My $5,043.81 Adsense Earnings in 24 hours! Method Revealed!

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I can safely conclude at this point that it’s easy to make $5k a day online with Google adsense, and you don’t need some insane traffic.

The method I’m about to reveal will baffle your imagination.

The point is, these are earnings from genuine clicks. No click fraud found!

Please note: This is genuine method and I want to reveal it for free. There is no risk of saturation.

I was thinking should I charge $297 and make more money? Well, I think I should just show you for free or ask for a token $47 for it.

Most of you would have wished to have it completely for free but once free, there may be no value. So I want those of you who are more serious to gain access to this evergreen, most hidden method to genuinely make money with Google Adsense.

Does it really work?

Good question! Let’s see some solid proof!

Adsense Earnings

Well, if you are lazy, you may raise your earnings to $500/day. If you are ready to dig deeper and attract more traffic that pays a huge amount per click, you can scale to $5k and more.

What really is this method about?

I have a very simple answer –

-> Fake proofs

Yes that’s the crazy method. People use fake proofs online to make more money. Once you see these carefully placed figures, you grow mad and hit the buy now button.

The fake proofs will make you believe in an existing underground crazy method and get scammed.  Most of us online have lost money to some hidden click-and-get-rich method through fake income proofs.

One of the reasons is that we are lazy and want a short cut to riches. If you are not prepared to work hard, you are set to get scammed.

There are fake earning proofs everywhere and real people like us are loosing money to them. Did you ever know that the screen shot above is fake?

Take a look at this Paypal earnings:

fake paypal

It took me just a couple of seconds to fake this using my Chrome browser.

Scammers can fake Clickbank payments, Google Adsense, Paypal earnings, etc. This makes you think wow this is great.

They will collect your money and make you download a rehashed pdf file that tells you stories and talks about an obsolete method.

Some will put you in a situation of hope for more than 45 days so that will help you exhaust the refund period 😉

Read this: 3 reasons why bloggers share their income proofs

Don’t even waste your time!

Once you see such payment proofs, set your brains to work and ask constructive questions:

  1. If he makes this kind of money, why does he care about revealing his methods for cents?
  2. why won’t he just sit on it, focus and scale to double earnings if it really works?
  3. Are these proofs authentic?

They can even fake video proofs!

If the screenshot above did not convince you, note that they can fake with videos. If I do a video recording this fake screens, many readers are likely to be convinced

Why did I bring up this post?

Well, just to help my readers and you get some vital information that will help you sometime soon. People keep faking and looking for ways to steal your money.

Don’t just throw your trust on anyone these days. Make sure you do a lot of research before buying online. Check out what other users have said about a certain product.

If you must buy, be sure to use a verified escrow service. That way, your funds are protected. You may want to do a zoom call or Teamviewer session with the seller. Well, this still can be faked as well. That’s why I prefer an escrow.


Don’t base your judgement on those testimonials on sales page. Most of them are FAKE. What I propose you do is do proper research and read reviews on review sites and blogs. If you are not so convinced, DO NOT BUY YET!

If you don’t know the vendor, DON’T EVEN SEND HIM A MAIL TO FIND OUT MORE. If you do, you are simply giving him more room to show more fake proofs.

Beware of scammes! They are targeting your wallets

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur


Well Enstine this is some solid Information.

Your post formats are always intriguing and do pass a strong message. This has been properly noted and have surely grabbed what you mean.

It easy for someone else to get deceived when showed screenshots or fake payment proofs.

Good stuff, Got the concept right. By the way was that G Adsense screenshot real? 🙂 Just curious lol

Have a great weekend.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Babs,

    The GA screen above is fake. did you watch the video?

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee

Hi Enstine, been a long time have added a comment. I like the post and it’s a fact that people are now just planning to get money for even what is not worth it, fake methods as you have analyzed it. After going through the post then I learn this is true. Probably this would help those who just wanted to blog because of money.
Thanks for sharing 🙂
Hadharm Hiidee recently posted…7 Tips to Make Task of Keyword Research Simple & EffectiveMy Profile

MyCollege Nigeria

Hi Enstine,

This new post makes a lot of sense as it has so much cleared my thought about all those fake figures been posted online, and I could strongly believe that you have gotten your own share of that traffic as people would to know how you made such large figure lol 🙂 smart guy for real.

Thank you sir.


