Business letter (sample proposal letter to sell advertising space)

Here below is a business letter sample, a sample proposal letter to sell advertising space on your website or blog. This is specifically for virtual space not printed magazine.

One of the ways to monetize your website is sell advertising space. How much you make will largely depend on your site’s popularity and the advertisers you get.

The common question I get is: are you going to wait to be located by advertisers or you should step out to contact them? As a matter of fact, either of them works. But if you want to be in control, I recommend stepping out. That’s where you need this sample proposal letter and I’m going to share the exact copy I use.

NB: Here are 15 ways bloggers make money blogging

Putting Banner ads and Sponsored Posts together

In one of my guest post on aha!now,  I shared a much appreciated method of combining the charms of banner ads and sponsored posting to create an ad package that makes it difficult for advertisers to say no. I had awesome feedback from that post through comments and direct mails. There were even some more and more questions and one of these brought about this post.

Here is a question from Angela McCall on providing a sample business letter. I want us to carefully discuss the answer in this post

business letter

Here is the question:

“Will you give an example business letter what to say to the advertiser if you’re contacting them for the first time?” In other words, this reader is looking for a sample proposal letter to sell advertising space

There are 3 things you must seek to know first before contacting any advertiser with a proposal. These will help you write the kind of letter that will create some trust and grab the advertiser’s attention. So here we go…

  1. Do some findings and know a little more about the advertiser: You can do this by simple Googling the advertiser’s name or reading more on their services/Products page or ‘about us page’. Trust me they will like to know you know a little more about them.
  2. Try as much as possible to know the name of the product promoter:  I get tons of mails everyday but mails that mention my name get my attention so quickly.  Avoid things like “dear sir/madam“, or “dear admin
  3. You must know what advertisers want: On that guest article on aha!Now, I already listed out a few things advertisers want. Here is a snapshot of the list:bussiness letter

With this knowledge, we will be able to demonstrate in the first business letter that we know the advertisers, what they want and how we can meet those wants.

Writing your first business letter

As a matter of fact, there is no template here. What I’m about showing you is a simple guide. You may take home just some important elements and put the letter in your own words, or order it from paper writing service.

The content and approach somehow depends on where you find the advertisers. Remember in that guest post, I discussed how to get targeted advertisers from 2 places:

  1. Keyword search on Google
  2. Ads on other blogs in your niche

Another place to find advertisers is ads platforms like BuySellAds, Adclerks, etc

If you still don’t understand these points, I encourage you check them out on Aha!Now

So here is my sample first business mail to advertisers I find using Google search. I’m going straight to the body of the letter.

My sample proposal letter to sell advertising space

[page_section color=’#2c3e50′ textstyle=’light’ position=’default’]

Hey George,
My name is XYX. I’m a blogger and Certified Cryptocurrency Expert. I have been working on the Internet since 2005 as a web developer and content producer.  I have worked with clients from US, UK, India, Canada and from other parts of the world.

I’m an active blogger and owner of My readers are interested in SEO and ways to rank higher in search engines, web traffic, how to make money blogging, social media related content, blogging and WordPress

My blog gets xxx+ unique visits a day with the following stats

  • USA xxx%
  • India xxx%
  • UK  xxx%
  • Canada: x%

Bounce rate is xx% and average time on site is xx.xx

I will be willing to share my Google Ananlytics with you so you can have direct access to verify these stats.

I’m also an active social media user with a reasonable coverage. Here are my social media profiles

Facebook: link
Twitter: link
LinkedIn: link
Also on Skype: skypeId

While searching Google for targeted materials, I found your sponsored ad for the products “Product name” using the exact keyword “give exact keyword here”. I immediate thought I could somehow help give you more exposure, traffic and leads from my blog given the targeted nature of my community to your advertised product.

You see George, your product is right on spot solving *** problems and this is a common issue faced by most of my readers. In this article, I wrote about xxxx difficulty and came out with some manual solutions. If you have time to check it out, you’ll find out it’s the exact issue you try to resolve in your software/ebook.

As an author, I understand you want targeted exposure, solid and long term profitable business relationship, minimize cost and maximize profit, etc .That’s exactly what I seek to provide through my blog.  I would like to give you maximum targeted exposure from my end. Here is my package for you:

  • I’ll do a detailed review post on my blog for your product, highlighting your product features and usages.
  • I’ll add a banner (300*250 or 25*25) to the sidebar of my blog for 30 days
  • You can go through my blog and select some other 2 existing articles where I can place some more banners for you.
  • You can provide 2 additional keywords so I can develop two more articles linking to your product and the main article
  • I’ll promote the main review post on social media and mail to my list of *** subscribers
  • I’ll do a targeted Facebook post boosting for the main article for more targeted audience
  • I’ll leave 10 comments on targeted blogs linking back to the review post

NB: Do let me know if there is something you need adjusted on the list so you can get maximum satisfaction

As a matter of fact, what I want is a win-win long term business relationship. I’m confident in the quality of my traffic and given that your links will be on my blog for life, that will ensure constant flow of targeted visits to your product page from me for a reasonable time frame.

