Business letter (sample proposal letter to sell advertising space)

Here below is a business letter sample, a sample proposal letter to sell advertising space on your website or blog. This is specifically for virtual space not printed magazine.

One of the ways to monetize your website is sell advertising space. How much you make will largely depend on your site’s popularity and the advertisers you get.

The common question I get is: are you going to wait to be located by advertisers or you should step out to contact them? As a matter of fact, either of them works. But if you want to be in control, I recommend stepping out. That’s where you need this sample proposal letter and I’m going to share the exact copy I use.

NB: Here are 15 ways bloggers make money blogging

Putting Banner ads and Sponsored Posts together

In one of my guest post on aha!now,  I shared a much appreciated method of combining the charms of banner ads and sponsored posting to create an ad package that makes it difficult for advertisers to say no. I had awesome feedback from that post through comments and direct mails. There were even some more and more questions and one of these brought about this post.

Here is a question from Angela McCall on providing a sample business letter. I want us to carefully discuss the answer in this post

business letter

Here is the question:

“Will you give an example business letter what to say to the advertiser if you’re contacting them for the first time?” In other words, this reader is looking for a sample proposal letter to sell advertising space

There are 3 things you must seek to know first before contacting any advertiser with a proposal. These will help you write the kind of letter that will create some trust and grab the advertiser’s attention. So here we go…

  1. Do some findings and know a little more about the advertiser: You can do this by simple Googling the advertiser’s name or reading more on their services/Products page or ‘about us page’. Trust me they will like to know you know a little more about them.
  2. Try as much as possible to know the name of the product promoter:  I get tons of mails everyday but mails that mention my name get my attention so quickly.  Avoid things like “dear sir/madam“, or “dear admin
  3. You must know what advertisers want: On that guest article on aha!Now, I already listed out a few things advertisers want. Here is a snapshot of the list:bussiness letter

With this knowledge, we will be able to demonstrate in the first business letter that we know the advertisers, what they want and how we can meet those wants.

Writing your first business letter

As a matter of fact, there is no template here. What I’m about showing you is a simple guide. You may take home just some important elements and put the letter in your own words, or order it from paper writing service.

The content and approach somehow depends on where you find the advertisers. Remember in that guest post, I discussed how to get targeted advertisers from 2 places:

  1. Keyword search on Google
  2. Ads on other blogs in your niche

Another place to find advertisers is ads platforms like BuySellAds, Adclerks, etc

If you still don’t understand these points, I encourage you check them out on Aha!Now

So here is my sample first business mail to advertisers I find using Google search. I’m going straight to the body of the letter.

My sample proposal letter to sell advertising space

[page_section color=’#2c3e50′ textstyle=’light’ position=’default’]

Hey George,
My name is XYX. I’m a blogger and Certified Cryptocurrency Expert. I have been working on the Internet since 2005 as a web developer and content producer.  I have worked with clients from US, UK, India, Canada and from other parts of the world.

I’m an active blogger and owner of My readers are interested in SEO and ways to rank higher in search engines, web traffic, how to make money blogging, social media related content, blogging and WordPress

My blog gets xxx+ unique visits a day with the following stats

  • USA xxx%
  • India xxx%
  • UK  xxx%
  • Canada: x%

Bounce rate is xx% and average time on site is xx.xx

I will be willing to share my Google Ananlytics with you so you can have direct access to verify these stats.

I’m also an active social media user with a reasonable coverage. Here are my social media profiles

Facebook: link
Twitter: link
LinkedIn: link
Also on Skype: skypeId

While searching Google for targeted materials, I found your sponsored ad for the products “Product name” using the exact keyword “give exact keyword here”. I immediate thought I could somehow help give you more exposure, traffic and leads from my blog given the targeted nature of my community to your advertised product.

You see George, your product is right on spot solving *** problems and this is a common issue faced by most of my readers. In this article, I wrote about xxxx difficulty and came out with some manual solutions. If you have time to check it out, you’ll find out it’s the exact issue you try to resolve in your software/ebook.

As an author, I understand you want targeted exposure, solid and long term profitable business relationship, minimize cost and maximize profit, etc .That’s exactly what I seek to provide through my blog.  I would like to give you maximum targeted exposure from my end. Here is my package for you:

  • I’ll do a detailed review post on my blog for your product, highlighting your product features and usages.
  • I’ll add a banner (300*250 or 25*25) to the sidebar of my blog for 30 days
  • You can go through my blog and select some other 2 existing articles where I can place some more banners for you.
  • You can provide 2 additional keywords so I can develop two more articles linking to your product and the main article
  • I’ll promote the main review post on social media and mail to my list of *** subscribers
  • I’ll do a targeted Facebook post boosting for the main article for more targeted audience
  • I’ll leave 10 comments on targeted blogs linking back to the review post

NB: Do let me know if there is something you need adjusted on the list so you can get maximum satisfaction

As a matter of fact, what I want is a win-win long term business relationship. I’m confident in the quality of my traffic and given that your links will be on my blog for life, that will ensure constant flow of targeted visits to your product page from me for a reasonable time frame.

While expecting to hear from you, do have a wonderful business day George.

Enstine Muki


Now, before you start ranting ‘oh Enstine this is not how they write a business letter’, let me quickly tell you I get 100% replies to this letter. There are 6 things I have brought out in this mail

  1. I have given an authentic introduction of myself so the advertiser can go out there and see I’m real. He will have confidence in me and this makes the proposal more personal.
  2. I have given a broad idea of how popular my blog is. If you have more statistics, go ahead and mention them. If your blog has featured on a magazine, shout that out.
  3. By mentioning the exact keyword I used on Google, I help the advertiser know in real terms what’s working for his campaigns.
  4. I show an understanding of the product and how it can help my audience
  5. I link to an existing article on my blog and show how his product can directly solve the issue.
  6. I make the advertiser know he can add or remove from the list. This means I can adjust the price of the package and make more money.

NB: Don’t fake any stats. Advertisers are not stupid. They will ask for more proofs or go out themselves to verify your claims.

What about advertisers found on other sites in my niche?

Come on! Use your brain this time.

I use the same letter though with some minor changes.  You won’t go telling the advertiser you found him on Google this time. So replace the following phrase:

While searching Google for targeted materials, I found your sponsored ad for the products “Product name”  using the exact keyword “give exact keyword here”.

That’s it about the sample proposal letter to sell advertising space. That’s just my template

What do you think about it? Will you like to use it?

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