    Enstine Muki

    Good to pay attention to those fake proofs bro. They are everywhere so watch out 😉


lol… d title caught me tho…

nice one sir..


Hello Enstine,
Nice explanation bro, as all of us easily attract towards such fake reports but we should keep it in mind that there is no such key of success that anyone can be rich in overnight. These reports are generally made for those who lose their motive and easily trapped by such spammers.
Thanks for sharing such awareness among us.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the comment Nitin!
    We really have to be careful while buying online

Raaja Anandhan





    Enstine Muki

    Hey Raaja,
    $5k a day from adsense may be possible on very high traffic finance site 😉 but I have not seen any one on such earnings.

    We just have to be careful not to get trapped 😉

Sasidhar Kareti

Hi Enstine,

An eye opener I must say and a perfect title. I even once came up how people create fake AdSense screenshots on my blog.

Haha..good article!

Have a good day

– Sasidhar

Anwar Hussain

Wonderful post Enstine, I never believe in 5000$ a day earning in a quick way. If that is so easy then anyone becomes billionaires. Think twice before involving with such theories.



The post caught me off – guard, I couldnt help but to click and read ? what an interesting article, those looking for shortcut should learn their lesson by now because some still don’t believe this fake report of a thing exists…
dawatech recently posted…Innjoo Fire Plus Specifications & PriceMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    That’s correct! People watch those fake videos and jump to the buy now button.
    We really have to pause and make more research before buying.

    Thanks for the comment bro



This is an Universal truth, Really I experienced it well myself. I think peoples mind are of two kinds. One we nautrally see and other one is our Subconscious mind, now our mind works mainly in subconscious way when we see something interesting and related to Money and Free things. and we run into them. Thats the main fact. (Sorry this is quite odd comment haha.)
But you shared a quite nice Article, really this will help many and keep posting. we love your articles everytime.


    Enstine Muki

    Good! Thanks for the comment 😉
    We just have to be careful not to rush into conclusions though


one truth about you is you also do same things in the fooling industry

    Enstine Muki

    hahaha! this is good lesson isn’t it?


      Yep. Now my mind suspects on your blog titles before going though end

Asaolu olubayode Andrew

You are always getting me anytime any day @Enstine. Nice post for a wonderful morning like this. Have seen such screenshots and I remember I was told to bring 20,000 naira for it.

Perhaps, it’s not even 5,000 adsense money. I have a hosted adsense account, and the earning is ridiculous, but thanks to other online marketing jobs that gives me cool cash.
Do you know what I decided to do enstine? I started sharing my posts on all groups and pages on Facebook everyday, and my daily earning increased.
I believed those screen shots should be a challenge, not intimidation to the extent that we will be scammed. Thanks for post, Enstine I celebrate you.

    Enstine Muki

    Great comment Asaolu and yes, I have seen these screens, including fiverr earnings on some Nigerian sites. I don’t know how much that is true but we have to do our research and be careful 😉

    If you are in the entertainment niche, traffic from fb can really fetch you some adsense cash but $5k in 24 hours is far from it 😉

    thanks for being part of the journey bro. do have a wonderful weekend

Astha raj

Thanks! You make me think that way… Though it is not possible. Wonderful creation. If you asked someone for $100 without telling truth. You might be win in that.

Astha raj recently posted…Rule the world of Writing PromptsMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Raj,
    Many people pay much more money on thrash with the hope to make more money. If we do proper research, we can avoid this scam 😉



I was so surprised earning 5K on Adsense in 24 hours. But you really know the stuff to drive the traffic brother. Just always envy the way you write and present your thought.

Anyway, this is an eye opener for those looking for shortcut to earning with Adsense.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for another comment to boost my courage. Love it bro and thanks for being part of the moving train

    Hope you are having a great weekend 😉

Ravindra Paradhi

Good information to stay away from scam. I saw some people doing inspect element with their adsense earning and make fool other by selling method which doesn’t work and lead your adsense account to ban.

Thanks for you information.

    Enstine Muki

    Yeah you have to be very careful with any method that teaches to increase adsense earnings. It quickly attracts penalties 😉

    Thanks for being part of this post bro

Ankit Dixit

Hi.. First of all, happy teachers day.
And secondly thanks for this valuable post. Due to bloggers like you I am still interested in blogging. I am seen many bloggers faking there income report. I have seen many of my friends too. But the thing is I never trusted those.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks 😉
    Are you a teacher? Those are the people that make the leaders – they are the king makers 😉

    thanks for the comment the nice word. Keep pushing and you’ll one day hit the deal

      Ankit Dixit

      No, i am not a teacher. But i am assuming you as my teacher :-). I read all of your post regularly and learn new things from them.

