The Most Excruciating But Freeing Blogging Lesson

I worked really hard for years.

But I had little to show for my work.

Blogging was my life in many ways. But it wasn’t, too.

I spent years blogging but struggled horribly because I never learned how to blog effectively.

Even worse? I injected fear-based energy into most if not all of what I did online, operating from scarcity.

As you may reckon, working from scarcity yielded terrible results. No way to outfox your fears.

I eventually learned the most excruciating but freeing blogging lesson: blogging is an energy game.

Energy Game

Do you notice how some bloggers have fun, don’t work hard and succeed?

These folks inject loving, fun energy into blogging, yielding loving, fun, successful results.

Said crowd works but the work is play. No straining or striving here.

Most bloggers spend years straining, striving, struggling and failing. No energy work. Or a complete reliance on certain actions, without giving thought to the energy you inject into your work.

Some bloggers genuinely are doing the right things but back the right actions with the wrong energy. Meaning if you learn blogging, create helpful content and connect with blogging leaders you still may not earn a penny through your blog for a decade if your energy comes from fear, predominantly.

My Deal

I had a horrible time blogging for years.

Even when people believed I succeeded many years ago I secretly struggled.

I appeared to do all the right things. Creating, connecting and learning seemed wired into my blogging DNA.

But deep down I felt terrified. I feared running out of everything (money, traffic, etc).

Since blogging – like life – is an energy game, my deep fear of running out permeated most of what I did blogging-wise and life-wise.

You know what happened; I ran out of stuff. I struggled.

As within, so without.

Or as you predominantly feel, the feeling mirrors itself in the outside world as your experience.

This is why some bloggers patiently do the right things – learning, creating and connecting – for 5 or 10 years but cannot earn a dime, nor can these bloggers move up in blogging circles.

My Game Changer

I felt the fear of loss. It sucked. Big time. But I did it, even though the feelings seemed painful, because I had to feel and let go my fear-based blogging ways to blog from love and fun.

When I did feel and clear the predominant fear drivers I blogged mainly for fun. Since I didn’t fear running out of traffic or money I cared less about outcomes, and focused on helping people calmly, confidently, lovingly and patiently through as many channels as possible.

This is why I have written and published over 1,000 helpful guest posts. I love helping people and fear not what I get from each post so I help, help, then help some more, being prolific and appearing to be in 1,001 places at once.

The Pain Leads to Pleasure and Profits

Embrace this painful truth; if you accept that your struggles occur in your energy, feel the rough feelings for a few months. Proceed to create, connect and learn blogging, doing blogging mainly for fun, detaching largely from outcomes.

Not only is this incredibly freeing but your newfound blogging pleasure sets you up to receive steady blogging profits down the road.

Practical Tips for Shifting from Action-Based to Energy-Based Blogging

  • work on your mindset for 30 minutes daily
  • dive into blogging tasks that scare you; feel the fear and do it anyway, to reveal your deepest blogging fears to you
  • learn to use power, not force, to build your blog.
  • trust in yourself (watch this video chat with 8.000 plus views between Alonzo Pichardo and I as we discuss how to trust your gut)

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