BlogEngage Contest ~ More exposure, more traffic, more money!

BlogEngage is a paid community with about 3000 members. What that means is quality and authentic traffic. Traffic from paid communities evidently converts better simply because everyone around has a minimum spending power.

If you want the benefits of traffic from paid communities, try out BlogEngage today where you find savvy bloggers from all areas of live and every angle of the globe.

5 Reasons Why BlogEngage Stands out!

I’m an active member on BlogEngage so meet me there πŸ˜‰

BlogEngage ContestΒ  – More exposure, More Traffic

There are quite a good number of contests out there with cash as prizes. Some have products like themes, plugins, tickets, etc.

BlogEngage is giving out quality traffic opportunity as prize. That’s unique if you ask me! I think traffic is the best thing someone can offer you online. You can use it to promote any promote for instant sales or recurring payment. That’s why I think you should try out the ongoing BlogEngage Traffic Contest.

blogengageHere are the unique prizes:

1 – 1 month of our Direct To Front Page Marketing Package

BlogEngage front page is like gold. That’s where you get the highest visibility and being on this spot for one whole month is a lot of exposure.

2 – Featured Spotlight

This is another feature that will get you more exposure on blogengage. I have been spotlighted in the past so I can tell you from experience that this is worth spending for.Β  What’s more exciting here is the fact that you get to interact with many pro bloggers who often will end up on your blog.

3 – Direct To Front Page

Every 24 hours, a post will be picked from your blog and placed on the home page and that will be for 1 month. I think this is great to bring more live to your blog by being exposed to the right audience.

4 – Banner Ad Rotation

I think Brian is giving you a chance to dominate his platform and be found everywhere on it. He doesn’t want any visitor to leave without noticing your presence.

5 – Newsletter Marketing

Now this point is making the whole deal sweet. Your featured spotlight article will be sent to the entire list of more than 3000 bloggers. That will mean touching them directly.

| Don’t tell me you won’t be part of this contest.

One reason I’ll encourage you jump on this contest is its simplicity. Brian did it so simple so everyone (including those who are busy) to participate. You have just a few tasks on the RaffleCopter Widget. It should take you less than 5 minutes to grab some points and stand a chance to win.

Hidden Tip To Win

Brian is giving out up to 5 points per tweet on the RaffleCopter widget. That means each day, you can add 5 points to your entry by tweeting the contest to Twitter. So visit the contest post everyday and just make the tweet. The more tweets, the more points and the better your chance to win.

So that’s it! I thought this is a wonderful opportunity to get some real traffic. You should give this a chance. It’s absolutely free to enter.

Enter the Contest Here!

Good luck!

16 thoughts on “BlogEngage Contest ~ More exposure, more traffic, more money!”

  1. Though am not use to participating in contest, but the way you describe this one, it seems it won’t take away much of our time.

    I will give it try, and hopefully will come out with something good. Thanks Enstine, and nice contest Brian.

  2. I’ve heard a lot about Blogengage but did not try out it for driving traffic to my blog. But after reading your today’s article, I would go for it.
    By the way, a few months ago I had participated in a giveaway and won Elegant theme membership.

  3. Though it’s a great opportunity for those bloggers who isn’t getting organic traffic, Blog Engage is a place where your content shared and reads by like minded bloggers.

    I have participated in, Hope I could win.



  4. Good Afternoon Muki,
    I am very excited about this contest. All the prizes you mentioned are amazing fro any online business or blog to get more engagement. Specially thanks for the hidden tips about the contest. See you soon in the contest …

    Thanks –
    MSI Sakib πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Enstine,

    You always bring some new contest on the table. I never used Blogengage, but will definitely give it a try. When you say something, it has to be worth it. Just, not now.

    Paid traffic is always nice, but my focus is on organic traffic as of now.

    Loved the giveaway though. πŸ™‚ Keep rocking.

  6. Hi Enstine,

    Let alone the contest, even I have not signed up in BlogEngage yet. lol πŸ˜€
    Based on your article, it looks like it’s a great blogging community. I will play around there first. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this information, Enstine.
    I hope you can enjoy your week.


  7. I must say, you relentlessly dig up new stuff I hadn’t heard of at an alarming rate πŸ˜‰ Obviously you need less sleep than us normal people … seeing you also do this broaded thing “on the side”. Now next thing is going from Blog engage to Blog Marry …

    • Hi Erik, this is awesome I’m glad you joined! If you win what awesome blog you going to use for the DTFP package? Thanks again for participating and best of luck my friend.

  8. Blogengage is a great community for bloggers dude, with a lot of exposure and a tank full of traffic along with unique content and updates as bloggers from all over the world share there thoughts and articles there.

    I hope I can win this contest πŸ˜‰

    Thanks by the way Enstine for featuring it, while other way I didn’t knew about it yet!

    • Hi Ammar, yes it as very nice of Enstine to take the time and write a post about the contest. You can also do it, you get a bunch more entries towards winning the contest. Best of luck here’s to winning!

  9. Hi Muki bro,

    Blogengage is a great community to be if the truth must be said, I once won a spotlight in blogengage back in 2013 with a title post “Are bloggers farmer” and that post really gives me a huge exposure on blog engage but due to time constraint, I have not been able to participate much in the community and it’s a bit pathetic but can’t just help the situation.

    • Hi Adesanmi, you are not alone, everyone is busy we can only do what time allows. This is one of the main reasons I started the syndication packages, to let users still have exposure while not having to engage as much. Best of luck in the contest my friend.

      • Hi Bbrian017,

        Although time is not on my side like I have said but I will surely try my best to put in all I could in the contest

    • HI Akshit, the Blog Engage DTFP is the largest package we offer for marketing online blog content. When we syndicate your blog posts they go direct to our home page without needing community members votes like other syndicated posts. We also display banner ads on our site linking to yours, we create the banners for you as well. You get weekly stats on these banners, impressions, clicks etc… If you want to learn more go to blog engage and visit the sales page, look under Direct to Front Page Package.

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