My $5,043.81 Adsense Earnings in 24 hours! Method Revealed!

I can safely conclude at this point that it’s easy to make $5k a day online with Google adsense, and you don’t need some insane traffic.

The method I’m about to reveal will baffle your imagination.

The point is, these are earnings from genuine clicks. No click fraud found!

Please note: This is genuine method and I want to reveal it for free. There is no risk of saturation.

I was thinking should I charge $297 and make more money? Well, I think I should just show you for free or ask for a token $47 for it.

A shocking method to earn $5,043.81 with Adsense in 24 hrs revealed!

Most of you would have wished to have it completely for free but once free, there may be no value. So I want those of you who are more serious to gain access to this evergreen, most hidden method to genuinely make money with Google Adsense.

Does it really work?

Good question! Let’s see some solid proof!

Adsense Earnings

Well, if you are lazy, you may raise your earnings to $500/day. If you are ready to dig deeper and attract more traffic that pays a huge amount per click, you can scale to $5k and more.

What really is this method about?

I have a very simple answer –

-> Fake proofs

Yes that’s the crazy method. People use fake proofs online to make more money. Once you see these carefully placed figures, you grow mad and hit the buy now button.

The fake proofs will make you believe in an existing underground crazy method and get scammed.  Most of us online have lost money to some hidden click-and-get-rich method through fake income proofs.

One of the reasons is that we are lazy and want a short cut to riches. If you are not prepared to work hard, you are set to get scammed.

There are fake earning proofs everywhere and real people like us are loosing money to them. Did you ever know that the screen shot above is fake?

Take a look at this Paypal earnings:

fake paypal

It took me just a couple of seconds to fake this using my Chrome browser.

Scammers can fake Clickbank payments, Google Adsense, Paypal earnings, etc. This makes you think wow this is great.

They will collect your money and make you download a rehashed pdf file that tells you stories and talks about an obsolete method.

Some will put you in a situation of hope for more than 45 days so that will help you exhaust the refund period 😉

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Don’t even waste your time!

Once you see such payment proofs, set your brains to work and ask constructive questions:

  1. If he makes this kind of money, why does he care about revealing his methods for cents?
  2. why won’t he just sit on it, focus and scale to double earnings if it really works?
  3. Are these proofs authentic?

They can even fake video proofs!

If the screenshot above did not convince you, note that they can fake with videos. If I do a video recording these fake screens, many readers are likely to be convinced

Why did I bring up this post?

Well, just to help my readers and you get some vital information that will help you sometime soon. People keep faking and looking for ways to steal your money.

Don’t just throw your trust on anyone these days. Make sure you do a lot of research before buying online. Check out what other users have said about a certain product.

If you must buy, be sure to use a verified escrow service. That way, your funds are protected. You may want to do a zoom call or Teamviewer session with the seller. Well, this still can be faked as well. That’s why I prefer an escrow.


Don’t base your judgement on those testimonials on sales page. Most of them are FAKE. What I propose you do is do proper research and read reviews on review sites and blogs. If you are not so convinced, DO NOT BUY YET!

If you don’t know the vendor, DON’T EVEN SEND HIM A MAIL TO FIND OUT MORE. If you do, you are simply giving him more room to show more fake proofs.

Beware of scammes! They are targeting your wallets

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