$300 Cash Prize BlogExpose Blogging Contest!

I’m excited to announce a blogging contest for BlogExpose.com.

This will give users an opportunity to win $300 straight to paypal. There are going to be three winners and details are below.

BlogExpose is a job board for bloggers from all over the world in any niche. There are different types of jobs to make money on the platform. While we are starting with writing jobs, in the near future, we will be adding more job types.

If you are a company looking to hire bloggers for your business blogging or simply want to pay bloggers (with cash or free copies) to write about (review) your product, this is the right platform.

If you are a vendor with an Affiliate Program, you can recruit bloggers from this platform to promote and earn special commissions.

What if you want to do a contest and you need bloggers to take part, promote your product and earn cash? BlogExpose brings you the opportunity to announce your contest to a huge audience of select bloggers.

Check this “How it works” page for more on these different job types

$300 Cash Prize Contest for all bloggers

Contest starts on 07/06/2015 and ends 06/07/2015

To enter the contest, you simply should create a blog post about BlogExpose on your blog. Share your sincere opinion about it in 500+ words. Link to a BlogExpose Home Page or to the ‘How it works’ page. Make the link nofollow/dofollow. There is no specific requirement.

Check out this ‘how it works‘ page for some more information

Now, there are going to be 3 winners:

  1. First prize $150 + 30 days featured on BlogExpose
  2. Second price $100 + 30 days featured on BlogExpose
  3. Third price $50

Here is how I shall pick the winners:

The first and second winners shall be selected based on points. The contestant with the highest points gets the first prize.

Points shall be calculated as followers

  • 1 valid comment = 5 points
  • 1 referral = 10 points

NB: I won’t be using social signals to attribute points. I know some folks can just walk to fiverr and buy them 😉

Special Note on Referral Points

I want you to earn 10 points per new contestant who follows you to enter the contest. All you have to do is promote your contest post and tell your friends and readers to enter the contest.

Pleas Note!

While submitting your contest post for review, you will have to enter the url where you learned about the contest (referral url). That’s how I’ll be able to know your referrals.

– > Here is the contest submission form

After publishing your contest, go to this form and submit

contest submission


If you are reading about this contest here for the first time, your Referral url should be this post you are reading.

If you read it first on a friend’s blog, your referral url should be the friend’s contest post url.

NB: If you submit your contest post for review without a referral url, I will minus 10 points from your total points earned.

How the 3rd winner shall be picked!

I want everyone entering this contest to stand a chance to win. So after selecting first and second winners based on merits, I will do a random selection to pick the third winner. So if you do not get the first or second prize, all hope is not lost. You can still be the third winner.

Very important requirements

  1. To qualify for the contest, you must signup as a blogger on blogExpose and apply to take part (No application shall be rejected though).  Once you are in your account on blogExpose, click here to apply
  2. You must mention the contest sponsors on your contest post. Click here to download the txt file containing the html code. Copy and paste code on your contest article
  3. There must be at least 20 entries before the winners are selected. If by the end of the next 30 days and there are no 20 entries, I will postpone the result date.

BlogExpose Contest Sponsors

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So what are you waiting for?

  1. Go to BlogExpose and Signup for free
  2. Once in your account, Click here to apply. Just tell me you want to enter the contest
  3. Check out this ‘How it works‘ page for more
  4. Start writing your contest post
  5. Publish and Submit your post here
  6. Promote your post, talk to friends to join so you can earn more points

NB: Tell your friends to enter your blog post as referral url on the submission form

Drop a comment and let me know what you think about this contest

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur


Hi Enstine,

Looks like great giveaway. I will be participating in this contest. Thanks for the opportunity.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee

Hi Enstine, the contest is okay and I like the way you said you would credit points but using an hashtag can solve the problem of sharing Counts. You have made a new way to boost up the platform


Hello Enstine,
I appreciate your initiative to promote Blog Expose. Of course, it’s a nice platform for bloggers to get paid. I’ll love to be a part of it.

Joseph Chikeleze

Howdy Enstine —

Good to hear this, just a wonderful way to enhance bloggers zeal. Am among the top bloggers to benefit from it.

I would be happy to promote BlogExpose, that would be a cool way to earn online. Thanks for your concern in blogosphere.

Am in, sir…. Have a nice day bro.

Eedris M. Saminu

Hello Sir Muki,
This is a very great way of promoting BlogExpose, i am taking part of the contest and the referal URL is you blog!

Have a nice day guys!


So you are back with another awesome giveaway!

Well I’m gonna join the contest and wait for the results and I hope I’ll be the lucky winner.

Best of luck to other participants too.


Alize Camp

It’s good to see another good contest with a lot of money. Good you luck all 🙂

Joy Healey

Hi Enstine

Oops – I was a bit too quick on this one, can I enter with the post I did before – although I may need to have to revisit it to comply completely 🙂

Have a great weekend. Joy

    Enstine Muki

    Hey my good friend,
    You can still be part of it. Just update the post by adding our sponsors
    Then submit the post for review using the form linked above

    Will be excited to receive it.

    Have a great weekend as well 😉

      Joy Healey

      Hi Enstine

      Amended my post and made the entry. Thanks for that.

      I emailed you with one little query I found 🙂


Ryan Biddulph

Hi Enstine,

Way cool idea dude. I like comments and referrals as the points to build your score. Engagement and word of mouth marketing, that’s where it’s at. You know I had to tweet this 😉 Thanks for the contest and may the best post win!



Amazing Contest, I love the concept of your tool. I used the website for quite a while and it worked awesome.
I’ll look forward to take part in this contest. Although it would have been better if there was assured gift.

Olivier Ntanama

interesting blogging contest.
but My readers and I, speak french.
how about the french bloggers ?
It could be a pleasure for me to participate to the contest.
btw Thank you

Rohit Gaikwad

Hi Enstine,

Great Idea and great concept. Nice way to get paid. I am in for contest and ready to promote BlogExpose. Thanks for opportunity.

Arun Dominic

hi enstine

I’m a member in blogexpose and I want to thank you for creating these wonderfull job board and also I wrote a review of blogexpose I wish you would read it https://codeblogging.com/blogexpose-best-job-board-for-bloggers/


Will have to check out blogexpose for getting help in supporting all our clients. Always on the look out for a great site that puts firms in direct contact with great talent to support amazing content creation. I think the competition just makes it all the better.

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