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Income & Engagement Reports May 2015

The month of May was definitely an exciting month. I got so busy on my new project for bloggers. BlogExpose, the new project is a platform to help bloggers find more jobs and make money money online.

NB: You can quickly check out this ‘How it works‘ page to know the different job types published on the platform.

I was quite less active on the blogosphere. The number of articles I posted on this blog dropped. Comments also dropped but I made more money from both jobs related to this blog and other jobs from local clients.


April 2015 Income, Engagement, Thank You!

It’s 1st May here in Cameroon as I write this post. Companies and laborers are out for celebrations. Yes it’s labor day for those who have a “boss”. But what if you are your own boss?

Being a freelance developer, Internet marketer and blogger, I became my own boss years back. Now, permit me say it’s a life full of awesomeness.  That’s why right this moment, my kids are hanging allover me. I’m typing this post in an atmosphere of fun. We just got our breakfast and after publication, I’ll take them out for a drive – for some nice things and goodies for the kids. 


March 2015 Income and Engagement Reports!

March 2015 was an exciting month. While I kept being so busy with offline stuffs, I managed to post 22 articles on this blog.

I submitted one guest post on Adrienne’s blog where I discussed about knowing your readers and getting your business improved. You can check out the post here and please interact.

As usual, in this report post, I’ll be giving you income and engagement details. The 2 main ways I have made money with this blog this month are Paid Reviews and Affiliate Marketing. Details are below.


Monthly Income Report February 2015

One of the most exciting blog posts I will be publishing every month is my monthly reports. This will include income, comments, traffic and growth in general.

I started off with commenting and engagement reports. In these reports, I published a list of all my commentators of the month. You may think it’s a hard job to count those comment authors and their comments.

Well, I simplified the task by creating a WordPress plugin which you can get here for free. All you have to do is run it in your admin area and it will nicely generate the list of comment authors and the number of their comments. Read this post for details.


January 2015 Report ~ Income and Engagement!

The Month of January 2015 was certainly tough. There were general cries all over the globe as some business witnessed a drop in income.

However, while some were yawning and staring at their disturbing financial records, some have been celebrating because business cannot be bad for every body at once.

Engagement on this blog was super exciting. I published 15 awesome blog posts and received wonderful comments from my readers.

I discovered that commentLuv suddenly went crazy and refused to pull feeds and create backlinks for my commentators.  I deliberately did not want to try to fix the issue just to see how it goes without it. I got the biggest positive surprise of the month which was that I got even more comments than last month.