How Jackson Nwachukwu Can Help You Build a Blog Worth Reading!

It’s Thursday, a day I set aside to feature a blogger here on my blog. As I have always said, the reason behind this weekly exercise is to bring together talented bloggers and experienced entrepreneurs I have met in this journey of blogging.

Most of these people have something to share with you which can help you become a better blogger. You can check out other bloggers and entrepreneurs I have featured in the past.

Today, we will be meeting the one blogger who goes by the name “Worth Blogger.”

He is one guy who believe so much in himself that he had his blog built on self worth! I have had a fair knowledge of his writing and blogging power and have followed through his progressive reports as a blogger. 

First time I met him was on Kingged when I came across one of his articles he shared there. We actually connected then but lost contact after a while. The future they say is always bright! No wonder it became so bright when one day I logged into my blog and saw his comment on one of my posts, there and there we both decided to take the friendship to the next level!

Meet Jackson Nwachukwu!

Jackson Nwachukwu is a passionate blogger who went from being a zero blogger to a worth blogger. In other words, he is a true example of a blogger who went from nothing to something.

Life Before 2011

Jackson actually came online in late 2009 but never knew what blogging was all about. He spent majority of his time back then as an article writer.

Starting 2010, he gained more grounds in article marketing and was able to write over 60 live articles for EzineArticles. In August 5, 2010, he earned the title of an “Ezine Expert Author” and was awarded a certificate to that effect by Chris Knight, the CEO and publisher of EzineArticles Directory

It was one of his happiest moments because he actually wrote lots of articles on EzineArticles even after 2010. The only thing he  never considered doing then was creating a blog for his landing page.

Working with Top Industry Leading Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

First time Jackson came across the word “blogging” was late 2011 when he launched a local tech blog which he called “NaijaTechBlog. The blog was a PR2 blog and he did so well with it before he got a job with one of the commercial banks in his country. Managing the both wasn’t really easy for him and so he sold the blog out

He worked as a customer service relationship personnel with the bank the whole of 2012 and in 2013 he left the bank for a more higher dream. This dream he discovered gives him ample time to do other extra curricular activities and so he decided it was time he started all over the one thing he loved doing which is “blogging.” However, this time he concentrated mainly on guest blogging because he needed to quickly get back on his feet.

One strategy Jackson knows very well is how to get people’s attention. To grow again online he needed to get his voice out there very quickly and the only strategy that worked for him was “guest blogging.”

Still 2013, using the guest blogging strategy, he was able to get the attention of so many renowned bloggers and entrepreneurs where he managed to grow online again. Jackson’s writing power helped him to get published across many high ranking blogs owned by top industry leaders like:

  • Darren Rowse of (PR6)
  • John Chow of (PR5)
  • Worked with John Rampton of (PR6)
  • Andy Bailey of (PR4)
  • Brian Scott of (PR5)
  • Ileane Smith of (PR4)

You can read all of Jackson’s guest posts on the blogs above and more on his writing portfolio page.

Jackson’s passion for blogging ignited when he got published on two times in less than 3 months. As a standard for Darren Rowse, it takes at least 1 month plus before your article can go live on his over 321,000 readership blog. Jackson broke that record!

According to him,

When you are good at writing and you get published on, you will be sure to draw some cash out Darren’s readers, because you will surely get people to hire your writing services.

Jackson closed up so many freelance writing deals after being published on Darrne Rowse’s blog in 2013, a thing he happily teach today on his blog.

From a ZERO Blogger to a Worth Blogger

I asked Jackson why he once called himself a ZERO blogger and he told me that the only reason why he did so was because he never did well in terms of relationship blogging. According to him, a zero blogger is a blogger without a relationship background in the blogosphere!

He admitted that despite his successes as a guest blogger that he regretted the part of failing to build a blog community and that made him a ZERO blogger!

Here is a quote Jackson made in his story that got me thinking if anyone can ever come out and say he is a know-it-all in blogging

Blogging is like a novel, until you read to the last page, you will never discover what the end holds in it. Similarly, if people were to know everything about blogging, then it wouldn’t be worth reading.

He had this corrected when he launched his main blog on the 28th of August 2014. This time he took the bull by the horn conquering grounds, achieving good relationship scores and getting himself on the radars of well meaning and influential bloggers.

This is what he will rather call – stepping out of your comfort zone to get things fixed!

Here is a post Jackson did on How He Went from a ZERO Blogger to a Worth Blogger, inside this same post, you will find the idea behind the name he gave his blog


What other bloggers say about Jackson

Jackson did an awesome job of growing his new blog in weeks and turning it into an engagement and community building blog. He has some good strategies which you can pick from him. These strategies are his secrets and using some of them he has been able to get many bloggers (including me) talking about him all the time.

Recently, he shared a report on his blog which disclosed a handful of endorsements and testimonials by some influential bloggers after being featured on Sherryl Perry’s blog.

