March 2015 Income and Engagement Reports!

March 2015 was an exciting month. While I kept being so busy with offline stuffs, I managed to post 22 articles on this blog.

I submitted one guest post on Adrienne’s blog where I discussed about knowing your readers and getting your business improved. You can check out the post here and please interact.

As usual, in this report post, I’ll be giving you income and engagement details. The 2 main ways I have made money with this blog this month are Paid Reviews and Affiliate Marketing. Details are below.

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Monthly Income Report February 2015


One of the most exciting blog posts I will be publishing every month is my monthly reports. This will include income, comments, traffic and growth in general.

I started off with commenting and engagement reports. In these reports, I published a list of all my commentators of the month. You may think it’s a hard job to count those comment authors and their comments.

Well, I simplified the task by creating a WordPress plugin which you can get here for free. All you have to do is run it in your admin area and it will nicely generate the list of comment authors and the number of their comments. Read this post for details.

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December 2014 Report – Income, 188 authors, 528 Comments!

Wow! This is January 2015. Another year behind us 😉

You know why I’m even more excited? The fact that you are reading this post 😉 Yes! You again are here this year 2015. That’s the beauty of the whole thing.

You are y very precious gift this year. Everything else can go but with you, I’m so satisfied. Thanks for making it again to my blog.

One thing is very sure – we have beautiful days ahead my dear friend. FYI, Nothing shall stop us! I’m going to keep nothing back from you this year. Just make sure you are on my list here. Watch as we make it big this year.

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November commenting Report ~ 172 Authors with 412 Comments!

A few more days to the end of 2014 and the blogging journey has been exciting since the start of this ending year.

November has been impressive with most of you making it here on my blog, sharing my articles, linking back and commenting my blog posts. I keep telling everyone that my blog is where it is because of its readers.

Each minute you (my readers) spend on this blog is worth a lot to me. I heartily appreciate your engagement and will always remain grateful.

Before I get into commenting stats for November 2014, let me quickly recommend you check out Adrienne Smith’s community building product. Adrienne’s strategies have greatly helped me grow my blog. She has put up EVERYTHING you need to create a  popular blog in her product. So go check it out and possibly grab a copy. 

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October Report ~ 166 Authors with 393 Comments!

It’s been another exciting month here on Despite being so busy and not interacting around as usual, I still see an encouraging level of engagement on this blog.

It’s such a wonderful thing to have an active community of loyal readers who have vowed to stick to my blog always. Though BroadedNet is taking quite some time, I do make considerable effort to post valuable content here.

I have also had some guests that, from time to time chip in some magnetic posts.

NB: BroadedNet is a traffic and blog promotion platform. It’s free to join so you can sign up right this moment. Meet over 500 bloggers who already enjoy the benefits of targeting traffic without SEO or SE. You don’t waste your time on this platform. Just copy and paste your posts’ URL and titles.

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[NEW!] July Report ~ 279 unique commentators, 642 comments

I love comments! If you’re like me, say Yeeaaaaaah!

My readers and comment authors are the reason I get excited each time I login to my WordPress dashboard. Most of the comments are just like real conversion between me and my readers.

We have never met, have we?

Yet, we feel we know each other so intimately. This is one of the forces and goodies of blog commenting. Tell me, if you hear I’m in your country and your town, won’t you like us to meet?

As a matter of fact, it’s going to be one of the most exciting meetings you are going to have – meeting physically a fellow blogger and reader of your blog.

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