How Jackson Nwachukwu Can Help You Build a Blog Worth Reading!

It’s Thursday, a day I set aside to feature a blogger here on my blog. As I have always said, the reason behind this weekly exercise is to bring together talented bloggers and experienced entrepreneurs I have met in this journey of blogging.

Most of these people have something to share with you which can help you become a better blogger. You can check out other bloggers and entrepreneurs I have featured in the past.

Today, we will be meeting the one blogger who goes by the name “Worth Blogger.”

He is one guy who believe so much in himself that he had his blog built on self worth! I have had a fair knowledge of his writing and blogging power and have followed through his progressive reports as a blogger. 

First time I met him was on Kingged when I came across one of his articles he shared there. We actually connected then but lost contact after a while. The future they say is always bright! No wonder it became so bright when one day I logged into my blog and saw his comment on one of my posts, there and there we both decided to take the friendship to the next level!

Meet Jackson Nwachukwu!

Jackson Nwachukwu is a passionate blogger who went from being a zero blogger to a worth blogger. In other words, he is a true example of a blogger who went from nothing to something.

Life Before 2011

Jackson actually came online in late 2009 but never knew what blogging was all about. He spent majority of his time back then as an article writer.

Starting 2010, he gained more grounds in article marketing and was able to write over 60 live articles for EzineArticles. In August 5, 2010, he earned the title of an “Ezine Expert Author” and was awarded a certificate to that effect by Chris Knight, the CEO and publisher of EzineArticles Directory

It was one of his happiest moments because he actually wrote lots of articles on EzineArticles even after 2010. The only thing he  never considered doing then was creating a blog for his landing page.

Working with Top Industry Leading Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

First time Jackson came across the word “blogging” was late 2011 when he launched a local tech blog which he called “NaijaTechBlog. The blog was a PR2 blog and he did so well with it before he got a job with one of the commercial banks in his country. Managing the both wasn’t really easy for him and so he sold the blog out

He worked as a customer service relationship personnel with the bank the whole of 2012 and in 2013 he left the bank for a more higher dream. This dream he discovered gives him ample time to do other extra curricular activities and so he decided it was time he started all over the one thing he loved doing which is “blogging.” However, this time he concentrated mainly on guest blogging because he needed to quickly get back on his feet.

One strategy Jackson knows very well is how to get people’s attention. To grow again online he needed to get his voice out there very quickly and the only strategy that worked for him was “guest blogging.”

Still 2013, using the guest blogging strategy, he was able to get the attention of so many renowned bloggers and entrepreneurs where he managed to grow online again. Jackson’s writing power helped him to get published across many high ranking blogs owned by top industry leaders like:

  • Darren Rowse of (PR6)
  • John Chow of (PR5)
  • Worked with John Rampton of (PR6)
  • Andy Bailey of (PR4)
  • Brian Scott of (PR5)
  • Ileane Smith of (PR4)

You can read all of Jackson’s guest posts on the blogs above and more on his writing portfolio page.

Jackson’s passion for blogging ignited when he got published on two times in less than 3 months. As a standard for Darren Rowse, it takes at least 1 month plus before your article can go live on his over 321,000 readership blog. Jackson broke that record!

According to him,

When you are good at writing and you get published on, you will be sure to draw some cash out Darren’s readers, because you will surely get people to hire your writing services.

Jackson closed up so many freelance writing deals after being published on Darrne Rowse’s blog in 2013, a thing he happily teach today on his blog.

From a ZERO Blogger to a Worth Blogger

I asked Jackson why he once called himself a ZERO blogger and he told me that the only reason why he did so was because he never did well in terms of relationship blogging. According to him, a zero blogger is a blogger without a relationship background in the blogosphere!

He admitted that despite his successes as a guest blogger that he regretted the part of failing to build a blog community and that made him a ZERO blogger!

Here is a quote Jackson made in his story that got me thinking if anyone can ever come out and say he is a know-it-all in blogging

Blogging is like a novel, until you read to the last page, you will never discover what the end holds in it. Similarly, if people were to know everything about blogging, then it wouldn’t be worth reading.

He had this corrected when he launched his main blog on the 28th of August 2014. This time he took the bull by the horn conquering grounds, achieving good relationship scores and getting himself on the radars of well meaning and influential bloggers.

This is what he will rather call – stepping out of your comfort zone to get things fixed!

Here is a post Jackson did on How He Went from a ZERO Blogger to a Worth Blogger, inside this same post, you will find the idea behind the name he gave his blog


What other bloggers say about Jackson

Jackson did an awesome job of growing his new blog in weeks and turning it into an engagement and community building blog. He has some good strategies which you can pick from him. These strategies are his secrets and using some of them he has been able to get many bloggers (including me) talking about him all the time.

Recently, he shared a report on his blog which disclosed a handful of endorsements and testimonials by some influential bloggers after being featured on Sherryl Perry’s blog.

You can read Sherryl’s blog post on Jackson and Adrienne Smith.

And here, you can see what most influential bloggers are saying about Jackson Nwachukwu.

Let Jackson help you build a blog worth reading

The question would be  –  why should you be reading

Jackson had already cracked the code in building an engagement blog, so he will be teaching you how to build a blog that is worth reading.

He will be teaching you how to own a blog and be proud of it.

He will be teaching you an entirely new system of blogging – what he call “blogging without boundaries.”

Yes! Jackson in his blogging story mentioned that blogging has gone beyond writing “How to add a Facebook widget to your blog sidebar.” It’s gone bigger and needs you to grow bigger with it too!

If your blog is worth reading, then it’s equally worth making the money.

Must read articles at his blog

Relationship Blogging/Blog Building

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  • 18 Awesome Testimonials From Top Bloggers Plus 76K Alexa in 95 Days
  • The One Secret To Becoming a Blogging Superhero
  • 25 Ways to Build a Better Blog – A Call to Action

Writing a Readable Blog posts

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Blog Traffic and Promotion

  • Traffic To My 3 Weeks Old Blog In One Step ~ No Google, No Social Media!
  • How To Get Instant Blog Traffic Without Search Engines and Social Media

Awesome Gift from Jackson Nwachukwu!

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Where to find Jackson

Phone: 2348034558033
skype: Jackson.Nwachukwu
Linked In
Face Book
Google Plus

Time to interact with Jackson Nwachukwu!

Jackson loves comments and he writes good ones too. Be sure to get real time replies from him as he enjoy doing this a lot. Go ahead and ask him questions using the comment box.

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