While expecting to hear from you, do have a wonderful business day George.

Enstine Muki


Now, before you start ranting ‘oh Enstine this is not how they write a business letter’, let me quickly tell you I get 100% replies to this letter. There are 6 things I have brought out in this mail

  1. I have given an authentic introduction of myself so the advertiser can go out there and see I’m real. He will have confidence in me and this makes the proposal more personal.
  2. I have given a broad idea of how popular my blog is. If you have more statistics, go ahead and mention them. If your blog has featured on a magazine, shout that out.
  3. By mentioning the exact keyword I used on Google, I help the advertiser know in real terms what’s working for his campaigns.
  4. I show an understanding of the product and how it can help my audience
  5. I link to an existing article on my blog and show how his product can directly solve the issue.
  6. I make the advertiser know he can add or remove from the list. This means I can adjust the price of the package and make more money.

NB: Don’t fake any stats. Advertisers are not stupid. They will ask for more proofs or go out themselves to verify your claims.

What about advertisers found on other sites in my niche?

Come on! Use your brain this time.

I use the same letter though with some minor changes.  You won’t go telling the advertiser you found him on Google this time. So replace the following phrase:

While searching Google for targeted materials, I found your sponsored ad for the products “Product name”  using the exact keyword “give exact keyword here”.

That’s it about the sample proposal letter to sell advertising space. That’s just my template

What do you think about it? Will you like to use it?

Share your thoughts in the comment box

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  1. Thanks for sharing your strategy and great examples!
    Not everyone is willing to go to this extent for their readers and we all really appreciate it. Making money on a blog is hard and this is another avenue we can all use to help.thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Enstine,

    I saw your blog from Tim’s blog.
    You make this look easy. To be honest, I do not know about creating a business letter to the advertiser. Usually, the advertisers who came to me via email. But, I do not get emails like this every day. That’s what frustrates me.

    Thank you for sharing this information, Enstine.
    I’m glad you made ​​a post about this. I hope I can learn from you more.
    Later, I will definitely use this idea 🙂


    • Hi Nanda,
      Thanks for linking from Tim’s blog. That guy is an awesome blogger and friend 😉

      You see Nanda this is a follow up from the guest post I did last month on aha-now. Please check that article out and you’ll get to know where we are going.

      I’m also moving to your blog right this moment for more engagement 😉

      Do have a splendid weekend as I hope to see you here again

      • Hi Enstine,

        Yes, I agree with you. Tim is a great blogger 🙂

        And could you tell me which article you are referring to as a follow-up to this article?
        You know, the more I surf on your blog, I wanted to read many of your articles. I found that your article is good and has an interesting title 🙂

        Thanks for moving to my blog, Enstine.
        I really appreciate that.

        I hope you have a nice weekend for you too.


  3. Hi Enstine,

    This is a wonderful masterpiece, students studying for an MBA need to read this!!

    I appreciate what you have shared here, it goes straight to the point, and the narrative details will sure help folks like me.

    You are great!!

  4. Great post.I like the way you explained it. You did it in really interactive way.I am going to implement all these points you have mentioned here

  5. Hi Enstine,

    Sorry that I’m a bit late to the party, but I must say that you’ve really ignited the desire to make money in many bloggers. This year could be the year of make money blogging, and you’re the guru! 🙂

    Who wouldn’t want a bit of extra income, and you really tell us all some cools ways to do that on my blog, thanks so much for that! I agree that adsense doesn’t help much for low traffic blogs, and for that matter any CPC or CPM advertisements. It’s the other means that you mentioned bring in the real gold.

    I’m glad that Angela asked you this question, which is in the mind’s of every blogger seeking advertisements. That’s really a detailed reply and business letter template that you’ve provided. Of course, we can mold it and change a bit, but this pretty much gives the idea what and how to convey to the advertiser.

    I believe you when you say that this letter works. The advertiser isn’t looking for any specific format but certain keywords and phrases that shine like diamonds to them. It’s really a good strategy and thanks for sharing this with us all.

    I’ll surely use your letter modified in my own words and ways, but essentially its your package idea that is really outstanding. One thing that many bloggers might think is that you’re giving too much away to the advertisers without them asking and losing on your revenue. But then, it’s wise to loose some and gain more. If the advertiser decides to be with your for long-term, then you actually cover up for the freebies you gave in the beginning, right?

