Monthly Income Report February 2015

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Thanks for being part of this community last month. This blog won’t be where it is without your contribution. I hope to engage more with you again this month of Match.

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57 thoughts on “Monthly Income Report February 2015”

  1. Hello Enstine, Thanks for share your Earning methods and earning reports with us. Just amazing. I am a newcomer Blogger and just started my Blog 22-30-15 🙂
    By reading your this article, just got motive myself.Hope, one day i can also share my Earning report with my readers


  2. Congrats on the success! Nice to know your blog is sustaining itself (financially) and not bleeding you dry. You have certainly found some interesting and non-mainstream ways of creating online income, this is awesome!

    My first comment on here, but I am sure I will have many more!


    • Hey Chris,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment 😉 I remember being on your blog a while ago where your theme’s visuals got me hooked!

      Your recent post “11 reasons your blog could fail” is just in line with a post I’m to publish in the days ahead. It will be a great thing to link out to your post as its frankly the right extension.

      I hope to raise this income level to something more sustaining. The blog takes care of itself so I think it should start taking care of me too 😉

      Thanks for being part of the journey buddy

  3. Hey Enstine! Really inspiring post. Quick question, do you have any niche sites? For example I know a popular strategy people do is build little mini websites around certain keywords. I’m curious if some of your income is from that or just solely from this blog?

    Good stuff!

  4. Income report is always inspire me and this your income report gives me inspire to more hard work. I hope i will work hard to make such like you per month.

  5. Hi – just found you on twitter this morning. I am looking to increase my income on a part time basis (also have a full time job) to try and pay off my mortgage to ensure financial freedom for myself and my two small children. I love the way you’re approaching this and your complete openness with your finances – I thought I was the only one willing to divulge all when it comes to money!

    Wishing you all the best, and hoping I pick up some extra tips on the way 🙂

  6. Hi Enstine

    Very encouraging income stats with good rise as compare to previous month.

    Main chunk of revenue is from reviews and paid posts that shows the power of readers engagement at your blog as mostly review posts are awarded to blogs with huge traffic and active community.

    I am regular visitor of your blog and just because of the value you offer in each post I hardly forget visiting it; that shows how effectively you do blogging.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Einstein,

    You’re going good! Plus, I want to say thanks for sharing your each month income. Do you know what?
    Whenever I came across to your blog and find this kind of post I really admire your work because it makes me t thinks that there is a box of gold just go and take it. I get motivation from your posts and it makes me able to do hard work.

    Keep it up!

  8. Howdy Enstine Sir,

    Continue pumping us with your rousing posts. This gives bloggers the feeling that cash can be made utilizing an online journal as the stage. Anticipating a greater amount of your post overhauls. Much obliged concerning offering.

  9. Hi Enstine,

    This is a post that I’ve been waiting for. I’m really excited waiting. Thank you for publishing this amazing report. 😀

    Your income make me jealous. I hope I can earn income as much as you. I thought, I will take note your paid review resources, as you suggest in your previous article. 🙂

    Great report, Enstine.
    I wish for your more success! 🙂


  10. Hi Enstine!

    Congos for increased income than that of previous money 😀

    Your income reports apart from other posts are much inspirational, helps all the noobish and newbie bloggers to aim high and the potential in blogging. Perhaps it also tells us how top authority bloggers earn money.


  11. Thanks for the awesome mention! So I guess this blogging thing is worth while afterall huh 🙂

    You have shown great value Enstine and I also wanted to let you know that it occurred to me that your Broadednet service is actually a Native Ads type of platform which means you are right in step with the evolution of our industry.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Hi Enstine,

    One thing that thrilled me most about this monthly income report is to see that you make a significant increase in revenue compared to last month earnings.

    That’s great and I wish you continue that way till you reach the “six figure income earners club”.

    And good to see I made 12 comments this month, I think that’s because of the features post. Thanks Man, am so so grateful to have known you and associate with a wonderful person you’re.

