$300 Cash Prize BlogExpose Blogging Contest!

I’m excited to announce a blogging contest for BlogExpose.com.

This will give users an opportunity to win $300 straight to paypal. There are going to be three winners and details are below.

BlogExpose is a job board for bloggers from all over the world in any niche. There are different types of jobs to make money on the platform. While we are starting with writing jobs, in the near future, we will be adding more job types.

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$100 Cash Giveaway ~ Straight to Paypal!

I love making money online and I have proofs that you too love the thing. The first indisputable proof is your presence on this blog post.  Yes! If you are not interested to make money online, I wonder what you are doing on this $100 cash prize giveaway  blog post 😉

You have your chance to get this whole sum sent straight to your Paypal account. There are lots of things you can buy with 100 bucks. This will not make you rich though. However, its value cannot be neglected. 

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BlogEngage Contest ~ More exposure, more traffic, more money!


BlogEngage is a paid community with about 3000 members. What that means is quality and authentic traffic. Traffic from paid communities evidently converts better simply because everyone around has a minimum spending power.

If you want the benefits of traffic from paid communities, try out BlogEngage today where you find savvy bloggers from all areas of live and every angle of the globe.

5 Reasons Why BlogEngage Stands out!

I’m an active member on BlogEngage so meet me there 😉

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$200 Blog Commenting Contest – Comment and get paid!

Isn’t it interesting how bloggers are beginning to give out raw cash to their readers? I’m so thrilled and won’t keep back any effort to tell you about any of my friends who is giving out money.

Vineet Saxena is one of my trusted readers and when I read his email about him running a $200 commenting contest this month, I said I was going to let my readers know about this.

The simple reason is I want you to be able to make some extra money doing what you do often – blog commenting. Besides, Vineet’s contest deserve some more exposure so I encourage you join me let’s help him spread the word. That’s what blogging is all about isn’t it?

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September $150 Blog Commenting Contest! Get paid to comment!

blog commenting contest

Hi everyone! It’s another time to get paid doing what you already do daily. In this month of September 2014, $150 has been set aside by my friend Jackson  just for you.

Jackson makes money with his blog so he wants to share part of his earnings with his readers. I love what he is doing. That’s a great thought Jackson and I’m sure your readers are excited about it.

Blogging has really changed recently and I’m impressed. Many bloggers are coming up with different ways to reward their readers while maintaining the quality of engagement they get.

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Cash Prize Giveaway ~ How To Raise Funds For The Competitions!

Cash Prize Giveaway (sweepstakes if you like) is a common way to get some quick cash straight to your Paypal Account (As a participant).  You connect to a certain website, do one or two things and if you are lucky, you get cool hot cash straight to your Paypal account. As a blog owner, it’s an exceptional traffic tool and huge blog engagement weapon.

Now tell me, what will you do with $75 sent straight to your Paypal?

That may not be big enough to cover your house rent! However, it may help pay your hosting bills, domain names, buy a premium plugin or theme or even hang out in a Café Resto next street.

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