        Enstine Muki

        Oh I see bro so thanks for being a loyal reader. do have a wonderful weekend

Mohinder Verma

Hi Enstine, thanks for making aware your online community. When
I read you email, I was also thinking that you would have done this in real but later I understand the purpose of this post when dig deeply while reading line by line.

Yes I do agree that there are lots of scams online and we must not consider all as paying tools except hard work.

Once again, thanks for sharing this helpful post with all.

Mohinder Paul Verma
BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

    Enstine Muki

    Good to see you here bro and thanks for the comment.
    It isn’t easy to hit this amount with adsense. There are other methods that can quickly generate this amount but we have to be careful not to be scammed 😉

    Thanks for being an active community member bro 😉

Raza Nagori

Hey Entine this is a Wonderful Post and when i read your Post title $5000 in one Hour i was also Shock and wanted to give a Try :).

Thanks for Sharing.

    Enstine Muki

    Hahaha it’s a bad method so I advice against it bro 😉

Al Mamun

Hello, Sir
Thanks for notice us about this. Whenever i visit forums i found this types tools or autopilot that can attract any newbies. I am safe, i didn’t bought these products.
Thanks again for aware us.
Have a nice weekend.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey be careful! forums are generally bad places to buy. There are some great ones though be just be cautious.

    Thanks for the comment bro


Hi Enstine,
You raised a good point. so many people have lost their money in these kinds of scams. I aware people most of them whenever i see them falling in any kind of direct method to earn money. There is not short cut of earn huge money. If anyone is claiming for it, then it is surely a scam.

Thanks for raising such a sensitive issue people are not taking about.

Have a great weekend buddy..

    Enstine Muki

    Exactly! Be careful of any one showing any flashy method to make money. For the most part, this is scam so we must know them to be safe

    have a wonderful weekend bro

Karan Bhagat

“If he makes this kind of money, why does he care about revealing his methods for cents?
why won’t he just sit on it, focus and scale to double earnings if it really works?”

Exactly the same way I used to think when saw these kinds of things, but let me be very honest, this kind of heading/title coming from you in my mail box just made me more than happy but you trapped me too , I hate you 😛 (just kidding sir).

A nice way to save people’s money form these frauds. Thumbs up.

    Enstine Muki

    Hahaha Karan 😉

    funny title right? Thanks for the comment btw. I will write a post on “I Hate you”
    How about that?

      Karan Bhagat

      You just pulled out a new topic for your post out of my comment, creativity man.

      “I hate you”, now I am waiting for what next innovative thing would be there in my mail box soon with this title.

      More than that I am waiting to see the credits in that post 😛 (again just kidding)

      Hope to see something interesting with that title.

Kurt Kummerer


This is so true and you really need to be careful as this is all over the place. I think the reason most people fall for this crap is they want to earn that kind of money, but don’t want to put the work in.

If you do some research you’ll find quickly you can’t make that much money with Adsense in 24 hours. Maybe 30 days, if you’re lucky. It would largely depend on the niche you are in and amount of traffic you have to your blog.

This is a great lesson for all Enstine.

Thanks for sharing buddy. I’ll share around as this is a good reminder to all.

Kurt Kummerer recently posted…The Secret Sauce in Growing Your Online BusinessMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Good to see you around buddy! I just had to jump in today to make sure I share something after being so busy offline.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment and share. Hope you are doing great this weekend. I’ll be skipping over to your blog shortly for what’s new 😉

Harinder Paul

Hi Enstine,
Thanks for sharing such a great information to aware us from those scams.
For a Instance I thought you are also going to real something Awesome.
You Got me. really!!


    Enstine Muki

    Haha! Thanks too for coming by and dropping a comment. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

Rahul Zajari

I know sir your way is legit for sure. In between there are so many fraud peoples are there telling us by showing fake screenshots of adsense earning.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for putting in your voice in this post bro
    Have a wonderful weekend

Mi Muba

Hi Enstine

I am afraid someday you might be bringing dead people from the graveyard on your blog with your catchy headlines like this one. Hahahaha. You are one of the best, I bet

Topic is very serious but real bloggers be they newbie, struggling or pros like you must not worry about such fake reports because they are mostly produced by those who themselves quit this field after a while.