    Enjoy hour day.

    • Hey man, I pray and work hard towards consistent growth and thanks for your wishes 😉
      Yes I’m glad you were there to interact with readers. I’m excited you were and are still around

      Have a wonderful week bro

  13. Hi Enstine

    Very impressive, you leave no stone unturned when it comes to your blog and the timeliness with which you update us your readers with these monthly reports.

    You are an inspiration. Keep up the good works. Adding also that you are a trendsetter in the industry.

  14. Hi Enstine
    It’s a great post you have here, congratulations for the growth in income, I am wondering if you made some extra investments to achieve the increase in income thanks.

    • Hey Ali,
      As you can see from the report, I didn’t spend any much
      Must of the premium platforms I’m active on are free. I got free access for a review post 😉

      That’s how I get most of my premium stuffs for free

  15. wow.. that is a great difference and cool earning report. keep it up man, the best is yet to come. stay blessed.

    by the way, you haven’t replied my previous comment about implementation of broaded for blogger platform 🙁

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Some amazing numbers there! What makes it more awesome is that the blog has become self sustaining in just a year and 4 months 🙂

    I am glad to see my name as a Comment Author, thanks for that Enstine. Congrats on your success and wishing you more of it in the future. Cheers!

  17. Hello Enstine…..

    Wow your February earning is Great and i Hope in Future i will be able to Earn Like you.
    Thanks for your earning and Motivating us.

  18. Hey Enstine,

    1st of all congratulations for making good income from blogging. You have received good no. of comments this month.Can you share some tips to make readers to comment on posts?

    Thanks for featuring me in your comment list.

  19. Hi Enstine,

    Great congratulations to your awesome earnings. In Feb you earn extra 250 bucks and that’s great. Hope you increase your earning in this month also. God bless you.
    And feeling glad to come in top 20 commentator of your blog 🙂

  20. I received this via email newsletter on my mobile this Morning, I couldn’t wait to drop a comment when I get on PC, I am happy about your Income and comment report for February, You just keep getting better and I am proud to be a part of your success story, , We all Hope for bigger Posts this March, Ride On Boss 🙂

    • Wow I’m proud too to have you around Edi
      Your constant engagement has driving this blog to where it is so Thank You

      This month again has bigger things for us 😉

  21. hi muki..
    may your earnings increase ..
    nice post dude…thanks for highlighting my name on this post.
    your blog posts were awesome which made me to engage on your blog and comment my views on your posts..
    i looking for more tips and tricks from you…

  22. Hi Enstine,

    Love these roundup posts at the start of each month 🙂

    We all need to thank you for this wonderful plugin that makes us all meet, even if we can’t during the rest of the month, thanks to you dear friend. My list should be out in a day or two as well! Good to see myself here so often this month 🙂

    Thanks for all you do. Have a nice week and a lovely month ahead 🙂

    • Yeah it’s great to still meet despite busy tables ;).
      I’ll be waiting for your list too though I feel my engagement was below me 😉

      Hope things get lighter this month for.
      Have a wonderful week dear friend

  23. Hey Enstine,

    Wonderful numbers! Keep on growing and keep us educating!!

    What you write here is so very helpful! I wish lots of success to you!

    GOD bless!

    ~ Adeel Sami

  24. Wow really interesting wishing you bigger and more every month.
    Your earnings are really awesome.
    Can’t wait to see this month of March updates from Enstine.
    Hadharm Hiidee

  25. You’re truly an inspiration brother Enstine. Keep up the good work. I wish I can make that much money, too. Keep blogging and keep inspiring other bloggers.

  26. Hi Enstine

    Keep pumping us with your inspirational posts. This gives bloggers the sense that money can be made using a blog as the platform. Looking forward to more of your post updates. Thanks for sharing.

  27. This is a great income from this blog. Why you don’t use Google Adsense in this blog too ? I could bring to you a lot of money with your current traffic.