You can read Sherryl’s blog post on Jackson and Adrienne Smith.

And here, you can see what most influential bloggers are saying about Jackson Nwachukwu.

Let Jackson help you build a blog worth reading

The question would be  –  why should you be reading

Jackson had already cracked the code in building an engagement blog, so he will be teaching you how to build a blog that is worth reading.

He will be teaching you how to own a blog and be proud of it.

He will be teaching you an entirely new system of blogging – what he call “blogging without boundaries.”

Yes! Jackson in his blogging story mentioned that blogging has gone beyond writing “How to add a Facebook widget to your blog sidebar.” It’s gone bigger and needs you to grow bigger with it too!

If your blog is worth reading, then it’s equally worth making the money.

Must read articles at his blog

Relationship Blogging/Blog Building

  • A Blog Like an Eatery
  • 18 Awesome Testimonials From Top Bloggers Plus 76K Alexa in 95 Days
  • The One Secret To Becoming a Blogging Superhero
  • 25 Ways to Build a Better Blog – A Call to Action

Writing a Readable Blog posts

  • Ultimate Guide and Resources to Write a Blog Posts That Matters – Over 2100 Words

Blog Traffic and Promotion

  • Traffic To My 3 Weeks Old Blog In One Step ~ No Google, No Social Media!
  • How To Get Instant Blog Traffic Without Search Engines and Social Media

Awesome Gift from Jackson Nwachukwu!

Jackson is an active BroadedNet user and of course, one of my valued sponsors. To say thank you for reading this post, he bought a huge amount of credits on BroadedNet and asked me to spread it out to members.

Here is your coupon code: JACK

Go to, login and click ‘Got coupon code?’

Where to find Jackson

Phone: 2348034558033
skype: Jackson.Nwachukwu
Linked In
Face Book
Google Plus

Time to interact with Jackson Nwachukwu!

Jackson loves comments and he writes good ones too. Be sure to get real time replies from him as he enjoy doing this a lot. Go ahead and ask him questions using the comment box.

65 thoughts on “How Jackson Nwachukwu Can Help You Build a Blog Worth Reading!”

  1. Hello Enstine and Jackson,

    This is nice to see Jackson featured here. This is good to know that Jackson believes in himself. I too believe in myself. Believing yourself and having confidence in you is a great power of success.

    I am also a very confident person and believe in hard work.

    Jackson, I’ve read your posts at Darren Rowse’s blog and they were really great. This is nice reading your journey from a Zero blogger to a worth blogger. This is really inspiring for newbies.

    Thanks Enstine for sharing more details about Jackson. I really enjoyed reading here. Have an awesome day both of you.

  2. Hello, Enstine and Jackson,

    Such a wonderful post to see Jackson featured on your blog – was a little late to the party, but better late than never, I always say. 🙂

    Wow, you came online pretty early – 2009! I’ve been online since 1992, and you should have seen my first computer. lol It was huge!

    So happy to have met Jackson this year, as he is a very kind person and extremely thoughtful of others – I appreciate that about you.

    You’ve come a very long way in a very short time, my friend, and I’m proud that you’ve had success in a short time. What a blessing that is and an inspiration to others too.

    Hope you have a great evening, and I’ll be talking with you soon.


    • Hi Carol,

      So nice to have another blogger I hold to a very high esteem visit comment on this post! It doesn’t matter how late you were to the party, what matters right now is the fact that you finally made it to the party, so welcome on board 🙂

      OMG! Where was I in 1992? Can’t really remember if internet services have gone viral as it is now in my country. Though we had it then, but internet was mainly accessed by big shots like companies and the rest of them. Today, it’s different, I can connect from anywhere even my Samsung Galaxy phone now makes it even more easier to be online 247 whether sleeping or awake! I can’t imagine how BIG your first computer really was, guess it was that BIG 🙂

      Carol, I must confess that I have been blessed meeting supportive friends like you. Few minutes back I told Adrienne and Enstine same thing because you all are nothing but value givers. I really appreciate the fact that we are friends and good one indeed!

      Last week I almost contacted you to write a testimonial for me to use on my blog but I decided not to because I really wanted it to come naturally just as I got many of it from the post Sherryl Perry did on me and Adrienne. Guess you didn’t see that post? Now looks like I have finally gotten one without asking! I can use it in future 😉

      All the success and breakthroughs I have had this short time can also be attributed to you and some other of my wonderful and supportive friends who helped spread words about me and my blog, so I can go ahead and say with you people on my side I made it 🙂

      Thank you so much for being there for me Carol.

      Sure I will and do have a wonderful weekend too!


  3. Hey Enstine and Jackson,

    Good to read about our friend here at your place Enstine.

