How to avoid plagiarism ~ Check the unauthorized use of your content

As a blogger and content creator, one of the things I care about is the protection of my properties. Unauthorized use of others contents is a serious menace in blogging. That’s why I’m writing about how to avoid plagiarism today, providing a useful tool to help us check the activity.

Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional writings or ideas of another without proper attribution use. In academia, acts of plagiarism can lead to poor grades, dismissal course or exclusion. In the professional and systematic communities, the original author can sue for money damages a plagiarist on fraud and copyright infringement statues.

There are also laws that protect copyrights of the original work of the authors. If individuals were captured using the original work and claim as your own, are guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism may include prosecution under the laws of copyright, which often include an attempt by a monetary award based on damages.

Consequences of Copywriting plagiarism:

Copywriting plagiarism is duplicating, encroachment, theft, crime of another person work and pass them off as one’s own particular and its results; the courts allocate outcomes for copyright encroachment. These methods somebody may come after you with a legal advisor assuming that you damage his copyright. Your can be reported copyright encroachment to individuals who have the legitimate force to take you to court. Understudies have been sued for copyright encroachment in the recent past. In a few cases, the court may oblige you to pay the charges for both your legal advisor and the copyright manager’s attorney.

For example, if a computer or server used to distribute music copyrighted, videos or written material without permission, either through (P2P) networking from person to person or paper distribution “pirate ” both could be subject to seizure or confiscation potential as accessories to the crime.

How to avoid plagiarism

Sometimes a legal letter sent to a person suspected of violating copyright laws. This card, also called a cease and desist notice, usually requires the activity infringing or violating stopped immediately. If the offense takes place online, additional notices may be sent to different networks or hosting providers that the rapist used to distribute copyrighted material.

As with other forms of theft, criminal penalties for the crime vary depending on the severity. When you walk into a store and stealing a pack of gum is a misdemeanor compared to stealing a car. Most cases of plagiarism are considered misdemeanors, punishable by fines of between $ 100 and $ 50,000 – and up to a year in prison. Stealing content can also be considered a crime under certain state and federal laws. For instance if a plagiarist copies and earns more than $ 2,500 from copyrighted material, he or she could face up to $ 250,000 in fines and up to ten years in prison.

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Although the legal consequences of plagiarism are clearly established, the actual outcome of such cases of plagiarism in industries like publishing and research are not always so clear.

For example, many of the recent cases of plagiarism newspaper simply end with the offender ‘ resign ‘ from its position in the company.

As a blogger, what’s your opinion about unauthorized use of content? Let me hear your thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Yes I have been penalised for copying content once on my one of the post and some one warned me and forced me to remove one of my posts. This mention tool is also helpful to check Plagiarism. Here is one more wonderful site to check the copied content that is and

  2. Plagiarism occurs when thoughts or vocabulary that you precede as your own have really been in use from other people. Keep your individual thoughts separate from those of others by taking observations as you read.

  3. in this open and internet era any body can copy and pate content with some modification over here and there. so its very hard to claim against some one.
    but you have explained nicely about what is plagiarism and what can be consequence of it.

  4. hi. thanks for this post. this is the 3rd post am reading on your blog since i stumbled upon it on google. what i love mostly about your blog is your message tune?.

  5. “If the offense takes place online, additional notices may be sent to different networks or hosting providers that the rapist used to distribute copyrighted material.” Pretty harsh using “rapist” there but I would have to agree. Plagiarizing is stealing. Plain and simple. Don’t do it! Thou shall not steal! I would rather have a clean conscience through hard original work than easy money but stolen!

  6. Great article. Plagiarism has started to become more of a problem lately. I haven’t had any issues with guest posts & articles so far, but I am going to start running everything through a content checker from now on just to be on the safe side.

  7. Plagiarism is a serious criminal offense, and not many realize that. It’s easy to fall into this act without even realizing it. Therefore, it’s a must to understand what plagiarism is and to be aware of the severe consequences depending on the severity. Great article!

  8. Well said – Copywriting plagiarism is duplicating. I noticed one thing that in the race of money making most of the newbies or even some of experienced Bloggers are ignoring the low of Copywriting. We must care about these things because Search engines are very active in identify Copywriting.

    Enstine Muki sir, you really shared a great information about how to avoid plagiarism.
    I was not familiar with contentplagiarismchecker tool, but from now i am going to use this useful content plagiarism checker tool. Keep sharing this type of amazing information.

  9. Plagiarism is pure stealing and shouldn’t condone it, some bloggers even do not have the modesty to link back to you when they get stuffs from your site… That’s pretty callous.. Thanks for this it is sure going to help a lot in stopping plagiarism

  10. This one is the thing which every blogger hated really. Content is once online presence. If it get steeled , it feels bad. Nice post with great information to all bloggers .

  11. Nice post..!!! This is really important because many of the guest blogger or the SEOer who is doing the article submission use this technique a lot. This is really helpful to check the content. Thanks for sharing the post.

  12. Hi Enstine,

    Indeed, plagiarism can tarnish someone writing, especially for bloggers.
    I check for duplicate content using Copyscape, same with Daniel. Plagiarism has become a common problem. This is a good article for discussion.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  13. In my opinion Copyscape is te best content plagiarism checker.
    Cost 5 cents per search, a reasonable price for anyone.
    See you next time Enstine! Kind regards!

  14. Plagiarism is something that should be avoided by everybody because it is nothing but theft. When you want to create a content (article, music or video), why should copy it from somebody’s work? Every work is an intellectual property of some person. To create a great content a lot of time and effort is invested. So this practice should be avoided at any cost.

  15. Really Nice Post Sir… 🙂

    It’s help me A lot to understand “Check the unauthorized use of your content”

  16. Hey this is great article added here. Thanks for sharing such type of articles here. Gonna check out for mine 🙂

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