    That’s really a money making bomb you dropped in the blogosphere, Enstine, and its making waves already, and I am happy if some of my readers contact you because you are the best to guide them in the right directions. Thanks again and have a great rest of the week ahead! 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      That you are here sharing your point is what count. Though you think you are late, you are earlier than some 😉

      I must say I’m grateful that you made this year start on a good footing for me. The opportunity to post and share my knowledge with your community is golden.

      While Angela made her question clear in the comment, some came up with it on Facebook. Some sent samples of their business letter for my opinion. I thought a better ways was to show my readers what I use and I’m glad it really served as a useful template.

      Well, I don’t think the package is way too much. There is the price tag which varies though. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten a $500 deal with this. what’s important is your ability to come up with something recurring after the first package is served.

      All we want is relevant content right? If we get paid consistently for the content we provide, who won’t want to be a participant?

      Once more, thanks for the opportunity as I look forward to a stronger business relationship

  6. Hi Enstine,
    You are very responsive and
    thanks for sharing your sample business letter.
    Hope your money making tips help me.

  7. This is template is captivating! I actually read everything! which is not so for me…..
    And am going to try this one out with and see if it works…
    I will be using this template (although i will modify it a bit:-D ) to target some potential advertisers in my niche to see how it converts…..

    But am going to make it a little shorter….

  8. Hi Enstine,

    What an awesome template my friend. Love how you structured it and whoever is reading it on the other end have no other choice but to look at you in a different light. Will be bookmarking this for future reference!

    • Hey Nate,
      Good to see you here today man and thanks for the comment. Thanks for bookmarking and hope this really helps you in the future

      Do have a wonderful week ahead

  9. Enstine, I must say this is the best article I have read so far in 2014. You did justice to the entire article. Any blogger who wishes to have a mastery of the art of writing business letters needs this. I am glad I found this; it will really go a long way at helping me get new sponsors for my blog.

    Everything from making research about potential sponsors to pitching them a business proposal is absolutely great. You are a real master in this game; your experience speaks volume.

    I will take a cue from your list and develop my own template, including modifying my “Advertise here” page to make it look more attractive and convincing to potential sponsors.

    Thanks for over delivering on this. Do have a pleasant week.

  10. Hey Enstine,

    This is really awesome! You’ve just made things simple for many who want to take this route to monetize their blogs. After reading your post at Aha!Now I’ve been brainstorming on a few ideas. Now, I’ve written a few introductory letters in the past for my freelance writing business and I can say your letter touched on the right spots.

    However, just want to know one thing: Seeing that the letter look so long, do you include it all in your email or do you send it as an attachment? What I’ve always done is send it as a PDF attachment file because most times it’s about 2 pages.

    What is your take on this?

    • I do send them as raw mails bro. The problem with pdf is not everyone will have the reader. So that slows down the process. Well, no one has ever complained that it’s long 😉

  11. Hi Enstine,
    An effective and convincing business letter you have there! I have learned some things from it and would be willing to apply them.

    However, I see that for such a business letter to get easy approval, it would be helpful to show forth very strong points especially with social and content traffic.

    In, the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers, this comment was left where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  12. Hey Enstine
    Thanks for sharing your strategy and great examples!
    Not everyone is willing to go to this extent for their readers and we all really appreciate it. Making money on a blog is hard and this is another avenue we can all use to help

    I just launched a course and that is my first real go at making some money doing this.

    have a good one

    • Hey Ashley,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the contribution. It’s my pleasure to share what others will keep as a dying secret. If this helps my readers grow, I’ll even share more. I know they will be loyal and that’s even more important 😉

      About your course, I’d like to know more and if possible, promote it. When is it going live?

  13. Hello Enstine,

    While I have my own unique template that I use in pitching advertisers, I must appreciate the genius of your approach…all the important points that really prompt decisions from the big shots are included.

    Great job!


    I sometimes completely ignore my own template…I do this when maybe, I have met with my prospect before or have had the luxury of an introduction previously.

    • Welcome to my blog today Terungwa and thanks for your comment. I’m glad you got some points from my template to complement yours

      Good luck to you on this journey bro

  14. Hey Enstine,

    How are you? Man life catching up real quick! Now, you wrote some seriously things (guide) here.

    I have yet to do that honestly but who know, I might just jump into it and start…finding advertisers.

    Thanks for the share!

  15. Hi Enstine,

    A perfect business letter with clear and essential details is a perfect pitch for making business deals quickly and easily without a pain, we can avoid long replies to clients on further discussions.

    In my case I write a clear business letter with all the details included related with the business and my client won’t ask more queries after that and most of the time they straightly come to business deals with me. This save my time and un-necessary expectations of what my clients (no mater whether they’re newly pitched or existing one) think about my services.


  16. Hi Enstine..I awe the idea you generated for the business letter. Every minute details is instilled in your post. Thanks for imparting great info.