    So you were more of an article writer Jackson? I have 230 published articles on EZine but I deleted quite a bit so I actually had more than that. I wrote my first on back in November of 2007 and I made expert author as well as I was featured in their blog some years ago. I thought I was all that back then now. I even got a coffee cup and towel from them, that was so cool.

    I did start blogging though on the free platforms back then just to build up links but like you I wasn’t building an audience. I was building a list but unfortunately, after the initial seven days we’re taught to really grab their attention I had no idea what to share with them after that so I never really built them up over time.

    You background though is very impressive writing for those awesome sites. I’m sure you weren’t building a list though like they say you should even if you’re not blogging. Guess these are all lessons for us though right! Overall I think you’re doing really well now and your future is very bright.

    Thanks for having Jackson shine his light on your blog Enstine and so happy to stop by and read more about him.

    Hope you both are having a good week.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      I am glad you made it to Enstine’s Thursday blogger feature. Wow! I am really hot now hearing those sweet words “our friend” that really entered me 🙂 I am really glad I met you too!

      Yea, I was into article writing before now and did pretty well. Hmm, 230 published articles is a big shot Adrienne. Well, should I be surprise reading that? I don’t really think so because when someone is good at something getting things done becomes a piece of cake. I know of EzineArticles awesome gifts like towel and mugs, I was meant to have those before I took a long break. First time my friend go his, it was so sweet that he placed it specially on his office table 🙂

      You read my story well and how I finally made my journey to blogging. Sometimes, we thought of turning the hands of time so we can try righting our wrongs but that’s never a case to discuss. What matters is the actions we take after making those mistakes.

      Today, I am glad that after doing somethings wrong I get the chance to set them right again. More especially, is the wonderful friends like you that I have made on this journey of blogging. To say the least, some bloggers are just inspiration to others, you and Enstine happen to be among those bloggers.

      Thank you so much for your supports ever since we became friends Adrienne. I appreciate you every day that passes by!

      Do have a wonderful weekend my good friend!


      P.S I read your Christmas mail which you sent to your list. My God you were so natural and open and that makes you a REAL fellow Adrienne. Thank you so much for being you!

  4. Hello,

    first of all I’d like to thank “Enstine” for sharing such a great interview. My bad I just came to know about Jackson and I’m really inspired by his journey.


  5. Hey Sherman,

    There is always a time in a man’s life when he chooses to start doing somethings right! I really have made mistakes in the past and have decided it’s time I right my wrongs!

    Blogging on this path of value giving has launched me into meeting some wonderful people who have helped shaped my understanding of the industry. Most importantly is that I now know that to excel in blogging, people should be kept before any other thing and to set the record straight there won’t even be any blog without the people!

    I decided I will always try my best to provide value for every single article I do, try to identify with people who are capable of inspiring and motivating me and this is what I have been for the past months, a reason why I have come this far.

    I really owe my successes to the people who I have connected and engaged with, they are the reason why I have come this far and that still remains the fact Sherman.

    I really appreciate your kind words my friends. They are really mind lifting and keeps me going and wanting to do more 🙂

    I am glad you enjoyed reading this post, do have a wonderful new week my friend!

    BTW thanks for that wonderful post you did on GA, I really enjoyed reading it!


  6. Blogging is nothing bu a passion. If you wanna start blogging only for making money, you would get frustrated as blogging is not the way to earn in a night. But if you want to blog because you love it, the money will come automatically.

    I started blogging in 2009. There were many up and downs in my blogging career. But I still love it and wanna continue. I feel better with my own passion.

    Blogging has many advantages and disadvantages but overall, it is awesome.

  7. Hey Enstine and Jackson,

    Wow Jackson, you are really blowup up! Or should I say that you already have blown up! I see other great bloggers featuring you and giving you a lot of props lately! That really tells you a lot about someone!

    But there’s a great reason for this. You have accomplished a lot within a really short amount of time. This shows how dedicated and passionate you are about the blogosphere.

    Like I’ve been saying lately ACTION + PASSION = ATTRACTION

    In this case, you’re attracting a lot of success! I can definitely call you the epitome of what a blogger should be, and you definitely have been a high influencer to the rest of us!

    Thanks for all the valuable blog post you’ve created! Have a great week!

  8. Now i started thinking to start guest posting to boost up my reach. Guest posting on is almost impossible for majority of bloggers because of its high quality. You did it and get attention of lakhs of reader and got success in blogosphere very fast.
    Thanks for this post…

    • Hey Adarsh,

      Guest posting really helped me back then. I achieved faster results, lots of backlinks and above got some writing deals which made me some $$$$ 🙂

      These days, with Google on top, guest posting isn’t what it really was then and again not every blogger wants people guest posting for them. The few still guest posting are the ones with very high background of writing.