    • Hey Alize,
      Thanks for your suggestion
      Well adsense is not doing well here. I haves some drops but don’t want to include it in this report

      Maybe if I start earning considerate amount , I may include it in the future 😉

  28. Hi Enstine, great income report my friend, very inspiring. I’m going to do a quarterly income report this year as I’m not making that much money from my blog as of yet to justify a monthly report. But this is very uplifting, thanks for sharing this buddy, keep up the awesome work. You do very well with sponsored posts.

    • Hi Fabrizio,
      Thanks for your comment my friend. I’ll be exciting to read your report too 😉
      One thing I have noticed is this post type is a good source of income. I’ve gotten interesting clicks on the links and this will of course generate more sales.

      I have done about 4 posts for the same client who pays for it. the reason is the satisfaction he gets. I think my clients generally get satisfied they’f love to come back.

      There are better days ahead bro so let’s keep giving

  29. Hey buddy,
    Congo buddy really awesome !!! 🙂 keep rocking… my best wishes for your upcoming years !!! 😉 ! You’re generous enough to share your private affairs 🙂

    Issac paul

      • Hey enstine,
        I am glad to be listed here bro thanks for listing my name 🙂 ! Will still stay engaged here in the upcoming days 🙂 i almost spend 30 minutes per day in your blog 🙂

        Issac paul

  30. Hi Enstine,
    What a wonderful going! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    You made it again!!!
    Indeed this is great and no doubt a great inspiration to other bloggers as well.
    Thanks for showing all your income report for the previous month in such a great detail with connected links.
    Very rarely people reveal such things. I appreciate your willingness to tell and share about your own progress. I am sure it will be a great encouragement and an inspiration to many up coming bloggers. 🙂

    And Ha your magical comment plugin did it again!
    I am so glad that I could stand this time on the 7th position LOL. 🙂
    I too posted my report on this line. I thank you and highly appreciate you for making our work easy. LOL 🙂
    Thanks for sharing us this wonderful plugin for free.

    May you have a great week ahead 🙂

    Best 🙂
    ~ Phil

    • Hi Phil,
      It’s so exciting to see you here again and thanks for the comment. I think showing this income is a way to encourage my readers and let them know everyone can make it.

      Ah cool! I’ll go check your commenting report too right away and thanks for using the plugin once more 😉

  31. Hello enstine ,

    Firstly congratulations for your income of the last month in 4 figure and most income is from sponsered posts which is a great thing . I always wish to earn 1k dollars . Along with rest of your posts , this post is also inspiring. I will also make efforts to earn a big income from my blog.

    I am happy to come in top 5 commenters of the last month and will try to be at top this month .

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • I’m so excited to have you here again Singh and thanks for the comment.
      Good to hear your plans to engagement with me more this month. We shall be having an exciting moment 😉

  32. Hey Muki,
    Congrats for your 1k+ monthly income. It’s really a great earning with a single blog. I love to see reports of other blogger, as it gives me pleasure and inspire me to pursue my blogging job.
    Ahh! This month I am not in top 10 list of top commentators. Next time I will be 😛
    Enjoy your blog earning. Cheers!

  33. Wow… this is awesommmmmmmmmmmme mate.. You are the new age bloggers Inspiration.. Keep up the good work.. You share excellent articles and I myself follow your blog on regular basis to learn new things and grow… wish you more success.. Cheers mate..

    • Hey Rahul,
      Good to read your comment and thanks for being a faithful reader 😉

      One thing I know is there are better days ahead so let’s keep to it 😉

      • Hey Enstine,

        1st of all I would like to congratulate you for making an living out of blogging.
        I would like to know how to interact with advertisers as I have seen they pay you huge as compared to others.
        How you convince them ? I had read your some post about it already but that didn’t worked for me.

        Thanks for featuring me in your comment list.
        Keep Sharing

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