4 Tips for Growing Your Blog through Twitter

A high volume of bloggers do not get Twitter.

I understand.

I was once in the same boat.

I would tweet my latest post. Sit back. Wait for all of those Retweets to skyrocket. Waiting…..waiting…..waiting.

After a few weeks I noted only a few Retweets and even more scant blog traffic flowing through Twitter.

For good reason; I had no clue what in the Hades I was doing on the network.

After some trial and a lot of error I finally cracked the Twitter Blog Growth code.

You can use the platform to drive blogging traffic and profits through Twitter but you need to follow specific tips to really make things pop.

Peep these 4 tips to grow your blog through Twitter.

1: Retweet Early and Often

Hands down, Retweeting other tweeters is the easiest way to grow your blog through the platform.

How it works: you get what you give freely. By RTing other bloggers, other bloggers RT your tweets, expanding your blogging reach far and wide on the micro blogging site.

This is an incredibly simple tip to follow. Follow bloggers from your niche on Twitter. Make a Twitter list to scan their updates. Read and RT interesting blog posts. Build friendships. Observe how freely your Twitter blogging buddies RT your posts, boosting your traffic, your profits and your overall blogging reach.

2: Engage Tweeters Frequently

Engage tweeters frequently.

Stop in for 20 to 30 minutes daily to answer Retweeters and to chat up people who reply to your blogs.

The simple act of engaging fellow tweeters boosts your blogging traffic and profits because followers will know you’re not asleep at the tweeting wheel.

Most bloggers make the common error of over automating Twitter. Who trusts a bot? Who wants to follow someone who is not a someone, but a something?

Be human. Outshine most bloggers in your niche who almost exclusively automate Twitter then complain about the platform not working. Twitter works just fine if you know how to work it.

Engaging tweeters simply proves that you are human, real and authentic. Proving that you are a person listening to your followers draws said followers from Twitter to your blog, increasing your blog traffic and profits.

3: Be Persistent and Consistent

Be persistent.

Be consistent.

Tweet daily.

Tweet on topic.

Being persistent and consistent helps you steadily increase blog traffic through this micro blogging platform.

Staying in the Twitter stream helped me attract over 52,000 followers. I have tweeted almost 500,000 times over my blogging career. That’s a lotta tweets. That is also mad exposure which netted me plenty of link clicks and blog visits.

But I also had to stay on topic to give my followers what they expected. If I covered 5, 10 or 15 blogging topics these folks would have headed for the hills. But I tweeted mostly about blogging and travel. My readers knew what to expect, helping me get more clicks and boosting my traffic through the platform.

4: Set Up Social Sharing Buttons Effectively

This one gets me.

Bloggers sometimes forget to add their Twitter handle to their social sharing button.

Forgetting to add your user name to your Retweet button of choice leaves serious blog traffic on the table.

Don’t make this error.

Properly configure all social sharing buttons.

When readers Retweet your posts get maximum blog traffic and Twitter followers by simply adding your Twitter handle to all Retweets through your blog.

The eBook

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Your Turn

How are you growing your blog through Twitter?

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