      However, you can still give it a shot. Look out for bloggers who are close to you, ask them for a slot to write a guest post for them, with that you can start getting some exposure. The most importantly is to make sure you write helpful articles to boost your presence.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead 🙂


  9. Hi Enstine,
    I know Jackson more by Worthblogger. His posts are awesome as yours, it is good to see you have featured him here. It would be beneficial for those who are not aware of his blog.

    • Hey Ajay,

      It’s great reading your comments on Enstine’s blog. I can remember the first time you visited my blog, you told me you came from his blog and so want to thank you for being an active reader.

      I have read couple of your comments on my blog, and they are simply cool to bring about good discussions. I appreciate those Ajay!

      Yea, Enstine really gave me an opportunity to be known on his blog and I am really getting to know many people here 🙂

      Thanks Ajay for your comment, I really appreciate!


  10. Jackson is a great man…I first met him on one of his earlier sites, ContentPractical. What really strikes me as “great” about Jackson is his ability to write compelling content in an easy going way that sure gets results – and too fast

  11. Hy Enstine,
    This is why I always love to read your Thursday post. Everytime you introduce me to a new star of the blogging community. Jackson is a very powerful personality and his blog worthblogger also a great blog.

    Thanks man for this wonderful article 🙂

    • Hey Rabin,

      Both of us are in the same both! Ever since I discovered Enstine’s Thursday bloggers series, I made a point of duty to always visit because I have come to know more awesome bloggers through this medium.

      I know it’s something that will continue and will get even bigger tomorrow!

      Wow! Thanks for your kind words Rabin, I really appreciate bro.


    • Hey Emebu,

      Been a long time we had a chat. Hope you are good bro?

      Yea, you are very much right about Enstine, he is not just a friend but a brother. Have learned much from him. He took me unawares by this article and I am most grateful to him.

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      Nwa nna (African) well done my brother and keep rocking the blogosphere too 🙂

  12. Jackson’s star is on the rise Enstine! He reminds me of Andrew Warner. His comments and blog posts are both really making an impact where he shows up, and if you can make an impact wherever you are you can’t help but to be noticed! He’s got it, and I am so grateful to be one of his friends. Really, I just left left a comment on his blog he tweeted me back in hours, thanking me for the comment and thoughts. That’s a smart dude!

    Thanks Enstine for putting the spotlight on an up and coming star!


    • Hey Ryan,

      Was just coming from your blog where I read your review on that wonderful seo product by Matt. That was indeed a great read Ryan.

      I must confess that your writing style is super and it’s one thing I am bent of picking from your brain 🙂

      Well, what more will say if not thanks for believing in me Ryan. I see the comments you leave on my blog too, they inspiring and always cooked up to teach the next reader a lesson.

      I think leaving awesome comments is one way of letting both the blog owner and his readers know you had well grounded knowledge of the post you read. I like taking my time to read posts which is why leaving long and detailed comments has remained my style.

      Yea, I really do have Enstine to thank for giving my this wonderful opportunity to been seen and known by his blog community. I have made a handful of new friends and I feel so good for that 🙂

      Thanks Ryan for your comment, it’s awesome!

      Have a great day my friend!


  13. Hi Enstine,
    It’s nice to here about Jackson here on your blog. I’ve seen the name “Jackson Nwachukwu” on some blog and I’ve visited his blog a few times.
    His story is something to tell about, he had to quite hos job at the bank to face his blog, surely he’s a “worth blogger” I just read one of his blog posts now, and I agree with you that his writing skill is perfect.

    Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful article today. Do have a great weekend to spend 🙂

    • Hey Larry,

      It’s great connecting with you on Enstine’s blog. I too have seen your face couple of times on the blogosphere and had at one time visited your blog.

      It feels good when we add value to what we do, because it’s the only way to get to the top! I was able to climb the ladder of success in blogging because I put people first before anything and that has greatly helped me to keep getting results.

      About my job with the bank, I had to leave it for a better dream which one of these days I will be making it public. It was not really blogging that I quit my job for. If you read through, you notice I mentioned a dream that now gives me time to do the one thing I love doing. So with time, I shall be revealing what this dream is 🙂

      Thank you Larry for your kind words, I really appreciate.

      It’s a new week, and I am sure you will be getting the best it has to offer 🙂


  14. Hi Enstine and Jackson,

    Great introduction. I love learning more about the awesome bloggers you spotlight Enstine. I don’t remember where or when I actually saw Jackson first, maybe it was on Kingged?

    In any case, I was immediately drawn to his writing style and depth of knowledge. He really has a fantastic way of connecting and resonating with his audience.

    Thank you for spotlighting him and allowing us to get to know him better. It’s an encouragement to read of someone who went from nothing to something!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don,

      It all started at Kingged, yes I can remember that faithful day I stormed Kingged and promised myself that I was going to make friends and real ones. I came across one of your articles and read through it, next I found myself was at your blog.