But simultaneously we must discourage such posts sharing facts and figures revealing thousands of dollars income in a day or week. Also we need to guide the newbie and for this purpose this post is really best one.

There are several online software where one can easily create such fake reports of Adsense, Amazon or other big affiliates by just clicking his mouse for a few times.

Fake is ultimately fake that can make one to mint a few bucks from the innocent customers but can never be a regular source of income.

Thanks for sharing this very very thought provoking post.

Have a great weekend.

    Enstine Muki

    Hahaha! there are so many “ghost readers” around so you are not far from the point 😉

    BTW, thanks for making such an awesome comment. I’m impressed

    I also agree with you that people who build a business on such models don’t have a vision. they make a little money and the business crashes soon after.

    The only way forward is being genuine and not trying to still bits of money from people.

    Thanks for being part of the journey bro. do have a wonderful weekend


Hi Enstine,

Now adays, several people share fake adsense earnings on their wall. The newbies fell prey to those and ask them the methods to earn like those. Then they will sell some obsolute products to them. Online scammings are happening more these days.

Though I know that adsense earnings can be faked, I do not know even videos can be faked. Well with the help of technology, everything is possible now. As always helpful post. Have a great weekend 🙂


    Enstine Muki

    You are very correct bro – so many fake proofs these days. It only comes from stupid marketers who don’t have a vision for long term business.

    I hope we will be able to share the word that reveals these evil doers so thanks for being part of the live changing game bro

Theodore Nwangene

Great post Enstine,
Its good you brought this up. Such people are actually all over the internet.

That is why I always take time to analyse a product before deciding if I should buy or not.

I always try to ensure that its someone that has a very good reputation on the internet before buying.

Thanks for sharing

    Enstine Muki

    Yes buying from people with a good image online is one of the best ways to stay away from these bad guys 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment bro. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend


Well buddy you are doing some great job but where is the methods that can help us to earn such amount of money from adsense, Suggest me some good tactics to boost my adsense cpc. Thank you in advance .

Brent Jones

Haha! Enstine, your post literally made me laugh out loud.

I get so tired of seeing the fake income crap everywhere… so when I saw the title of your post, I was like, “Oh no. I thought Enstine was an honest guy… and now he’s going to try to scam us…” 🙁

Then I read through your post and I loved it! I couldn’t agree with you more!

It’s one of those things… we all want the shortcut to riches, as you put it. But it doesn’t exist! You get rich by blood, sweat and tears — that’s it!

Nice job, man. Sharing this out.


    Enstine Muki

    Hi Brent,
    I’m excited reading your comment 😉 and of course, I’m glad the post was useful.

    I have seen a lot of these screenshots and I just keep laughing at how they look foolish on my screen. Unfortunately, many still fall victims.

    Thanks for such an exciting comment man and thanks for making the weekend beautiful 😉

Sherman Smith

Hey Enstine,

Let me first say that I admit to falling for these scams. And when I saw the title I thought to myself “Enstine is up to something” LOL

And lo and behold this post was about being careful about these types of scams. This is a great lesson to show how these people who claim to be gurus take your money.

It does take a lot of hard work and good imagination to become successful in anything. Many People want to look for short cuts and don’t want to take the time to get into the success rhythm.

Grear share Enstine! Have a great weekend!
Sherman Smith recently posted…Is Your Online Marketing Plan Building Strong Reciprocity?My Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Oh yeah man I’m up to something. $5k+ in 24 hours? And that from Adsense? Crazy lol

    But seriously, thanks for making it up to this mad post brother. My own way to keep my readers warned!

    Sorry you were once a victim. I know now that you are wise 😉

    Do have a wonderful weekend bro


Hi Enstine,

Really you caught my attention by making Title more appealing. But i did not believe that:-D
Yes. you can make some thing good from adsense. But it is not one night job.

When i notice many Adsense Guru teaches people (specially newbie) how to make $$$$ with adsense, but it shocked me that even they are not making $$! Does it make sense?

I am too much aware about that before buying any product from online.

For making more money with adsense we need to build our site with high content and need to drive huge traffic. But. that amount of money does not comes in overnight.

Anyway. thanks for sharing this awareness post about Adsense scam.

Have a nice day bro!


