing articles without experts, some tools will help you search for relevant keywords that will point out your posts. Most bloggers use SEMrush or Google Adwords Keyword Tool that allows them to spy on their competitors. They see what kind of phrases and words others are targeting to bring in customers to their website.

#2. Keywords Should Be Used but not Stuffed

Once you know the types of keywords to use, you need to make them relevant and valuable. You can try to sprinkle them throughout your post, but make sure that they look natural. For spiders or crawlers to discover your page, you need to include relevant words to the following:

  • Title of the Blog
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • First few sentences
  • Conclusion
  • Anchor texts
  • Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Anchor texts are highlighted hyperlinks that point to your site. You can often see one of them in guest posting and other blogs. One word of caution to remember is that over-stuffing keywords can lead to penalties. Instead of going up on the results page, your site may be penalized and go further down. You can know more info about penalties by checking out this article

There is a lot of content that has lots of keywords. The game has changed today, and if you are a blogger, you should never use this tactic. The entire article will look unnatural and difficult to read.

This can be irritating to your followers as well. What you can do is to search for synonyms or strategically place some words all over the article to make them look more natural.

#3. Include Images

SEO Gold Coast

Many people love images. Make sure that they are in full-color, engaging, and relevant to your content. This tactic will work on people who are searching for the type of products or services that you are providing.

For crawlers and search engines, what you can do is to include keywords on the file name. When you are using WordPress to publish your blog, you should consist of texts on the relevant field.

You need to fill in a detailed description of the photo so that it can be read conveniently by Alexa or Siri. These voice applications from Android or IOS phones will benefit blind people and older adults as well.

#4. Include Other Links

Including links to your post is proper etiquette. You can get lucky when you mention another blogger to your post and get a follower back. Make sure that the links don’t point out to competition sites, as this can make them rank higher. High-quality links are rare commodities for any websites that are looking to rank up on the search engine pages.

#5. Let readers subscriber to your blog

Provide subscription possibilities on your blog. This allows your readers to hear and see more about your company each time you publish a new post. When they hit the RSS subscribe and notify button and finally get subscribed, your blogs will show on their RSS feeds, and they can read another good content from you without continuously checking your site.

Collecting their email address to your email list lets you send them greetings, discounts, promotions, and a lot of other offers that will convert them into buying customers.

#6. Post on Social Media

Most users spend much of their time on social media to check their loved ones and to check other people. What you can do is to utilize these platforms to gain more followers. When you post interesting blogs and articles on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, you are inviting lots of people to your website.

Most entrepreneurs are on Facebook to promote their business and to gain more exposure. This is because they can target a specific audience, get the attention of a broad range of people, and the readers are unlimited.

Some of the tools that you can use can include Hootsuite to make posting and to link to your website easier. You can even schedule the posts in the future so that your readers can look forward to fresh content, also if you are busy.

Spring Cleaning your Website is the Key

Spring is often associated with fresh starts and a clean environment. You may want to get rid of the old blogs or put them on the archive and make sure that the new ones take priorities.

Some of the trends before have already gone stale, and when you don’t remove them, they can harm your site more than ever. Technology is always changing, so it would help if you know the latest trends about how to get your blogs on top.

There are experts in the Gold Coast that can help you get higher rankings. They can also recommend tools, keywords, and other optimizations that your site needs.

You can always change the look and feel of your website. As long as you are getting traffic, which can be converted into sales, then blogging is a great way to earn extra.

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