      You are one of the bloggers I actually planned to connect with. It didn’t take long for me to notice the highly informative articles you share on your blog, that was something I needed to be reading then and I am glad it all paid out.

      When it was time time for me to feature some bloggers who are really good at engagement, your name popped up and right there I knew it was my best shot to knowing you the more. Don featuring you on my blog is something I am still glad I did till today 🙂

      I really appreciate all the kind words you have showered at me on this post and on Enstine’s blog. As one of the great bloggers I look up to, I made a list of bloggers who are inspirational to me and your face is there 🙂

      Don thank you so much for your unending support and love. I really appreciate having you as a friend.

      Have a wonderful and fun filled weekend 🙂


  15. Hey Enstine,

    Its great that you featured so many great bloggers on your blog. Although I don’t know Jackson before this but thanks to you I have read some of his post and he is really awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this info and have a nice day.

    • Hey Rohit,

      I am most pleased to met you here on Enstine’s blog. Friendship starts in a day and then progress. Enstine has made it possible for us to know each other online. Isn’t that awesome Rohit?

      That’s the thing about blogging that I like so much. You get to meet so many people online, learn from them and they too will equally learn from you and the chain of friendship will continue to grow.

      Thank you for making out time to read about me Rohit, do have a wonderful weekend ahead.


  16. Hey Terungwa,

    Happy to see you once again! Guess you were one of the folks who gave me a supporting hand back then on ContentPractical, you were so dedicated to reading my content and commenting on them. I still have not forgotten your long comments then Terungwa 🙂

    Blogging indeed brings us together and that happens to be Enstine’s aim for initiating this exercise. Before it was on my old blog today we are engaging on Enstine’s blog, that’s so sweet!

    I really appreciate your kind words about my writing style Terungwa, I can only do better to keep receiving these awesome praises. Whenever I write I put my readers in mind and that has really helped me come up with as many content I can come up with and still make sense in all of them.

    Terungwa, I will forget the fact that where I am today is not just only as a result of my writing but because of awesome friends like you who take it upon themselves to answer me each time I call on them. So it’s something we both should be happy for.

    As for my eBook, you will hear it about it pretty soon my friend 🙂 Be rest assured you will be among the best to know.

    Do make sure you enjoy your weekend to the fullest 🙂


  17. Hello Enstine Muki, for having Jackson on your Blog.

    I will like to says a BIG thank you for celebration your fellow country man.

    Jackson has been doing wonder ever since his he has started his Worth Blog, which have rally help me tremendous.. His wring skill is unique and i cannot forget the unusual manner that he wrote review for Adrienne Smith new product on how to blog a blog community.

    Last thanks for the coupon code Jackson.

  18. Hi Enstine,

    Jackson is a great guy…I first met him on one of his earlier sites, ContentPractical. What really strikes me as “great” about Jackson is his ability to write compelling content in an easy going way that sure gets results – and fast too.

    Jack, your best is yet to come. Strive on and keep doing what you know how to do best…you’re a writer at heart!

    In a short while from now, it would be my singular pleasure reading your first book – or eBook (whichever you choose as a first).

    Be certain to make the day great!


  19. Hello Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing the story of jackson. It was really very good to see jackson here. I am also looking to make Blogging aas my full time career. I hope i could make this as my career successfully. Thanks again!

  20. Hi Enstine and Jackson,

    Wow, what a wonderful journey.

    I know you came to my blog not too long ago, Jackson, for the first time and you said to me, how in the world did I not met you before? And I thought the same thing.

    Even though you came back and I went to your blog, I had no idea about all your wonderful achievements and all the things you’ve done.

    Thankfully, Enstine took care of that, and really made a fantastic introduction of you. what you’ve accomplished is very impressive.

    Congratulations to both, for your great work!

    • Hey Sylviane,

      Great to see you again, this time on Enstine’s blog 🙂 Such a blessing my friend!

      Yea, I really said that, and it was like I missed out on one lady I was supposed to have engaged with for a very long time. Well, guess they say now or never? So I will say we finally connected and that’s matters so much to me now!

      Enstine surprised me because I have not even gotten to write such awesome story myself. Since we met online, blogging has gradually taken a different step. I can remember sharing with him my story when we first met little did I know he was going to honor me like this with it. I really appreciate him for that Sylviane!

      I am glad you finally get to read my story and found meaning in it, all thanks once again to Enstine for his love.

      I am looking forward to connecting with you the more my friend. Last I visited your blog was on the launch date of your new site design which I found very awesome.

      Once again, thanks for your support Sylviane, I really do appreciate my friend.

      It’s weekend and I am certain you will be getting the best of it 🙂

      Talk soon.


  21. Hi Enstine

    Good to see Jackson in your blog.He is the man and a problogger in the industy. He also knows how to write thought provoking articles so I am not surprised that he is successful. He truly is a worthy blogger.