Haha. I love.this post and how I was enticed to click though based on the promised of the title.

Being scammed after falling for such tricks also has wizened me up and these days I’m not searching for the holy grail and instead learning on ways of converting leads from paid search into customers. It seems a better way to be involved with online marketing.
Haroun recently posted…Just Passed The AdWords Search ExamMy Profile


Thanks enstine for posting this eye opening and informative post.

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

If I had come across this headline on a different blog, I wouldn’t have bothered to glance at it the next second.

But I stopped and think……this is Enstine’s blog….did he wrote this or a guest blogger did?

So I decied to find out who is this snake oil marketer?

You really pass some serious lessons across with this one, Enstine.

Only God knows how many newbies have been made to dump their dream of becoming an online marketer because of such activities of scammers in this form.

The only sign I have to argue the authenticity of the screen shot is the “50,922” clicks.

Every other thing about it is just too perfect.

Nice job Man, thanks for sharing
Shamsudeen recently posted…3 Effective Strategies to Run Affiliate Marketing Without a WebsiteMy Profile


Well that is a super headline and great to see that there is someone unearthing the rubbish people are pedaling. I am sure that more often than not these internet marketer are building their business’s on their fake proofs


Hi Enstine,

Nice trick you shared here. I hate these type of fake people. Awesome title you chosen for this post. I can’t stop myself to say again and again that you are really great.

Thanks for sharing this post. Have a nice week ahead!


Hi Muki !!
Really a very very helpful article. I knw abt inspect element but this thing was totally shocking. Many of my friends have got scammed by these ways. Because we think nothing can be fake in video..But actually the scenario is different.
In the beginning i was very much excited to read this article but while reading i got the point what you want to convey 😛
Thanks a lot for sharing this…
Sumesh recently posted…Yamaha YZF-R25 launch in Indian marketMy Profile

Siddarth Sharma

Hey , I Already knew About This But Don’t You THink We Should Do Something About It ?

Hai Tran

Good advice man,
I was convinced by your title. And I’ve read all your article. It reminded me something that I missed before. I was so easy to fool and I did some stupid things and wasted my time. Thank you so much.

Anant Patel

Hi Enstine,

I am agree with your post!! Never take this type of decission very fast, do research and read their reviews about them so that you will get ideas of that website or person who is salling this types of product or education to you. I always do research before i buy this type of offer and mostly all are fraud.

One more thing i would say about video testimonials. it is very easy to create video testimonials with just $5 or $10 from fiverr. So beware of this kind of stuff to save your wallet

Thanks for sharing valuable infomration.

Saminu Eedris

This is great Enstine, what saddens me is that these so called Adsense guru have scammed a lot of people online, i hope this post is the beginning of their end.

Thanks for sharing.


Oh, I’ve quite surprised after seeing at the title Post. It’s the reality and in today’s many people are adopting this way to earn money. We have to stay away from them. But thanks for your great post.

Lucy Lucy

You used a title that caught my attention. Any I dont believe all those fake screenshots and videos. No one will want to reveal his secrets online.

Mazino Oyolo Kigho

Everyone want to make big money from adsense hence this post is timely and relevant. Many have fallen victims to scams from fake screenshots. Good information. well done.


you are just an awesome writer. no one can predict what will be in your post. simply awesome thanks for awaking people.

Khagesh Darji

Hey Enstine,
Thanks for sharing highly valuable information about fake Adsense earning. Now on words I’ll take care of this fact.
Other than this the title of this post is really interesting, after reading it no one can leave it without reading.
Thanks again for the information.
Great post!

Rana Irfan

Hey Enstine,
First when I am read post title I am shoked, wow, 5k only in one day from Adsense.
First of all one question came in my mind. it is really big adsense click but when I read post further then I realize this post is very very important for newbie blogger. because most of newbie trust on that types of post.

