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Meet Gina Horkey and become a freelancer in 30 days or less!

It’s Thursday and today we are meeting an interesting lady. She’s a blogger & freelancer who is making an impact in the industry.

A minute on his blog, you’ll be blown away by the quality of her posts and the steadily growing income earnings from freelancing. She’s real proof of success online and a source of encouragement to those looking up to being freelancers.

Before diving into details about this awesome lady, let me mention here that she’s part of a fine list of wonderful bloggers to follow. See details here!


Let Multi-Gifted Lorraine Reguly Help YOU in 4 Different Ways!

Sometimes you meet a person who simply stops you in your tracks.

This is what happened when I met Lorraine Reguly.

The more I learned about her, the more awed by her I was!

I was impressed with her many abilities,floored when I read about some of the things she has to overcome in her life, and totally stunned at the amount of success she has experienced in less than three years online.

I thought, “This is definitely someone who I’d love to have in MY corner!”

Naturally, I wanted to feature her on my site so that YOU could meet her, too, as she has a LOT to offer, both personally and professionally and before we get into her details, check out the awesome bloggers I have featured in the past here.


Brenda Pace ~ The Woman Behind My Girly Parts

Yes I know I missed last week’s  episode  😉

But this week, I must highlight someone’s profile despite being quite busy with some offline stuffs. She’s a friend and faithful reader. After interacting with this wonderful and encouraging lady, I discovered my list of awesome friends won’t be complete without her.

Before entering into some details about Bren, you may want to check out bloggers I have featured in the past.


20 Top Bloggers & their blogs to follow in 2015!

Here are some top bloggers I recommend you follow this year 2015. I have followed some of them since 2012 and constantly, they deliver value. I have also featured some of these on my blog here before so I can tell you from my practical experience that dealing with them individually is worth every bit of your time.

Now, why do you have to care about who is featured here on the list of tops bloggers?

It’s important to to know and interact with people. I have said a couple of times that you can’t succeed as an Island. Show me any successful blogger and I’ll show you one that has a huge community of active members.


How to Sell Online with Kurt Kummerer!

It’s Thursday and I’m here again with someone you certainly have seen on this blog a couple of times. Beside being an excellent writer, this blogger’s frequent visit to my blog and his skills of networking could not just keep me away from noticing him.

His blog recently has become one of the top on my list and I’m absolutely excited to talk about him today. Well, before we get into some personal details, check out the list of those I have featured in the past here. Let’s meet out blogger for the week.


How To Increase Productivity In Your Business With Tor Refsland!

Happy Thursday and welcome to this day’s post where I talk to you about someone awesome. I have spoken about so many awesome bloggers in the past so you can find them listed here.

Today, we have another guy you’d like to meet if you care about how to increase productivity in your business.

I read his blog so frequently and can tell you he’s the go-to guy when it comes to productivity tips. I also was featured on his blog as one of these incredibly busy experts who shared on 80 productivity tips.

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