    • Hey Ikechi,

      Glad seeing you around bro. You are the third son of the soil I am chatting with on Enstine’s blog. I am so blessed to have all of you around 🙂

      I can remember reading all those awesome comments from you on my blog. You are so so kind with your words that I almost asked myself if you choose them when leaving your comments. The sweet thing about kind words is that they lift the spirit Ikechi. When we keep getting them from friends we keep growing strong in our minds.

      Here you go again with those mind thrilling words Ikechi! I feel so good reading them for the first time outside my blog. Just have in mind that I always appreciate your support and will keep doing my best to keep that belief on!

      Enstine does a wonderful job of bringing bloggers together. I must confess that I am lucky to have been picked this week by him as his featured blogger. Guess it’s something to reckon with right Ikechi?

      It’s Friday bro and I am sure you have plans of making it a rocky one 🙂

      Remain blessed my brother!


  22. Hello Enstine, What a great post, I also met Jackson on Kingged and I was invited by you now that I think about it!

    I just love how you openly share these stories, it is so nice to learn more about Jackson right here on your blog, I also liked the idea of sharing his social links, I do believe we are already connected but am off the check this out here shortly.

    I am also going to check out a few links you shared with us here.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    • Hey Chery,

      Enstine is such an awesome blogger who has helped connect many bloggers from around the blogosphere. I can remember following up on his Thursday blogger feature, and how I have made new friends who are all talented and experienced in blogging. This is actually one of the plans he has connecting bloggers and it’s working so perfectly 🙂

      We all grow when we lend helping hands to one another. Enstine sharing my story on his blog is one of those ways bloggers can use to help each other. It’s something we all know, today I am here, tomorrow it might you here having your own story shared too.

      In all of these, what matters so much is the value we give. I bet no blogger want to write about somebody who cannot be of help to his community, this explains the reason why it’s always good to be the best in what you are doing because someday, you might be picked up for people to see a whole of you!

      Thanks so much Chery for coming around. I am sure Enstine will be happy seeing all these kind words you have said about him featuring me on his blog. I really appreciate my good friend 🙂

      It’s Friday, in my country, it’s a day most people like so much because it’s the end of working week, and so lots of fun follows next. I am sure you will have same fun over at yours 🙂


  23. Hay Jackson, Great seeing you here on Enstine’s blog.

    Great to know your background and services you offer. I am checking your blog and find really good stuff. You also have that special way of commenting on people’s blogs. This is what makes you stand out in the crowd…your social skills are wonderful.

    I hope in future if I need any help form content side I will surely contact you.

    Thanks Enstine to introduce Jackson. Have a great week ahead

    • Hey Keyur,

      I am equally glad to meet with you here on Enstine’s blog. What more can we hope for if not making new friends and making blogging remain fun?

      One thing that distinguishes us from many how we relate or treat matters. When it comes down to commenting, I take my time to do it because it has a way of making me stand tall among many. It’s something I am sure you will like when you learn and put your mind to it!

      I am really thrilled by all those kind words of yours Keyur. I really appreciate my friend.

      Now you make sure have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  24. Hello Enstine,

    How are you? I am back reading about a great blogger’s personality. I seriously want to tell that whenever I came to read your article I learn something new from it and it increases the speed of my blood moving in veins. I will be trying to make myself a great blogger and to be in your guest post list.

    • Hey Jasmeet,

      Glad to see you around. I am sure Enstine will be so pleased hearing about how highly you speak of him and his blog 🙂

      That’s the love blogging can bring.

      Sure if you work towards that, I am sure Enstine will not hesitate to have you published!

      Have an awesome day ahead.


  25. It’s awesome to know that he took his time to really build up his reputation and his blog to this level. I’m so inspired (always on this blog). Thanks Enstine
    I’m glad to learn about you Jackson and if it’s anything to you, you actually work in the same town as I do.
    Have a great day! I shall visit your blog!

    • Wow! Uju you also work in PortHarcourt? That’s so nice to know!

      I am really short of words to thank you for all these kind words you have showered at me, I am feeling so lifted right now 🙂

      I shall await your glorious arrival at my blog then!

      Until then keep rocking the blogosphere!


      P.S I checked out your blog and all I can say is that you are hitting them real hard in the techie world!

      • Thanks Jackson for the comments and the commendations!
        I’m presently on your blog and all I can say is wow! I’d like to be as good as you and Enstine someday. Valuable content on the daily!
        Have a really great day!


  26. Until you hear a man’s story, you wouldn’t really know his worth. Wow! I’ve been seeing Jackson around and I know one of his secrets must be his commenting prowess! I never knew his was worthy blogger of such magnanimous repute (pardon the big grammar!

    • Hey Uju,

      Nice meeting you. I am so blessed that Enstine’s blog has helped me connect with another daughter of soil (Naija).