So thanks Enstine for sharing such great post with me because I am also new in blogging,

Rana Irfan
Rana Irfan recently posted…Happy New Year Wishes 2016My Profile

Nicole Pary

Hey Enstine,
One of the smartest way to proof of Fake testimonials, different kind of tactics make for earning much more money, but those path is never be right.
Thanks for shared and innovative idea. Be aware!
Nicole Pary recently posted…What’s New in SHAREit 3.0 app? Latest Version DownloadMy Profile


quite healthy post by you Mr. Enstine Muki But its never been true that those snapshots are fake like such snapshot can be fake which are on the website like”Method reveal” but these figures are not fake as i my self earned almost 10k$ (One Day), $6k (A Day) and more from adsense and i have proper proofs like Team viewer.. But Yeah People Beaware from those who force you to buy such method bcz they can be fake….. 🙂
For Motivation: These Snapshots are not easily getable but these snapshots can be achieve with hardwork… work hard and research dont waste money in methods create your own methods….. 🙂

Rajesh Jhamb

Hello Enstine,

The Way you write is amazing.
Many people don’t know this cheap trick and they trapped into.

your article is really helpful for those.

Thanks for sharing it


I love to absence learning, i shift Pakistan and USA because of advanced earning and thor pin code 😉

shaheer iqbal

Sir Enstine Muki,

You Are Great Also Your Articles Very Informative.Thanks For Sharing.

Tahir ahsan

Your post formats are always intriguing and do pass a strong message. This has been properly noted and have surely grabbed what you mean.

Ankeet Singh

Hi Enstine,
Really very informative article. But I have a question that how can I differentiate between a real income report and a fake income report?

I have seen an income report of a man claiming to earn 464.63$ from Bidvertiser.
Can it be also fake? If you allow me then I can paste the link of the above income report.

Shafi Khan

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing such informational post. Everyone should be aware about such scams and avoid that.

Don’t believe any guru who have a Ferrari in the background and selling a $47 ebook about how to make millions.

Always remember, if it’s too good to be true, probably it is.

Keep writing and motivating others.

    Enstine Muki

    That’s right bro. People still don’t use their brains against this psychological deception. Someone making his millions over night with a method. Why would he charge you $27 for it?


Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

Hi Enstine

Thanks for writing such an informative article.

Most times people are skeptical to buy from real guys and when they are presented with fake screenshots they rush.

Sad Truth.

I hope many will learn from this article

    Enstine Muki

    It’s crazy Melvis. People suffer from some psychological manipulations 😉
    Some of us are wise now

annamma philip

Hi Enstine,
What an amazing and traffic pulling title! 🙂 🙂
Indeed you are a great craftsman.
Good going!
But, sad many will get confused about its authenticity!
As, many fasle propogators are out there.
So, be careful while crafting such titles!
Anyways good wishes.
And Season’s Greetings From Hyderabad India.
Keep going!
~ Ann Phil

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the remark.
    The method is actually there and it’s fake proof. People use it to make money and no real service or product. Of course I’m drawing attention to these scam thieves all over.

    thanks for making a point bro

Emeka okoye

Well, is interesting, but I heard a lot of how to make money.so how do I make it 24hrs,just need practical ways,once more am happy for u and wish to do like u if is really real.thanks

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks Emeka. Just be careful not to fall for these scammers


Hi Bro,
What a great post this is, I was going to call you and ask you if it was real and then I read the article and was blessed.
Thank you!

    Enstine Muki

    Thank you for the comment sir. We just have to be careful online 😉

Obasi Miracle

Hi Enstine,

Your post reminds me of the first “make money online” product I bought online. It was all beautified with pictures and videos of money growing on trees. Till today, I can’t tell even a single way those packages ever benefited me.

Being vigilant about such deceptive tactics is a task that mustn’t be ignored by bloggers and marketers alike.

    Enstine Muki

    lol sorry about that bro.
    Thank God say we wise now 😉

Ronald Segura

Absolutely incredible Enstine!

Scammers have been around ever since the internet was created. It’s very helpful to have a pro blogger like you help newbies identify those red flags that tell when someone is legit or just one more scammer in this digital world.

Thanks for the effort!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey man,
    In those our early days, we lost money to these stupid shiny things. It’s time to warn us and keep everyone on the right path.
    Thanks for sharing your comment bro and Merry Christmas


Good to pay attention to those fake proofs bro,
Your post formats are always intriguing and do pass a strong message. This has been properly noted and have surely grabbed what you mean.


Thank you for this informative post.

My alert levels goes high when I see headlines like this.

Hard work, following credible mentors and patience still pays.

Nimra Yousaf

Thanks sir for sharing such a big opportunity for adsense earning right track. I can invest a little bit exactly according to the offer you are showing. I would surely be in contact and want to know more about earning strategies from adsense. Thanks for engaging me with this chance. I just need to confirm my niche, cms tool and targeted country to go ahead.

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