  17. Hi Enstine,
    This is one of the most interesting and useful articles that I read in this year!

    I’ve not written any business letters to anyone because I was unaware about this thing and idea. After reading your article on Aha!Now I feel I’m inspired to do that but I need to improve my traffic and restore diminishing alexa rank.

    Thanks for this awesome post man!

    • Hey Sriram,
      I’m so glad to hear these posts have inspired and given you new knowledge. Just go ahead and implement them and I’m sure you’ll get good results

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful week

  18. Great write-up. My site is new but as soon as I have some decent stats I will definitely consider contacting some potential sponsors I have in mind. I will be using this post as a starting reference.


    • Hey Mark,
      Welcome here today and thanks for your comment. Yes, do a little more work to push your site up. I’m sure you’ll make it when it’s time

      do have a wonderful week

  19. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for showing me this business letter.

    It’s very detailed oriented. However on this bulleted item (see below) this means you are going to comment on other blogs and put his “article link” on there?

    • I’ll leave 10 comments on targeted blogs linking back to the review post

    Waiting for your response…


      • That depends on your Niche, while a monthly traffic of 5k may be enough for some niches, 50k may not be enough for some. So if your niche covers a broad number of topics, has a good traffic potential your advertiser will surely expect you to have a large number of visitors but on the other hand if your niche is a micro niche with few but targeted people searching for the information, your advertiser will be glad to advertise on any of your high ranking pages.

      • Hey Angela,
        This very much depends on your niche. The more targeted traffic you drive to your niche blog, the less of it you need to advertise. What advertisers need is exposure so if you think you can give enough exposure to your clients, you may then go ahead. However, I have seen blogs with 5000 monthly impressions sell ad space. Well, in a very competitive niche, this may fall below minimum.

        Now if your blog gets below 100 unique visits a day, generally, you may not catch the attention of many advertisers. However, I got an advertiser ready to pay me $150 per post on a 300+ daily unique visits blog.

        All things being equal, from 300 daily unique visitors (not hits), you can already kick-start advertising

    • Hi Angela,
      I love you coming back and interacting with me on this post
      As a matter of fact, what I mean is I will publish the article on my blog and leave comments on other blogs linking to that article on my blog (Using commentLuv of course)

      Let me know if there is something else I can explain 😉

  20. Hi Enstine,

    You chose a great topic to blog on this time. I think that every professional, no matter the field, should always have a business letter ready at any given time.

    My only not would be that as a first email, it might be better off starting with something short. With the amount of mail we get today, it is tough to read them all. That’s just my thinking…

    Thanks for some of these tips!

    • Hey Amiti,
      Starting off short? I think it’s better to get the whole package across rather than give your prospective advertisers room for some basic questions that would have been treated in the first mail.

      Maybe it’s time to test both anyway 😉

    • Hello Amiti,

      Why the world generally loves things short and brief, a well crafted post that has serious attention grabbers (with the potential to benefit the recipient) like the template Enstine has just shared cannot be lost in the junk.

      You may ask…why am I so certain?

      Because I have studied human Behaviour! Generally, we care less about how lengthy things are if they have a high utilitarian value or have a capacity to give us immense pleasure…

      Fortunately, Enstine’s template can do both!


  21. Enstine these are some spectacular tips man. I need to consider doing this myself some to generate a little bit of advertising money for my blog. I appreciate you sharing this man!

  22. Awesome! you have just made it easier for me. I was actually drafting my advertisement proposal letter and though i felt it was ok i just have to edit it to highlight some things i may have omitted. Thanks you for making this post for the likes of me.

      • Thanks once again, i have retouched my letter and also an advertisement page on my blog because while you may be looking for some advertisers some may arrive on your site by themselves, so it will be wise to have similar information on your advertisement page so they can see for themselves, if they are interested they can proceed to contacting you for more discussions. I hope you can highlight that for others to know.

  23. Enstine,
    Its one of those nice tactics to reply for your readers. But I think you should not rewrite your business letter here.
    Many bloggers are afraid to show people how they pitch their potential clients but you did it!
    Appreciated that 🙂

    • Hello Shahzad,

      There are bloggers…and there are probloggers. What is their major difference? While bloggers are insecure and will never share what actually works for them, probloggers can tell you all.

      Why? Because they are quite confident in their abilities and telling you how they make money does not stop them from making even bigger sums…

      Enstine, in the short time I have known him, qualifies as not only a problogger; he is one of the best probloggers around!


    • Well, just sharing what works for me 😉
      I think this is why I’m blogging. I will not only share income reports ( with time ) I’ll also share details how that money comes in. That will make the difference 😉

      I don’t care about what others share and what they don’t. I care about what I share with my audience.

      Thanks for your proposal man

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