      How surprising is it hearing you have actually had me on your radar Uju. It’s one of the sweetest things blogging can bring. I bet we will never have met under this condition if not for the opportunity presented by my friend Enstine Muki! That I really thank him for…

      Yea, you are right about this. I take commenting to heart! I figured that it’s the one way to stand tall especially on blogs I intend to establish my presence. I have it as act of necessity to let people feel my presence anywhere I go and so far it has been paying out.

      One thing though that has made this work like charm is the fact that I take my time to read articles before writing any comment, that way I wouldn’t have to spend much time writing a comment.

      Hahaha… my sister grammar is allowed joor (Nigerian)

      Thanks for such an awesome comment sis 🙂


  27. Hi Jackson!

    Great seeing you here on Enstine’s blog! It is so nice to read a bit about your background and understand what you were doing before you became such a popular blogger.

    Each time I visit your blog, there is something new that I can learn. Your content is ALWAYS excellent and your upbeat personality shines through.

    You also have that special way of commenting on people’s blogs. This is what makes you stand out in the crowd…your social skills are wonderful.

    What more can I say but I am a loyal follower of yours! Keep up the good work and I know that you are going to skyrocket the internet world in 2015!


    • Hey Donna,

      I was just coming from your blog where you did that awesome and mind thrilling post on gaining authority as bloggers. That post is really an exclusive and I am glad I picked your brain on it 🙂

      We all have our stories don’t we? I am glad mine made sense to you. You see, after my past experience in blogging, I decided that I was going to get it right. What keeps us moving even when the way looks opaque is our passion and belief. I really have blogging at heart which was why taking it by the horn paid out!

      Wow! Donna, I am really glad to hear you learn something new each time you visit my blog. The moment, I took that decision of getting right, I promised myself that I was going to learn, practice and show full working. Will I say that meeting awesome people like you helped shaped the new Jackson you know today. I can only make it look more better and more EXCELLENT the next time 🙂

      O yea, the part of commenting I will give that to you, Harleena, Adrienne and Carol. Believe me, meeting you awesome ladies helped me understand the power of writing eye catchy and engaging comments. I used to do this casually, but when I realized the effect it has on each blog I visited, I decided to redefine my commenting style. I can tell you with all boldness that most of the readers I have today are the people who read my comments on other blogs and on my own blog and they liked it. Guess we all have our strategies 😉

      Imagine the wonders of blogging Donna, I was at your blog few minutes back and here I am enagging with you on Enstine’s blog, another awesome blogger I hold to very high esteem. I have him to thank for most of the successes I have recorded, he is one guy you must not fail to work with!

      Thanks Donna for coming around to witness my first appearance on Enstine Muki’s blog as a featured blogger. I really do appreciate 🙂

      Now you make sure you have a wonderful day ahead my good friend!


  28. Hello Muki,
    I am really impressed with the articles of Jackson in his blog. He has lot’s of knowledge about building a blog with user engagement. Thanks for introducing us with such inspirational and helpful blogger………….. Happy blogging.

    • Hey Sakib,

      I am really glad hearing you found my articles very impressing. Words like to a blogger is a fuel that fires him up the ladder of blogging.

      Blogging as I have finally figured should be engaging at all time because it is the major determinant of our success even in time to come. I promised myself to do it right and passionately and that I have never had any cause to regret.

      When I see a reader happy about my writing or my blog I feel so great that I tell myself – boy you are doing well 🙂

      Thanks once again Sakib for believing in me. I really appreciate!


  29. Jack, i believe is a wonderful and an enthusiastic writer. From the day he started his new blog, i am a casual reader of it and I Have learnt alot since than.

    Thanks Jack, keep writing 🙂

    • Yea, look who we have here, my very good friend Ammar 🙂

      I am not surprise seeing you join the party because that’s what you know best. Your comments are always there waiting each time I hit the publish button on my blog. And here ate Enstine’s you have proven yourself, thank you so much my good friend for your supports right from the day we met at my blog.

      Hope you will soon go from being a casual reader to full blown reader of my blog Ammar 🙂

      Again, thanks mate for stopping by and for your thought on this post.

      Do have a wonderful day 🙂


  30. Hi Jackson
    This is Lovely Post 🙂 Great idea, am thinking to build a very powerful WordPress blog, i hope Success Your Blogging life 🙂 Keep it up ,

    • Hey Jassicaa,

      Thanks for your kind words, they are really good enough to keep me going.

      Sure you can always do that my friend.

      Looking forward to that 🙂


  31. Hi Jackson, and welcome to Enstine’s blog 🙂

    Wonderful to see you featured this time, and it must be such a delight for you, to appear from the other side on Enstine’s blog. He surely knows how to gather all the precious gems!

    Yes indeed, I’ve known you for a while now and you have been SO kind and generous in naming so many of us in your posts, which speaks about your giving nature that few have in the Blogosphere, so we appreciate you for that.

    You surely seem to have reached great heights with the awesome guest posts you’ve done, especially at Darren’s blog in such a short duration, and the other places too. I guess that’s made you attain success so quick…still reminds me of my time and where I was in 3-4 months time, as compared. Great going indeed!

    We wish you every success in your new journey, and it’s a pleasure to have such wonderful friend’s like you, Enstine, and so many more.

    Thanks for sharing more about Jackson with us, Enstine. Always good to know more about friend’s, isn’t it? Have a nice rest of the week, both of you 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,

      It’s awesome to see your comment on this post. I always have a push for some wonderful bloggers I have met this short period of blogging. You are one of those I like reading their posts, mentioning on my blog and above all following their teaching.

      Yea, Harleena you are very much right, this is one of those Aha moments I have waiting for, when I will have renowned blogger like Enstine feature me selflessly on his blog. It tells me that to a very large extent I am on the right track 🙂

      Blogging should be fun because it’s one unique way of reaching out to people. Three years back, I never saw blogging as something that will be this engaging such that you make good friends who always look out for you and answer you when you call them.

      I can say for sure that these few months, I have aligned myself with the best minds , a reason why I have such a progressive result. Who will work with someone like the “Comment Queen” and not make success? So yes, I am so delighted to have been featured on Enstine’s blog.

      Mentioning you and other awesome bloggers was something I really hoped to do. I always try to be practical in my blog posts, and once I get to the part of calling up names that matters, I don’t hesitate to do so. So Harleena, you are worth every mention I have given on my blog and it’s something I will continue doing whenever the need arises 🙂

      Yea, I must confess, I got motivated with blogging and had to step my game when I got published on Darren Rowse’s blog two times in less than two months. Like I mentioned in earlier, this is usually not the standard as most guest posts are queued for as long as 3 even up 4 months. It was like a dream come true especially the part where I got my voice heard and also closed some writing deals on it.

      I am also blessed to have met you Harleena. Friends like are rare and I am glad I have you too.

      Now you make sure you have a wonderful day ahead my good friend 🙂


    • Hey Daayur,

      I believe we have met before at my blog. I really will be expecting that action call from you.

      Looking forward to working with you 🙂


  32. Wow! Oloyede, so much happy to see you around 🙂 I also feel great seeing a brother from our dear country commending and supporting me. I really appreciate that bro!

    I remember we have long met back in the days at my old blog NaijaTechBlog. You were just as supportive as you were then, reading my blog posts and leaving wonderful comments as well. You are just too good to be missed Oloye 🙂

    As for the broaded credit, it’s just a token I bought from my friend Muki to say a big thank you to all his fans who will be reading my first ever featured post on his blog. I am glad you have redeemed your bro. Now you go ahead and create those awesome campaigns of yours 🙂

    Wow! I will really be expecting your call Oloyede!

    Till then do make sure you have a wonderful day ahead 🙂


    • Hey Jackson,

      I actually gave you a call but your line was not reachable. It might be due to network issues.

      I will try again in some hours from now. I’m really excited to talk with you on phone.

      Take care and have a nice day ahead.

      • Hey Oloyede,

        Sorry about that, my bad. I will suggest you call later at night bro. My office is at the sea side in Onne, Portharcourt. So until I close from the office I don’t really pick calls. Anything from 8:30 pm down to 9:30 am (except midnight) you will get me loud and clear 🙂

        Once again sorry bro for that. Looking forward too to speaking with you on the phone 🙂

  33. Hey Enstine,

    Its great to see you feature Jackson, a blogger from my home country on your blog.

    I have know him since 2010 when he was still running naijatechblog. I have been following him for a long time now and he is doing great with his new blog within its first three months.

    Many thanks to Jackson for giving us the 250 credits. I just redeemed it.

    Its good to have his phone details at hand just like you have revealed here Enstine. I will surely give him a call today.

    Take care.

    – Oloyede Jamiu

  34. Great to see Jackson featured on your blog, Enstine!

    I know him already since few years,
    and there is always something new to learn from his blog.

    Keep up the awesome work, Jackson.
    I’m sure 2015 will bring you even greater success.
    And thank you Enstine for having him here.

    Have a fantastic rest of this week, you both. 🙂

    • Hey Erik,

      It’s really an honor to be featured on Enstine’s blog. This is indeed an awesome way to start my day. So full of joy reading all that he wrote on me 🙂

      Yea, we have come a long way Erik, I always remember that faithful day I got published on your blog, it was also one of the best things that happened to me as a guest blogger then. I am glad we met and thank you for being so supportive too.

      I am all set working for 2015 because I actually need to increase the speed Erik and with people like you on my side, 2015 will surely be a huge success 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate my good friend.

      It’s another awesome day Erik, do make sure you have the best of it 🙂


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